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Taking Care of Your Sports C... -

Taking Care of Your Sports C...

Topics Covered:Choosing the Right Mechanic for Your Sports CarThree Factors in Choosing a Body Shop for Your Sports CarThree Free Ways to Protect Your Sports CarCovering Up Your Sports CarHow the Internet Can Enrich Your Sports Car Experien… more

Taking Care of Your Sports Car (Beginner’s Basics)
LittleWhiteEbook.com , English
Urban Werewolf (EJ Hunter) - Cyn Bagley

Urban Werewolf (EJ Hunter)Cyn Bagley

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John, a mechanic, meets Tina when she arrives at the shop to fix the copier machine in the office. For the first time in years, John is fascinated with this woman. There is something different about her that appeals to his werewolf heart. B… more

Urban Werewolf (EJ Hunter)
Cyn Bagley
Forever After - Kimberley White

Forever AfterKimberley White

Average wait: N/A

Between running Detroit’s hottest beauty salon and fighting a lawsuit brought by her money-hungry ex, Jova Parker figures the last thing she needs is a new relationship. It doesn’t matter that the tantalizing new mechanic working across the… more

Forever After
Kimberley White
Flipping Vehicles For Profit - Sean Wayne

Flipping Vehicles For ProfitSean Wayne

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This get-to-the-point booklet includes basic information on how I began a vehicle flipping business in a down 2007 economy and continue to profit from it today.The short booklet includes simple information on how to find, price and sell you… more

Flipping Vehicles For Profit
Sean Wayne
Sean Wayne , English
Through the Fire - Aliyah Burke

Through the FireAliyah Burke

Average wait: N/A

An uncontrollable wildfire rages reuniting two old lovers, will they survive or will the blazing inferno snuff out their happy ending?Teague ‘TJ’ Johnson loves being a smokejumper. Roaring down a fast line into the middle of a fire didn’t f… more

Through the Fire
Aliyah Burke
Total-E-Bound Publishing , English
A Companion On The Road - D.C. Williams

A Companion On The RoadD.C. Williams

Average wait: N/A

Johnny has drifted through life since he was a young teenager, working as a mechanic and depending for years on the generosity of an older, married lover. An unsatisfactory gambling trip with an old friend suddenly turns into something els… more

A Companion On The Road
D.C. Williams
Then They Were Six - Cherime MacFarlane

Then They Were SixCherime MacFarlane

Absolutely devastated, she is standing on the side of the road with a dead car, no cell phone and no money. Running from an abusive ex husband, she and her daughter must have a paycheck. The mechanic stops to help, but what will he ask of h… more

Then They Were Six
Cherime MacFarlane
Cherime MacFarlane , English
Easy Ridig - Thigs you need ... -

Easy Ridig - Thigs you need ...

Don’t Allow Your Mechanic To Take You For A Ride… Learn How To Save Your Money When Buying And Maintaining Your Car

Easy Ridig - Thigs you need to know about your car.
Buying Guide: Buying a Used ... - Michael Robinson

Buying Guide: Buying a Used ...Michael Robinson

How do you know whether or not that “minor thing” the owner hand waved away isn’t a disaster waiting to happen?There are some things you can do to protect yourself.

Buying Guide: Buying a Used Car (Buying Guides)
Michael Robinson
The Sisters Eight Book 4: Ja... - Lauren Baratz-Logsted

The Sisters Eight Book 4: Ja...Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Jackie’s turn! Book four in this exciting new series!April has finally arrived. How lucky of Jackie to have such a lovely month to tell her story. It starts off with fun and laughter on April Fool’s Day, and then all the beautiful flowers s… more

The Sisters Eight Book 4: Jackie’s Jokes
Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , English
OEM: An FtM/MtF romance - Katie Leone

OEM: An FtM/MtF romanceKatie Leone

Average wait: N/A

John wasn’t much of a man. Amy wasn’t the feminine flower her mother thought she should be. During a friendly argument, Amy lets it slip out that she thinks she could be more of a man than John. John defends himself and though he could s… more

OEM: An FtM/MtF romance
Katie Leone
The Power of Changing your H... - Charles Duncan

The Power of Changing your H...Charles Duncan

Average wait: < 1h

Changing Your Habits Can Change Your Life Part of the No Shit Guide Series this book will help you to break unwanted habits and replace them with successful habits that will recreate your life.Are bad habits holding you back? D… more

The Power of Changing your Habits (No Shit Guide Book 2)
Charles Duncan
The Mechanic - Makayla Maitland

The MechanicMakayla Maitland

THIS BOOK WAS PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED UNDER THE PEN NAME OF JONE BROWN. ~~~~~~~~~~~Becca took her car to the mechanic to be checked. When she came to pick it up, she had a bill she hadn’t expected or afford. John the mechanic had an … more

The Mechanic
Makayla Maitland
Trails - M J Moore

TrailsM J Moore

Average wait: N/A

Four murderers.  All evil.  Three of them will die.  The question isn’t who, but how?  Four stories of murder and its bloody aftermath.  Everything we do leaves a trail.  Who’s trailing you?

M J Moore
The Epic Love Story of Doug ... - Valerie Z. Lewis

The Epic Love Story of Doug ...Valerie Z. Lewis

1 rating
Average wait: 1d, 17h

A comedy about a bisexual mechanic turned model who aims to get the man of his dreams and save the world as soon as he finishes smoking this joint. R for language and implied sex. No DRM.

The Epic Love Story of Doug and Stephen
Valerie Z. Lewis
The Book of Broken Hearts - Sarah Ockler

The Book of Broken HeartsSarah Ockler

When all signs point to heartbreak, can love still be a rule of the road? A poignant and romantic novel from the author of Bittersweet and Twenty Boy Summer.Jude has learned a lot from her older sisters, but the most important thing is this… more

The Book of Broken Hearts
Sarah Ockler
Simon Pulse , English
Making Money With Motorcycles - Sean Wayne

Making Money With MotorcyclesSean Wayne

Average wait: N/A

A short get-to-the-point booklet (5,472 words) on how to puchase, prepare, advertise and sell a motorcycle for maximum profit. This booklet is also geared towards folks who want to reduce their risks and headaches as they give this market a… more

Making Money With Motorcycles
Sean Wayne
Sean Wayne , English
What Is The Mind? How To Acc... - Daniel Mega

What Is The Mind? How To Acc...Daniel Mega

You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic that didn’t understand how the components under the hood worked. So why do we go through life without understanding how are brain works?Do you often feel like you are running on autopilot with no con… more

What Is The Mind? How To Access Positive States Of Mind While On The Go
Daniel Mega
MEGAPULP , English
Mechanic Sandwhich - M Walker

Mechanic SandwhichM Walker

Average wait: < 1h

My new favorite place in all the world is the Laundromat at the corner of Seventh and Bradshaw. No, I’m not some pervert that gets off while I’m fluffing and folding … or maybe I am?For the last three weeks straight I’ve been sitting loo… more

Mechanic Sandwhich
M Walker
Aviation Maintenance Technic... - FAA

Aviation Maintenance Technic...FAA

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This book includes the following topics:Chapter 1. MathematicsChapter 2. Aircraft DrawingsChapter 3. PhysicsChapter 4. Aircraft Weight & BalanceChapter 5. Aircraft Materials, Processes, & HardwareChapter 6. Aircraft Cleaning & Corrosion Con… more

Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook
Mepcount Media, LLC , English