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History of Michigan (Volume 2) - Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 2)Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 2)

History of Michigan (Volume 2)
Charles Moore
Woodwork Joints How they are... - William  Fairham

Woodwork Joints How they are...William Fairham

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Woodwork Joints How they are Set Out
William Fairham
Upacqua, the Bearer of Logs - Allan James Grund

Upacqua, the Bearer of LogsAllan James Grund

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This work considers one of the preeminent and most fascinating conflicts in literature - man versus himself. It details the trials and tribulations of a lone wood-gatherer during the winter of 1994 in southeast Michigan. It combines truth a… more

Upacqua, the Bearer of Logs
Allan James Grund
The Would Man , English
History of Michigan (Volume 3) - Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 3)Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 3)

History of Michigan (Volume 3)
Charles Moore
The Mystery of Shadow Lake - Loretta Montambo

The Mystery of Shadow LakeLoretta Montambo

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This book is fiction, it is a murder mystery, with some supernatural elements. It takes place in a small town near the northwoods. Name of town are fiction, but it is in the state of Michigan. The main subject is to solve the disappearance … more

The Mystery of Shadow Lake
Loretta Montambo
Michigan (StateBasics) - Amy Van Zee

Michigan (StateBasics)Amy Van Zee

Explore the colorful customs, people, and places of Michigan. With straightforward text and captivating photos, this book is a great introduction to the state. Maps and symbols are included to enrich the student’s understanding of geography… more

Michigan (StateBasics)
Amy Van Zee
The Child’s World, Inc. , English
Mystery on the Courthouse Lawn - Rebecca Jane Clinton

Mystery on the Courthouse LawnRebecca Jane Clinton

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This book is about a hanging of a young black man that came up to Michigan with the Civil war troops and what happened to him in Mason back in 1966, and the young cousins back in 1960 who see his ghost in the front yard by the cannon of the… more

Mystery on the Courthouse Lawn
Rebecca Jane Clinton
AuthorHouse , English
Exploring Michigan Wines - Stephanie Burke

Exploring Michigan WinesStephanie Burke

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For the beginner wine enthusiast who enjoys Michigan’s great wines. Learn about how the state’s wine industry got started and the agriculture there. Further your knowledge of grape varietals and become comfortable with wine tasting after re… more

Exploring Michigan Wines
Stephanie Burke


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This Book is taken from my PhD Dissertation in Sociology. After hundreds of years of use the medical properties of Marijuana have been marginalized in our society. In this study, qualitative interview data was collected from over 100 medic… more

David Peters
Dawn O'Hara. the Girl Who Laughed - Edna Ferber

Dawn O'Hara. the Girl Who LaughedEdna Ferber

There are a number of things that are pleasanter than being sick in a New York boarding-house when one’s nearest dearest is a married sister up in far-away Michigan.

Dawn O’Hara. the Girl Who Laughed
Edna Ferber
Supernatural Witness 1 (Para... - Angela Baker

Supernatural Witness 1 (Para...Angela Baker

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This edition of Paranormal Factor features eerie stories based on witness accounts of supernatural experiences. These stories are chilling and include a story about a haunted hotel room at a Michigan casino, a possible visit from the demoni… more

Supernatural Witness 1 (Paranormal Factor)
Angela Baker
Adventure Alley Publishing , English
Michigan by the Numbers - Im... - John Craig, EJ Craig

Michigan by the Numbers - Im...John Craig, EJ Craig

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Michigan by the Numbers is a look at Michigan’s statistics from a new perspective. From Longitude and Latitude of every city within her borders, we can determine not just distance, but personality, flavor, ambiance. Michigan holds many amaz… more

Michigan by the Numbers - Important and Curious numbers about Michigan and her cities (States by the Numbers Book 22)
John Craig, EJ Craig
Books To Believe In , English
AND SO IT GOES: The Accident... - Evelyn Allen Harper

AND SO IT GOES: The Accident...Evelyn Allen Harper

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When the search for a four-leaf clover turns deadly, the scene is set for an exciting new adventure in the The Accidental Mystery Series. Finding two bodies in a ditch along a two-track logging road begins a mystery that involves our friend… more

AND SO IT GOES: The Accidental Mystery Series - Book Five
Evelyn Allen Harper
BookLocker.com, Inc. , English
History of Michigan (Volume 1) - Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 1)Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 1)

History of Michigan (Volume 1)
Charles Moore
Antimony Period and the Pont... - Joseph Center

Antimony Period and the Pont...Joseph Center

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The sky is dark and the moon still shines across the lake as the fishermen wander in from their early morning efforts. Antimony Period, known to all as Ant, has been rudely awoken by his brother’s rumbling snores, and sits alone at the kit… more

Antimony Period and the Pontoon Mafia
Joseph Center
American Salvage (Made in Mi... - Bonnie Jo Campbell

American Salvage (Made in Mi...Bonnie Jo Campbell

A lush and rowdy collection of stories set in a rural Michigan landscape, where wildlife, jobs, and ways of life are vanishing.

American Salvage (Made in Michigan Writers Series)
Bonnie Jo Campbell
Wayne State University Press , English
Snowfall - Mark Valenti

SnowfallMark Valenti

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One minute was all it took for a child to get into some mischeif. Three months later the parents found themselves fighting the State of Michigan and Child Protective Services to keep their family from being torn apart forever.This is a true… more

Mark Valenti
Mark Valenti , English
Lumpen Rednecks: Short Stori... - Hank Maki

Lumpen Rednecks: Short Stori...Hank Maki

Extreme winters. Isolation. High unemployment. Combine these factors in a backwoods setting in Michigan’s, rural upper peninsula and bizarre things happen. This is a collection of short stories that deal with characters who act upon their b… more

Lumpen Rednecks: Short Stories from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Hank Maki
Hank Maki , English
Loon Cry - Fleda Brown

Loon CryFleda Brown

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Selected and New Michigan Poems

Loon Cry
Fleda Brown
Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay , English
Short Temper Box Set (action... - Luis Samways

Short Temper Box Set (action...Luis Samways

Delve into a collection of action-packed short thrillers that will thrill even the most jaded reader.

This collection contains everything you need to curl up and chow down on some hard-hitting thrills. Fancy some spiders? Check. Fancy som… more

Short Temper Box Set (action-packed short stories!)
Luis Samways
The Purple Book Co. , English