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Blood and Water - Beth Daley

Blood and WaterBeth Daley

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Dora lives by the sea. Dora has always lived by the sea. But she won’t go into the water.

The last time Dora swam in the sea was the day of her mother’s funeral, the day she saw the mermaid. Now she’s an adult, a respectable married woman… more

Blood and Water
Beth Daley
Hic Dragones , English
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #2 - Chris Mowry, Matt Frank

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #2Chris Mowry, Matt Frank

While the growing monster population continues to take it’s toll on the Earth, an ambitious student, Lucy, has set out with a group of researchers known as “Kaiju Watchers.” Though they intended to collect data on Godzilla, they instead fin… more

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #2
Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
IDW Publishing , English
Me and My Robot (Penguin You... - Tracey West

Me and My Robot (Penguin You...Tracey West

Reese and his super-cool robot have an important mystery to solve: Where is their friend Lucy’s kitten? Reese and Robot are on the case, but Robot’s funny mistakes won’t make it an easy one to crack.

Me and My Robot (Penguin Young Readers, L2)
Tracey West
Penguin Young Readers , English
Husband on His Knees (Femdom... - Charlotte Mistry

Husband on His Knees (Femdom...Charlotte Mistry

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These ladies know how to put their husbands in their rightful places- and love it! This red-hot, 10000 word erotica bundle contains three femdom shorts: “Pegging my Husband”, “Fisting my Sissy Husband” and “Husband in Handcuffs”. Warning: t… more

Husband on His Knees (Femdom Erotica Bundle)
Charlotte Mistry
Essentia, Part 1: Activate - G.M. Whitley

Essentia, Part 1: ActivateG.M. Whitley

1 rating
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When Lucy, age 5, informs her mother that she is an alien, Maya does what any sensible mother would do: She asks what kind.She is wholly unprepared for Lucy’s response.Essentia is the tale of a little girl’s unshakable belief and a mother t… more

Essentia, Part 1: Activate
G.M. Whitley
Juju Bee Press , English
Breeding My Vulnerable Aunt - Dick B Long

Breeding My Vulnerable AuntDick B Long

What do you do if you come in around midnight and find a voluptuous half-naked woman, trapped at her kitchen sink, unable to move away? If you’re an eighteen year old young man, slightly drunk, with hormones raging, you take advantage of th… more

Breeding My Vulnerable Aunt
Dick B Long
Tight Lies , English
The Birthday Treat - For A C... - Sarah Millward

The Birthday Treat - For A C...Sarah Millward

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John was very critical of his wife, Lucy - of her smoking, and the ‘slutty’ way she dressed; but when she saw that he had been looking at smoking fetish and femdom websites, where men were forced to dress in female clothing and have domina… more

The Birthday Treat - For A Cuckolded, Humiliated Sissy
Sarah Millward


Rollo then walked along back into the yard, and began to think of the subject of the sun’s shining in at the south door. He looked up towards the sun, and began to consider what sort of a change in its place, at noon, on different days, wou… more

Lucy's Room Of Desire - Amy Jones

Lucy's Room Of DesireAmy Jones

Filthy rich is exactly what Lucy was. When she was only 18 years old she purchased her first lottery ticket, only 10 hours later she had won the jackpot a cool £12 million. Being a smart 18 year old Lucy had invested most of the winnings. H… more

Lucy’s Room Of Desire
Amy Jones
Mr. Hands - Gary Braunbeck

Mr. HandsGary Braunbeck

The doll is odd, carved out of wood, with long arms and huge hands. Little Sarah named it Mr. Hands and loved the doll until the day she was murdered. Now her mother, Lucy, discovers something amazing about Sarah’s doll—it allows her to con… more

Mr. Hands
Gary Braunbeck
Dorchester Publishing , English
The Child From Nowhere (Poor... - Freda Lightfoot

The Child From Nowhere (Poor...Freda Lightfoot

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Events have taken an unexpected turn and Kate finds herself back in Poor House Lane with some heartrending decisions to be made, not least how to find her missing son. Somehow she must also make a living for herself and help the women being… more

The Child From Nowhere (Poor House Lane Book 2)
Freda Lightfoot
Freda Lightfoot , English
Lucy, Fallen (The Infernal P... - Yolanda Olson

Lucy, Fallen (The Infernal P...Yolanda Olson

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Lucy was born not created. Now the very existence of humanity is resting on her. Having fallen from the Above on her own will, she seeks out those who would seek to destroy everything that was created. She lands in the Western Province and … more

Lucy, Fallen (The Infernal Paradise Book 1)
Yolanda Olson
Yolanda Olson , English
Lucy's 1st Day - Michelle Nelson Clark

Lucy's 1st DayMichelle Nelson Clark

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This story is about a little girl named Lucy and her 1st day of school.

Lucy’s 1st Day
Michelle Nelson Clark
Michelle Nelson Clark , English
Slutty Nuns - Felicia Penetravos

Slutty NunsFelicia Penetravos

Sister Lucy experiments with more than her vows.

Slutty Nuns
Felicia Penetravos
EWLA , English
Mr. Hands
Gary A. Braunbeck
Leisure Books , English
In the Darkness Find Me - Stephanie Rabig

In the Darkness Find MeStephanie Rabig

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Ideally, in times of crisis, having family around makes things easier. But Amelia isn’t living an ideal life. After a nasty divorce, she decides to leave the city and move into an old fixer-upper.Her plans are complicated when her mother as… more

In the Darkness Find Me
Stephanie Rabig
The Pawn - Kyleigh Roth

The PawnKyleigh Roth

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Lucy’s father used to read her fairytales. He told her that they were in some part true, and in others, they were just stories. He told her and her brothers and sisters that they were special, that they weren’t human. Their father was also … more

The Pawn
Kyleigh Roth
FeedBrewer, Inc. , English
Rise: Girl on the run - K.P. Harding

Rise: Girl on the runK.P. Harding

Average wait: N/A

There’s been an accident at camp. Fourteen-year-old Lucy at first doesn’t remember much but eventually relives every terrible detail. By that time she’s already on the run with a much older man. When a new danger emerges, Lucy makes a stunn… more

Rise: Girl on the run
K.P. Harding
The Inscription: An Award Wi... - Peter Robert Hill

The Inscription: An Award Wi...Peter Robert Hill

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Lucy’s mother has died and Lucy is sorting through her belongings. A simple inscription in one of her mother’s books raises questions that send Lucy on a quest to find answers that might unlock a secret and explain her troubled childhood.

The Inscription: An Award Winning Short Story with a Twist
Peter Robert Hill
Peter R Hill , English
Trusting Someone Close: A Fo... - Saffron Daughter

Trusting Someone Close: A Fo...Saffron Daughter

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All she needs is a little practice… Lucy’s boyfriend’s birthday is tomorrow, and she wants to give him something he’s always wanted: to have sex with her ‘from behind’. But she’s not sure how to do it… so she asks someone very close to … more

Trusting Someone Close: A Forbidden Taboo Erotica
Saffron Daughter
Fervid Dreams , English