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Touch Me (Virgin to Vixen: E...Crystal C. Waters

Alina is a virgin that longs to be touched. Lost and alone on the streets of Los Angeles, she finds herself in a sexual world she never anticipated. Follow her journey through each episode to see how an innocent girl goes from being a virgi… more

Touch Me (Virgin to Vixen: Episode One) (The Virgin to Vixen Series)
Crystal C. Waters

A Night on the BusMichael Hudson Sr.

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A man from Los Angeles, who pursued his education in a small Oregon town, ponders his lifetime observations through poetry from college through retirement.

A Night on the Bus
Michael Hudson Sr.

Getting Off (L.A. Stories)Alexandra Caluen

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A romantic comedy … with a twist. This short novella is about the misadventures of two female friends as they navigate the Los Angeles single life, and about a surprising discovery that they make. Adult themes, situations, and language.

Getting Off (L.A. Stories)
Alexandra Caluen

Doméstica: Immigrant Workers...Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo

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In this enlightening and timely work, Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo highlights the voices, experiences, and views of Mexican and Central American women who care for other people’s children and homes, as well as the outlooks of the women who em… more

Doméstica: Immigrant Workers Cleaning and Caring in the Shadows of Affluence
Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo
University of California Press , English

The Boy Scouts at the Panama...Howard Payson

CONTENTSCHAPTERPAGEI. Two Scouts on a Motorboat 5II. Prompt Work and a Rescue 17III. When Luck Came Their Way 29IV. A Stunning Surprise 41V. Headed West 53VI. A False Alarm 65VII. Across the Continent 77VIII. A Shock at Los Angeles 89IX. Tu… more

The Boy Scouts at the Panama-Pacific Exposition
Howard Payson

The Lofty RichesJack Appleford

Join Detective Bettlebum on a crime wave in downtown Los Angeles. He’s fighting to keep his business and his aging relationship alive! Who would have thought being married to a robot would get old. The recession is in full swing as the rich… more

The Lofty Riches
Jack Appleford
The Trashy Novel Corp , English

El diablo me obligó (Spanish...F.G. Haghenbeck

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Elvis infante es un ex convicto que se mueve entre las peligrosas calles de East Side, Los Ángeles. PoseeUna peculiar forma de ganarse la vida: es “diablero”. Sus clientes lo buscan para que capture demonios caribús, querubines, ángeles caí… more

El diablo me obligó (Spanish Edition)
F.G. Haghenbeck
suma de letras , Spanish


This book explains why and how the American population has been dumb downed to the point where 51% of the adults in Los Angeles are functionally illiterate.

A. Sutton

Erotica Box Set: The Virgin ...Crystal C. Waters

Virgin to Vixen complete seriesAlina is a virgin who longs to be touched. Raised in a repressed family, and after an argument with her parents, she wanders the streets of Los Angeles until she finds herself in a sexual world she never imagi… more

Erotica Box Set: The Virgin to Vixen Series
Crystal C. Waters

Love UnExpected (Love's Impr...Love Belvin

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Love UnExpected – book 2 of the Love’s Improbable Possibility series:Just when Rayna believed she had successfully settled her feet in Los Angeles, efficaciously eluding near-career demise, Azmir Jacobs has infiltrated her mind and world, a… more

Love UnExpected (Love’s Improbable Possibility)
Love Belvin
MKT Publishing , English

48 Things To Do In 48 Hours ...Blake Snyder

48 Things To Do In 48 Hours In Los Angeles

48 Things To Do In 48 Hours In Los Angeles
Blake Snyder

Cabalá Lección uno (Spanish ...Ken Nunoo

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Estas lecciones de la Cábala están diseñadas para una personaa través de varias lecciones de entender la Cábala. Lala metafísica de la antigüedad judía antigua. La Cabalá es ella sabiduría de Dios, que originalmente se enseñaba a los ángele… more

Cabalá Lección uno (Spanish Edition)
Ken Nunoo
Ken Nunoo , Spanish

The Mother Goose Murders (Ma...Bill Bernico

The bodies are piling up around Los Angeles and Matt’s on the case. The victims all seem to have one thing in common—Mother Goose. Each victim has a name similar to the name in the nursery rhymes and they are finding their demise much the … more

The Mother Goose Murders (Matt Cooper, Private Eye)
Bill Bernico
Downwind Publications , English

How to Tell Your Story in Vi...Daniel B. Zukowski, Meredith Cruse

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More than ever, business relies on the power of video to communicate, sell products and train people. Written by marketing and entertainment industry veterans, “How To Tell Your Story In Video” will help corporate managers and small busines… more

How to Tell Your Story in Video: A 10-Step Guide
Daniel B. Zukowski, Meredith Cruse
Frame Productions, Inc. , English

Erotica Box Set: Virgin to V...Crystal C. Waters

Virgin to Vixen Series (Episodes 1 - 4)Alina is a virgin who longs to be touched. Raised in a repressed family, and after an argument with her parents, she wanders the streets of Los Angeles until she finds herself in a sexual world she nev… more

Erotica Box Set: Virgin to Vixen: (Four Episodes)
Crystal C. Waters

The Fire That Could Not Die:...Rick Joyner

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This is the story of the revival that changed Christianity and for a time made Azusa Street in Los Angeles the most famous address in the world. The lessons in this story are crucial for anyone involved in renewal or revival.

The Fire That Could Not Die: The Story of the Azusa Street Reivial (The Hall of Faith Series)
Rick Joyner
MorningStar Publications, a division of MorningStar Fellowship Church , English

Avatar (Assassins and Heroes)Al Case

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AVATARThis is volume THREE of a 3 part series.Ancient religions are in a holy war for control of all mankind, and the destruction of heaven itself.All that stands in the way is a Hero, and Assassin, and the craziest plan in the universe.Buy… more

Avatar (Assassins and Heroes)
Al Case
Al Case , English

Moving Waters, a short storyRacelle Rosett

A story from the collection, The False Bride, which explores the role of faith and ritual in the lives of a Reform Jewish community in Los Angeles.

Moving Waters, a short story
Racelle Rosett

Los Angeles: A Brief History...Vook

”Los Angeles: A Brief History”” presents a comprehensive look at the city’s transformation from a Mexican pueblo to the glamorous, sprawling center of today. This compact digital compendium helps you track the diverse forces that shaped th… more

Los Angeles: A Brief History (Enhanced Version)
Vook , English

Dangerous Hardboiled Magicia...Mel Gilden

Cowabunga, schweatheart! A book in the manner of Surfing Samurai Robots! In a Los Angeles that is something like ours but more magical, PI Turner Cronyn doesn’t know why he has been threatened by a supernatural being. Does it have anythi… more

Dangerous Hardboiled Magicians (Cronyn and Justice)
Mel Gilden
Amazon.com , English