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Dangerous Hardboiled Magicia... - Mel Gilden

Dangerous Hardboiled Magicia...Mel Gilden

Cowabunga, schweatheart! A book in the manner of Surfing Samurai Robots! In a Los Angeles that is something like ours but more magical, PI Turner Cronyn doesn’t know why he has been threatened by a supernatural being. Does it have anythi… more

Dangerous Hardboiled Magicians (Cronyn and Justice)
Mel Gilden
Amazon.com , English
Los Angeles What to do in LA... - N Zaine

Los Angeles What to do in LA...N Zaine

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A comprehensive Los Angeles guide book. Amazing sites, wonderful places and fun attractions to keep you entertained. Also places that are serene and captivating and venues that will leave you in awe. Download and keep on your device so you … more

Los Angeles What to do in LA - Shopping Attractions Activities Museums Tours Guide Book
N Zaine
The Mother Goose Murders (Ma... - Bill Bernico

The Mother Goose Murders (Ma...Bill Bernico

The bodies are piling up around Los Angeles and Matt’s on the case. The victims all seem to have one thing in common—Mother Goose. Each victim has a name similar to the name in the nursery rhymes and they are finding their demise much the … more

The Mother Goose Murders (Matt Cooper, Private Eye)
Bill Bernico
Downwind Publications , English
South of Sunset - Lisa Maliga

South of SunsetLisa Maliga

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HOLLYWOOD. A name that needs no introduction. Such a world-renowned name conjures up images of movies, sunglass-wearing stars, palm trees, plastic surgery, drug habits, the proverbial overnight success … and the happy ending. In this collec… more

South of Sunset
Lisa Maliga
Hit the Wall Press , English
Avatar (Assassins and Heroes... - Al Case

Avatar (Assassins and Heroes...Al Case

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AVATARThis is volume THREE of a 3 part series.Ancient religions are in a holy war for control of all mankind, and the destruction of heaven itself.All that stands in the way is a Hero, and Assassin, and the craziest plan in the universe.Buy… more

Avatar (Assassins and Heroes Book 3)
Al Case
Al Case , English
none - Eryl Lyre

noneEryl Lyre

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The city of Los Angeles borders mass hysteria as a brutal, seemingly simple-minded, mass murderer and an intriguing, not less bloodthirsty, copycat go on a killing spree…But there is more to the grisly killings than meets the eye… A sus… more

Eryl Lyre
The Blue Orb - Bruce E. Blackstone

The Blue OrbBruce E. Blackstone

A boy’s failure, a wizard’s triumph and a city transformed fulfills a demon’s curse. Can two former rivals put aside their differences and join forces to destroy the Blue Orb?

Joshua was like any other boy until he and his friends tried to… more

The Blue Orb
Bruce E. Blackstone
Touch Me (Virgin to Vixen: E... - Crystal C. Waters

Touch Me (Virgin to Vixen: E...Crystal C. Waters

Alina is a virgin that longs to be touched. Lost and alone on the streets of Los Angeles, she finds herself in a sexual world she never anticipated. Follow her journey through each episode to see how an innocent girl goes from being a virgi… more

Touch Me (Virgin to Vixen: Episode One)
Crystal C. Waters
Ex-Heroes: A Novel - Peter Clines

Ex-Heroes: A NovelPeter Clines

The first novel in Peter Clines’ bestselling Ex series.Stealth. Gorgon. Regenerator. Cerberus. Zzzap. The Mighty Dragon. They were heroes, using their superhuman abilities to make Los Angeles a better place.  Then the plague of living death… more

Ex-Heroes: A Novel
Peter Clines
Broadway Books , English
A Night on the Bus - Michael Hudson Sr.

A Night on the BusMichael Hudson Sr.

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A man from Los Angeles, who pursued his education in a small Oregon town, ponders his lifetime observations through poetry from college through retirement.

