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The Local News - Tim Connelly

The Local NewsTim Connelly

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News from a small town in Minnesota

The Local News
Tim Connelly
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A Shiver Runs Through It - Dave Gehrke

A Shiver Runs Through ItDave Gehrke

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Shiver” is a collection of humorous stories dealing with the author’s life-long struggles against Minnesota winters. “Shiver” is a psychological uplift for snowbound northeners as well as a smug reminder of what they left behind for their … more

A Shiver Runs Through It
Dave Gehrke
EPS Publishing LLC , English
GMO Killerz - Rick Carufel

GMO KillerzRick Carufel

It’s the happy little story of a beautiful young girl who does very well for herself torturing her slaves with her needles and pins. It’s a story about a couple of alcoholic Minnesota detectives; one who loves her job and the other knows th… more

GMO Killerz
Rick Carufel
Richter Indy Publishing , English
THE ROAD OF TRIALS (Avoid Mi... - Wil Adams

THE ROAD OF TRIALS (Avoid Mi...Wil Adams

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Lost in the Great North Woods of Minnesota, alone but for his dog, Cujo, one man encounters strange creatures that he slowly comes to believe are actually monsters.

THE ROAD OF TRIALS (Avoid Minnesota)
Wil Adams
It Can Never Get Too Cold (a... - Mary Hirsch

It Can Never Get Too Cold (a...Mary Hirsch

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A collection of humor essays about living in Minnesota. It includes looks at politics, winter, city living, winter, sports, winter, other seasons, winter, holidays and a lot of other Minnesota stories.

It Can Never Get Too Cold (and other Minnesota humor)
Mary Hirsch
M Is For Minnesota - Dori Hillestad Butler

M Is For MinnesotaDori Hillestad Butler

Illustrated entries for each letter of the alphabet present information about the history, geography, natural resources, and important sights of Minnesota.

M Is For Minnesota
Dori Hillestad Butler
Univ Of Minnesota Press , English
A history of the Swedish-Ame... - Lewis Publishing Company, Al...

A history of the Swedish-Ame...Lewis Publishing Company, Al...

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A history of the Swedish-Americans of Minnesota. Volume 1. 406 Pages.

A history of the Swedish-Americans of Minnesota (VOLUME 1)
Lewis Publishing Company, Algot E. Strand
A history of the Swedish-Ame... - Lewis Publishing Company, Al...

A history of the Swedish-Ame...Lewis Publishing Company, Al...

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A history of the Swedish-Americans of Minnesota. Volume 3. 400 Pages.

A history of the Swedish-Americans of Minnesota (VOLUME 3)
Lewis Publishing Company, Algot E. Strand
Sunrise Sunset, Poems by Wil... - William Tinsley

Sunrise Sunset, Poems by Wil...William Tinsley

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Inspired by Minnesota’s unique seasons and scenes, Sunrise Sunset poems include Scripture Poems, Reflections and Seasons. The final section, Sunrise Sunset,celebrates the rising and setting sun over frozen fields and verdant forests.

Sunrise Sunset, Poems by William Tinsley
William Tinsley
The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten - Harrison Geillor

The Zombies of Lake WoebegottenHarrison Geillor

A small, above average town in Minnesota must struggles to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten
Harrison Geillor
Night Shade Books , English
Centurion and the Yellow Cake - Kenneth Bryan

Centurion and the Yellow CakeKenneth Bryan

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The 5th in the reknowned Centurion Spur Series. The Duluth, Minnesota private investigators solves two difficult cases - the first involving nuclear terrorism and the second involving a murdering sniper on a resort island. Exceptionally wel… more

Centurion and the Yellow Cake
Kenneth Bryan
Werescape Bundle (books 5-7) - Skhye Moncrief

Werescape Bundle (books 5-7)Skhye Moncrief

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Bundled Werescape tales…books 5-7 3 BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF 2!!!Length: 480 pages, total, it released in printGenre: Paranormal Romance (This book is intended for 18+ readers)Heat Level: Spicy-Hot SEDUCING BEAUTY: She’s just mated the enem… more

Werescape Bundle (books 5-7)
Skhye Moncrief
Skhye Moncrief , English
Windows: Triumphs, Tragedies... - Brenda Hill

Windows: Triumphs, Tragedies...Brenda Hill

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              Six Short Stories about Families in Crisis, featuring 'Puddles,' the award-winning short story about a rescue puppy:Puddles:With a failing marriage, a preteen son, and a mother with Alzheimer's, Karen struggles with anger ... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00413PUIE/#editorial-review">more</a>
Windows: Triumphs, Tragedies, Short Stories about Families in Crisis
Brenda Hill
Flamethrowers - Guardians of... - J. Alan Childs

Flamethrowers - Guardians of...J. Alan Childs

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The first team sport was given to the First Nations by the Creator. The first players called it “The Creator’s Game”.

Flamethrowers, guardians of the game, were given special sticks by the Creator to teach and watch over the sport. But the… more

Flamethrowers - Guardians of the game (A Lacrosse Story Book 1)
J. Alan Childs
Flamethrower Productions , English
Zombie, MN - R. J. Kottke, Chad Kottke

Zombie, MNR. J. Kottke, Chad Kottke

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Small town. Minnesota nice. Lutefisk and hotdishes. Helicopters, black SUVs, and zombies. What is a dog to do?!!! Read the uncensored journal of Bippy Johnson as he tries to survive and keep his brains to himself. Will Bippy be able t… more

Zombie, MN
R. J. Kottke, Chad Kottke
Orchard of Dust - Brian Bahr

Orchard of DustBrian Bahr

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A semi-finalist in the William Faulkner Novella Contest.Publishers Description: A Prohibition-era novel centering around the occurrence of a dust storm in southern Minnesota, Orchard of Dust follows the lives of a boy and his father as thei… more

Orchard of Dust
Brian Bahr
Ageless Crumb , English
History of Stearns County Minnesota - William Bell Mitchell

History of Stearns County MinnesotaWilliam Bell Mitchell

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History of Stearns County Minnesota. 1110

History of Stearns County Minnesota
William Bell Mitchell
Early Minnesota Legal History - Richard P. Clem

Early Minnesota Legal HistoryRichard P. Clem

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This short monograph is based upon a popular Continuing Legal Education program I’ve presented a number of times. It takes a look at a number of interesting chapters in the history of Minnesota Territory and the early history of the State o… more

Early Minnesota Legal History
Richard P. Clem
Richard P. Clem , English
Flyfisher's Guide to Minnesota - Mickey O. Johnson

Flyfisher's Guide to MinnesotaMickey O. Johnson

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Minnesota has an almost limitless supply of fishable water, much of it only lightly flyfished. There are excellent trout streams in the southeast corner, strong salmon runs in the northeast, and more smallmouth, pike, and muskie fishing tha… more

Flyfisher’s Guide to Minnesota
Mickey O. Johnson
Wilderness Adventures Press , English
Dead Silence (Doc Ford) - Randy Wayne White

Dead Silence (Doc Ford)Randy Wayne White

So terrifying it’ll leave readers breathless… When a Minnesota teen is kidnapped, Doc Ford is given an unthinkable ultimatum, and only 36 hours to act on it. But there’s something unusual about the boy that his captors don’t even know, t… more

Dead Silence (Doc Ford)
Randy Wayne White
Berkley , English