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Hate Crimes Revisited: Ameri... - Jack Levin, Jack Mcdevitt

Hate Crimes Revisited: Ameri...Jack Levin, Jack Mcdevitt

Two leading experts on hate crime reassess the threat of violence based on difference—whether in sexual orientation, race, gender, ethnicity, or citizenship— to help us better understand and ultimately prevent such acts from occuring in t… more

Hate Crimes Revisited: America’s War On Those Who Are Different
Jack Levin, Jack Mcdevitt
Basic Books , English
New Labour in Power: Precede... -

New Labour in Power: Precede...

New Labour in Power combines historical, political and practical approaches to the questions raised by the Labour election victory. Addressing core themes such as Europe, the economy, welfare, education, and the constitution, this volume pr… more

New Labour in Power: Precedents and Prospects
Routledge , English
Winner Take All: China's Rac... - Dambisa Moyo

Winner Take All: China's Rac...Dambisa Moyo

Commodities permeate virtually every aspect of modern daily living, but for all their importance—their breadth, their depth, their intricacies, and their central role in daily life—few people who are not economists or traders know how commo… more

Winner Take All: China’s Race for Resources and What It Means for the World
Dambisa Moyo
Basic Books , English
Total Politics Guide to Poli... -

Total Politics Guide to Poli...

The number of people reading and writing political blogs in the UK continues to grow, just as political bloggers grow in influence and authority. Now in its sixth year, the Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging comprises contributions … more

Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging in the UK 2011/12
Biteback Publishing , English
The War for Children's Minds - Stephen Law

The War for Children's MindsStephen Law

First Published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The War for Children’s Minds
Stephen Law
Routledge , English
Journalism After September 1... - Stuart Allan Barbie Zelizer

Journalism After September 1...Stuart Allan Barbie Zelizer

The events of September 11 continue to resonate in powerful, yet sometimes unexpected ways. For many journalists, the crisis has decisively recast their sense of the world around them. Familiar notions of what it means to be a journalist, h… more

Journalism After September 11 (Communication and Society)
Stuart Allan Barbie Zelizer
Routledge , English
Scatter, Adapt, and Remember... - Annalee Newitz

Scatter, Adapt, and Remember...Annalee Newitz

In its 4.5 billion–year history, life on Earth has been almost erased at least half a dozen times: shattered by asteroid impacts, entombed in ice, smothered by methane, and torn apart by unfathomably powerful megavolcanoes. And we know t… more

Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction
Annalee Newitz
Anchor , English
"Controlling Blue: Race Medi... - Opio Sokoni

"Controlling Blue: Race Medi...Opio Sokoni

In “Controlling Blue: Race Media and Citizen Surveillance of the Police,” activist attorney and media commentator Opio Sokoni tackles some major issues concerning the powerfully unionized police culture in North America. Among them is the t… more

Controlling Blue: Race Media and Citizen Surveillance of the Police,”
Opio Sokoni
Opio Media LLC , English
Where Has Oprah Taken Us?: T... - Stephen Mansfield

Where Has Oprah Taken Us?: T...Stephen Mansfield

New York Times best-selling author, Stephen Mansfield, traces the fascinating and influential life of Oprah Winfrey, profiling her quest for spiritual enlightenment?a well-publicized journey featuring a caravan of experts, mystics, and guru… more

Where Has Oprah Taken Us?: The Religious Influence of the World’s Most Famous Woman
Stephen Mansfield
Thomas Nelson , English
Coming of Age in a Crap Economy - Liz Funk

Coming of Age in a Crap EconomyLiz Funk

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Being in your twenties and early thirties is really, really hard these days. Especially if you’re living with your parents, if you’re unable to find a job that relates to what you studied (or if you’re even unable to find a job in the mall)… more

Coming of Age in a Crap Economy
Liz Funk
French Door Media , English
Three Novels - Adrian White

Three NovelsAdrian White

Adrian White’s first three novels collected together in a single edition.

