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How to Write a Speech as  a ... - Jacob Fairclough

How to Write a Speech as a ...Jacob Fairclough

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If you are reading this description, then congratulations on being chosen to be a maid of honor for your closest friend!It is very common this day and age for the maid of honor to give a speech at a wedding. Don’t worry as we have created a… more

How to Write a Speech as a Maid of Honor
Jacob Fairclough
Trapped By Their Lust (bdsm ... - Brian Khast

Trapped By Their Lust (bdsm ...Brian Khast

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Linda has a new lover - Jake. He instills feelings in her she never knew existed. Jake has his own agenda Linda, her money and her maid!!Cleo wants Jasper even though he already has his own slave. When she is invited to an unusual party she… more

Trapped By Their Lust (bdsm erotica)
Brian Khast
Servicing Mr. Jensen - Mandy Fontain

Servicing Mr. JensenMandy Fontain

Nell is a little asian live-in maid in the humongous town-house of the wealthy Jensens. Her services are all encompassing, but after hours is when her real tasks begin in earnest…This maid’s tale is a fetish short for reader +18 only!Cont… more

Servicing Mr. Jensen
Mandy Fontain
The Erotic Awakening of a Sp... - Kimberlyn

The Erotic Awakening of a Sp...Kimberlyn

Bambi, a sexy, rich blonde, learns how to suck and please men and women. In her adventure, a deceitful maid leads her to trouble. While the maid is subjected to a whorish session of her own, Bambi takes on three young men in the stable, onl… more

The Erotic Awakening of a Spoiled Slut
Reminiscences of Lev Nikolay... -  Maxim Gorky

Reminiscences of Lev Nikolay... Maxim Gorky

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[…] He treats Sulerzhizky with the tenderness of a woman. For Chekhov his love is paternal—in this love is the feeling of the pride of a creator. Suler rouses in him just tenderness, a perpetual interest and rapture which never seems t… more

Reminiscences of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy
Maxim Gorky
Vanessa's Box (Set) - Vanessa Estrella

Vanessa's Box (Set)Vanessa Estrella

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All of Vanessa’s titles in one SWEET BOX (set)!Includes 11 books!- I’ve Been a Bad Girl (books 1 - 3)- Lactation Bitch (books 1- 5)- My “Secret” Blind Lesbian Girlfriend- Fly Me- The Milk Maid Diaries* PLUS BONUS Images! ADULTS ONLY.

Vanessa’s Box (Set)
Vanessa Estrella
Vanessa Estrella , English
My Whispers of Horror: Lette... - Brine Books Publishing

My Whispers of Horror: Lette...Brine Books Publishing

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If he hits me, then he must love me.”“I am a cow and I am a bull. I am a woman and I am a man.”“If you don’t find an ideal man by your age… it doesn’t mean that you like girls. Don’t worry, you can find a man! You will not be an old maid… more

My Whispers of Horror: Letters Telling Women’s True Tales from Ex-USSR Nations
Brine Books Publishing
Brine Books Publishing , English
Harrys Ladder to Learning - Anonymous

Harrys Ladder to LearningAnonymous

Dingty, diddledy, my mammy”s maid, She stole oranges, I am afraid. Some in her pocket, some in her sleeve, She stole oranges, I do believe. ”

Harrys Ladder to Learning
Talia the Maid (Whilst Old L... - Laura Abudo

Talia the Maid (Whilst Old L...Laura Abudo

There’s good. There’s evil. And then there’s something else. Talia believes her life has a purpose, to rid the world of evil. But then…there’s that something else.

