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How to Write a Speech as  a ... - Jacob Fairclough

How to Write a Speech as a ...Jacob Fairclough

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If you are reading this description, then congratulations on being chosen to be a maid of honor for your closest friend!It is very common this day and age for the maid of honor to give a speech at a wedding. Don’t worry as we have created a… more

How to Write a Speech as a Maid of Honor
Jacob Fairclough
Trapped By Their Lust (bdsm ... - Brian Khast

Trapped By Their Lust (bdsm ...Brian Khast

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Linda has a new lover - Jake. He instills feelings in her she never knew existed. Jake has his own agenda Linda, her money and her maid!!Cleo wants Jasper even though he already has his own slave. When she is invited to an unusual party she… more

Trapped By Their Lust (bdsm erotica)
Brian Khast
Curiosity Brainwashed The Maid - Amoxirakuzan

Curiosity Brainwashed The MaidAmoxirakuzan

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Lauren found the holy grail of part time student jobs. She was a live in maid. Sounds archaic? Well it kinda is. But, it’s also a free room at a mansion, and a nice salary. And all she had to do was clean the place. She lived there, so why … more

Curiosity Brainwashed The Maid
Servicing Mr. Jensen - Mandy Fontain

Servicing Mr. JensenMandy Fontain

Nell is a little asian live-in maid in the humongous town-house of the wealthy Jensens. Her services are all encompassing, but after hours is when her real tasks begin in earnest…This maid’s tale is a fetish short for reader +18 only!Cont… more

Servicing Mr. Jensen
Mandy Fontain
A Maid of Kirin - Simon Halliday

A Maid of KirinSimon Halliday

A Maid of Kirin tells the story of a boy who stumbles into a strange world, where he is befriended by a slave girl, a hermit, and some very unusual friends.

A Maid of Kirin
Simon Halliday
Illyria Books , English
The Greatest Hits of P.G. Wo... - P.G. Wodehouse

The Greatest Hits of P.G. Wo...P.G. Wodehouse

The most beloved works of P.G. Wodehouse iin one collection. This edition includes an active table of contents. This edition includes:The Adventures of SallyThe Clicking of CuthbertDeath at the ExcelsiorThe Girl on the BoatLove Among the Ch… more

The Greatest Hits of P.G. Wodehouse (Nine Books)
P.G. Wodehouse
Douglas Editions , English
The Cataracts of Iguacu: A L... - Ssal Nogard

The Cataracts of Iguacu: A L...Ssal Nogard

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Epic Poem that Rhymes. About the Highest Waterfalls in the World.The cataracts of Iguacufall from the steps of highness down to the arms of el Diablo and roar into the dryness.Diablo’s arms… more

The Cataracts of Iguacu: A Love Poem (the CRAZIANS at http://thecrazians.blogspot.com)
Ssal Nogard
Ssal Nogard , English
Wedding Speeches for the Bride - Wendi Randle

Wedding Speeches for the BrideWendi Randle

In this downloadable book, I’ve covered 10 complete bride’s speeches which you can simply pick and choose to make your own memorable speech.I have provided exact templates for maid of honor and bridesmaid’s speeches — All you’ll have to do… more

Wedding Speeches for the Bride
Wendi Randle
RLP Enterprises , English
Anti-Bride Etiquette Guide: ... - Carolyn Gerin, Kathleen Hughes

Anti-Bride Etiquette Guide: ...Carolyn Gerin, Kathleen Hughes

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Following the best-selling Anti-Bride Guide and Bridesmaid’s Guide down the aisle comes the essential, smart, and sassy etiquette guide for the not-so-traditional bride. This feisty and straightforward advice book fills a huge gap in the we… more

Anti-Bride Etiquette Guide: The Rules - And How to Bend Them
Carolyn Gerin, Kathleen Hughes
Chronicle Books LLC , English
Hunter's Marjory - Margaret Bruce Clarke

Hunter's MarjoryMargaret Bruce Clarke

A maid whom there were none to praise, And very few to love.”—WORDSWORTH. Marjory was lying under a tree in the wood beyond her uncle’s garden; her head was hidden in the long, soft coat of a black retriever, and she was crying—sobbing b… more

Hunter’s Marjory
Margaret Bruce Clarke
The Maid Servant and Sahib-A... - Anuradha Rai

The Maid Servant and Sahib-A...Anuradha Rai

Her voluptuous body had gone through a wonderful transformation. She looked very slim and fit, the plumpness of the earlier days had disappeared. There was a glowing tan over her skin which made her more desirable. The village had done her … more

The Maid Servant and Sahib-An Erotic Novella
Anuradha Rai
The Water Sprite (Sugawara A... - I.J. Parker

The Water Sprite (Sugawara A...I.J. Parker

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A maid has disappeared, and her parents want blood money from her employer. Akitada, much against his will, has been ordered to investigate rumors that a water sprite residing in a nearby pond is to blame.

