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Jesus on the Doorposts - Mary Smith

Jesus on the DoorpostsMary Smith

Jesus on the Doorposts by: Mary Smith

Jesus on the Doorposts
Mary Smith
Xlibris , English
Cranford : complete with 75 ... - Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Cranford : complete with 75 ...Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Cranford is a witty portrait of small town life in early-Victorian England. The story unfolds through the eyes of Mary Smith, a young woman who observes the comedic struggles of two middle aged sisters in their efforts to maintain a level o… more

Cranford : complete with 75 classic Illustration and Writer Biography (Illustrated)
Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell , English
Cranford (Illustrated) - Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Cranford (Illustrated)Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

First published in 1904, and with 25 colour illustrations, Cranford is a witty portrait of small town life in early-Victorian England. The story unfolds through the eyes of Mary Smith, a young woman who observes the comedic struggles of two… more

Cranford (Illustrated)
Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
The Stars Are Still There - Stewart Edward White

The Stars Are Still ThereStewart Edward White



I. People are Thinking about Immortality II. The War Dead III. No Real Separation IV. I Take My Pen in Hand V. The Doubting Thomas VI. Conditions in the Unobstructed VII. Our Common Human Ingredient V… more

The Stars Are Still There
Stewart Edward White
Life as a Fluffer: A Porn Ga... - June Stevens

Life as a Fluffer: A Porn Ga...June Stevens

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Michele is a fluffer, one of the girls that keeps male porn performers hard and ready for the porn star. Michele is good at her job, too. She’s particularly enjoying this shoot, because she doesn’t like Serena Starz, the porn starlet gett… more

Life as a Fluffer: A Porn Gangbang Short
June Stevens
DigiSmith Press , English
Cranford (Unabridged Start P... - Elizabeth Gaskell

Cranford (Unabridged Start P...Elizabeth Gaskell

Mary Smith and her friends live in Cranford, a town predominantly inhabited by women. The return of a long-lost brother named Peter is the most dramatic event to occur over the course of the sixteen tales that comprise the novel. Elizabeth … more

Cranford (Unabridged Start Publishing LLC)
Elizabeth Gaskell
Start Publishing LLC , English
Caring Liturgies - Susan Marie Smith

Caring LiturgiesSusan Marie Smith

Caregiving practices in churches often center around listening and giving counsel, making referrals, and creating support groups for specific needs. In Caring Liturgies, Susan Marie Smith proposes that Christian ritual is both a method and … more

Caring Liturgies
Susan Marie Smith
Fortress Press , English
Laclau and Mouffe: The Radic... - Anna Marie Smith

Laclau and Mouffe: The Radic...Anna Marie Smith

Laclau and Mouffe: The Radical Democratic Imaginary is the first full-length overview of the important work of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe. Anna Marie Smith clearly shows how Laclau and Mouffe’s work has brought Gramscian, poststructu… more

Laclau and Mouffe: The Radical Democratic Imaginary
Anna Marie Smith
Routledge , English
Libra (Zodiac) - Lavender Wilde, Michelle Hoppe

Libra (Zodiac)Lavender Wilde, Michelle Hoppe

Tipping The Scales – Michelle HoppeWhen The Benevolent Order of Heavenly Souls sends Cupid to earth on a mission to restore true love, things don’t exactly work out as planned. With more interference than a football game, Cupid tries to fin… more

Libra (Zodiac)
Lavender Wilde, Michelle Hoppe
Liquid Silver Books , English
Dead Wrong - Melica Niccole

Dead WrongMelica Niccole

Dead Wrong is about a young woman name Tasha Marie Smith. Tasha is an African-American woman from Cincinnati, Ohio. She moved to Columbus, Ohio as a teenager with her parents. Ms. Smith is organized, goal oriented, and self-reliant. She has… more

Dead Wrong
Melica Niccole
Hampton Publishing House, LLC , English
Alias, Mary Smith (Truly You... - Rachel Druten

Alias, Mary Smith (Truly You...Rachel Druten

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Marybelle couldn’t take any more abuse. As her abusive husband lay on the floor, Marybelle Rockford dared not wait to find out if he was dead or just unconscious. Her life and that of her unborn child depended on her escape from Chicago. Sh… more

