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My Tragic Life as a Leading ... - Jason Rizos

My Tragic Life as a Leading ...Jason Rizos

A scholar of language somehow finds his way into the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he is employed to come up with increasingly outlandish theories of Quantum Physics, regardless of their merit or bearing upon actua… more

My Tragic Life as a Leading Authority in the field of Quantum Mechanics
Jason Rizos
A short history of science - 	William Thompson Sedgwick

A short history of science William Thompson Sedgwick

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(…)”THIS book is the outgrowth of a lecture course given by the authors for several years* to undergraduate classes of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the chief aims of the course being to furnish a broad general perspective of… more

A short history of science
William Thompson Sedgwick
Understanding Organizational... - Mats Alvesson

Understanding Organizational...Mats Alvesson

Understanding Organizational Culture is a most timely and comprehensive book. And Mats Alvesson is surely one of our most intrepid and intellectually astute authors writing on this topic. This is a lively, enthusiastic text that covers a … more

Understanding Organizational Culture
Mats Alvesson
SAGE Publications Ltd , English
Bashert (The Homeland Connec... - Lior Samson

Bashert (The Homeland Connec...Lior Samson

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2015 Eric Hoffer Book Award (Honorable Mention)A gifted and inquisitive student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology stumbles on a storage room filled with unusual supplies. What begins as a student stunt soon explodes into a life-c… more

Bashert (The Homeland Connection Book 1)
Lior Samson
Gesher Press , English
The God Particle - Daniel Danser

The God ParticleDaniel Danser

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CERN’s Hadron Collider is the world’s most powerful machine; its sole purpose is to prove the existence of the mysterious God Particles – the essential building blocks of the universe. But after a series of global catastrophes, suspicion ar… more

The God Particle
Daniel Danser
How to Use Scratch - Gerard Strong

How to Use ScratchGerard Strong

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This easy to follow eBook helps employees, students, teachers and parents wanting their children to get a head start in their use of Programming software.This ebook shows you how to use the basic tasks in Scratch.These simple step by step t… more

How to Use Scratch
Gerard Strong
A Collection of Arlo Bates (... - Arlo Bates

A Collection of Arlo Bates (...Arlo Bates

Arlo Bates (December 16, 1850 – August 25, 1918) was an American author, university professor and newspaperman. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1876. He was a professor of English at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work … more

A Collection of Arlo Bates (5 Books)-The Pagans,The Philistines,The Puritans,Prince Vance and The Intoxicated Ghost
Arlo Bates
Cambridge Sketches - Estelle M.H. Merrill

Cambridge SketchesEstelle M.H. Merrill

Cambridge, Massachusetts: the home to Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT), and the Charles River. Originally founded as Newtowne, Cambridge is well known today for its institutions of higher learning, and as a hub of i… more

Cambridge Sketches
Estelle M.H. Merrill
The Corona Incident - Robert Blevins

The Corona IncidentRobert Blevins

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Ray Stafford published his first science article at 14. Three years later, he sold General Motors an invention that doubled fuel efficiency in cars. By the time he was 22, the young genius had earned doctorates in both engineering and physi… more

The Corona Incident
Robert Blevins
Adventure Books of Seattle , English
Scratch 2.0 Programming for ... - Jerry Lee Ford Jr.

Scratch 2.0 Programming for ...Jerry Lee Ford Jr.

With Scratch 2.0, getting started in computer programming is easier and more fun than ever. And with this completely updated edition of the popular Scratch Programming for Teens, you’ll learn the basics in a fast, friendly way and be sharin… more

Scratch 2.0 Programming for Teens, Second Edition
Jerry Lee Ford Jr.
Cengage Learning PTR , English
William Barton Rogers and th... - A. J. Angulo

William Barton Rogers and th...A. J. Angulo

Conceptual founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, William Barton Rogers was a highly influential scientific mind and educational reformer of the nineteenth century. A. J. Angulo recounts the largely unknown story of one man’s… more

William Barton Rogers and the Idea of MIT
A. J. Angulo
Johns Hopkins University Press , English
Democracy and the Problem of... - Cass R. Sunstein

Democracy and the Problem of...Cass R. Sunstein

Freedom of speech is one of our greatest legal rights and Cass Sunstein is one of our greatest legal theorists. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to think seriously about the free speech issues facing this generation.— Akhil Am… more

Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech
Cass R. Sunstein
Free Press , English
Microsystem Design - Stephen D. Senturia

Microsystem DesignStephen D. Senturia

It is a real pleasure to write the Foreword for this book, both because I have known and respected its author for many years and because I expect this book’s publication will mark an important milestone in the continuing worldwide developme… more

Microsystem Design
Stephen D. Senturia
Springer , English
Entrepreneur Journeys (Volum... - Sramana Mitra

Entrepreneur Journeys (Volum...Sramana Mitra

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Bootstrapping: Weapon Of Mass Reconstruction is Sramana Mitra’s second book in the Entrepreneur Journeys series. It takes aim at a core issue missed by most entrepreneurship books: bootstrap-ping as an essential route along the roadmap to s… more

Entrepreneur Journeys (Volume Two) Bootstrapping, Weapon Of Mass Reconstruction
Sramana Mitra
The Smart Way To Your Ph.D.:... - Dora Farkas

The Smart Way To Your Ph.D.:...Dora Farkas

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Thousands of doctoral students across the U.S. struggle for years with challenging thesis topics, difficult advisors, and financial troubles. With so much pressure and often not much support, it is no surprise that many graduate students co… more

The Smart Way To Your Ph.D.:200 Secrets from 100 Graduates
Dora Farkas
GradSchoolNet , English
The Technologists (with bonu... - Matthew Pearl

The Technologists (with bonu...Matthew Pearl

“A terrific historical mystery in the fine old Arthur Conan Doyle style . . . Who knew that a mystery formed around the founding of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could be so good? … There are cliffhanger endings and fort… more

The Technologists (with bonus short story The Professor’s Assassin): A Novel
Matthew Pearl
Random House , English
Learning OpenCV: Computer Vi... - Gary Bradski, Adrian Kaehler

Learning OpenCV: Computer Vi...Gary Bradski, Adrian Kaehler

This library is useful for practitioners, and is an excellent tool for those entering the field: it is a set of computer vision algorithms that work as advertised.”-William T. Freeman, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laborator… more

Learning OpenCV: Computer Vision with the OpenCV Library
Gary Bradski, Adrian Kaehler
O’Reilly Media , English
George Washington: A Collect... - WB Allen

George Washington: A Collect...WB Allen

George Washington: A Collection is an important addition to the literature on the American Revolution. The book provides a splendid introduction to Washington and his political beliefs, to the events of the Revolution through which he lived… more

George Washington: A Collection (NONE)
WB Allen
Liberty Fund Inc. , English
Love Letter: For a Japanese ... - Stephen E. Price

Love Letter: For a Japanese ...Stephen E. Price

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” Love Letter for a Japanese War Bride is Stephen E. Price’s memoir of his eternal love for his first wife, Ryuko. Set primarily in postwar Japan, the story provides a window into a new world—one that spawned cultural diversity, but one tha… more

Love Letter: For a Japanese War Bride
Stephen E. Price
WestBow Press , English
Love Across Time: Jessie Mee... - Pamela Warren

Love Across Time: Jessie Mee...Pamela Warren

A #1 Bestseller in the Time Travel Romance category Jessie Blake is on her way to a Halloween costume party with her friend Kyle who is a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They decide to stop in at his lab so he… more

Love Across Time: Jessie Meets The Bard
Pamela Warren
Pamela Warren Books , English