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Changeling: The Autobiograph... - Mike Oldfield

Changeling: The Autobiograph...Mike Oldfield

Born without social instincts many people take for granted, brought up in a troubled environment and possessed with an extraordinary musical talent, Mike Oldfield was thrust into the spotlight at the tender age of nineteen. His first album … more

Changeling: The Autobiography of Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield
Virgin Digital , English
Mike Oldfield - A Life Dedic... - Chris Dewey

Mike Oldfield - A Life Dedic...Chris Dewey

How Mike Oldfield came to be who he is, his drive to become a musician and his personal motivations about his distinguished career are covered in detail in his own excellent autobiography, Changeling, published by Virgin books in 2007. A Li… more

Mike Oldfield - A Life Dedicated To Music
Chris Dewey
Brimstone Press , English
Rockopedia-MikeOldfield - Karl Dallas

Rockopedia-MikeOldfieldKarl Dallas

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This is an entry in Rockopedia, my “experiment in autobiography”, based around the lives (and, sadly, in too many cases, the deaths) of people I have known and written about since my first article was published in Melody Maker, on July 7, 1… more

Karl Dallas
Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield

Tubular BellsMike Oldfield

Digital Sheet Music of Tubular BellsComposed by: Mike OldfieldPerformed by: Mike OldfieldFrom the show(s): The Exorcist

Tubular Bells
Mike Oldfield
OnlineSheetMusic.com , English
Virgin Rebel: Richard Branso... -

Virgin Rebel: Richard Branso...

Richard Branson, who has been called “England’s most outrageous billionaire,” is also one of the world’s most successful business leaders. Since the age of 16, when he founded Student magazine, Branson has been creating companies and findin… more

Virgin Rebel: Richard Branson In His Own Words (In Their Own Words)
Agate B2 , English
Mike Oldfield Tells The Stor... - Mat Snow

Mike Oldfield Tells The Stor...Mat Snow

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Tubular Bells is the rock classic that soundtracked the spectacular 2012 Olympics opening ceremony as well as the notorious horror blockbuster movie The Exorcist and the lives of some 20 million fans since its first release in 1973, when it… more

Mike Oldfield Tells The Story Of Tubular Bells
Mat Snow
Mike Oldfield - the Ultimate... - Dave Thompson

Mike Oldfield - the Ultimate...Dave Thompson

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In May, 1973, an album was released which not only redefined the way people listened to music, it also redefined their expectations of the people who released music in the first place. Tubular Bells hit the headlines not only because it bec… more

Mike Oldfield - the Ultimate Listening Guide (Part One: Tubular Bells to Voyager)
Dave Thompson
Peter Green and Fleetwood Ma... - Dave Thompson

Peter Green and Fleetwood Ma...Dave Thompson

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Mention the name Peter Green, and three phrases come to mind - “Fleetwood Mac,” for the band he formed in 1967, and which has remained a musical institution ever since; “genius,” because of all the stars outside the inviolate Beck/Clapton/H… more

Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac - the Ultimate Listening Guide (Part One, 1966-1996)
Dave Thompson
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - the... - Dave Thompson

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - the...Dave Thompson

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The Ultimate Listening Guide to Emerson, Lake and Palmer is the thrilling story of one of Prog Rock’s most legendary outfits, the three man monster that bestrode 70s rock like a colossus.Exclusive interviews with organist Keith Emerson reco… more

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - the Ultimate Listening Guide
Dave Thompson
John Mayall and the Bluesbre... - Dave Thompson

John Mayall and the Bluesbre...Dave Thompson

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Based upon hours of exclusive interview material with John Mayall, together with his colleagues and collaborators, John Mayall… the London Years is the Ultimate Listening Guide to the most fruitful period in British blues, the years in wh… more

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers - the Ultimate Listening Guide (Part One: the London Years)
Dave Thompson
Joy Division - the Ultimate ... - Dave Thompson

Joy Division - the Ultimate ...Dave Thompson

First published in 2005, but long out of print, “Joy Division - the Ultimate Listening Guide” is a gig by gig, session by session, album by album guide to one of the most crucial bands of the late 1970s. Exclusive interviews with all three… more

Joy Division - the Ultimate Listening Guide
Dave Thompson
History's Greatest Business ... - Ron  Shilingford

History's Greatest Business ...Ron Shilingford

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Columbus and Queen Isabelle/King FerdinandThe Deal that Triggered the Discovery of AmericaJacob Fugger and Pope Leo XThe Deal that Triggered the Protestant ReligionWilliam Patterson and the Scottish GovernmentThe Deal that Almost Triggered … more

History’s Greatest Business Deals (The History of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Series)
Ron Shilingford
The History of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs… , English
June 1st 1974 - Dave Thompson

June 1st 1974Dave Thompson

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On June 1st 1974, the Rainbow Theatre in London hosted the first ever performance by what was (at least by those folk who’d heard of the artists) described as the greatest supergroup of the era. In the frontline:Kevin Ayers, the Soft Machin… more

June 1st 1974
Dave Thompson