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The Blazed Trail - Stewart Edward White

The Blazed TrailStewart Edward White

A wholesome story with gleams of humor, telling of a young man who blazed his way to fortune through the heart of the Michigan pines. Based on White’s experiences as a lumberjack in the north woods of Michigan.

The Blazed Trail
Stewart Edward White
Walleye Lake - Al  Zado

Walleye LakeAl Zado

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Zack uncovers a horrific discovery. Set in northern Michigan, this mystery thriller is chock full of interesting twists. Our lead character is struggling in a mid-life crisis and happens upon what he would least expect in a lake up north th… more

Walleye Lake
Al Zado
Dream Publishing Co. , English
Lumpen Rednecks: Short Stori... - Hank Maki

Lumpen Rednecks: Short Stori...Hank Maki

Extreme winters. Isolation. High unemployment. Combine these factors in a backwoods setting in Michigan’s, rural upper peninsula and bizarre things happen. This is a collection of short stories that deal with characters who act upon their b… more

Lumpen Rednecks: Short Stories from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Hank Maki
Hank Maki , English
Healing Grace - Lisa J. Lickel

Healing GraceLisa J. Lickel

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Grace has a secret. Just like her aunt, and her grandmother before her, she could fix anyone with a touch, at a cost she never questioned — until her husband developed cancer and died. Believing no one would forgive her for not being able … more

Healing Grace
Lisa J. Lickel
MuseItUp Publishing , English
Night of the November Moon - Ann Carol Ulrich

Night of the November MoonAnn Carol Ulrich

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Contemporary romance/mystery about a young woman’s unresolved past and a Michigan family’s chilling secret of death and betrayal at Pelton Manor.

Night of the November Moon
Ann Carol Ulrich
Earth Star Publications , English
Dead End - James Pecora

Dead EndJames Pecora

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In June 1968 in the beautiful northwest region of Michigan’s lower peninsula, all six members of the Richard Rawlings family prepared for their annual summer vacation. The following month, the fairy tale cottage began to emit a strange and … more

Dead End
James Pecora
Globe Publishing , English
Loon Cry - Fleda Brown

Loon CryFleda Brown

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Selected and New Michigan Poems

Loon Cry
Fleda Brown
Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay , English
Dawn O'Hara. the Girl Who Laughed - Edna Ferber

Dawn O'Hara. the Girl Who LaughedEdna Ferber

There are a number of things that are pleasanter than being sick in a New York boarding-house when one’s nearest dearest is a married sister up in far-away Michigan.

Dawn O’Hara. the Girl Who Laughed
Edna Ferber
History of Michigan (Volume 4) - Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 4)Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 4)

History of Michigan (Volume 4)
Charles Moore
Haunted Michigan - Jakob Pahl

Haunted MichiganJakob Pahl

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Locate ghosts in your backyard? Yes, Haunted Michigan.Those living in Michigan are quite aware of its tragic history. Tragedy and death are the recipe for haunted locations. This guide will go over some of the most haunted places in Michiga… more

Haunted Michigan
Jakob Pahl
Michigan: Picture Book (Educ... - Planet Collection

Michigan: Picture Book (Educ...Planet Collection

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Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “MICHIGAN” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of Michigan. Toddlers and babies will lo… more

Michigan: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection)
Planet Collection
Planet Collection , English
Michigan by the Numbers - Im... - John Craig, EJ Craig

Michigan by the Numbers - Im...John Craig, EJ Craig

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Michigan by the Numbers is a look at Michigan’s statistics from a new perspective. From Longitude and Latitude of every city within her borders, we can determine not just distance, but personality, flavor, ambiance. Michigan holds many amaz… more

Michigan by the Numbers - Important and Curious numbers about Michigan and her cities (States by the Numbers)
John Craig, EJ Craig
Books To Believe In , English
History of Michigan (Volume 2) - Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 2)Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 2)

History of Michigan (Volume 2)
Charles Moore
History of Michigan (Volume 1) - Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 1)Charles Moore

History of Michigan (Volume 1)

History of Michigan (Volume 1)
Charles Moore
AND SO IT GOES: The Accident... - Evelyn Allen Harper

AND SO IT GOES: The Accident...Evelyn Allen Harper

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When the search for a four-leaf clover turns deadly, the scene is set for an exciting new adventure in the The Accidental Mystery Series. Finding two bodies in a ditch along a two-track logging road begins a mystery that involves our friend… more

AND SO IT GOES: The Accidental Mystery Series - Book Five
Evelyn Allen Harper
BookLocker.com, Inc. , English
The Children of Sisyphus - Daved Ayres

The Children of SisyphusDaved Ayres

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Poor life choices and reality finally collide in a small town in Michigan, forcing a family to have to scrabble to survive. With a degree in hand, William returns to his hometown to raise his family and work his dream job teaching art in hi… more

The Children of Sisyphus
Daved Ayres
Woodwork Joints How they are... - William  Fairham

Woodwork Joints How they are...William Fairham

No editorial review available.
Woodwork Joints How they are Set Out
William Fairham
Upacqua, the Bearer of Logs - Allan James Grund

Upacqua, the Bearer of LogsAllan James Grund

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This work considers one of the preeminent and most fascinating conflicts in literature - man versus himself. It details the trials and tribulations of a lone wood-gatherer during the winter of 1994 in southeast Michigan. It combines truth a… more

Upacqua, the Bearer of Logs
Allan James Grund
The Would Man , English
Supernatural Witness 1 (Para... - Angela Baker

Supernatural Witness 1 (Para...Angela Baker

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This edition of Paranormal Factor features eerie stories based on witness accounts of supernatural experiences. These stories are chilling and include a story about a haunted hotel room at a Michigan casino, a possible visit from the demoni… more

Supernatural Witness 1 (Paranormal Factor)
Angela Baker
Adventure Alley Publishing , English
American Salvage (Made in Mi... - Bonnie Jo Campbell

American Salvage (Made in Mi...Bonnie Jo Campbell

A lush and rowdy collection of stories set in a rural Michigan landscape, where wildlife, jobs, and ways of life are vanishing.

American Salvage (Made in Michigan Writers Series)
Bonnie Jo Campbell
Wayne State University Press , English