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Trapped By Their Lust (bdsm ... - Brian Khast

Trapped By Their Lust (bdsm ...Brian Khast

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Linda has a new lover - Jake. He instills feelings in her she never knew existed. Jake has his own agenda Linda, her money and her maid!!Cleo wants Jasper even though he already has his own slave. When she is invited to an unusual party she… more

Trapped By Their Lust (bdsm erotica)
Brian Khast
Servicing Mr. Jensen - Mandy Fontain

Servicing Mr. JensenMandy Fontain

Nell is a little asian live-in maid in the humongous town-house of the wealthy Jensens. Her services are all encompassing, but after hours is when her real tasks begin in earnest…This maid’s tale is a fetish short for reader +18 only!Cont… more

Servicing Mr. Jensen
Mandy Fontain
The Erotic Awakening of a Sp... - Kimberlyn

The Erotic Awakening of a Sp...Kimberlyn

Bambi, a sexy, rich blonde, learns how to suck and please men and women. In her adventure, a deceitful maid leads her to trouble. While the maid is subjected to a whorish session of her own, Bambi takes on three young men in the stable, onl… more

The Erotic Awakening of a Spoiled Slut
Harrys Ladder to Learning - Anonymous

Harrys Ladder to LearningAnonymous

Dingty, diddledy, my mammy”s maid, She stole oranges, I am afraid. Some in her pocket, some in her sleeve, She stole oranges, I do believe. ”

Harrys Ladder to Learning
Talia the Maid (Whilst Old L... - Laura Abudo

Talia the Maid (Whilst Old L...Laura Abudo

There’s good. There’s evil. And then there’s something else. Talia believes her life has a purpose, to rid the world of evil. But then…there’s that something else.

Note: These are NOT children’s books. Talia the Maid is Book Three of ‘W… more

Talia the Maid (Whilst Old Legends Fade Synchronicles: Book 3)
Laura Abudo
Souls Abound (Whilst Old Leg... - Laura Abudo

Souls Abound (Whilst Old Leg...Laura Abudo

Zael awakens to find himself unwillingly attached to a strange creature that calls itself a ‘man’ but acts more like a demon. His goal…to get away. That is not so easy when they become ill to the point of death if separated. Along with a fe… more

Souls Abound (Whilst Old Legends Fade Synchronicles: Book 2)
Laura Abudo
My Lustful Adventures - M. Ramrod

My Lustful AdventuresM. Ramrod

The episode I am about to relate happened when I was still a very young man, not over?expert in the pursuit and methods of amorous pleasure, and with my tastes still crude and my powers only suspected and quite undeveloped. True, I had made… more

My Lustful Adventures
M. Ramrod
SophieBlue , English
Joan of Arc - Hilaire Belloc

Joan of ArcHilaire Belloc

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One of the most artful narratives ever given concerning the life of the Maid. Hilaire Belloc writes with a familiarity only possessed by those with an intimate knowledge of the facts. A Catholic, of both French and English descent; Belloc c… more

Joan of Arc
Hilaire Belloc
Cavalier Books , English
Wedding Speeches For The Mai... - Malisa Johnsons

Wedding Speeches For The Mai...Malisa Johnsons

You might not realize it, but the maid of honor—or even a bridesmaid—can play an important role in a wedding ceremony. Next to the bride and the groom (and possibly their parents), everyone is looking at you and paying attention to what you… more

Wedding Speeches For The Maid of Honor Bridesmaid
Malisa Johnsons
Amazon.com , English
Lady's Pleasures 5 (Memoirs ... - Aliva Bida

Lady's Pleasures 5 (Memoirs ...Aliva Bida

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How Rosa Shad grew up in the secluded countryside, came to the big city & learned all manner of things.V – Rosa starts on her new life as a maid of pleasure…Read Lady’s Pleasures Parts I, II, III, IV (First Folio) & VI to learn more of Ro… more

Lady’s Pleasures 5 (Memoirs of a Lady of Pleasure)
Aliva Bida
Aliva Bida , English
Paid to be Pretty - Cassandra Zara

Paid to be PrettyCassandra Zara

Claire looks good and she knows it. She wants to use those looks to make enough cash to make it through school. Having sex with her cleaning clients is a pretty good way to do that, but she has to be careful. One of these days, one of her s… more

Paid to be Pretty
Cassandra Zara
THE BRIDE-TO-BE'S  LESBIAN S... - Kate Youngblood


Annie’s very, very stressed about the wedding. It’s so hard on her, that she loses it when her Maid of Honor Kandace asks a simple question about her wedding night attire. She’s a mess! She can’t even try on her bridal lingerie without g… more

Kate Youngblood


When Hannah’s Maid of Honor gets a bit drunk at the wedding rehearsal dinner, there’s no way the bride and groom are going to let her drive home. What good would it be if Lynnette got arrested for drunk driving and missed the wedding? The… more

REHEARSAL DINNER THREESOME WITH THE MAID OF HONOR (An FFM Menage Sex with Bride and Maid of Honor Erotica Story) (Pre-Wedding Sex Encounters)
Kate Youngblood
Naughty Daydreams Press , English
The Party (Bound to the Blin... - Cate Troyer

The Party (Bound to the Blin...Cate Troyer

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James has come to collect his freshly trained pet, and Elise is thrilled to be back in her Master’s arms, until he drops a bombshell. She is the main entertainment at a party in her honor, and he expects her to service everyone who demands… more

The Party (Bound to the Blind) (Billionaire BDSM)
Cate Troyer
Dirty Little Secrets , English
The Fall of Lady Westwood: (... - Trent Evans

The Fall of Lady Westwood: (...Trent Evans

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Decades of prosperity have left the realms of man happy, healthy … and complacent. Bounty, fertility, and a bright future lay ahead for all, or so it would seem. For during these happy times, the enemies of men have planned, and gathered … more

The Fall of Lady Westwood: (The Chronicles of Muurland - Book #1)
Trent Evans
Shadow Moon Press , English
MAID OF SIN - Renéé Brown

MAID OF SINRenéé Brown

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Working as a maid you never know what secrets you’ll find out. Gypsy was happy with her job and the pay was better than she expected. Her employers were not too demanding and they seemed to really like her. She ignored the accidental touch… more

Renéé Brown
Renee Brown , English
Maid Sex Stories: Maids Do I... - Jill Andrews

Maid Sex Stories: Maids Do I...Jill Andrews

Doesn’t matter if I’m 38 years old. Doesn’t matter if I’m a maid. I do it better and this story proves it.Adults Only.

Maid Sex Stories: Maids Do It Better
Jill Andrews
The Maid Chronicles PART TWO (Romance, erotica, alpha male, bdsm, romance, romance): Maid to Serve
The Maid Chronicles  PART FO... - Lilah

The Maid Chronicles PART FO...Lilah

The Maid Chronicles PART FOUR +18/21

The Maid Chronicles PART FOUR (Romance, erotica, alpha male, bdsm, romance, romance): Maid to Please
How to Clean Your House in 3... - Martha Karline

How to Clean Your House in 3...Martha Karline

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Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of time it takes to keep your house clean? Have you ever wished you could afford to hire a maid or professional cleaning service? If so, then this easy to follow system on cleaning your house in 30 mi… more

How to Clean Your House in 30 Minutes: Easy System for Cleaning in Half the Time
Martha Karline
Serene Horizons, LLC , English