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The Mystery of a Hansom Cab:... - Fergus Hume

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab:...Fergus Hume

The author was a frustrated playwright, and he enjoyed creating characters with odd dialects and patterns of speech. A man is murdered in a hansom cab. But, who was the man who was last seen with him?’A crime has been committed by an unkno… more

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab: A mystery,detective novel. A crime has been committed by an unknown assassin, within a short distance of the principal streets of this great city.
Fergus Hume
Eating and Drinking Melbourn... - Hardie Grant Books

Eating and Drinking Melbourn...Hardie Grant Books

This is a fresh, accessible guide to eating and drinking in Melbourne. With sections on high quality restaurants, cheap and cheerful restaurants, and the bars of the moment, this guide is a comprehensive compendium of the best places to go,… more

Eating and Drinking Melbourne (Eating Out)
Hardie Grant Books
Hardie Grant Grp , English
Undead Kelly: A Zombie Novel - Timothy Bowden

Undead Kelly: A Zombie NovelTimothy Bowden

Average wait: N/A

Melbourne, 1880

Something evil has appeared in the Australian outback – the dead are rising, and stalking the lonely bush tracks. Officially, they do not exist, their attacks attributed to the work of natives or madmen. But one man knows t… more

Undead Kelly: A Zombie Novel
Timothy Bowden
Severed Press , English
The Journal of Paul O'Leary:... - Michael Mardel

The Journal of Paul O'Leary:...Michael Mardel

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Journal of a 10 year old boy who moves to Broome. His adventures in a tropical town 4,000 km from Melbourne. Extra adventures in his dreams.

The Journal of Paul O’Leary: from the city to the outback.
Michael Mardel
Michael P Mardel , English
Let's Convert Australia - M.A. D. G. M. JACKSON

Let's Convert AustraliaM.A. D. G. M. JACKSON

Average wait: N/A

During the present year of 1948 we have been celebrating the Centenary of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, and the occasion has been marked by splendid demonstrations of faith, in which the numbers and enthusiasm of the Australian Catholic bod… more

Let’s Convert Australia
Unidos de nuevo (Jazmín) (Sp... - Ally Blake

Unidos de nuevo (Jazmín) (Sp...Ally Blake

Se suponía que le encantaba estar soltera, pero en realidad estaba enamorada… ¡de su marido!Kelly trabajaba mucho para demostrar que no había nada mejor que la vida de soltera; de hecho, había empezado a escribir una columna sobre el tema… more

Unidos de nuevo (Jazmín) (Spanish Edition)
Ally Blake
Harlequin Ibérica, S.A. , Spanish
Hide & Seek Melbourne: Feeli... - Explore Australia Publishing

Hide & Seek Melbourne: Feeli...Explore Australia Publishing

Hide & Seek Melbourne: Feeling Peckish? is for all locals and visitors who want to discover some interesting – and delicious – places to eat. The offerings in this foodie guide will take your mouth on a tour of the globe, from flavoursome C… more

Hide & Seek Melbourne: Feeling Peckish?
Explore Australia Publishing
Explore Australia , English
Leash Me (Your Pet For The Night) - Audrey Grace

Leash Me (Your Pet For The Night)Audrey Grace

The wax, it’s wet and hot and thick, and it leaves my skin on fire, and I can’t help but let out a cry of pain, but also of desire. Claire is leashed by her Master, and dragged around downtown Melbourne. He takes her from club to bar, and h… more

Leash Me (Your Pet For The Night)
Audrey Grace
Smoke on the Water - Rob Kennedy

Smoke on the WaterRob Kennedy

Average wait: N/A

A short story about a trip to Melbourne for the 2011 Melbourne Writers’ Festival. And what I do and don’t find there. - 1720 words

Smoke on the Water
Rob Kennedy
Port Fairy - Anne Richey

Port FairyAnne Richey

Average wait: N/A

Three magical creatures are trapped aboard a ship. They’ve been caught by pirates and are traveling in sealed jars, down in the hold, ready for trade or trickery. One night, far from known lands, there’s a great storm. The ship sinks and th… more

