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Aladdin and the Magic Lamp - Anonymous

Aladdin and the Magic LampAnonymous

Classic children’s story from the Middle East. (Aladdin)

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Conflict and Insurgency in t... -

Conflict and Insurgency in t...

Political violence and instability in the Middle East is arguably the world’s most important political issue. The region is certainly the globe’s leading area for turmoil, war, and violence; and its conflicts have continuously involved West… more

Conflict and Insurgency in the Contemporary Middle East (Middle Eastern Military Studies)
Routledge , English
The Uprising (The Crossroads... - Kara Stalnaker

The Uprising (The Crossroads...Kara Stalnaker

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After the rapture, the world is in chaos, struggling to come to terms with the disappearance of millions. With the anti-Christ named Damien in power no where is safe. Now Michael, his angels and men that pledge to help, head to the Middle E… more

The Uprising (The Crossroads Trilogy Book 2)
Kara Stalnaker
Kardee’s Angel Publishing , English
The Palestinian Solution - Charles W. Crone

The Palestinian SolutionCharles W. Crone

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Peace in the Middle East? Not likely. A roadmap to nowhere: terror, suicide bombings, weapons of mass destruction … it’s an endless cycle. This is a harrowing story about hatred and animosity between the Arab and the Jew that dates back… more

The Palestinian Solution
Charles W. Crone
The Fiction Works , English
Ask the Ethicalist - M.L. Bartlett

Ask the EthicalistM.L. Bartlett

When persons of renown, like despots and Hollywood celebs, need advice, they go to the world-famous guru of wisdom and sound financial investment, the Ethicalist. They are drawn by the Ethicalist’s uncanny perspicacity and the ability to ke… more

Ask the Ethicalist
M.L. Bartlett
M.L. Bartlett , English
Rethinking the Middle East (... - Efraim Karsh

Rethinking the Middle East (...Efraim Karsh

Rethinking the Middle East” runs counter to the received wisdom in modern Middle East studies. This discipline has been dominated by what may be termed a “culture of victimization”; it views the local populations of the Middle East Arabs i… more

Rethinking the Middle East (Israeli History, Politics and Society)
Efraim Karsh
Taylor & Francis , English
Haru wo Daiteita - Embracing... - Youka Nitta

Haru wo Daiteita - Embracing...Youka Nitta

Kato leaves for filming in the dangerous Middle East, carrying a special charm from Iwaki. He overcomes the pressure with their deep love, and the voltage of his acting reaches climax…!Meanwhile, Iwaki bursts in anger when his management … more

Haru wo Daiteita - Embracing Love - Vol.14 (in Japanese)
Youka Nitta
Libre Publishing Co.,Ltd., Animate U.S.A., Inc. , English
She Shed a Tear - Jeff Tikari

She Shed a TearJeff Tikari

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A Hindu college going lad falls in love with a young Muslim girl from next door. The girls parents have arrange for their daughter to get engaged and marry the son from a Muslim family working in the Middle East. The lovers have kept their … more

She Shed a Tear
Jeff Tikari
Jeff Tikari at Create Space , English
200+ Mulla Nasrudin Stories ... - Rodney Ohebsion

200+ Mulla Nasrudin Stories ...Rodney Ohebsion

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Mulla Nasrudin is the starring character in a vast number of amusing tales told in regions all over the world, particularly in countries in or near the Middle East. Each tale depicts Nasrudin in a different situation, and through his viewpo… more

200+ Mulla Nasrudin Stories and Jokes
Rodney Ohebsion
Integrated Water Resources M... - Clive Lipchin, Eric Pallant,...

Integrated Water Resources M...Clive Lipchin, Eric Pallant,...

This volume brings together diverse voices relating to the critical issue of water management in one of the world’s most politically volatile areas: the Middle East. The book collects the opinions of Palestinians, Israelis, Jordanians as we… more

Integrated Water Resources Management and Security in the Middle East (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security)
Clive Lipchin, Eric Pallant, Danielle Saranga, Allyson Amster
Springer , English
Seraph Burning: A Sniper's S... - Shaun Cooney

Seraph Burning: A Sniper's S...Shaun Cooney

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ser-aph [ser-uhf] – an angel of the highest order; the burning one.