The Water Sprite (Sugawara Akitada Stories Book 2)
I.J. Parker
I.J.Parker Inc. , English
The Haunting: The House on t... - Tony Walker

The Haunting: The House on t...Tony Walker

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A man moves with his family to a house in the middle of a lake. His dog won’t enter the house. His maid feels a presence in there. His son starts sleepwalking and his wife reveals something about her past that makes him terrified for his fa… more

The Haunting: The House on the Lake (Haunted Houses Book 1)
Tony Walker
White Rabbit Press , English
The Erotic Awakening of a Sp... - Kimberlyn

The Erotic Awakening of a Sp...Kimberlyn

Bambi, a sexy, rich blonde, learns how to suck and please men and women. In her adventure, a deceitful maid leads her to trouble. While the maid is subjected to a whorish session of her own, Bambi takes on three young men in the stable, onl… more

The Erotic Awakening of a Spoiled Slut
Reminiscences of Lev Nikolay... -  Maxim Gorky

Reminiscences of Lev Nikolay... Maxim Gorky

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[…] He treats Sulerzhizky with the tenderness of a woman. For Chekhov his love is paternal—in this love is the feeling of the pride of a creator. Suler rouses in him just tenderness, a perpetual interest and rapture which never seems t… more

Reminiscences of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy
Maxim Gorky
Tiny and Forced - Petite You... - Samantha Tessen

Tiny and Forced - Petite You...Samantha Tessen

ADULT ONLY:This book contains 12 Stories of petite women in unusual situations leading to sex. * The Baby Sitter’s Sex Test * Mexican Maid Love * Exxxtra Credit * Sorority Sex Slave * My Babies Gang Bang * From Baby Sitte… more

Tiny and Forced - Petite Young and Pressured into Sex - ADULT ONLY - Get it Now!
Samantha Tessen
TT Publishing , English
Margarita's Soul - Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

Margarita's SoulJosephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

O I have seen a fair mermaid, That sang beside a lonely sea, And now her long black hair she’ll braid, And be my own good wife to me. O woe’s the day you saw the maid, And woe’s the song she sang the sea, In hell her long black hair she’ll … more

Margarita’s Soul
Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon
Vanessa's Box (Set) - Vanessa Estrella

Vanessa's Box (Set)Vanessa Estrella

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All of Vanessa’s titles in one SWEET BOX (set)!Includes 11 books!- I’ve Been a Bad Girl (books 1 - 3)- Lactation Bitch (books 1- 5)- My “Secret” Blind Lesbian Girlfriend- Fly Me- The Milk Maid Diaries* PLUS BONUS Images! ADULTS ONLY.

Vanessa’s Box (Set)
Vanessa Estrella
Vanessa Estrella , English
Maid of Honor Speech (The 7-... - Lindsey Jennings

Maid of Honor Speech (The 7-...Lindsey Jennings

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Congratulations on being asked to be a Maid of Honor! After the euphoria subsides, however, you’re probably shaking in your boots. If you’re not shaking yet, then it’s because you haven’t realized that along with all of your other duties, y… more

Maid of Honor Speech (The 7-STEP GUIDE to Writing a Sensational Wedding Speech and Toast)
Lindsey Jennings
The Best Known Works of P.G.... - P.G. Wodehouse

The Best Known Works of P.G....P.G. Wodehouse

The best known novels and stories of P.G. Wodehouse in one large collection with an active table of contents.Works include:The Adventures of SallyThe Clicking of CuthbertDeath at the ExcelsiorThe Girl on the BoatLove Among the ChickensMan U… more

The Best Known Works of P.G. Wodehouse (9 Books)
P.G. Wodehouse
Douglas Editions , English