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Miriam's Healing, with Study... - Cynthia Davis

Miriam's Healing, with Study...Cynthia Davis

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Miriam’s journey to understanding her talents provides important insight to anyone struggling with the same discernment. Miriam’s Healing revisits the Exodus through the eyes of Moses’ sister Miriam. Study guide now included in the book.

Miriam’s Healing, with Study Guide (Footprints From the Bible)
Cynthia Davis
Footprints From the Bible/Cynthia Davis , English
The Trials of Miriam Johnson... - T.S. Vandelocht

The Trials of Miriam Johnson...T.S. Vandelocht

Miriam and her husband find themselves in the grip of a time anomaly. They make there way to safety, and years later, Miriam, curious as to how her unborn child’s future will be takes a trip into the future and…

The Trials of Miriam Johnson. Part 2. A Steampunk Novella. (Déjà vu? New edition)
T.S. Vandelocht
Amish Arousal - Ruby Matthews

Amish ArousalRuby Matthews

Miriam lived a simple Amish life until a hunk named Jebediah captured her heart and imagination. But on their honeymoon, bodices were ripped, bonnets were bursted, and lust was liberated. Warning: Barn burning Amish Erotica InsideAlso chec… more

Amish Arousal
Ruby Matthews
Blood and Matzah - Christine  Brown

Blood and MatzahChristine Brown

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Shira thought she knew everything and had it all: a comfortable life, her loving parents and their unique family business, pleasant, engaging lifelong friends, the joy of her faith, the community of her synagogue, and the love of G-d. No da… more

Blood and Matzah
Christine Brown
Sophia - Emilia Arkwright

SophiaEmilia Arkwright

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When Miriam’s daughter heads out into the forest, she doesn’t expect her to return with knowledge that will change the way the colonists view their new home planet forever. But what mother does?A short story of ~4500 words.

Emilia Arkwright
Chasing Lord Mystery (Danby ... - Aileen Fish

Chasing Lord Mystery (Danby ...Aileen Fish

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(Originally released in A Gentlemen’s Pact)

Lord Northcotte is not in the holiday spirit when he joins his sister’s family shortly after the brutal death of a friend. Discovering a matchmaking scheme is afoot, he tells them he will never m… more

Chasing Lord Mystery (Danby Summons Book 2)
Aileen Fish
Aileen Fish , English
Vampires: Volume 1 - Yvonne Ray

Vampires: Volume 1Yvonne Ray

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In volume 1 of vampires we meet four vampires and their mates. The first story is about Elijah and how he found his mate Miriam in pre-civil war Tennessee, the second story is about Jason who finds his mate in civil rights era Mississippi a… more

Vampires: Volume 1
Yvonne Ray
Sex, Drugs and Cookies (Shor... - Lisa Frech

Sex, Drugs and Cookies (Shor...Lisa Frech

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Miriam wandered into the bedroom. It was time to get ready for the party. She didn’t feel like it. The situation was a perfect example of how “you can’t choose your relatives”. She hadn’t chosen her cousin, no matter how strongly she wished… more

Sex, Drugs and Cookies (Short Story Erotica)
Lisa Frech
The Father's Daughter (In Th... - Carroll E. Stewart

The Father's Daughter (In Th...Carroll E. Stewart

I am Wisdom, Father God’s daughter. In the realm and outskirts of Heaven I go by many names. Daughter, Wisdom, Jerusalem, Jeri. To learn about evil I was born into a human body and spent time on Earth. There my name was daughter, Miriam, M… more

The Father’s Daughter (In The Shadow of The Throne Book 1)
Carroll E. Stewart
Carroll E. Stewart , English
A Daughter's Guide to Travel... - Eileen Cruz Coleman

A Daughter's Guide to Travel...Eileen Cruz Coleman

After you read A Daughter’s Guide to Traveling with Your Mom, grab a copy of Frantic (new adult romance) (Never Leave Me, #1), which is currently free.In A Daughter’s Guide to Traveling with Your Mom, Miriam embarks on a traveling adventure… more

A Daughter’s Guide to Traveling with Your Mom, a short story
Eileen Cruz Coleman
Pearls of Wisdom (Self Help) - Miriam Kinai