Seraph. The CIA’s deadliest sniper and assassin. An elite killer unleashed into the Middle East with a singular purpose: To win.

Seraph Burning: Episode 1 is the first in… more

Seraph Burning: A Sniper’s Story (Episode 1)
Shaun Cooney
Warhorse Entertainment , English
Bible Study #55:  Major Prop... - John Ogwyn

Bible Study #55: Major Prop...John Ogwyn

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We are getting into the book of Ezekiel this evening, and I think it’s appropriate to start out with an illustration. The term “watchman” is a term that we don’t frequently use anymore. Years ago there was what was termed a “night wa… more

Bible Study #55: Major Prophets Series-Ezekiel 1-16 (Bible Study With John Ogwyn)
John Ogwyn
Corbett’s , English
Upwards - Ian Hall

UpwardsIan Hall

He loved his flying - but still yearned to move on to faster aircraft. He loved the Middle East - but his girl and his friends weren’t there to share it with him. His problem lay in bringing all life’s elements together - but when he eventu… more

Ian Hall
Austin & Macauley Publishers , English
God is Alive - Bill Combs

God is AliveBill Combs

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Who is God and what does He want? Who is Jesus? Isn’t one religion as good as another? What’s Christianity about? If God is alive, why is the world so messed up? Why is the Middle East so violent? Some people say we’re living in the last da… more

God is Alive
Bill Combs
Bill Combs , English
The Arab Spring: Change and ... -

The Arab Spring: Change and ...

The Arab Spring unexpectedly developed in late 2010 with peaceful protests in a number of Arab countries against long-standing, entrenched regimes, and rapid political change across the region ensued. The Arab Spring: Change and Resistance … more

The Arab Spring: Change and Resistance in the Middle East
Westview Press , English
Fierce Warrior for Peace - Saed Awwad

Fierce Warrior for PeaceSaed Awwad

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With World attention continuing to focus on a potentially explosive Middle East, this insightful and historic look into the Palestinian-Jewish conflict, will give you a timely reference to help you better understand the many dynamics at pla… more

Fierce Warrior for Peace
Saed Awwad
Nationalism and Liberal Thou... -

Nationalism and Liberal Thou...

This book explores the complex relationship between nationalism and liberal thought in the Arab East during the first half of the twentieth century. Examining this formative period through reformist Islam, Arab secularism and Arab literatur… more

Nationalism and Liberal Thought in the Arab East: Ideology and Practice (SOAS/Routledge Studies on the Middle East)
Routledge , English
Arab Representations of the ... - Rasheed El-Enany

Arab Representations of the ...Rasheed El-Enany

This is one of the first books in English to explore Arab responses to Western culture and values in modern Arab literature. Through in-depth research El-Enany examines the attitudes as expressed mainly through works of fiction written by A… more

Arab Representations of the Occident: East-West Encounters in Arabic Fiction (Culture and Civilization in the Middle East)
Rasheed El-Enany
Routledge , English
Magic Tree House #34: Season... - Mary Pope Osborne

Magic Tree House #34: Season...Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie travel back in time to a desert in the Middle East at the behest of Merlin who has given them a rhyme to help on their mission. There they meet a Bedouin tribe and learn about the way that they live. From camel rides and oase… more

Magic Tree House #34: Season of the Sandstorms
Mary Pope Osborne
Random House Books for Young Readers , English
The Sixth Pillar of Islam - Keith Norman

The Sixth Pillar of IslamKeith Norman

The British public have become disenchanted with politics and voting in particular.A small group, funded by Middle East money, have devised a scheme to hijack the elections.But there are other forces at work, with far more deadly repercussi… more

The Sixth Pillar of Islam
Keith Norman
Keith Norman , English