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What The Lady Gave Her Capta... - Isla Sinclair

What The Lady Gave Her Capta...Isla Sinclair

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In this sizzling erotic tale, an aristocratic couple have their wicked way with one of their male servants.

Julian has long served the dominant Lady Theia—both as her trusted steward and as her submissive toy. But he has only ever admire… more

What The Lady Gave Her Captain: F/M/m historical menage (Her Jewel Book 1)
Isla Sinclair
Swapping Moms: My Best Frien... - Nikki Flesch

Swapping Moms: My Best Frien...Nikki Flesch

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Nathan and Marcus are best friends and getting ready for their last year of college. It’s time for summer vacation at Nate’s house along with his gorgeous mom. What Nate doesn’t know is that Marcus’s recently divorced overweight mom, has g… more

Swapping Moms: My Best Friend’s Mom is a MILF
Nikki Flesch
Rough Games: Anal Blackmail - Cindy Atherton

Rough Games: Anal BlackmailCindy Atherton

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Belinda is beautiful and a bitch - and she knows it. She loves how she can make guys like Josh and Marcus dangle off her every word. But Belinda also has a dark secret, one that she is not keen for the rest of her family to know. When Josh … more

Rough Games: Anal Blackmail
Cindy Atherton
A Girl Like That (The Art of Love) - Angela Aubrey

A Girl Like That (The Art of Love)Angela Aubrey

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Every romantic story is in fact two stories that intertwine into one glorious tale of love.

This, and it’s counterpart, ‘A Guy Like That’, is a short taster for the upcoming novel ‘The Art of Love’. It is our first encounter with our hero,… more

A Girl Like That (The Art of Love)
Angela Aubrey
Chocolate Box Romance , English
Please Sir - Cain Berlinger

Please SirCain Berlinger

Two tops, Marcus and Thor are giants of scorching masculinity. One of them has a secret. One of them desperately wants to be a bottom.Two tough, muscle bound, macho gay guys fighting for dominance. It’s rough sex, intense, and brutal. Both … more

Please Sir
Cain Berlinger
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
Sphere (The Orin Chronicles:... - Reyskaw Marcosius Velorus

Sphere (The Orin Chronicles:...Reyskaw Marcosius Velorus

Sphere” is the third volume in The Orin Chronicles series, following the first two volumes “Infusion” and “Visitors”.The mission of the Knights continues!After a detour, Selena and Marcus are ready to meet up with Gram to continue their se… more

Sphere (The Orin Chronicles: Volume 3)
Reyskaw Marcosius Velorus
Lady Theia's Boy: F/M/m Hist... - Isla Sinclair

Lady Theia's Boy: F/M/m Hist...Isla Sinclair

Average wait: N/A

Two seductive tales of sex, love, and submission now together in one hot volume! Previously serialized, this collection features a kinky aristocratic couple and a gorgeous willing young man in a passionate romantic ménage.

10,000 words of… more

Lady Theia’s Boy: F/M/m Historical Menage Romance (Her Jewel)
Isla Sinclair
Zoctornyia's Training Ground... - Beth Wright

Zoctornyia's Training Ground...Beth Wright

Average wait: N/A

Secrets are revealed about the past. The truth about the death of Tiffany and Marcus’ mother is finally revealed to their father.

Zoctornyia’s Training Grounds Part 4
Beth Wright
Beth Fullaway , English
Making the Billionaire's Bab... - Kylie Ashcroft

Making the Billionaire's Bab...Kylie Ashcroft

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Available together for the first time, this is the complete “Making the Billionaire’s Baby” series, all six parts in one novel.

Shannon is broke, having a hard time getting over her ex and his hot booty calls, and stuck working a dead-end … more

Making the Billionaire’s Baby: The Complete Novel (An Erotic Romance)
Kylie Ashcroft
Kylie Ashcroft Stories , English
Enough of the Drama - P. Dotson

Enough of the DramaP. Dotson

Enter into the lives of these three sisters Cassidy, Ciara and China.

