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Vegetarian Cooking - Emma Summer

Vegetarian CookingEmma Summer

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This book is a celebration of meat-free meals, and the many and varied exciting tastes and textures of vegetarian cooking. Featuring over 150 stunning recipes, there is something for every occasion; from simple warming soups and snacks thro… more

Vegetarian Cooking
Emma Summer
Anness Publishing Limited , English
Vegan Cookbook For The Soul:... - Lyubomyr Yatsyk

Vegan Cookbook For The Soul:...Lyubomyr Yatsyk

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A wonderful selection of 40 Vegan Recipes to try out in your own home.Inside “40 Easy & Delicious Vegan Recipes For the Whole Family” you will find the following Vegetarian recipes:Salads- Cabbage and corn salad- Salad “Romeo”- Mushroom (ch… more

Vegan Cookbook For The Soul: Over 40 Easy, Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
Lyubomyr Yatsyk
The Minoan Demise - Thomas Wholey

The Minoan DemiseThomas Wholey

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The Minoan Empire was a large and influential force in the Mediterranean. More advanced than their neighbors, the Minoan civilization crumbled in a relatively short time. This essay explores what may have caused the collapse of the trading … more

The Minoan Demise
Thomas Wholey
The Bronze Eagle A Story of ... - Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy

The Bronze Eagle A Story of ...Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy

The perfect calm of an early spring dawn lies over headland and sea – hardly a ripple stirs the blue cheek of the bay. The softness of departing night lies upon the bosom of the Mediterranean like the dew upon the heart of a flower.

The Bronze Eagle A Story of the Hundred Days
Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy
pubOne.info , English
Instant Mediterranean Flavor... - Marina Grey

Instant Mediterranean Flavor...Marina Grey

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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make tasty and healthy meals, you will like this book which makes it as simple as possible. • Pictures included • Simple ingredients and alternatives • Double metrics when aplicable (lb/kg etc… more

Instant Mediterranean Flavors: Illustratrated Collection of 30 Simple and Healthy Sea-Scented Ideas (In The Mediterranean Way)
Marina Grey
Cooking with Lizzy - The Bes... - Lizzy Brown

Cooking with Lizzy - The Bes...Lizzy Brown

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The book covers four sections namely (starter, main course, side course and deserts) to complete the combination of a perfect meal. Most of the book comprises famous dishes from regions of Mediterranean, American, Italian, Chinese and Cont… more

Cooking with Lizzy - The Best Desserts Recipes Cookbook.
Lizzy Brown
Agricultural Use of Groundwa... -

Agricultural Use of Groundwa...

Groundwater is endangered and polluted in several ways. Conservation and better management of this invisible resource should be a key ingredient of sustainable water policies. This is especially true in areas, such as many Mediterranean … more

Agricultural Use of Groundwater: Towards Integration between Agricultural Policy and Water Resources Management (Economics, Energy and Environment)
Springer , English
Intercultural Contacts in th... - Benjamin Arbel

Intercultural Contacts in th...Benjamin Arbel

These essays by medievalists touch upon many aspects of intercultural links in the medieval Mediterranean, covering not only strictly cultural and religious contacts, but also political, military, ethnic, social institutional, scientific an… more

Intercultural Contacts in the Medieval Mediterranean: Studies in Honour of David Jacoby
Benjamin Arbel
Routledge , English
In the Kings Name or The Cruise of the Kestrel
George Manville Fenn
Twilight of the U-Boats - Bernard Edwards

Twilight of the U-BoatsBernard Edwards

In essence, this is the story of U-223,commanded by Karl-J�rgen W�ehter from the time of her commissioning in Kiel in January 1943 through a murderous career to her eventual but dramatic demise in the Mediterranean in March 1944. At the… more

Twilight of the U-Boats
Bernard Edwards
Pen and Sword , English
Jackdaw & Other Stories - M B Mencher