Pearls of Wisdom (Self Help)Miriam Kinai

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Pearls of Wisdom is a collection of original quotations by Dr Miriam Kinai.Table of Contents:Chapter 1 Christmas QuotesChapter 2 New Year QuotesChapter 3 Life QuotesChapter 4 Success QuotesChapter 5 Health Quotes

Pearls of Wisdom (Self Help)
Miriam Kinai
New Year Quotations - Miriam Kinai

New Year QuotationsMiriam Kinai

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New Year Quotations is a compilation of original quotes and poems of Dr Miriam Kinai. It also contains some New Year Bible quotes.Table of Contents:Original New Year QuotesOriginal New Year PoemsNew Year Bible Quotes

New Year Quotations
Miriam Kinai
Miriam Hark - Book Three in ... - Jaci Byrne

Miriam Hark - Book Three in ...Jaci Byrne

              'Miriam Hark' is the third of eight books in the BIG series of LITTLE problems. Written for children between the ages of 3 - 7, the illustrated stories and sweetly rhyming words will entertain and educate children about ho... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00AURYGJE/#editorial-review">more</a>
Miriam Hark - Book Three in the BIG series of LITTLE problems
Jaci Byrne
Jaci Byrne , English
Toxic Gossip: (Brief Cases) ... - Andrea Frazer

Toxic Gossip: (Brief Cases) ...Andrea Frazer

A Falconer short story in a more sombre mood.

DI Falconer becomes involved in a gossip-fuelled hate crime, only to find himself questioning his own judgement when it comes to protecting Miriam Darling from her anonymous persecutors …

Toxic Gossip: (Brief Cases) (Falconer Files)
Andrea Frazer
Accent Press , English
Success in Life Quotations - Miriam Kinai

Success in Life QuotationsMiriam Kinai

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Success in Life Quotations is a compilation of original inspirational and motivational quotes on life and success by Dr Miriam Kinai. Table of Contents:Life QuotesSuccess Quotes

Success in Life Quotations
Miriam Kinai
The Trials of Miriam Johnson... - T. J. Edison

The Trials of Miriam Johnson...T. J. Edison

Miriam Johnson, two months pregnant and feeling neglected, decides to take a peek into her future and falls foul of a re-occurring time and space-slip anomaly, which forces her fiancé to set off in pursuit and he finds himself plagued by ti… more

The Trials of Miriam Johnson. By T. J Edison. Part Two (The second search for Miriam.)
T. J. Edison
Amish Market (Devotions in A... - Sicily Yoder

Amish Market (Devotions in A...Sicily Yoder

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Miriam Yoder and Meg are cashiers at Super Saver, a Mennonite market that sells Amish specialties and staples. Meg raises an idea: they will encourage shoppers to share their inspirational stories during their lunch hour. As the clock cli… more

Amish Market (Devotions in Aisle Seven Book 1)
Sicily Yoder
Dutch Farms Books , English
Kiki Lowenstein and the Empt... - Joanna Campbell Slan

Kiki Lowenstein and the Empt...Joanna Campbell Slan

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When Kiki Lowenstein signs up to do a good deed, she gets more than she bargained for. The intrepid scrapbooker quickly learns the backstory of one of the community’s most beloved women, Miriam Lieberman. And when Mrs. Lieberman dies, Kiki … more

Kiki Lowenstein and the Empty Heart: A Kiki Lowenstein Short Story
Joanna Campbell Slan
You're Teaching My Child Wha... - Miriam Grossman M.D.

You're Teaching My Child Wha...Miriam Grossman M.D.

If you think sex education is still about the birds and the bees, you’re wrong. And it’s not about science either. If you’re a parent with children in the public school system, you need to know what’s really going on.In You’re Teaching My C… more

You’re Teaching My Child What?: A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Ed and How They Harm Your Child
Miriam Grossman M.D.
Regnery Publishing , English
Midnight Feedings (Burroughs... - Leigh Grayson

Midnight Feedings (Burroughs...Leigh Grayson

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Miriam Burroughs has a problem. She’s just found out that her casual, fun-time-only lover has gotten her pregnant…and he also happens to be a werewolf. But when Miriam discovers her pregnancy was foretold in an ancient prophecy and every va… more

Midnight Feedings (Burroughs Witches, Month 1)
Leigh Grayson