Note: These are NOT children’s books. Talia the Maid is Book Three of ‘W… more

Talia the Maid (Whilst Old Legends Fade Synchronicles: Book 3)
Laura Abudo
The New Girl in Town (White ... - annamaria bazzi

The New Girl in Town (White ...annamaria bazzi

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All it takes is a wish upon a star, and Jillian finds herself in a Regency world she only read about in romance novels. She wakes in an exciting world of adventure and challenges but didn’t expect the new life she received. A maid? OMG!An a… more

The New Girl in Town (White Swans Book 2)
annamaria bazzi
Souls Abound (Whilst Old Leg... - Laura Abudo

Souls Abound (Whilst Old Leg...Laura Abudo

Zael awakens to find himself unwillingly attached to a strange creature that calls itself a ‘man’ but acts more like a demon. His goal…to get away. That is not so easy when they become ill to the point of death if separated. Along with a fe… more

Souls Abound (Whilst Old Legends Fade Synchronicles: Book 2)
Laura Abudo
Hot Wife Tales - Matthew Hunger

Hot Wife TalesMatthew Hunger

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Three erotic stories of hot wives.A husband’s poker game goes too far and his wife becomes the stakes, much to their surprised delight.Unconventional payment of a bill at a restaurant results in fulfilling a fantasy. A wife’s job as a maid … more

Hot Wife Tales
Matthew Hunger
The Ivory Babe Collection, V... - Gerald Paddlebaum, J.T. Washington

The Ivory Babe Collection, V...Gerald Paddlebaum, J.T. Washington

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This bum-bursting compilation of erotica about hot sluts learning to love sex is sure to make you trip your lip! The “Ivory Babes Collection” contains the most perfect women you could ever flap to, beginning with a community college theater… more

The Ivory Babe Collection, Vol. 3: A Compilation of Erotica About Hot Women (A Sexgasmic Explosion for Men)
Gerald Paddlebaum, J.T. Washington
My Lustful Adventures - M. Ramrod

My Lustful AdventuresM. Ramrod

The episode I am about to relate happened when I was still a very young man, not over?expert in the pursuit and methods of amorous pleasure, and with my tastes still crude and my powers only suspected and quite undeveloped. True, I had made… more

My Lustful Adventures
M. Ramrod
SophieBlue , English
Lustful Memoirs - Anonymous

Lustful MemoirsAnonymous

First American publication of three unique, erotic tales in one volume!Drawn from the treasure-trove of the Edwardian underground are these three remarkable novellas—Lustful Memoirs of a Young and Passionate Girl, How We Lost Our Maidenhea… more

Lustful Memoirs
Disruptive Publishing, Inc. , English
My Wedding Day (Short & Hot ... - Ericka Patrick

My Wedding Day (Short & Hot ...Ericka Patrick

A short erotic story of about a sexy young bride and her maid of honor share an intimate sexual encounter the day of her wedding.

My Wedding Day (Short & Hot Erotic Story)
Ericka Patrick
Weird Dates and Strange Fates - Victoria Giraud

Weird Dates and Strange FatesVictoria Giraud

Weird Dates and Strange Mates features two unusual but true short stories. Sandy’s blind date serves her brunch while wearing a French maid’s costume, a blond wig and 4-inch heels in A Single Girl’s Guide to Cross-Dressing. She’s even more … more

Weird Dates and Strange Fates
Victoria Giraud
Punishment Panties - Sara Tyr

Punishment PantiesSara Tyr

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Cindy has been out way too long. Her boyfriend has been worried. More importantly, he’s had plenty of time to think about how he can discipline her. The second she walks through the door, she knows she’s in trouble.

Cindy tries to apologiz… more

Punishment Panties
Sara Tyr
Pink Leash Publishing , English
Icing on the Cake (Close to ... - Karla Doyle

Icing on the Cake (Close to ...Karla Doyle

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Nia and Conn’s wedding will be fairytale perfect…if their siblings can get along.

Free-spirited, anti-establishment Sara has always been on the outside of her family’s fairytale mold. Now she’s being forced smack into the middle of it at h… more

Icing on the Cake (Close to Home Book 2)
Karla Doyle
Karla Doyle , English
Fun With the French Maid - Cassandra Zara

Fun With the French MaidCassandra Zara

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Caleb’s got some extra money to blow, and he wants to live out one of his fantasies. He hires a French maid to clean his house, and his intentions are clear: He wants to come inside of her, filling her with a baby that she can clean up afte… more

Fun With the French Maid
Cassandra Zara