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How To Improve Concentration... - Youssef Sherief

How To Improve Concentration...Youssef Sherief

In concentration wе marshal аll our dispersed energies intо focusing оn juѕt onе thіng. When mastered, concentration cаn bе оf unimaginable benefit іn our life; thrоugh concentration wе cаn increase our productivity аnd gіvе ourѕelves great… more

How To Improve Concentration And Improve Your Life!
Youssef Sherief
A Christmas Visitor - Richard E. Maxwell Sr.

A Christmas VisitorRichard E. Maxwell Sr.

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Have you lost a loved one? Do you wish they could still be with you? Your loved one could be looking over your shoulder this very minute. Let me help you realize the fact they never left you when they died. This story about the Marshal Fam… more

A Christmas Visitor
Richard E. Maxwell Sr.
AuthorHouse , English
Mr. Beck (Beck.) - Alex Bahdanovich

Mr. Beck (Beck.)Alex Bahdanovich

Marshal Beck, a first experimentally successful avatar to walk the planet, tells his tale of death and love. The introduction to the short stories series called Beck.

Mr. Beck (Beck.)
Alex Bahdanovich
Longarm #291: Longarm and th... - Tabor Evans

Longarm #291: Longarm and th...Tabor Evans

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Longarm #291: Longarm and the Rancher’s Daughter
Tabor Evans
Jove , English
Caitlin's Conspiracies - Mariella Starr

Caitlin's ConspiraciesMariella Starr

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Trying to do the right thing destroyed Caitlin’s life. Compromised by her government, at odds with the very agencies that made promises but didn’t deliver; she’s ready to take them on, the good and the bad. Smart, suspicious, and tough, she… more

Caitlin’s Conspiracies
Mariella Starr
Blushing Books Publications , English
Uneven Shading - Joseph Devon

Uneven ShadingJoseph Devon

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Marshal finds himself unable to concentrate at work, and what’s worse, he’s come to realize that he’s disappearing from view entirely. When his boss takes note Marshal is sent home to try and figure out where the rest of him is.

Uneven Shading
Joseph Devon
Longarm #379: Longarm and th... - Tabor Evans

Longarm #379: Longarm and th...Tabor Evans

Longarm’s struggling to keep his head above water. Greeted by torrential storms in Warhorse, Arizona Territory, Longarm must figure out if the popular marshal is who he says he is-or the cold-blooded killer Longarm’s hunting.

Longarm #379: Longarm and the Deadly Flood
Tabor Evans
Jove , English


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DEAR JOS,—Robin Hood was a real man. The stories about him are very old. They were written many, many years ago by men whose names have been forgotten. The old letters in which they were printed are very difficult to read, but now, in this … more

Redhen , English
Boxing and self defense taug... - Alpheus Geer

Boxing and self defense taug...Alpheus Geer

Boxing and self defense taught by the Marshall Stillman principle

Boxing and self defense taught by the Marshall Stillman principle
Alpheus Geer
Behind the fence - Peter Middleton

Behind the fencePeter Middleton

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Marshall is a quiet boy who reluctantly goes every week with his dad to visit his grandad at the local pub.Whilst playing in the large oval garden he makes a discovery that will not only change his life but reveal the secrets that make up m… more

Behind the fence
Peter Middleton
A Zombie Apocalypse 9: Rache... - Keith Luethke

A Zombie Apocalypse 9: Rache...Keith Luethke

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Having suffered through the battle with the cave dwellers, Marshall discovers his companions have abandoned him. Searching the area he finds Rachel but she isn’t the same. She’s become one of the undead, unable to communicate and only desir… more

A Zombie Apocalypse 9: Rachel’s Resurrection (A Zombie Apocalypse: Rachel’s Resurrection)
Keith Luethke
Double Montana Treats (Siren... - Marla Monroe

Double Montana Treats (Siren...Marla Monroe

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M] Drew has been working her ranch with only one other person for so long she is more than happy to hire ex-convicts Jeb and Marshall and give them a chance to help her th… more

Double Montana Treats (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)
Marla Monroe
Siren Publishing , English
The Long Voyage, Made in Tan... - Clifford D.  Simak, Carl Ric...

The Long Voyage, Made in Tan...Clifford D. Simak, Carl Ric...

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The Long Voyage: The secret lay hidden at the end of nine landings, and Medusa-dark was one man’s search for it—in the strangest journey ever made.Made in Tanganyika: See what happens when two conchologists get caught in a necromantic night… more

The Long Voyage, Made in Tanganyika, The Street That Wasn’t There
Clifford D. Simak, Carl Richard Jacobi
Artemis Publishing , English
Disciplined by the Doctor (M... - Adriana Rossi

Disciplined by the Doctor (M...Adriana Rossi

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Don’t you want to learn how to suck? Here, I can show you. I’llshow you everything your mom wants you to learn. And you’ll as I say, andyou’ll do it sweetly or I’ll spank you again” When Chelsea is caught giving oral sex t… more

Disciplined by the Doctor (Medical Exam Erotica)
Adriana Rossi
The Epistles of John (The Ne... - I. Howard Marshall

The Epistles of John (The Ne...I. Howard Marshall

Marshall’s study on the Epistles of John constitute a single volume in The New International Commentary on the New Testament. Prepared by some of the world’s leading scholars, the series provides an exposition of the New Testament books tha… more

The Epistles of John (The New International Commentary on the New Testament)
I. Howard Marshall
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing , English
Easterly's Shadow - Brenda Lee Jennings

Easterly's ShadowBrenda Lee Jennings

Romance began on that fateful evening when Morgan met Marshall. They never suspected the intrigue they would encounter once their paths crossed. Two kidnapped young boys and the loss of a close loved one cast doubts on their love as they … more

Easterly’s Shadow
Brenda Lee Jennings
iUniverse , English
A Zombie Apocalypse 11: Brin... - Keith Luethke

A Zombie Apocalypse 11: Brin...Keith Luethke

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After faking her death, Rachel claws her way out of the ground and leaves Marshall to live in peace. Aimlessly, she wanders the highway where she meets an unlucky girl named, Neala, and begins to unravel a plot which has followed her since … more

A Zombie Apocalypse 11: Bringing Back The Dead
Keith Luethke
Micro Tales: The pendulum of... - J. R Toman

Micro Tales: The pendulum of...J. R Toman

  1. Pendulum of Love and Sadness. (1427 words) Robert follows the ghost of his past love, into a realm long forgotten.

  2. A Twisted Revenge. (1026 words) A man, who’s fortune was stolen by Marshall, plans revenge by abusing the man’s vice… more

Micro Tales: The pendulum of love and sadness, a twisted revenge and the shinning light of Kirabella
J. R Toman
Last of the Lycans: Monarch ... - Tim Waggoner, Shannon Eric Denton

Last of the Lycans: Monarch ...Tim Waggoner, Shannon Eric Denton

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Strange events and odd physical changes lead a young man named Marshall to discover that he is actually part werewolf! As he uncovers more about his heritage, Marshall learns that the werewolf race is divided into two camps: those who choos… more

Last of the Lycans: Monarch of the Moon
Tim Waggoner, Shannon Eric Denton
Komikwerks, LLC , English
The Contribution of Joseph A... -

The Contribution of Joseph A...

This collection constitutes an examination of Schumpeter’s legacy that is wider than any yet attempted. As one of the key economists of the twentieth century, Schumpeter’s economics is viewed in the context of its relation to purer Austrian… more

The Contribution of Joseph A. Schumpeter to Economics (Routledge Studies in the History of Economics)
Routledge , English