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The Wish List - Barbara Ann Kipfer

The Wish ListBarbara Ann Kipfer

The Wish List is a quirky little gift book that sounds an irresistible call to get out there and start living. In the same chunky format as the authorfs bestselling 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, The Wish List presents a compulsively read… more

The Wish List
Barbara Ann Kipfer
Workman Publishing Company , English
A Biblical Feast: Ancient Me... - Kitty Morse

A Biblical Feast: Ancient Me...Kitty Morse

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In A BIBLICAL FEAST, Morse presents a fascinating overview of what the people of Scripture ate and why. She includes descriptions of the 84 primary foods mentioned in the Bible. Many of these ancient ingredients, such as lentils, leeks, gar… more

A Biblical Feast: Ancient Mediterranean Flavors for Today’s Table
Kitty Morse
La Caravane Publishing , English






Egypt, Greece, and Rome: Civ... - Charles Freeman

Egypt, Greece, and Rome: Civ...Charles Freeman

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Long sources of mystery, imagination, and inspiration, the myths and history of the ancient Mediterranean have given rise to artistic, religious, cultural, and intellectual traditions that span the centuries. In this unique and comprehensiv… more

Egypt, Greece, and Rome: Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean
Charles Freeman
Oxford University Press , English
Mediterranean Diet Lunches -... - Sara Mancini

Mediterranean Diet Lunches -...Sara Mancini

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Discover the delights and benefits of the Mediterranean diet in this book of delicious, fast and healthy lunch recipes.

This is the 2nd book in a series and continues the collection of The Mediterranean Diet Recipes. It contains a selectio… more

Mediterranean Diet Lunches - A Medley of Delicious, Fast and Healthy Mediterranean Diet Recipes (The Mediterranean Diet Recipes Book 2)
Sara Mancini
The Power of Herbs - Lynne Sha

The Power of HerbsLynne Sha

A fantastic little book about the wonderful healing properties and uses of herbs. Excerpts - Damiana – soothes and calms nerves Dandelion – aids liver function Echinacea – boost immune system, anti bacterial/viral Elder – reduces fevers Eye… more

The Power of Herbs
Lynne Sha
Intercultural Contacts in th... - Benjamin Arbel

Intercultural Contacts in th...Benjamin Arbel

These essays by medievalists touch upon many aspects of intercultural links in the medieval Mediterranean, covering not only strictly cultural and religious contacts, but also political, military, ethnic, social institutional, scientific an… more

Intercultural Contacts in the Medieval Mediterranean: Studies in Honour of David Jacoby
Benjamin Arbel
Routledge , English
The Pound a Day Diet: Lose U... - Rocco DiSpirito

The Pound a Day Diet: Lose U...Rocco DiSpirito

THE POUND A DAY DIET is an accelerated program designed to help dieters lose up to five pounds every five days— without frustrating plateaus— while enjoying all their favorite foods. It rewrites every carb/fat/calorie rule in the book! Th… more

The Pound a Day Diet: Lose Up to 5 Pounds in 5 Days by Eating the Foods You Love
Rocco DiSpirito
Grand Central Life & Style , English
Cruise Control - Clive Woodall

Cruise ControlClive Woodall

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Charlie has never taken Brenda on a cruise before but this is a special occasion, after all. And no one could argue that she didn’t deserve it after twenty-five years of marriage. So, September 2007 sees them boarding their Stardust cruise … more

Cruise Control
Clive Woodall
In the Kings Name or The Cruise of the Kestrel
George Manville Fenn
Windswept (Love's Immortal P... - Katrina Strauss

Windswept (Love's Immortal P...Katrina Strauss

When Tempest Rayne receives an invitation to the annual Gala of the Gods, the socially-awkward meteorology student thinks it’s simply too good to be true. Allowed to meet one Greek god of her choice, Tempest requests to meet Aeolus, legenda… more

