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Black-Winged Tuesday - Alicia Ryan

Black-Winged TuesdayAlicia Ryan

Unlucky in life, twice as unlucky in the after-life? When Tuesday dies and becomes a guardian angel, he’s sure his luck has turned. Little does he know he’ll have to face were-beavers, old sweethearts, archangels, and even Lucifer himself. … more

Black-Winged Tuesday
Alicia Ryan
Heavenly Falling - Bridget Squires

Heavenly FallingBridget Squires

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An angel cast out of heaven gets a chance at redemption when her demon ex lover offers a deal from Lucifer himself. What would you do to go home? To be loved by God once more? Would you destroy one of God’s favorites?

Heavenly Falling
Bridget Squires
Sisters 3 - Book 1 - The Nine Gates - Torbin Darkthorn

Sisters 3 - Book 1 - The Nine GatesTorbin Darkthorn

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Two, high school treasure hunters, discover a lost soul. With two witches for partners, they summon forth a thousand year old witch that provides them with the map. It leads them through a roller-coaster ride through the, ‘Nine Gates to Hel… more

Sisters 3 - Book 1 - The Nine Gates
Torbin Darkthorn
Mountain Mist Publishing , English
BECOME (Desolation #1) - Ali Cross

BECOME (Desolation #1)Ali Cross

1 rating
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2013 Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention

“A phenomenal story of a girl who should, by all accounts, be a bad girl, but wants so desperately to be good. The story of Desolation Black and her trials as a normal teen, while trying to pl… more

BECOME (Desolation #1)
Ali Cross
Ninjas Write Publishing , English
Vampyros Nocturnals The Colo... - Christopher Blake Randolph

Vampyros Nocturnals The Colo...Christopher Blake Randolph

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Samuel, a fourteenth-century lad, runs away from home and finds himself entrapped in the vampire world. Pursued by Zephinius, an elder of the night breed, Samuel undergoes a grueling journey with his nemesis in bloodthirsty pursuit. Witches… more

Vampyros Nocturnals The Color of Crimson
Christopher Blake Randolph
Creepy Crawlers: An Antholgy... - Cinsearae S.

Creepy Crawlers: An Antholgy...Cinsearae S.

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Featuring eleven short stories of the monsters we’ve all come to know, and even love, it opens the door to a few new ones…especially one breed in particular that loves to justify all the evils that they do… Meet a different kind of teen… more

Creepy Crawlers: An Antholgy of Spine Tingling Terror
Cinsearae S.
CreateSpace , English
Satan and Lucifer Decoded - Chris Ward

Satan and Lucifer DecodedChris Ward

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Everything you have always wanted to know about the difference between Satan and Lucifer. Satan is retiring his kingdom to his son Lucifer. Lucifer is destroying the Old World Order with the New World Order in order to create room for his … more

Satan and Lucifer Decoded
Chris Ward
Self , English
The Desolation Trilogy Digit... - Ali Cross

The Desolation Trilogy Digit...Ali Cross

THREE NOVEL DIGITAL BOX SET ~ The Desolation Trilogy (Become, Desolate, Destined)

It’s never too late to choose.

Sixteen-year old Desolation Black wants nothing more than to stay in Hell where it’s cold and lonely and… more

The Desolation Trilogy Digital Boxed Set
Ali Cross
Novel Ninjutsu , English
Blood and Lilies (Bloodlines... - Lyn Croft

Blood and Lilies (Bloodlines...Lyn Croft

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First in the Bloodlines Series

Once cast from Heaven, Zillah has vowed to destroy God and overtake his kingdom. But a key is needed to open the gates between the two realms. The Key to the gate walks the earth in the form of a woman…youn… more

Blood and Lilies (Bloodlines Series Book 1)
Lyn Croft
Beau Coup Publishing , English
Dear Diary, a Journal From P... - Patrick Lee

Dear Diary, a Journal From P...Patrick Lee

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And so what could possibly be worse than Hell for either Terence or Teresa? They have just defeated the bats and demons, even Lucifer himself in that distressing kingdom. No greater danger could exist anywhere…and yet Teresa is frightened… more

