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Cabalá Lección uno (Spanish ... - Ken Nunoo

Cabalá Lección uno (Spanish ...Ken Nunoo

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Estas lecciones de la Cábala están diseñadas para una personaa través de varias lecciones de entender la Cábala. Lala metafísica de la antigüedad judía antigua. La Cabalá es ella sabiduría de Dios, que originalmente se enseñaba a los ángele… more

Cabalá Lección uno (Spanish Edition)
Ken Nunoo
Ken Nunoo , Spanish
Guarding Harm (The Cal O'Con... - C.K. Carlton

Guarding Harm (The Cal O'Con...C.K. Carlton

After some time to recover from his injuries, Cal travels to Los Angeles to protect a thirteen-year-old pop diva from the wandering eye of an older man, but as he gets involved, his checkered past is forced to the surface.

Guarding Harm (The Cal O’Connor Series)
C.K. Carlton
Mugwump Publishing , English
La Guerra de los Cielos. Vol... - Fernando Trujillo Sanz, Césa...

La Guerra de los Cielos. Vol...Fernando Trujillo Sanz, Césa...

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Tercer volumen de la saga.


La guerra más antigua y devastadora de la existencia ha encontrado el modo de continuar, de extenderse por toda la creación. El Cielo y el Infierno ya no son los únicos escenarios para este terrible c… more

La Guerra de los Cielos. Volumen 3 (Spanish Edition)
Fernando Trujillo Sanz, César García Muñoz
Fand - Laney Cairo

FandLaney Cairo

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Will is not exactly your average citizen of Los Angeles. He bikes to work. He keeps chickens. And he’s got his own mixed up version of a family, surrounding himself with people he cares about. So it’s no surprise that when Will finds homele… more

Laney Cairo
Torquere Press1 , English
Treat Her Bad, Spank Her Worse - Bobby Johnston

Treat Her Bad, Spank Her WorseBobby Johnston

In town together for the first time, Los Angeles native Alexis has offered to show business contact Raymond the sights. A visit to a porn booth provides the opening that both need to explain their needs to the other. She needs to be punishe… more

Treat Her Bad, Spank Her Worse
Bobby Johnston
Grit - Patricia Logan

GritPatricia Logan

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Grit is a kid who’s run the gauntlet. Suffering tragedy at a tender age and coping with it the only way he knew how, the boy has lived a lifetime in his eighteen years. Forced out of the only home he’s ever known and onto the mean streets o… more

Patricia Logan
Westburg Publishing , English
Ex-Heroes: A Novel - Peter Clines

Ex-Heroes: A NovelPeter Clines

The first novel in Peter Clines’ bestselling Ex series.Stealth. Gorgon. Regenerator. Cerberus. Zzzap. The Mighty Dragon. They were heroes, using their superhuman abilities to make Los Angeles a better place.  Then the plague of living death… more

Ex-Heroes: A Novel
Peter Clines
Broadway Books , English
Lost & Forgotten - James Paddock

Lost & ForgottenJames Paddock

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Imagine waking one day with a new face and no memory, an opportunity to pick a new name and start a new life; a clean slate. Orphaned as children, separated for 22 years, Melissa is intent on finding her identical twin, Marissa; however Mar… more

Lost & Forgotten
James Paddock
Desert Bookshelf Publishing , English
The Blue Orb - Bruce E. Blackstone

The Blue OrbBruce E. Blackstone

A boy’s failure, a wizard’s triumph and a city transformed fulfills a demon’s curse. Can two former rivals put aside their differences and join forces to destroy the Blue Orb?

