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Kindred - Tammar Stein

KindredTammar Stein

The first time I meet an angel, it is Raphael and I am eighteen.Miriam is an unassuming college freshman stuck on campus after her spring break plans fall through. She’s not a religious girl—when pressed she admits reluctantly to believing… more

Tammar Stein
Knopf Books for Young Readers , English
What Once Was Lost [Lady Blu... - Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen

What Once Was Lost [Lady Blu...Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, shape-shifters] Mo doesn’t know what to do with Mykel. He’s new to the future he’s living in and doesn’t understand half of what people tell him, let alone show him…. more

What Once Was Lost [Lady Blue Crew 7] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)
Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen
Siren Publishing , English
Emma Finds a New Home - Vanessa Woeste and Linda Ward

Emma Finds a New HomeVanessa Woeste and Linda Ward

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Emma is the runt of the litter and dreams of someone coming to claim her and take her home. That “someone” comes in the form of a man and woman and a beagle named Mo who adopt her. Once home, she realizes through a series of mishaps that sh… more

Emma Finds a New Home
Vanessa Woeste and Linda Ward
AuthorHouse , English
Too Many Secrets & Too Many ... - Sonya Sparks

Too Many Secrets & Too Many ...Sonya Sparks

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DeShun is haunted by the brutal rape of his ex-girlfriend, Kayla, he committed at one of his cousin Mo s wild parties. Angela has developed an obsession for the bad boy known as DeShun. Angela set out to kill anyone who stands in the way of… more

Too Many Secrets & Too Many Lies II: Never Gonna Let You Go
Sonya Sparks
RJ Publications , English
La vida y la muerte me están... - Mo Yan

La vida y la muerte me están...Mo Yan

El terrateniente Ximen Nao es ejecutado y baja al inframundo, donde le condenan de forma ilícita a reencarnarse en un burro. Así comienza un inesperado ciclo de vidas, muertes y transmigraciones en distintos animales, pero sólo en el exteri… more

La vida y la muerte me están desgastando (FICCIÓN) (Spanish Edition)
Mo Yan
Kailas , Spanish
Grandes pechos amplias cader... - Mo Yan

Grandes pechos amplias cader...Mo Yan

En un país de opresión, múltiples injusticias y evidente dominación masculina, Mo Yan exalta la figura y el cuerpo femenino. La protagonista, Shangguan Lu, una férrea superviviente que da a luz a ocho niñas hasta conseguir al deseado varón … more

Grandes pechos amplias caderas (Ficción) (Spanish Edition)
Mo Yan
Kailas , Spanish
Shifu, You'll Do Anything Fo... - Mo Yan, Howard Goldblatt

Shifu, You'll Do Anything Fo...Mo Yan, Howard Goldblatt

In these twelve stories, we see the astonishing range of Mo Yan’s vision - which critics reviewing The Republic of Wine have compared to that of Tolstoy. The stories range from the tragic to the comic, though Mo Yan’s humor is always tinged… more

Shifu, You’ll Do Anything For a Laugh
Mo Yan, Howard Goldblatt
Arcade Publishing , English
Mo Vaughn: At the Plate with... - Matt Christopher

Mo Vaughn: At the Plate with...Matt Christopher

Reviews the life of the talented slugger Mo Vaughn.

Mo Vaughn: At the Plate with… (Athlete Biographies)
Matt Christopher
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers , English
Shifu, You'll Do Anything fo... - Mo Yan

Shifu, You'll Do Anything fo...Mo Yan

In these twelve stories, we see the astonishing range of Mo Yan’s vision - which critics reviewing The Republic of Wine have compared to that of Tolstoy. The stories range from the tragic to the comic, though Mo Yan’s humor is always tin… more

Shifu, You’ll Do Anything for a Laugh
Mo Yan
Arcade Publishing , English
Smiling 'Til I Break - Mo Abersheid

Smiling 'Til I BreakMo Abersheid

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AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY TOLD THROUGH POETRY. SMILINGTIL I BREAK is a collection of poems that deal with the desperate and darkest hours that we endure. By exploring these dark times, the poems offer the hope of finding the light and they illustr… more

