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Dangerous Hardboiled Magicia... - Mel Gilden

Dangerous Hardboiled Magicia...Mel Gilden

Cowabunga, schweatheart! A book in the manner of Surfing Samurai Robots! In a Los Angeles that is something like ours but more magical, PI Turner Cronyn doesn’t know why he has been threatened by a supernatural being. Does it have anythi… more

Dangerous Hardboiled Magicians (Cronyn and Justice)
Mel Gilden
Amazon.com , English
Por el Amor que Persevera (S... -

Por el Amor que Persevera (S...

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‘Por cierto. Durante varios días he estado ansioso por hacerte una pregunta. Estas personas son Tus amigos y los amigos de Dios, ¿no es así? Los ángeles los bendecidos con la paz del Cielo, ¿no? Ellos han sido fieles en contra de todas las … more

Por el Amor que Persevera (Seguidme nº 3) (Spanish Edition)
Lamb Books , Spanish
Los Angeles What to do in LA... - N Zaine

Los Angeles What to do in LA...N Zaine

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A comprehensive Los Angeles guide book. Amazing sites, wonderful places and fun attractions to keep you entertained. Also places that are serene and captivating and venues that will leave you in awe. Download and keep on your device so you … more

Los Angeles What to do in LA - Shopping Attractions Activities Museums Tours Guide Book
N Zaine
The Mother Goose Murders (Ma... - Bill Bernico

The Mother Goose Murders (Ma...Bill Bernico

The bodies are piling up around Los Angeles and Matt’s on the case. The victims all seem to have one thing in common—Mother Goose. Each victim has a name similar to the name in the nursery rhymes and they are finding their demise much the … more

The Mother Goose Murders (Matt Cooper, Private Eye)
Bill Bernico
Downwind Publications , English
The Boy Scouts at the Panama... - Howard Payson

The Boy Scouts at the Panama...Howard Payson

CONTENTSCHAPTERPAGEI. Two Scouts on a Motorboat 5II. Prompt Work and a Rescue 17III. When Luck Came Their Way 29IV. A Stunning Surprise 41V. Headed West 53VI. A False Alarm 65VII. Across the Continent 77VIII. A Shock at Los Angeles 89IX. Tu… more

The Boy Scouts at the Panama-Pacific Exposition
Howard Payson
Hollywood Vampires: Bathroom Wall - Matt R. Jones

Hollywood Vampires: Bathroom WallMatt R. Jones

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A vicious, dark-hearted vampire named Tulin is feeding on the blood of innocent women in Los Angeles, ruthlessly hunting them down and torturing them. And he’s not the only one – there’s an entire cult doing the same thing.It’s not a good s… more

Hollywood Vampires: Bathroom Wall
Matt R. Jones
Summer Incognito - Jan Carol

Summer IncognitoJan Carol

Selina is hiding out from her father, who wants to control her life, decide who she marries. Going to the Los Angeles area, she finds a job on a yacht as a crew member. Derek, who owns the yacht, finds that Selina is a great dance partner…. more

Summer Incognito
Jan Carol
Hoss - Brewster McKay

HossBrewster McKay

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Warning: This book contains some graphic descriptions of men having sex with each other. It also contains some drug use. If that offends you, this book isn’t for you.

It was the late 90s. They met when he picked Sam up on Santa Monica Boul… more

Brewster McKay
The Year I Died Seven Times Book #4 - Eric Beetner

The Year I Died Seven Times Book #4Eric Beetner

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Recovering from a forced heroin overdose, Ridley has stopped looking for Miho … for a few weeks anyway. This time he gets his hands on the first real clue, and makes a new contact who may have information.

