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Improper Relations (The Impr... - Juliana Ross

Improper Relations (The Impr...Juliana Ross

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Dorset, 1858When Hannah’s caught watching her late husband’s cousin debauch the maid in the library, she’s mortified—but also intrigued. An unpaid companion to his aunt, she’s used to being ignored.The black sheep of the family, Leo has not… more

Improper Relations (The Improper Series)
Juliana Ross
Carina Press , English
Reminiscences of Lev Nikolay... -  Maxim Gorky

Reminiscences of Lev Nikolay... Maxim Gorky

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[…] He treats Sulerzhizky with the tenderness of a woman. For Chekhov his love is paternal—in this love is the feeling of the pride of a creator. Suler rouses in him just tenderness, a perpetual interest and rapture which never seems t… more

Reminiscences of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy
Maxim Gorky
Hot Games for Mind-Blowing S... - Lainie Speiser

Hot Games for Mind-Blowing S...Lainie Speiser

The naughty schoolgirl. The hot-to-trot cop. The boss with orders galore. The maid with a mind of her own.                      No matter what—or who—you crave, Hot Games for Mind-Blowing Sex is your ultimate guide to having the fantasy … more

Hot Games for Mind-Blowing Sex: Erotic Fantasies You and Your Partner Can Try at Home
Lainie Speiser
Quiver , English
Young Swaigder, or The Force... - George Henry Borrow

Young Swaigder, or The Force...George Henry Borrow

It was the young Swaigder, With the little ball he played;The ball flew into the Damsel’s lap, And pale her cheeks it made.The ball flew into the Damsel’s bower. He went of it in quest;Before he out of the bower came, Much care had … more

Young Swaigder, or The Force of Runes
George Henry Borrow
The Rayner Slade Amalgamation - Joseph Smith Fletcher

The Rayner Slade AmalgamationJoseph Smith Fletcher

Excerpt: “That’s just what I was going to suggest, he said. “There’s no good to be done hanging about here. Let’s get on to the scene of operations. If Miss Lennard’s maid has stolen her jewels, she’s probably had some hand in the theft fro… more

The Rayner Slade Amalgamation
Joseph Smith Fletcher
Evas Publishing Inc , English
A Tale of Two Vikings - Sandra Hill

A Tale of Two VikingsSandra Hill

“Sandra Hill writes stories that tickle the funnybone and touch the heart. Her books are always fresh, romantic, inventive, and hilarious.”—Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling authorNobody does Viking romance like Sandra Hill—and in A T… more

A Tale of Two Vikings
Sandra Hill
HarperCollins e-books , English
Miranda's Life of Submission - JJ Argus

Miranda's Life of SubmissionJJ Argus

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Miranda was a very ordinary young woman, going about a perfectly ordinary life. Perhaps she had less family than most, fewer friends, being somewhat shy and withdrawn. And perhaps her sexual fantasies, which she kept quite secret, except on… more

Miranda’s Life of Submission
JJ Argus
8 - Michael Mullin

8Michael Mullin

This is the previously untold story of the previously unknown 8th dwarf, named Creepy. He was banished to the basement for being different and , well, weird. Yet he played a vital - and of course previously unknown - role in the popular tal… more

Michael Mullin
Gemiknight STudios, LLC , English
A Weekend Visit - Anonymous

A Weekend VisitAnonymous

A sequel to Man With a Maid. Jack goes to the country with the widow of a friend, her daughter and her daughter’s grandmother.

A Weekend Visit
Disruptive Publishing, Inc.
The Water Sprite (Sugawara A... - I.J. Parker

The Water Sprite (Sugawara A...I.J. Parker

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A maid has disappeared, and her parents want blood money from her employer. Akitada, much against his will, has been ordered to investigate rumors that a water sprite residing in a nearby pond is to blame.

The Water Sprite (Sugawara Akitada Stories)
I.J. Parker
I.J.Parker Inc. , English
Tiny and Forced - Petite You... - Samantha Tessen

Tiny and Forced - Petite You...Samantha Tessen

ADULT ONLY:This book contains 12 Stories of petite women in unusual situations leading to sex. * The Baby Sitter’s Sex Test * Mexican Maid Love * Exxxtra Credit * Sorority Sex Slave * My Babies Gang Bang * From Baby Sitte… more

Tiny and Forced - Petite Young and Pressured into Sex - ADULT ONLY - Get it Now!
Samantha Tessen
TT Publishing , English
Wenches in Pantries - AJ Michaels

Wenches in PantriesAJ Michaels

Three lonely and unhappy young women are forced to suffer the whims of a loathsome earl who treats them like property. Wife, daughter, and maid, each woman wishes for something more than a bleak future under his thumb. So when three handsom… more

Wenches in Pantries
AJ Michaels
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC , English
Humiliating Graduation Volum... - Valerie Neptune

Humiliating Graduation Volum...Valerie Neptune

This is the introductory volume of how a crossdresser winds up living out his wildest fantasies by being blackmailed by his wife into being a 24/7 maid and cuckold. This volume leads us into how it all started. Our crossdresser finds o… more

Humiliating Graduation Volume I (Transition into Sissyhood)
Valerie Neptune
Margarita's Soul - Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

Margarita's SoulJosephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

O I have seen a fair mermaid, That sang beside a lonely sea, And now her long black hair she’ll braid, And be my own good wife to me. O woe’s the day you saw the maid, And woe’s the song she sang the sea, In hell her long black hair she’ll … more

Margarita’s Soul
Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon
Breaking in the New Maid - VS Lynn

Breaking in the New MaidVS Lynn

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Dominic, an aggressive domineering billionaire, teaches his new Mexican maid her not so domestic duties.

Breaking in the New Maid
VS Lynn
Saturday Night Dance Club - Karen Truesdell Riehl

Saturday Night Dance ClubKaren Truesdell Riehl

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Pearl’s young world is shattered when Papa orders her to leave home. She takes with her the secret of catching Papa in the pantry with the maid. Pearl finds a job in the city. On weekends she heads downtown to the Canteen to volunteer as a … more

Saturday Night Dance Club
Karen Truesdell Riehl
The Greatest Hits of P.G. Wo... - P.G. Wodehouse

The Greatest Hits of P.G. Wo...P.G. Wodehouse

The most beloved works of P.G. Wodehouse iin one collection. This edition includes an active table of contents. This edition includes:The Adventures of SallyThe Clicking of CuthbertDeath at the ExcelsiorThe Girl on the BoatLove Among the Ch… more

The Greatest Hits of P.G. Wodehouse (Nine Books)
P.G. Wodehouse
Douglas Editions , English
Joan of Arc - Hilaire Belloc

Joan of ArcHilaire Belloc

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One of the most artful narratives ever given concerning the life of the Maid. Hilaire Belloc writes with a familiarity only possessed by those with an intimate knowledge of the facts. A Catholic, of both French and English descent; Belloc c… more

Joan of Arc
Hilaire Belloc
Cavalier Books , English
MY Wedding Day Secret (Tims ... - Tim Jones

MY Wedding Day Secret (Tims ...Tim Jones

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A short story of a sexy young bride and her maid of honor sharing an intimate secret surprise on the day of her wedding.

MY Wedding Day Secret (Tims Adult Romance)
Tim Jones
Amibo Publishing , English
Goober and Bill - Jeff Dawson

Goober and BillJeff Dawson

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A short story packed with humor. Dad is doing his best not to lose his son,his lawn boy and maid, to a sultry,evil female. The son has a date. The old man must stop this foolishness.and maintain the status quo. Will Bill succeed or will Goo… more

Goober and Bill
Jeff Dawson
LDDJ Enterprises Publishing , English