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In the Morning Light - Sarah Willoughby

In the Morning LightSarah Willoughby

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Inspired largely by time spent in the Middle East, these stories are made of the dreams of new brides, the love in older marriage, as well as the sadness, loss and hope in everyday life.

This is the tale of seven couples: A stagnant marri… more

In the Morning Light
Sarah Willoughby
Sarah Willoughby , English
The Power and the People - Charles Tripp

The Power and the PeopleCharles Tripp

This book is about power. The power wielded over others - by absolute monarchs, tyrannical totalitarian regimes and military occupiers - and the power of the people who resist and deny their rulers’ claims to that authority by whatever mean… more

The Power and the People
Charles Tripp
Cambridge University Press , English
Behnaaz - Taylor Paul

BehnaazTaylor Paul

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Behnaaz is from Aabaad, a small country somewhere in the Middle East. When she meets B, an English colleague at the university, they enter into a turbulent relationship. B’s infatuation is ruled by his desire to enter the secret, exotic wor… more

Taylor Paul
Book of Daniel: End of the W... - David Zephaniah

Book of Daniel: End of the W...David Zephaniah

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You know that the end of the world is drawing near. You can feel it deep down. This book is a wakeup call to all the people out there. It is a life changer. It is about the imminent end of the world as we know it. The Jewish Bible is the on… more

Book of Daniel: End of the World Prophecy
David Zephaniah
Build Your Arabic Vocabulary... - Haroon Shirwani

Build Your Arabic Vocabulary...Haroon Shirwani

Communicate in Arabic with confidence!To take your understanding of Arabic to the next level, you need to be equipped with a broad range of words and phrases. With its easy-to-follow guidelines for memorization, this book makes vocabulary… more

Build Your Arabic Vocabulary: 1,000 Key Words to Move Beyond Beginner Arabic
Haroon Shirwani
McGraw-Hill , English
Fundamentalism: The Search F... - Malise Ruthven

Fundamentalism: The Search F...Malise Ruthven

Since the end of the Cold War, fundamentalism has been seen as the major threat to world peace, a conclusion that was burned into our consciousness on September 11th and that is reinforced almost every day in the Middle East. But what exact… more

Fundamentalism: The Search For Meaning
Malise Ruthven
Oxford University Press, USA , English
How to be a Christian Withou... - Fritz Ridenour

How to be a Christian Withou...Fritz Ridenour

Since the days of the Early Church, Christians have struggled to find a way to be ‘good’-to please God by their own efforts. They end up carrying a burden God never intended them to bear. And what’s more, their brand of Christianity ends up… more

How to be a Christian Without Being Religious: Discover the Joy of Being Free in Your Faith
Fritz Ridenour
Regal , English
Arab Representations of the ... - Rasheed El-Enany

Arab Representations of the ...Rasheed El-Enany

This book explores Arab responses to Western culture and values as expressed mainly through works of fiction written by Arab authors during the twentieth, and, to a lesser extent, nineteenth century. It constitutes an original addition to … more

Arab Representations of the Occident: East-West Encounters in Arabic Fiction (Culture and Civilization in the Middle East)
Rasheed El-Enany
Routledge , English
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp - anonymous

Aladdin and the Magic Lampanonymous

Classic children’s story from the Middle East. (Aladdin)

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Integrated Water Resources M... - Clive Lipchin, Eric Pallant,...

Integrated Water Resources M...Clive Lipchin, Eric Pallant,...

This volume brings together diverse voices relating to the critical issue of water management in one of the world’s most politically volatile areas: the Middle East. The book collects the opinions of Palestinians, Israelis, Jordanians as we… more

Integrated Water Resources Management and Security in the Middle East (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security)
Clive Lipchin, Eric Pallant, Danielle Saranga, Allyson Amster
Springer , English
Island In The Sun - Kara Parsons

Island In The SunKara Parsons

A collection of poetry from living in the Middle East, with some inspirational, war poetry and others.

Island In The Sun
Kara Parsons
Silver Moon Books, Sutton , English
Fierce Warrior for Peace - Saed Awwad

Fierce Warrior for PeaceSaed Awwad

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With World attention continuing to focus on a potentially explosive Middle East, this insightful and historic look into the Palestinian-Jewish conflict, will give you a timely reference to help you better understand the many dynamics at pla… more

Fierce Warrior for Peace
Saed Awwad
God In Our Midst:Making the ... - Christopher H.K. Persaud

God In Our Midst:Making the ...Christopher H.K. Persaud

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Are we approaching the end of history, as we know it? • Wars and rumors of wars! • The ongoing conflict in the Middle East! • Pestilence and natural disasters! • Threat of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare! • Unm… more

God In Our Midst:Making the Most Important Decision of Your Life
Christopher H.K. Persaud
Xlibris , English
The Palestinian Solution - Charles W. Crone

The Palestinian SolutionCharles W. Crone

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Peace in the Middle East? Not likely. A roadmap to nowhere: terror, suicide bombings, weapons of mass destruction … it’s an endless cycle. This is a harrowing story about hatred and animosity between the Arab and the Jew that dates back… more

The Palestinian Solution
Charles W. Crone
The Fiction Works , English
The Price of Freedom (Out of... - Jenny Schwartz

The Price of Freedom (Out of...Jenny Schwartz

Duty will bring them together—and tear them apart!As a guardian angel, Mischa must protect the one man who may be able to bring about lasting peace to the Middle East. As a djinni, Rafe must fulfill the wishes of a terrorist leader. Their d… more

The Price of Freedom (Out of the Bottle Trilogy)
Jenny Schwartz
Carina Press , English
Rethinking the Middle East (... - Efraim Karsh

Rethinking the Middle East (...Efraim Karsh

Rethinking the Middle East” runs counter to the received wisdom in modern Middle East studies. This discipline has been dominated by what may be termed a “culture of victimization”; it views the local populations of the Middle East Arabs i… more

Rethinking the Middle East (Israeli History, Politics and Society)
Efraim Karsh
Taylor & Francis , English
Jews, Muslims and Mass Media... - Yulia Egorova

Jews, Muslims and Mass Media...Yulia Egorova

This text looks at the ways in which Jews, Muslims and the conflict between them has been covered in the modern media. Both Jews and Muslims generally receive ‘bad press’ and this books tries to reveal why.

Jews, Muslims and Mass Media: Mediating the ‘Other’ (Routledge Jewish Studies Series)
Yulia Egorova
Routledge , English
Conflict and Insurgency in t... -

Conflict and Insurgency in t...

Political violence and instability in the Middle East is arguably the world’s most important political issue. The region is certainly the globe’s leading area for turmoil, war, and violence; and its conflicts have continuously involved West… more

Conflict and Insurgency in the Contemporary Middle East (Middle Eastern Military Studies)
Routledge , English
Faith in the Face of Empire:... - Mitri Raheb

Faith in the Face of Empire:...Mitri Raheb

A Palestinian Christian theologian shows how the reality of empire shapes the context of the biblical story, and the ongoing experience of Middle East conflict.

Faith in the Face of Empire: The Bible through Palestinian Eyes
Mitri Raheb
ORBIS , English
Carmella Condemned [Slave to... - Paul Blades

Carmella Condemned [Slave to...Paul Blades

Groundbreaking Novel of BDSM! In this contemporary classic, Carmella and Jeb are vacationing in the small but strategically important Middle East nation of Calipha, when Jeb gambles away all of their money, he is forced to pay his debts wit… more

Carmella Condemned [Slave to the Emir, Book I]
Paul Blades
Sizzler , English