Dear Diary, a Journal From Purgatory
Patrick Lee
Patrick Sean Lee , English
Pride (The Seal of Solomon) - Stephen Jacobs

Pride (The Seal of Solomon)Stephen Jacobs

The Seal has been broken and the Princes of Hell have broken free. A group of fallen angels are hunting them down. Led by Lucifer, the First of the Princes himself. Embarking on a journey that will lead them to the darkest parts of their ow… more

Pride (The Seal of Solomon)
Stephen Jacobs
Lucifer (Book 3, The Redempt... - S.J. West

Lucifer (Book 3, The Redempt...S.J. West

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Disclaimer: This series is a continuation of my Watcher series of books. You need to have read the following series (in this order) to understand what is happening in this story: The Watchers Trilogy, The Watcher Chronicles, and Caylin’s St… more

Lucifer (Book 3, The Redemption Series)
S.J. West
Watchers Publishing , English
Raven: The Balance: Book Two - Nick Shamhart

Raven: The Balance: Book TwoNick Shamhart

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Raven is the second book in The Balance series - a collection of paranormal thrillers dealing with the unseen world of balancing powers. Too often life is viewed in terms of good and evil, black or white, and the balance point tipping in ei… more

Raven: The Balance: Book Two
Nick Shamhart
BookBaby , English
My Soul Keeper - Ker Dukey

My Soul KeeperKer Dukey

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NA, Paranormal romance. contains sexual content 18+

A soul gripping journey I just didn’t want to end.” - S.K. Hartley, International Bestselling Author.

5stars is not enough!!!! I just needed to say that this is probably one of the b… more

My Soul Keeper
Ker Dukey
The Last Prophet: Book One: Genesis - Peter James Iengo

The Last Prophet: Book One: GenesisPeter James Iengo

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Before time itself, angels were engaged in a bloody war. Heaven had been divided into light and darkness. Lucifer, the first of all angels, rebelled against God. His disapproval of the future of man corrupted his very mind. Driven with pure… more

The Last Prophet: Book One: Genesis
Peter James Iengo
Trafford , English
Lucifer's Couch or Raphael t... - Vincent Grupi

Lucifer's Couch or Raphael t...Vincent Grupi

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Archangel Raphael was famous for helping Tobit in secret. In this episode of The Watchers, Raphael works for Lucifer in the planet with two suns. As war rages, Lucifer’s son Abner conspires with Raphael to escape his father’s clutches and s… more

Lucifer’s Couch or Raphael the Secret Angel (The Watchers Book 12)
Vincent Grupi
Lucian - Philip Drew

LucianPhilip Drew

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This is a short novella (46,000 words) about a man called Lucian Ferris, who believs that he is the son of Lucifer. Lucian is not a nice person, and there are doubts, as his life progresses, of some of the crimes which he may or may not hav… more

Philip Drew
Rise of the Fallen (The Lega... - Luke Romyn

Rise of the Fallen (The Lega...Luke Romyn

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Book 3 of the Legacy Chronicles.



There were two words I uttered when I finished this book, “what” & “nnnnnnnoooooo”. This book was a page turner, c… more

Rise of the Fallen (The Legacy Chronicles Book 3)
Luke Romyn
Rapture Falls - MATT DRABBLE


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From the bestselling author of “Gated” a UK Horror Chart #4 and “Asylum - 13 Tales of Terror” a UK & US Horror/Anthology Chart #1. “Abra-Cadaver” & “After Darkness Falls 1 & 2”

Praise for “Rapture Falls” “Fantastic read….” “Beautifully… more

Rapture Falls
The Bliss (The Angel Star Pr... - Jennifer Murgia

The Bliss (The Angel Star Pr...Jennifer Murgia

Average wait: N/A

Like his fallen brother Lucifer, Hadrian has been ordered by his fellow angels into a reflective state known as the Bliss.Having also grown enamored by the same darkness that inhabits human souls, he feels that Lucifer’s banishment was too … more

The Bliss (The Angel Star Prequel Novella)
Jennifer Murgia
Lands Atlantic Publishing , English