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Metal Deep:  Episode 2 - Som... - GX Knight

Metal Deep: Episode 2 - Som...GX Knight

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Do you hate your boring life? Do you wish that that tedium and dullness of the daily humdrum could be replaced by those fantastical things you’ve always dared not believe in? Be careful what you ask for, because once you cross over to that … more

Metal Deep: Episode 2 - Something Beautiful
GX Knight
Knight Time Publishing , English
Metal Deep:  Episode 1 - Dam... - GX Knight

Metal Deep: Episode 1 - Dam...GX Knight

The first Cyborg will discover what he’s truly made of during a modern sect war that would see him turned into the evil he vows to fight when magic and technology collide and cut away at him in ways that are not just skin deep, it’s Metal D… more

Metal Deep: Episode 1 - Damsels in Distress
GX Knight
Knight Time Publishing , English
Twilight of the Star Vampire... - Paula Sunsong

Twilight of the Star Vampire...Paula Sunsong

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Vampire’s Anonymous may say their serenity prayer, but they’re ready to take action and bite anyone crossing their members. Vampire Vulcanturi Spocko is falling for Princess Lela, but she may prefer Chewy, the werewolf. General Gleevous, wh… more

Twilight of the Star Vampires (Book2): A Parody of the Twilight Saga, Star Wars and Star Trek
Paula Sunsong
Sunsong Creations , English