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Flare #34 - Steve Perrin, Wilson Hill, D...

Flare #34Steve Perrin, Wilson Hill, D...

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Flare’s history of confrontation with her old nemesis Max Kruegers comes to a head in “Max Attack.” Then the Liberty Girl makes her debut in “Here Comes Liberty Girl.” And the stupid little stick-boy Dolf stars in “Dolf and the Chicken Suit… more

Flare #34
Steve Perrin, Wilson Hill, Dennis Mallonee
Heroic Publishing, Inc. , English
Flare #35 - Steve Perrin, Wilson Hill

Flare #35Steve Perrin, Wilson Hill

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For the first time ever, Flare and her electric little sister Sparkplug team up to take on Max Krueger and Lady Darkon in “Dark Justice.” Also in this issue, the all-new Tigress teams up with Arcanna the WitchGirl to deal with the “Curse of… more

Flare #35
Steve Perrin, Wilson Hill
Heroic Publishing, Inc. , English