Some things haven’t changed: Mi… more

The Year I Died Seven Times Book #4
Eric Beetner
BEAT to a PULP , English
Purple Nights - Andrew Culver

Purple NightsAndrew Culver

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The stories in Purple Nights take place at the intersection of the city, the nighttime, the landscape of nightmares, and the throbbing of loneliness. They are about the rhythms of urban life, the relief of the day’s end, and the hallucinati… more

Purple Nights
Andrew Culver
The Unexpected Homeschooler:... - Diana R. Starr

The Unexpected Homeschooler:...Diana R. Starr

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What do you get when you put a High IQ kid into a public school? After placing our little boy in the hands of the Los Angeles public school system, we realized that No Child Left Behind was quickly leaving our bright child completely on h… more

The Unexpected Homeschooler: Anxiety and the Gifted Child
Diana R. Starr
Lost & Forgotten - James Paddock

Lost & ForgottenJames Paddock

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Imagine waking one day with a new face and no memory, an opportunity to pick a new name and start a new life; a clean slate. Orphaned as children, separated for 22 years, Melissa is intent on finding her identical twin, Marissa; however Mar… more

Lost & Forgotten
James Paddock
Desert Bookshelf Publishing , English
Foreign Waters Part 1 - Alec Rojas

Foreign Waters Part 1Alec Rojas

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Los Angeles, the not-so-distant future.

Crushing heat. Toxic traffic.

An overworked man seeks relief through a luxury-dating company that pairs him with the girl o… more

Foreign Waters Part 1
Alec Rojas
XXX The Sensual Awakening Se... - Crystal C. Waters

XXX The Sensual Awakening Se...Crystal C. Waters

Steamy Romance: 34,300 words Adults Only The Sensual Awakening Series

Alina is a virgin who longs to be touched. Raised in a repressed family, and after an argument with her parents, she wanders the streets of Los Angeles until she fi… more

XXX The Sensual Awakening Series (Complete)
Crystal C. Waters
CCW Publishing , English
Storms Before The Calm - Kenneth Brown

Storms Before The CalmKenneth Brown

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When the storms of lust, loneliness, emptiness, greed and anger are in season, life can be one torrential whirlwind. Join the cast of characters as the winds of change and uncertainty threaten to blow them away. Rooted in Los Angeles and … more

Storms Before The Calm
Kenneth Brown
Friesen Press , English
Maven (New Century Stories Book 2) - Tyler Gant

Maven (New Century Stories Book 2)Tyler Gant

Happiness had a way of returning to Maven’s life once she found her way back home. Los Angeles welcomed her again, and with its embrace came a new husband and a new family.But when Maven discovers that her new husband is keeping a secret, d… more

Maven (New Century Stories Book 2)
Tyler Gant
Llamados al amor divino a tr... - Juliana Acosta

Llamados al amor divino a tr...Juliana Acosta

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Nacemos, vivimos y nos morimos rodeados de ángeles. No estamos solos, siempre estamos acompañados por estos seres lumínicos que fueron creados para apoyarnos en nuestros recorridos corporales.Los ángeles están esperando nuestros llamados pa… more

Llamados al amor divino a través de los ángeles (Spanish Edition)
Juliana Acosta
Getting Off (L.A. Stories Book 1) - Alexandra Caluen

Getting Off (L.A. Stories Book 1)Alexandra Caluen

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A romantic comedy … with a twist. This short novella is about the misadventures of two female friends as they navigate the Los Angeles single life, and about a surprising discovery that they make. Adult themes, situations, and language.

Getting Off (L.A. Stories Book 1)
Alexandra Caluen
La Guerra de los Cielos. Vol... - Fernando Trujillo Sanz, Césa...

La Guerra de los Cielos. Vol...Fernando Trujillo Sanz, Césa...

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Segundo volumen de la saga.


La guerra más antigua y devastadora de la existencia ha encontrado el modo de continuar, de extenderse por toda la creación. El Cielo y el Infierno ya no son los únicos escenarios para este terrible … more

La Guerra de los Cielos. Volumen 2 (Spanish Edition)
Fernando Trujillo Sanz, César Garcí­a Muñoz
Tedd y Todd escritores asociados , Spanish
South of Sunset - Lisa Maliga

South of SunsetLisa Maliga

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HOLLYWOOD. A name that needs no introduction. Such a world-renowned name conjures up images of movies, sunglass-wearing stars, palm trees, plastic surgery, drug habits, the proverbial overnight success … and the happy ending. In this collec… more

South of Sunset
Lisa Maliga
Hit the Wall Press , English