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Storms Before The Calm - Kenneth Brown

Storms Before The CalmKenneth Brown

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When the storms of lust, loneliness, emptiness, greed and anger are in season, life can be one torrential whirlwind. Join the cast of characters as the winds of change and uncertainty threaten to blow them away. Rooted in Los Angeles and … more

Storms Before The Calm
Kenneth Brown
Friesen Press , English
Hollywood Vampires: Bathroom Wall - Matt R. Jones

Hollywood Vampires: Bathroom WallMatt R. Jones

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A vicious, dark-hearted vampire named Tulin is feeding on the blood of innocent women in Los Angeles, ruthlessly hunting them down and torturing them. And he’s not the only one – there’s an entire cult doing the same thing.It’s not a good s… more

Hollywood Vampires: Bathroom Wall
Matt R. Jones
Erotica Box Set: Virgin to V... - Crystal C. Waters

Erotica Box Set: Virgin to V...Crystal C. Waters

Virgin to Vixen Series (Episodes 1 - 4)Alina is a virgin who longs to be touched. Raised in a repressed family, and after an argument with her parents, she wanders the streets of Los Angeles until she finds herself in a sexual world she nev… more

Erotica Box Set: Virgin to Vixen: (Four Episodes)
Crystal C. Waters
Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry - G.P. Grewal

Machine Wash Warm, Tumble DryG.P. Grewal

Set amidst the smog and sprawl of Los Angeles, MACHINE WASH WARM TUMBLE DRY is the story of a hopeless, sex-starved geek named Leonard and his struggle to become one of the greatest warriors of all time. Armed with his self-help books and w… more

Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry
G.P. Grewal
The Unexpected Homeschooler:... - Diana R. Starr

The Unexpected Homeschooler:...Diana R. Starr

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What do you get when you put a High IQ kid into a public school? After placing our little boy in the hands of the Los Angeles public school system, we realized that No Child Left Behind was quickly leaving our bright child completely on h… more

The Unexpected Homeschooler: Anxiety and the Gifted Child
Diana R. Starr
Spoken words by a witness (S... - Darrell Mitchell II

Spoken words by a witness (S...Darrell Mitchell II

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“Spoken words by a witness” is the first book of a collection of unique poetry that was based on the poet’s actual life experience. The Pacoima based Author grew up in what was once called “One of the poorest cities in Los Angeles” and pro… more

Spoken words by a witness (Spoken Word Poetry Collection)
Darrell Mitchell II
DM Ink Publishing , English
Erotica Box Set: The Virgin ... - Crystal C. Waters

Erotica Box Set: The Virgin ...Crystal C. Waters

Virgin to Vixen complete seriesAlina is a virgin who longs to be touched. Raised in a repressed family, and after an argument with her parents, she wanders the streets of Los Angeles until she finds herself in a sexual world she never imagi… more

Erotica Box Set: The Virgin to Vixen Series
Crystal C. Waters
Avatar (Assassins and Heroes) - Al Case

Avatar (Assassins and Heroes)Al Case

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AVATARThis is volume THREE of a 3 part series.Ancient religions are in a holy war for control of all mankind, and the destruction of heaven itself.All that stands in the way is a Hero, and Assassin, and the craziest plan in the universe.Buy… more

Avatar (Assassins and Heroes)
Al Case
Al Case , English
The Lofty Riches - Jack Appleford

The Lofty RichesJack Appleford

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Join Detective Bettlebum on a crime wave in downtown Los Angeles. He’s fighting to keep his business and his aging relationship alive! Who would have thought being married to a robot would get old. The recession is in full swing as the rich… more

The Lofty Riches
Jack Appleford
The Trashy Novel Corp , English
La Guerra de los Cielos. Vol... - Fernando Trujillo Sanz, Césa...

La Guerra de los Cielos. Vol...Fernando Trujillo Sanz, Césa...

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Segundo volumen de la saga.