Port Fairy
Anne Richey
Anne Richey , English
Trapdoor - Vixen Phillips

TrapdoorVixen Phillips

Average wait: 138d, 8h

There’s a moth trying to beat itself to death against the lightbulb on the ceiling.And here I am, alone in the bathroom, holding a razor blade at the ready. Guess we all make do in lieu of a moon.Beneath the mirror, a black feather—a gift,… more

Vixen Phillips
Lost Violet Press , English
Place of Many Birds - Jan Merry

Place of Many BirdsJan Merry

Average wait: N/A

A very original and unique concept.

A meditation on Australia that made me want to visit for myself.

A melancholic read capturing another era well.

From the suburban streets of Melbourne to the wide plains of the Wimmera, these short … more

Place of Many Birds
Jan Merry
The Wordhouse Pty Ltd , English
Ben - Brett Kiellerop

BenBrett Kiellerop

Short story set in Melbourne, Australia. Is Ben a friendly monster, or a monstrous friend? You decide!

Brett Kiellerop
Brevid Books , English
Henna for the Broken-Hearted - Sharell Cook

Henna for the Broken-HeartedSharell Cook

How far would you go to change your life? Sharell Cook is 30 years old and living a privileged life in Melbourne’s wealthy suburbs. She has it all: the childhood-sweetheart husband, the high-powered job and plenty of cash to splash.And it’s… more

Henna for the Broken-Hearted
Sharell Cook
Macmillan Australia , English
A Synthetic Illusion - Christian Clarke

A Synthetic IllusionChristian Clarke

Average wait: N/A

Get ready for the ride of your life as you are exposed to the world of elite prostitution.Mick a forty year old hospitality professional takes a job as a driver for one of Melbourne’s elite escort agencies.His recreational drug use escalate… more

A Synthetic Illusion
Christian Clarke
Christian Clarke , English
Australia's Great Ocean Road... - Brian Lawrenson

Australia's Great Ocean Road...Brian Lawrenson

Average wait: N/A

The Great Ocean Road that stretches along 300 miles of Australia’s rugged southern coastline is ranked as one of the word’s most spectacular scenic and historic coastlines. Join this couple as the shop in Melbourne, drive the Great Ocean Ro… more

Australia’s Great Ocean Road (Australian)
Brian Lawrenson
Marco Polo Press , English
The Journey (Far Flung Scots) - Sandy McKay

The Journey (Far Flung Scots)Sandy McKay

Average wait: N/A

This book follows the McDonald family and their friends who were introduced in 1850: Decision Time as they sail from Ardnamurchan to their new home in Melbourne, Australia.Many new characters emerge from the passengers and crew and their ad… more

The Journey (Far Flung Scots)
Sandy McKay
The Colonial Mortuary Bard - Louis Becke

The Colonial Mortuary BardLouis Becke

A writer in the Sydney Evening News last year gave that journal some amusing extracts from the visitors’ book at Longwood, St. Helena. If the extracts are authentic copies of the original entries, they deserve to be placed on the same hig… more

The Colonial Mortuary Bard
Louis Becke
Roxy and the Rich Man (Silho... - Elizabeth Bevarly

Roxy and the Rich Man (Silho...Elizabeth Bevarly

HE WAS CAVIAR AND CHAMPAGNE…Adoptee Spencer Melbourne may have been raised with every conceivable luxury, but he’d been denied at least one part of his birthright—his twin. He needed someone to find him, quietly—and who better than Roxy Mat… more

Roxy and the Rich Man (Silhouette Desire)
Elizabeth Bevarly
Harlequin Treasury-Silhouette Desire 90s , English
Squizzy Taylor - Hugh Anderson

Squizzy TaylorHugh Anderson

The first king of Melbourne’s underbelly.Melbourne in the 1920s — a crime-ridden city in which no one was safe. Guns were fired in Fitzroy vendettas, police were shot, gangs operated in hotels and brothels …Through it all strode the notor… more

Squizzy Taylor
Hugh Anderson
Pier 9 , English