An Accident Waiting to Happen A young woman disappears. Her partner Gregory, under suspicion from the police of having done her harm, is left to care for her son Tom… more

Three Novels
Adrian White
Lynskey Books , English
American Phoenix: John Quinc... - Jane Hampton Cook

American Phoenix: John Quinc...Jane Hampton Cook

John Quincy and Louisa Adams’s unexpected journey that changed everything. American Phoenix is the sweeping, riveting tale of a grand historic adventure across forbidding oceans and frozen tundra—from the bustling ports and towering birche… more

American Phoenix: John Quincy and Louisa Adams, the War of 1812, and the Exile that Saved American Independence
Jane Hampton Cook
Thomas Nelson , English
Proposals for amending the C... - Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

Proposals for amending the C...Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

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Politicians and media commentators in Pakistan have been demanding for decades the “restoration of the 1973 Constitution,” without realizing what it will mean. In its original form, the Constitution reflected primarily the wishes of Z A Bhu… more

Proposals for amending the Constitution of Pakistan
Muhammad Abd al-Hameed
Muhammad Abd al-Hameed , English
The Jamie Oliver Effect - Gily Smith

The Jamie Oliver EffectGily Smith

By the age of eight, Jamie Oliver was already cooking in his parents’ pub and restaurant in Essex. From Westminster Catering College, he went straight to the apron strings of Antonio Carluccio as his head pastry chef. Spotted by the directo… more

The Jamie Oliver Effect
Gily Smith
Andre Deutsch , English
Towards Global Justice: Sove... - Simona Ţuţuianu

Towards Global Justice: Sove...Simona Ţuţuianu

With Forewords by Geoffrey Robertson QC, Doughty Street Chambers, London, UK and Professor Mihail E. Ionescu, Bucharest, Romania Simona Ţuţuianu describes a new model of sovereignty which is fast replacing the traditional Westphalian model … more

Towards Global Justice: Sovereignty in an Interdependent World
Simona Ţuţuianu
T.M.C. Asser Press , English
Your Company Sucks: It's Tim... - Mark Stevens

Your Company Sucks: It's Tim...Mark Stevens

It’s every businessperson’s nightmare: his or her company is failing, dysfunctional, stuck in neutral, and/or is disappointing overall, from the finances to the customer feedback.Put bluntly—but candidly—the company sucks.That’s the bad new… more

Your Company Sucks: It’s Time to Declare War on Yourself
Mark Stevens
BenBella Books , English
Conservative Insurgency: The... - Kurt Schlichter

Conservative Insurgency: The...Kurt Schlichter

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Conservative Insurgency takes the form of an oral history of a successful struggle against progressive dominance from the perspective of the year 2041. It is not a novel; instead, it is a rallying cry and a battle plan for constitutional co… more

Conservative Insurgency: The Struggle to Take America Back 2009 - 2041
Kurt Schlichter
Post Hill Press , English
Why Women Should Rule the World - Dee Dee Myers

Why Women Should Rule the WorldDee Dee Myers

If women ruled the world, politics would be more collegial, businesses would be more productive, and communities would be healthier. More women should lead—not because they are the same as men, but precisely because they are different. Refl… more

Why Women Should Rule the World
Dee Dee Myers
HarperCollins e-books , English
Black Lies, White Lies - Tony Brown

Black Lies, White LiesTony Brown

PBS television commentator and syndicated radio talk-show host Tony Brown has been called an “out-of-the-box thinker” and, less delicately, and “equal opportunity ass kicker.” Those who attempt to pigeonhole him do so at their own peril. Th… more

Black Lies, White Lies
Tony Brown
HarperCollins e-books , English
Capitalism Hits the Fan - Richard D. Wolff

Capitalism Hits the FanRichard D. Wolff

A breathtakingly clear analysis that breaks down the root causes of today’s economic crisis“With unerring coherence and unequaled breadth of knowledge, Rick Wolff offers a rich and much needed corrective to the views of mainstream economist… more

Capitalism Hits the Fan
Richard D. Wolff
Olive Branch Press , English