Joshua was like any other boy until he and his friends tried to… more

The Blue Orb
Bruce E. Blackstone
Storms Before The Calm - Kenneth Brown

Storms Before The CalmKenneth Brown

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When the storms of lust, loneliness, emptiness, greed and anger are in season, life can be one torrential whirlwind. Join the cast of characters as the winds of change and uncertainty threaten to blow them away. Rooted in Los Angeles and … more

Storms Before The Calm
Kenneth Brown
Friesen Press , English
Weird Planet #6: Thrills, Sp... - Dan Greenburg

Weird Planet #6: Thrills, Sp...Dan Greenburg

Klatu, Lek, And Ploo finally have a day off from their job as extras on a hit sci-fi TV show. So what should they do around Los Angeles for a day? Go to Dizzyland, of course! The amusement park has everything, from roller-coasters to ferris… more

Weird Planet #6: Thrills, Spills, and Cosmic Chills (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))
Dan Greenburg
Random House Books for Young Readers , English
Five Minute Love Stories - Los Angeles Romance Authors

Five Minute Love StoriesLos Angeles Romance Authors

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In these busy and hectic times, sometimes you just need a few minutes to relax and escape the world. The Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA) present 5 MINUTE LOVE STORIES written by some of the shining stars and exciting new voices in Los An… more

Five Minute Love Stories
Los Angeles Romance Authors
Run Naked Through the Streets - Samantha Rider

Run Naked Through the StreetsSamantha Rider

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When her sexy younger sister vanishes, Jacey Radison, the hot-to-trot heroine of “The Edge of Desire,” traverses the dark and dirty streets of Los Angeles to find her. En route, Jacey encounters murder, pyromania, abduction and a handsome h… more

Run Naked Through the Streets
Samantha Rider
Samantha Rider, via Smashwords , English


This book explains why and how the American population has been dumb downed to the point where 51% of the adults in Los Angeles are functionally illiterate.

A. Sutton
The Uprising (The Mamluks Sa... - Edward Lake

The Uprising (The Mamluks Sa...Edward Lake

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In Los Angeles, everyone has adapted to life under Mamluk rule—except Juozas. In his heart, he knows slavery is wrong, and he cannot—he will not accept it.

Slaves are lesser beings, his mother tells him. She warns Juozas not to make troubl… more

The Uprising (The Mamluks Saga: Episode 2)
Edward Lake
Edward Lake , English
Hollywood Vampires: Bathroom Wall - Matt R. Jones

Hollywood Vampires: Bathroom WallMatt R. Jones

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A vicious, dark-hearted vampire named Tulin is feeding on the blood of innocent women in Los Angeles, ruthlessly hunting them down and torturing them. And he’s not the only one – there’s an entire cult doing the same thing.It’s not a good s… more

Hollywood Vampires: Bathroom Wall
Matt R. Jones
Getting Off (L.A. Stories) - Alexandra Caluen

Getting Off (L.A. Stories)Alexandra Caluen

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A romantic comedy … with a twist. This short novella is about the misadventures of two female friends as they navigate the Los Angeles single life, and about a surprising discovery that they make. Adult themes, situations, and language.

Getting Off (L.A. Stories)
Alexandra Caluen
Historical and biographical ... - James Miller Guinn

Historical and biographical ...James Miller Guinn

Historical and biographical record of Los Angeles and vicinity : containing a history of the city from its earliest settlement as a Spanish pueblo to the closing year of the nineteenth century ; also containing biographies of well known cit… more

Historical and biographical record of Los Angeles and vicinity : containing a history of the city from its earliest settlement as a Spanish pueblo to the closing year of the nineteenth century
James Miller Guinn
How to Tell Your Story in Vi... - Daniel B. Zukowski, Meredith Cruse

How to Tell Your Story in Vi...Daniel B. Zukowski, Meredith Cruse

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More than ever, business relies on the power of video to communicate, sell products and train people. Written by marketing and entertainment industry veterans, “How To Tell Your Story In Video” will help corporate managers and small busines… more

How to Tell Your Story in Video: A 10-Step Guide
Daniel B. Zukowski, Meredith Cruse
Frame Productions, Inc. , English
El Ministrar Con Los Angeles... - Paul David Harrison

El Ministrar Con Los Angeles...Paul David Harrison

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La iglesia rápidamente está llegando a las últimas horas antes del regreso del Señor. Las Escrituras claramente nos revelan que las fuerzas malvadas serán soltadas sobre este mundo. Estas fuerzas demoníacas causarán el más vicioso impacto d… more

El Ministrar Con Los Angeles (Spanish Edition)
Paul David Harrison
Messengers of His Kingdom , Spanish