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The Ruth Chernock Series - Kim Scott

The Ruth Chernock SeriesKim Scott

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This remarkable series begins in 18th century Maine with the hanging of sweet, young Ruth. She stood accused of heinous crimes but was she guilty? This is an incredible story you will never forget! The four books in this series follow Ruth’… more

The Ruth Chernock Series
Kim Scott
The Romeo and Juliet Code - Phoebe Stone

The Romeo and Juliet CodePhoebe Stone

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A sudden trip to a seaside house. A boy with brown sugar eyes. And then , a mysterious letter.Felicity’s glamorous parents have a secret. When they leave her with distant relatives in Maine, far away from the battles of WWII, Felicity hopes… more

The Romeo and Juliet Code
Phoebe Stone
Scholastic Inc. , English
Tales of North Berwick: Or Y... - Betty Kennedy Tufts

Tales of North Berwick: Or Y...Betty Kennedy Tufts

 Did you ever catch polliwogs in the swamp beside your school? Have you had a chance to ride in the locomotive of a train? Did you ever scare pigeons in the church belfry? These are mostly funny stories of a small town in Maine in the 20’s… more

Tales of North Berwick: Or You Can’t Get There From Here
Betty Kennedy Tufts
AuthorHouse , English
Legacy - J M  Cornwell

LegacyJ M Cornwell

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There’s a storm coming to isolate an island off the coast of Maine, but it is nothing to the storm brewing on the island. Tonight, blood will tell.

J M Cornwell
Creative Ink, LLC , English
The Concourse (The Subway Se... - Jeff Howe

The Concourse (The Subway Se...Jeff Howe

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A short story:  A young man tries to go home after work, but finds it’s not that simple.––––––––––-Like most everyone, I was born to a woman, and I was quite young when doing so. I grew up in Maine after having made an i… more

The Concourse (The Subway Series` Book 1)
Jeff Howe
Regarding Ruth (The Ruth Che... - Kim Scott

Regarding Ruth (The Ruth Che...Kim Scott

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This is an excerpt from Book 1 in the Ruth Chernock Series

“Ruth!” “Yes, good Reverend?” she asked, looking up at him from the straw mattress on the cold stone floor. “You have been judged guilty of your crimes and you shall be hung by you… more

Regarding Ruth (The Ruth Chernock Series Book 1)
Kim Scott
Favorite Fish and Seafood Re... - Gloria Daniels

Favorite Fish and Seafood Re...Gloria Daniels

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I started this seafood cookbook to bring some order to my recipe collection of 50 years. This collection consists of recipes I’ve collected from friends and family over the years. There are recipes I’ve developed myself over the many year… more

Favorite Fish and Seafood Recipes from the Coast of Maine (Fabulous Comfort Food Series Book 1)
Gloria Daniels
Marriage Supper Of The Lamb - Susan Davis

Marriage Supper Of The LambSusan Davis

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THIS BOOK CONTAINS PROPHETIC WORDS FROM JESUS ABOUT THE VERY SOON RAPTURE. SOME CHAPTER HEADINGS IN THIS BOOK:Humility, Forgiveness, Live in The World, But Do Not Be “Of the World”, Rapture and Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Prepare For The R… more

Marriage Supper Of The Lamb
Susan Davis
A Rhetorical Analysis of Dav... - David Wheeler

A Rhetorical Analysis of Dav...David Wheeler

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A critical analysis of this entertaining investigation into the Maine lobster industry.

A Rhetorical Analysis of David Foster Wallace’s ‘Consider the Lobster’
David Wheeler
Dog’s Tail Books , English
Maine (StateBasics) - Amy Van Zee

Maine (StateBasics)Amy Van Zee

Explore the colorful customs, people, and places of Maine. With straightforward text and captivating photos, this book is a great introduction to the state. Maps and symbols are included to enrich the student’s understanding of geography an… more

Maine (StateBasics)
Amy Van Zee
The Child’s World, Inc. , English
Shattered: The House of Crim... - Sarah M. Cradit

Shattered: The House of Crim...Sarah M. Cradit

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Dive into the secret, ancient, powerful world of two New Orleans families, the Deschanels and the Sullivans…

From USA Today bestselling paranormal author Sarah M. Cradit comes Shattered. This novella is a prequel to the bestselling witc… more

Shattered: The House of Crimson and Clover Book Series Prequel
Sarah M. Cradit
Fairy House Handbook - Liza Gardner Walsh

Fairy House HandbookLiza Gardner Walsh

The Fairy House Handbook is a fun craft and lore book that guides readers on how to go about building a fairy house. Topics include selecting a site, what tools and materials to use, and many ideas on details and accessories you can add to … more

Fairy House Handbook
Liza Gardner Walsh
Down East Books , English
Thirty Days in the Life of a... - Jane Stanhope

Thirty Days in the Life of a...Jane Stanhope

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“My oldest daughter is addicted to heroin. And I can’t understand why this has happened. This is not the life that any of my five children are supposed to have. How did this happen? What did I forget to do? I’m positive that I told them… more

Thirty Days in the Life of a Suicidal Mother
Jane Stanhope
Jane Stanhope , English


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There is an old church in Maine where something has taken up residence, and the good people of Patchright are about to get more than a church service.From the power halls of the Vatican to the Archdiocese New York, the small Maine parish w… more

D. G. McIntosh
D. G. McIntosh , English
The 20th Maine at Little Round Top - Holman S. Melcher

The 20th Maine at Little Round TopHolman S. Melcher

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A very brief history of the 20th Maine at Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg. From Battles & Leaders.

The 20th Maine at Little Round Top
Holman S. Melcher
eBooksOnDisk.com , English
Love on the Rocks - Alan Hall

Love on the RocksAlan Hall

Tiring of her husband, a lonely, sixty year old housewife starts an affair with her lodger. She falls for her lodger who turns out to be more than she can handle.

Love on the Rocks
Alan Hall
The Book Part Two - Nathan Scott

The Book Part TwoNathan Scott

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Following the events of the first installment, Miles moves to the town of Clifton Falls, Maine. The book which writes out his future with murderous intent has followed him. As he makes new friends at a new school and tries to find a way to … more

The Book Part Two
Nathan Scott
This Magic Moment - Jeff Howe

This Magic MomentJeff Howe

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A short story:  There’s magic in the night, and simple joy is a great elixir. Five friends get to relive their dreams, while one does not. Find out why.––––––––––––––-Like most everyone, I was born to a woman, an… more

This Magic Moment
Jeff Howe
Crying Bear - Virginia Wright

Crying BearVirginia Wright

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Join this very adventurous little bear cub, as she wanders too far from the den in the snow covered mountains of Maine.

Crying Bear
Virginia Wright
The Camp In The Snow - William Murray Graydon

The Camp In The SnowWilliam Murray Graydon

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An excerpt:”All tickets, please!”The blue-uniformed conductor, with a lantern under his arm, and his punch in hand, entered the smoking-car of the Boston express.It was between seven and eight o’clock on the night of the tenth of December. … more

The Camp In The Snow
William Murray Graydon