Smiling ‘Til I Break
Mo Abersheid
Against All Odds I Can BE - Mo Stegall

Against All Odds I Can BEMo Stegall

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Against All Odds I Can Be ismore than a book: it’s truly a guide to both changing and getting themost out of your life. In these uncertain times of economic disparity,emotional discomfort and despondency, the need for motivation andempowerm… more

Against All Odds I Can BE
Mo Stegall
Antdreren Publishing Group , English
Seaside Suicide - Mo Abersheid

Seaside SuicideMo Abersheid

Average wait: N/A

Poems by Mo Abersheid

Seaside Suicide
Mo Abersheid
Shorts - Mo Fanning

ShortsMo Fanning

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Barney finds money, with strings attached. Anna longs for Ben - and cake, but can she have both? Martin gets what he didn’t know he wanted and a mother waits for a son who might never come home.Mo Fanning writes stories to make readers smil… more

Mo Fanning
Spring Street Books , English
Before I Forget - Leonard Pitts

Before I ForgetLeonard Pitts

1 rating

This powerful novel of three generations of black men bound by blood — and by histories of mutual love, fear, and frustration — gives author Leonard Pitts the opportunity to explore the painful truths of black men’s lives, especially as the… more

Before I Forget
Leonard Pitts
Agate Bolden , English
Training Tips for Level 2 of... - Shifu Lin

Training Tips for Level 2 of...Shifu Lin

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This booklet is not an instructional guide for “how to” do the techniques of Level 2 of Mo Pai. One should not misunderstand this. This guide is for those who have already learned Mo Pai Level 2a, and who thus need guidance in their practic… more

Training Tips for Level 2 of the Mo Pai Nei Kung System
Shifu Lin
Lung Hu Shan Publications , English
Family Business (The Travel Agency) - I.D. Martin

Family Business (The Travel Agency)I.D. Martin

The travel industry on Earth is hotting up. Competition is getting nasty. And family members are getting pulled into the fray. Mac’s sister’s past is catching up with both of them and Mo’s sister is starting to show her potential.Meanwhile … more

Family Business (The Travel Agency)
I.D. Martin
I.D. Martin , English
Ping and Twang a Place called Two - edward parrott

Ping and Twang a Place called Twoedward parrott

Average wait: N/A

Ping and Twang are twin fairies. They are eleven and live with their parents, Mo and Bo, in a woodpecker tree. The tree is in a wood near a village in South Derbyshire. Known as Lady Ping and Lord Twang, to all Fae people, they are Royal… more

Ping and Twang a Place called Two
edward parrott
Book Three Final Hour of the... - Bonnie Bernard

Book Three Final Hour of the...Bonnie Bernard

Final Hour of the Hunter - Book Three in The Midnight Hunter TrilogyIt’s been two glorious years since the Underworld unleashed its nightmares on Donna Deangelo. Happily married, raising a beautiful daughter, and enjoying time with her best… more

Book Three Final Hour of the Hunter Third in The Midnight Hunter Trilogy (Miidnight Hunter Trilogy)
Bonnie Bernard
Fin-S , English
Love Off The Radar - A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly

Love Off The RadarA.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly

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Love off the Radar features fourteen twisted, tantalizing tales of love. There’s Chaos, a god looking for love at a truck stop. A young man hovers between love and death in Hardsex. We have an erotic, romantic, volcanic vampire tale set in… more

Love Off The Radar
A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly
DJ/AJ Books , English
Shifu, harías cualquier cosa... - Mo Yan

Shifu, harías cualquier cosa...Mo Yan

Esta novela de Mo Yan sorprende por fragmentarse en ocho relatos breves. El protagonista es el viejo Ding, un hombre que ha dedicado 43 años de su vida a una fábrica municipal ganadera y se ha ganado el título honorífico de “shifu” o maestr… more

Shifu, harías cualquier cosa por divertirte (Ficción) (Spanish Edition)
Mo Yan
Kailas , Spanish