A Night on the Bus
Michael Hudson Sr.
What's In A Name? - Mick Marlowe

What's In A Name?Mick Marlowe

This is a cozy little tale about a young woman who likes nothing better than to spend nights at home sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea, while curled up with a good book.At the same time, a maniacal serial killer with a pronounced fetish… more

What’s In A Name?
Mick Marlowe
Madlands (K. W. Jeter Suspen... - K. W. Jeter

Madlands (K. W. Jeter Suspen...K. W. Jeter

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Murder, deception and devolution, in a warped Los Angeles that’s never in the same time twice…

K. W. Jeter’s hardest-to-find novel, now in a revised and corrected edition, with a new Afterword by the Author.

From the Afterword: “…one … more

Madlands (K. W. Jeter Suspense & Thriller Books)
K. W. Jeter
Editions Herodiade , English
Wilfair - Alysia Gray Painter

WilfairAlysia Gray Painter

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A late-blooming heiress runs a posh hotel next door to a shy guy and the little motel he oversees. Strange things happen, adventures are had, feelings are felt, and cheese dip is eaten.

Alysia Gray Painter
Diary of a JetroSexual - P. di Martine Bellissimo Carpacio

Diary of a JetroSexualP. di Martine Bellissimo Carpacio

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Hundred millionaire. Omnisexual. Narcissistic. Self loving. Self obsessed. Giver. Shapeshifter. A unique, bizarre and self-centered glimpse into someone’s very narcissistic wealthy world. Each day for one month, the author jots down though… more

Diary of a JetroSexual
P. di Martine Bellissimo Carpacio
Guarding Harm (The Cal O'Con... - C.K. Carlton

Guarding Harm (The Cal O'Con...C.K. Carlton

After some time to recover from his injuries, Cal travels to Los Angeles to protect a thirteen-year-old pop diva from the wandering eye of an older man, but as he gets involved, his checkered past is forced to the surface.

Guarding Harm (The Cal O’Connor Series Book 3)
C.K. Carlton
Mugwump Publishing , English
Run Naked Through the Streets - Samantha Rider

Run Naked Through the StreetsSamantha Rider

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When her sexy younger sister vanishes, Jacey Radison, the hot-to-trot heroine of “The Edge of Desire,” traverses the dark and dirty streets of Los Angeles to find her. En route, Jacey encounters murder, pyromania, abduction and a handsome h… more

Run Naked Through the Streets
Samantha Rider
Samantha Rider, via Smashwords , English
Love, War and a Bulldog (Blo... - Suzan Harden

Love, War and a Bulldog (Blo...Suzan Harden

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Emerson O’Malley, a were-bulldog, has been trapped in his canine form since the day he was born. Even worse, the likelihood of him losing his virginity is zero. But when he rushes in to rescue three nymphs, he pisses off the Greek goddess A… more

Love, War and a Bulldog (Bloodlines #5.5)
Suzan Harden
Angry Sheep Publishing , English
Historical and biographical ... - James Miller Guinn

Historical and biographical ...James Miller Guinn

Historical and biographical record of Los Angeles and vicinity : containing a history of the city from its earliest settlement as a Spanish pueblo to the closing year of the nineteenth century ; also containing biographies of well known cit… more

Historical and biographical record of Los Angeles and vicinity : containing a history of the city from its earliest settlement as a Spanish pueblo to the closing year of the nineteenth century
James Miller Guinn
Grit - Patricia Logan

GritPatricia Logan

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Grit is a kid who’s run the gauntlet. Suffering tragedy at a tender age and coping with it the only way he knew how, the boy has lived a lifetime in his eighteen years. Forced out of the only home he’s ever known and onto the mean streets o… more

Patricia Logan
Westburg Publishing , English
Meilleures ennemies - Tome 2... - Alexa Young, Véronique Grisseaux

Meilleures ennemies - Tome 2...Alexa Young, Véronique Grisseaux

Halley surprend Avalon en train d’embrasser l’élu de son cœur, Wade, le beau chanteur du groupe de rock du collège ! Pour se venger, Halley va se faire élire capitaine des pom-pom girls à la place de son amie… Fidèles à leurs habitudes, c’e… more

Meilleures ennemies - Tome 2 - A la vie, à la mode (French Edition)
Alexa Young, Véronique Grisseaux
Jungle , French