Alias, Mary Smith (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 824)
Rachel Druten
Barbour Books , English
Since You've Been Gone (Welc... - Elle Kennedy

Since You've Been Gone (Welc...Elle Kennedy

What happens on the road can follow you all the way home. Welcome to Paradise, Book 4Austin Bishop is going home to face some difficult truths, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take the long way home. So rather than hop on a plane, he accepts… more

Since You’ve Been Gone (Welcome to Paradise series Book 4)
Elle Kennedy
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
Collected Short Stories of B... - Newton Booth Tarkington

Collected Short Stories of B...Newton Booth Tarkington

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Author: Newton Booth Tarkington (July 29, 1869 – May 19, 1946) was an American dramalist and writer, who won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

Collected Short Stories of Booth Tarkington (with an active table of contents), includes:

Be… more

Collected Short Stories of Booth Tarkington
Newton Booth Tarkington
The Magic on Sterling Lane - William Smith, Mary Smith

The Magic on Sterling LaneWilliam Smith, Mary Smith

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The Magic on Sterling Lane is a story about the animals in the back yard at the home of William and Mary Smith on Sterling Lane somewhere in Texas. Have you ever sat on the porch watching your dog or a squirrel in a tree and thought, “I wo… more

The Magic on Sterling Lane
William Smith, Mary Smith
AuthorHouse , English
Cranford [ Illustrated ] - Elizabeth Gaskell

Cranford [ Illustrated ]Elizabeth Gaskell

  • Illustrated Author Biography Interactive Table of Contents* Free Audiobook DownloadCranford [ Illustrated ] [ Free Audiobooks Download ]The fictional town of Cranford is closely modelled on Knutsford in Cheshire, which Mrs Gaskell knew … more
Cranford [ Illustrated ]
Elizabeth Gaskell
BK Publishers , English
One Year in the Life of Benj... - William Webster

One Year in the Life of Benj...William Webster

Benjamin Thomas is a recently orphaned eighteen-year-old who finds his way from Florida to Vermont. Almost by accident, or so it seems, he finds employment as a hired hand on the farm of Slim and Mary Smith. Here young Benjamin discovers th… more

One Year in the Life of Benjamin Thomas
William Webster
PublishAmerica , English
We Couldn't stop the war... - Cally  Phillips, Mary Smith,...

We Couldn't stop the war...Cally Phillips, Mary Smith,...

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10 years ago the Lysistrata Project offered people around the world a chance to take part in a global act of theatrical dissent. Dramatic huh? In Dumfries and Galloway ten writers took up the challenge. This ebook marks the 10th anniversary… more

We Couldn’t stop the war…
Cally Phillips, Mary Smith, Mark Frankland, Vivien Jones, Jo Abbott, Jackie Baldwin
Guerrilla Midgie Press , English
Cranford (Illustrated) - Elizabeth Gaskell

Cranford (Illustrated)Elizabeth Gaskell

Elizabeth Gaskell’s wonderfully atmospheric tale depicts life in the fictional town of Cranford where Mary Smith and her friends the spinster sisters Miss Matty and Miss Deborah live. Their experiences of the innumerable events that unfold … more

Cranford (Illustrated)
Elizabeth Gaskell
Heritage Illustrated Publishing , English
Booth Tarkington: Three Shor... - Booth Tarkington

Booth Tarkington: Three Shor...Booth Tarkington

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This Kindle edition, equivalent in length to a physical book of approximately 72 pages, contains three short stories by Pulitzer Prize–winning author Booth Tarkington.“Mary Smith” (first published in “The Saturday Evening Post,” August 1912… more

Booth Tarkington: Three Short Stories
Booth Tarkington
A. J. Cornell Publications , English
Full Figured 8: Carl Weber P... - Skyy, Treasure Hernandez

Full Figured 8: Carl Weber P...Skyy, Treasure Hernandez

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Once again, Carl Weber brings together two literary divas to give readers what they’ve been asking for: empowering stories about big, beautiful women.Rayne creates beautiful works of art, but her personal life is a blank canvas, void of lov… more

Full Figured 8: Carl Weber Presents (Full Figured Plus Size Divas)
Skyy, Treasure Hernandez
Urban Renaissance , English