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Cowboy - J.M. Snyder

CowboyJ.M. Snyder

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Marcus was just passing through Texas when he met Kent. In his cowboy hat, low-riding jeans, and black boots, Kent looks like the type of guy Marcus desperately wants to love.But two years later, he’s discovered Kent is cold and distant, th… more

J.M. Snyder
JMS Books LLC , English
Timeslip - Clare London

TimeslipClare London

Average wait: N/A

Kevin knows his crush on his gorgeous but impossibly aloof boss, Marcus, isn’t going anywhere. But it’s actually Marcus who brings them together when he appears mysteriously one night in Kevin’s bedroom. Marcus acts very differently outside… more

Clare London
Dreamspinner Press , English
A Girl Like That (The Art of Love) - Angela Aubrey

A Girl Like That (The Art of Love)Angela Aubrey

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Every romantic story is in fact two stories that intertwine into one glorious tale of love.

This, and it’s counterpart, ‘A Guy Like That’, is a short taster for the upcoming novel ‘The Art of Love’. It is our first encounter with our hero,… more

A Girl Like That (The Art of Love)
Angela Aubrey
Chocolate Box Romance , English
Three Mates, One Destiny [Sp... - Scarlet Hyacinth

Three Mates, One Destiny [Sp...Scarlet Hyacinth

[Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves] For seven years, Paulie focused only on finding a cure for the feral virus, with little time for personal relationships. All that changes when h… more

Three Mates, One Destiny [Spirit Wolves 4] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour ManLove)
Scarlet Hyacinth
Siren Publishing , English
Personal Training (Work Out) - Andrew Grey

Personal Training (Work Out)Andrew Grey

1 rating
Average wait: 221d, 17h

Determined not to end up like his seventy-year-old diabetic father, Holton knows he needs to make a change. His quest to improve his health drives him to the gym, where he meets Marcus, a trainer with the body of a demigod. For three months… more

Personal Training (Work Out)
Andrew Grey
Dreamspinner Press , English
KU' - Brandon Lars Erikson

KU'Brandon Lars Erikson

Average wait: N/A

“Doc,” Bradshaw whispered, “how many enemies are we looking at here?” Marcus felt his mind freeze for a second. Enemies? What did he mean by that? Gideon had just started telling him a grand story about who he was and what he was fighting … more

Brandon Lars Erikson
iUniverse , English
Please Sir - Cain Berlinger

Please SirCain Berlinger

Two tops, Marcus and Thor are giants of scorching masculinity. One of them has a secret. One of them desperately wants to be a bottom.Two tough, muscle bound, macho gay guys fighting for dominance. It’s rough sex, intense, and brutal. Both … more

Please Sir
Cain Berlinger
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
Reanimated - Jennifer Mccullah

ReanimatedJennifer Mccullah

Average wait: N/A

Valarie was only seven when she was murdered. The pain of losing their niece was too much for Marcus and Lacey, so they found a way to reverse her tragic end. Thanks to an obscure and ritualistic religion, they have Valarie back, but things… more

Jennifer Mccullah
Zoctornyia's Training Ground... - Beth Wright

Zoctornyia's Training Ground...Beth Wright

Secrets are revealed about the past. The truth about the death of Tiffany and Marcus’ mother is finally revealed to their father.

Zoctornyia’s Training Grounds Part 4
Beth Wright
Beth Fullaway , English
My Married Lover (Beau to Be... - Shannon Pearce

My Married Lover (Beau to Be...Shannon Pearce

INTRO:Each longing for the love that for years they had kept hidden somewhere deep inside them, Davin and Marcus find themselves together for a week without the intrusions of their own lives or the expectations of others. They find themselv… more

My Married Lover (Beau to Beau short stories)
Shannon Pearce
Beau to Beau books , English
Nothing and Paper Airplanes:... - Aaron Andersen

Nothing and Paper Airplanes:...Aaron Andersen

Average wait: N/A

The Ashershod boys make a name for themselves in this witty and fun-loving collection of short stories, starring Jonathan Ashershod, his brother Marcus, and two imaginary brothers the duo made up as part of a surprisingly successful, long-l… more

Nothing and Paper Airplanes: The Ashershod Collection
Aaron Andersen
A Christmas Miracle - Danica Winters

A Christmas MiracleDanica Winters

Average wait: N/A

Christie has defined herself by her wheelchair and has created a world filled with ‘I can’t’. When she meets her marathon running, salsa dancing neighbor, Marcus, he tries to show her that there is more to life than self-imposed limits and … more

A Christmas Miracle
Danica Winters
Books to Go Now , English
Lisa's Dreams (Danes Family ... - S.R. Roddy

Lisa's Dreams (Danes Family ...S.R. Roddy

Average wait: 2d, 20h

A sequel to Lisa’s Halloween Surprise this novella continues days after the initial story ends.

Warning: This contains sexual content between M/F/M characters.

Marcus and Tobias had spent their youth experiencing the more decadent side o… more

Lisa’s Dreams (Danes Family Book Two)
S.R. Roddy
A Prince of Aelon - Michael E. Villanueva

A Prince of AelonMichael E. Villanueva

A PRINCE OF AELON tells the story of Prince Marcus, a 20-something reluctant heir-apparent who is plagued by the idea that there is more to life than simply becoming king. He decides to secretly leave the only world he’s ever known in a que… more

A Prince of Aelon
Michael E. Villanueva
Flipside Publishing , English
Taken and Bred by the Coven - Rory Scott

Taken and Bred by the CovenRory Scott

Average wait: N/A

Dana and Martin are on their very first camping trip. Though Martin is quite enamored with Dana, she’s afraid that he may not be able to fully satisfy her sexually. Strange noises begin to occur in the woods surrounding the campsite. Martin… more

Taken and Bred by the Coven
Rory Scott
Rory Scott , English
Symmetry: A Mathematical Journey - Marcus du Sautoy

Symmetry: A Mathematical JourneyMarcus du Sautoy

Symmetry is all around us. Of fundamental significance to the way we interpret the world, this unique, pervasive phenomenon indicates a dynamic relationship between objects. Combining a rich historical narrative with his own personal journe… more

Symmetry: A Mathematical Journey
Marcus du Sautoy
HarperCollins e-books , English


1 rating
Average wait: 93d, 1h

The saga continues as Charlene and Marcus take you on an emotional roller coaster ride filled with new characters and plenty of drama for the taking…..tune in now to see how life is about to get even more GUTTA than ever before!

The Bride Of The Labyrinths ... - Jane More

The Bride Of The Labyrinths ...Jane More

Average wait: N/A

David’s magical adventures introduce him to a world of spells and witchcraft, fairies, witches and wizards, and a magic labyrinth.David and Marcus find evidence of a mysterious insider from the past in their home.The imminent battle of two … more

The Bride Of The Labyrinths (David’s Magical Adventures)
Jane More
My Not So Little Secret: An ... - Kay Blake

My Not So Little Secret: An ...Kay Blake

Here I was at his mothers funeral and there was so much to say, but there was actually no real way to say what I had to. A secret I had kept for years, but of no choice of my own.” We all have kept secrets before, but some things shouldn’t… more

My Not So Little Secret: An eShort Story
Kay Blake
The Real Lucky Charm - Charisse Richardson

The Real Lucky CharmCharisse Richardson

Mia Robinson has always cheered for her twin brother, Marcus, at his rec center basketball games. But this year Mia is getting the chance to have Marcus cheer for her. Marcus’s team, the Titans, has just become coed! Mia is thrilled to be p… more

The Real Lucky Charm
Charisse Richardson
Puffin , English