Cassidy the sweet, loving and doting housewife has noticed a drastic change in her husband Marcus, and fears her marriage may be in trouble. Despite her lingering dou… more

Enough of the Drama
P. Dotson
RLP , English
Taken and Bred by the Coven - Rory Scott

Taken and Bred by the CovenRory Scott

Average wait: N/A

Dana and Martin are on their very first camping trip. Though Martin is quite enamored with Dana, she’s afraid that he may not be able to fully satisfy her sexually. Strange noises begin to occur in the woods surrounding the campsite. Martin… more

Taken and Bred by the Coven
Rory Scott
Rory Scott , English
Wingless: Misery's Company - Holly Hood

Wingless: Misery's CompanyHolly Hood

How do you learn to love death when you’re so afraid of it?

What if the one person you love the most is taken away from you? What would it take to move on? Who would you run to? And what would it take to feel alive again? Eve Cardwell has … more

Wingless: Misery’s Company
Holly Hood
Midnight Guard: A Paranormal... - Laurel Cremant

Midnight Guard: A Paranormal...Laurel Cremant

Book 4 in the Best Selling Golden Pack Alphas serial

The ties that bind…

After a traumatic event Georgia and Marcus have become tied in unexpected ways. Georgia must come to terms with her actions and her new connection to Marcus even a… more

Midnight Guard: A Paranormal Romance (The Golden Pack Alphas Book 4)
Laurel Cremant
Winged Moon Publishing , English
Cautious (Sequel to Disastro... - Emmy Montes, E L Montes

Cautious (Sequel to Disastro...Emmy Montes, E L Montes

3 ratings

NOTE: Disastrous is the first in a two book series. Cautious is the second and final installment of the Disastrous series.

Marcus and Mia share a LOVE stronger than others, but their relationship was built on LIES and deceit. THIS is the … more

Cautious (Sequel to Disastrous) (Disastrous Series Book 2)
Emmy Montes, E L Montes
The Bride Of The Labyrinths ... - Jane More

The Bride Of The Labyrinths ...Jane More

Average wait: N/A

David’s magical adventures introduce him to a world of spells and witchcraft, fairies, witches and wizards, and a magic labyrinth.David and Marcus find evidence of a mysterious insider from the past in their home.The imminent battle of two … more

The Bride Of The Labyrinths (David’s Magical Adventures Book 6)
Jane More
Cowboy - J.M. Snyder

CowboyJ.M. Snyder

Average wait: N/A

Marcus was just passing through Texas when he met Kent. In his cowboy hat, low-riding jeans, and black boots, Kent looks like the type of guy Marcus desperately wants to love.But two years later, he’s discovered Kent is cold and distant, th… more

J.M. Snyder
JMS Books LLC , English
Into the Blu (Tokyo Book 1) - Holly Williams

Into the Blu (Tokyo Book 1)Holly Williams

Average wait: N/A

Serving in the military has its own set of rules, but it’s what happens after the uniform comes off that will have you saying, “oh damn.” Tokyo Y-base is turn’t up when the new Airmen Nikita, Denim, and JT display their ratchet behavior. … more

Into the Blu (Tokyo Book 1)
Holly Williams
The Break-In (Good Reads) - Tish Cohen

The Break-In (Good Reads)Tish Cohen

Average wait: N/A

Marcus and Alex have two things in common - they each have a broken heart and a plan. Marcus wants to win back his girlfriend. He is ready to stage a break-in for her. Eleven-year-old Alex wants to find his father’s killer. He has a gun and… more

The Break-In (Good Reads)
Tish Cohen
Grass Roots Press , English
Vigilante Annie Scarlotte (V... - Robert Kimbrell

Vigilante Annie Scarlotte (V...Robert Kimbrell

Ever have the thirst for blood? Ever have the need to kill another? Annie Scarlotte has the thirst for blood and she must kill to get it.

Annie is a middle-aged woman whose life is fairly normal. She has a sexy boyfriend, a passive income … more

Vigilante Annie Scarlotte (Vigilante Annie Series): Book One
Robert Kimbrell
Truthful Lies - Samone Watkins

Truthful LiesSamone Watkins

Average wait: N/A

After a bitter 10 year marriage, Kierra sets out to find what makes her happy. As she discovers her ex-husband secrets she’s convinced she never really knew him at all. Disgusted with the thought of being tied down to one man again, she sta… more

Truthful Lies
Samone Watkins