Jackdaw & Other StoriesM B Mencher

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Someone once described the Novel as “the one bright book of Life”. If that is so, we can describe short stories as Life’s bright pages. “Jackdaw & Other Stories” are mainly about people, but their settings are Mediterranean as well as Briti… more

Jackdaw & Other Stories
M B Mencher
Durrant Publishing , English
Affirmation of the Sirens - ... - Sonya Dodd

Affirmation of the Sirens - ...Sonya Dodd

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A siren in exile. A man alone. Each suffering their own torture at the way they were torn apart; and so begins the third instalment of the siren trilogy. But it doesn’t end with the punishment, it’s only the beginning; the beginning of a ch… more

Affirmation of the Sirens - a sequel to Echo of a Siren
Sonya Dodd
Sonya C. Dodd , English
470 Easy Crockpot Recipes: S... - VIPeBookClub.com

470 Easy Crockpot Recipes: S...VIPeBookClub.com

In 470 Crock Pot Recipes you will find tasty main dishes, side dishes and even desserts that can be prepared in your crock pot. After discovering how much time and money I was saving using my crock pot. I thought, Wow! There are a lot of pe… more

470 Easy Crockpot Recipes: Slow Cooker Cookbook, Casseroles, Desserts, Stew, Puddings & Soups
VIPeBookClub.com , English
Cruise Control - Clive Woodall

Cruise ControlClive Woodall

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Charlie has never taken Brenda on a cruise before but this is a special occasion, after all. And no one could argue that she didn’t deserve it after twenty-five years of marriage. So, September 2007 sees them boarding their Stardust cruise … more

Cruise Control
Clive Woodall
Construction Zone - B Alexander

Construction ZoneB Alexander

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For the third day in a row, the two hunky men were back working the construction zone in front of Tom’s house; a tall, built Mediterranean featured stud and his shorter stockier ginger bear coworker.

On and off for those three days, Tom ha… more

Construction Zone
B Alexander
Environmental Issues in the ... - John B. Thornes

Environmental Issues in the ...John B. Thornes

The Mediterranean has been subject to changing human settlement and land use patterns for millennia. This book reviews both physical and social aspects of this region, in relation to its environment.

Environmental Issues in the Mediterranean: Processes and Perspectives from the Past and Present (Routledge Studies in Physical Geography and Environment)
John B. Thornes
Routledge , English
Catch of the Day - Brigit Zahara

Catch of the DayBrigit Zahara

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There’s more fish in the sea.” If Claudia had a dime for every time she’d heard those words since the breakup with her boyfriend she’d be rich. Seeking rest and relaxation at a private beachfront property in the Mediterranean, Claudia sett… more

Catch of the Day
Brigit Zahara
Ellora’s Cave , English
Mediterranean Diet: The True... - Angela Thripp, Tiffany Banks

Mediterranean Diet: The True...Angela Thripp, Tiffany Banks

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Hi! I’m Angela! This is my book and this is my story. I’m going to show you how I lost weight, and how I went from being super overweight to super fit! It was not easy, but I did it. I also took the time to write about it so you can get ins… more

Mediterranean Diet: The True Story of How I Lost 173 Pounds in 6 Months Eating Only Mediterranean Food (Illustrated With Stick Figures)
Angela Thripp, Tiffany Banks
Talent Writers , English
ANCIENT RELIGIONS - Sarah Iles Johnston


Religious beliefs and practices, which permeated all aspects of life in antiquity, traveled well-worn routes throughout the Mediterranean: itinerant charismatic practitioners peddled their skills as healers, purifiers, cursers, and initiato… more

Sarah Iles Johnston
Harvard University Press , English
The Wish List - Barbara Ann Kipfer

The Wish ListBarbara Ann Kipfer

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The Wish List is a quirky little gift book that sounds an irresistible call to get out there and start living. In the same chunky format as the authorfs bestselling 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, The Wish List presents a compulsively read… more

The Wish List
Barbara Ann Kipfer
Workman Publishing Company , English