Windswept (Love’s Immortal Pantheon)
Katrina Strauss
Tease Publishing LLC , English
The Hummus Cookbook: Delicio... - Healthy Eating Recipes

The Hummus Cookbook: Delicio...Healthy Eating Recipes

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Your Intro into the Magnificent World of Hummus


Hummus is a delightful Mediterranean spread that is both healthy and delicious. Hummus can be eaten with a variety of dishes from chips to rice. This Middle E… more

The Hummus Cookbook: Delicious & Easy Hummus Recipes That Go Great With Any Meal!
Healthy Eating Recipes
The Best Appetizers & Snacks... - Mary Kolovakou

The Best Appetizers & Snacks...Mary Kolovakou

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The Mediterranean diet has always been reported as the best living style, for someone who wants to live longer and with less health problems. INSIDE THIS BOOK YOU WILL FIND: The BEST APPETIZERS and SNACK recipes from most of the Mediterrane… more

The Best Appetizers & Snacks - From the Mediterranean Cuisine
Mary Kolovakou
Voyage of Slaves - Brian Jacques

Voyage of SlavesBrian Jacques

Adrift in the Mediterranean, Ben and his loyal dog Ned-cursed by an avenging angel to roam the earth forever-fall into the clutches of a slaver, and have no one to rely on but each other in their quest for freedom.

Voyage of Slaves
Brian Jacques
Ace , English
Voyage of Slaves - Brian Jacques

Voyage of SlavesBrian Jacques

Adrift in the Mediterranean, Ben and his loyal dog Ned-cursed by an avenging angel to roam the earth forever-fall into the clutches of a slaver, and have no one to rely on but each other in their quest for freedom.

Voyage of Slaves
Brian Jacques
Ace , English
30 Delicious Paleo Slow Cook... - Cheerful Chef

30 Delicious Paleo Slow Cook...Cheerful Chef

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Become famous for your Delicious and Healthy Paleo Slow Cooker Dishes… Cook Healthy and Tasty Food Your Family and Friends Will Love.

30 Delicious Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes” by Cheerful Chef is a sel… more

30 Delicious Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes - Simple and Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes (Paleo Recipes Book 1)
Cheerful Chef
Cheerful Chef , English
The Ultimate Mediterranean D... - Mary Anderson

The Ultimate Mediterranean D...Mary Anderson

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Do You Really Want to Lose Weight and Become Healthy in the Next 6 Weeks?Losing weight and taking care of your health can be very difficult. You may not know what to eat, you probably don’t have any go-to recipe you can use anytime you want… more

The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet: How to Lose Weight and Be Healthy In Less Than Six Weeks (Mediterranean Diet For Beginners)
Mary Anderson
Construction Zone - B Alexander

Construction ZoneB Alexander

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For the third day in a row, the two hunky men were back working the construction zone in front of Tom’s house; a tall, built Mediterranean featured stud and his shorter stockier ginger bear coworker.

On and off for those three days, Tom ha… more

Construction Zone
B Alexander
Mediterranean Diet: The True... - Angela Thripp, Tiffany Banks

Mediterranean Diet: The True...Angela Thripp, Tiffany Banks

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Hi! I’m Angela! This is my book and this is my story. I’m going to show you how I lost weight, and how I went from being super overweight to super fit! It was not easy, but I did it. I also took the time to write about it so you can get ins… more

Mediterranean Diet: The True Story of How I Lost 173 Pounds in 6 Months Eating Only Mediterranean Food (Illustrated With Stick Figures)
Angela Thripp, Tiffany Banks
Talent Writers , English
Jackdaw & Other Stories - M B Mencher

Jackdaw & Other StoriesM B Mencher

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Someone once described the Novel as “the one bright book of Life”. If that is so, we can describe short stories as Life’s bright pages. “Jackdaw & Other Stories” are mainly about people, but their settings are Mediterranean as well as Briti… more

Jackdaw & Other Stories
M B Mencher
Durrant Publishing , English