La guerra más antigua y devastadora de la existencia ha encontrado el modo de continuar, de extenderse por toda la creación. El Cielo y el Infierno ya no son los únicos escenarios para este terrible … more

La Guerra de los Cielos. Volumen 2 (Spanish Edition)
Fernando Trujillo Sanz, César Garcí­a Muñoz
Tedd y Todd escritores asociados , Spanish
Brownie Points (The Decadent... - Kelly Collins, Kelley Maestas

Brownie Points (The Decadent...Kelly Collins, Kelley Maestas

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This book contains adult content and is not intended for readers under 18.

Emma is beautiful, educated, and damaged. Unavailable emotionally, she has succeeded in her job as an escort where liaisons only go as far as the length of time yo… more

Brownie Points (The Decadent Series Book 2)
Kelly Collins, Kelley Maestas
True Blue - Godfather

True BlueGodfather

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The story of a young boy’s long, damned journey to manhood while striving to maintain within the inner city of Los Angeles. It is the story of gangs, the story of drugs. It is the story of a bright mind gone wild in the throes of criminal a… more

True Blue
Urban Diamonds Publishing LLC , English
Shakti of New Angel - Jim Snow

Shakti of New AngelJim Snow

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Follow our heroine, Shakti, through the streets on new angel. A city built on the ruble of what was once Los Angeles ! Yes. the Big One hit in the year 2015. This is an ongoing series with a real eye opener at the end of issue number 1… more

Shakti of New Angel
Jim Snow
School's In-Los Angeles Metr... - Susie Redfern

School's In-Los Angeles Metr...Susie Redfern

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Comprehensive directory of private schools in Metro Los Angeles within the greater Los Angeles area.

School’s In-Los Angeles Metro Los Angeles
Susie Redfern
ParentLink Info Services , English
The Project Diaries - Norris Pimpton

The Project DiariesNorris Pimpton

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The Project Diaries is a story of a family’s journey in Los Angeles through the eyes of a young boy. Take a ride as violence, death, abuse and drugs were his world. Feel all the joys and pains as the visions haunted a family just hoping to … more

The Project Diaries
Norris Pimpton
Secret Lives of Poisoned Ang... - Enrique Diaz

Secret Lives of Poisoned Ang...Enrique Diaz

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Observations of Los Angeles in Verse.

Secret Lives of Poisoned Angels (Nuvein/Metrnoir Poetry)
Enrique Diaz
Lulu , English
Him - Cecilia Scott

HimCecilia Scott

She was entranced by his power, his prowess and his desire for her…In this modern addition to the tradition of “Emmanuel” and “The Story of O”, a ordinary woman embarks on a voyage of sensual discovery with an enigmatic and more experienced… more

Cecilia Scott
Mischief , English
Tomorrow Girl (Tales of Tomo... - Robert Zoltan

Tomorrow Girl (Tales of Tomo...Robert Zoltan

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Everything in Stella’s life was going perfectly. Except for the strange dreams, the weird accidents, the premonitions and the voices in her head. Plus she was single and couldn’t seem to meet a decent man in all of Los Angeles. You would th… more

Tomorrow Girl (Tales of Tomorrow Girl)
Robert Zoltan
Crossover Red Beginnings - Stuart Fish

Crossover Red BeginningsStuart Fish

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Special introductory offer at just 0.99…Crossover Red BeginningsFor hundreds of years, Vampires have lived in harmony with humans, each in their separate but parallel universes.Now the vampire youth gangs are rebelling and they are out to… more

Crossover Red Beginnings
Stuart Fish
SJF Publishing , English
100 Free Things to do in ---... - Johnny  MBA

100 Free Things to do in ---...Johnny MBA

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Complimentary. On the house. Gratis. Free of charge. The following book contains a less than comprehensive list of what Los Angeles has to offer at no cost, just short of pulling up a park bench and making it your home. The list also avoids… more

100 Free Things to do in –-Los Angeles– While Avoiding Bums and Hipsters
Johnny MBA
Johnny MBA Productions , English