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Mediaeval London V2 - Sir Walter Besant

Mediaeval London V2Sir Walter Besant

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Volume 2 deals with the government of London, ecclesiastical London and her religious houses. Originally published in 1906. Illustrated.

Mediaeval London V2
Sir Walter Besant
THE BLUE JAR STORY BOOK (non... - Maria Edgeworth

THE BLUE JAR STORY BOOK (non...Maria Edgeworth

ROSAMOND, a little girl about seven years of age, was walking with her mother in the streets of London. As she passed along she looked in at the windows of several shops, and saw a great variety of different sorts of things, of which she di… more

THE BLUE JAR STORY BOOK (non illustrated)
Maria Edgeworth
The Confounding of Camelia - Anne Douglas  Sedgwick

The Confounding of CameliaAnne Douglas Sedgwick

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Excerpt:WHEN Camelia came down into the country after her second London season, descended lightly upon the home of her forefathers, her coming unannounced, and as much a matter of caprice as had been her long absence, a slowly growing opini… more

The Confounding of Camelia
Anne Douglas Sedgwick
Dara's Sweet Destiny- A short story - Namrata Shirole

Dara's Sweet Destiny- A short storyNamrata Shirole

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This short story is about a young Indian named Dara, who sailed on the waves of destiny to London. But what was awaiting him there was destiny’s sweet surprise. What happens next is for you’ll to read…I am sure all the people who believe … more

Dara’s Sweet Destiny- A short story
Namrata Shirole
1689 London Confession of Ba... - Various

1689 London Confession of Ba...Various

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1689 London Confession of Baptist Faith

1689 London Confession of Baptist Faith
Sonny Starr Versus The Space... - Jeffrey Day

Sonny Starr Versus The Space...Jeffrey Day

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Sonny Starr, an eleven year old boy from London is thrilled to be selected with nineteen other children to attend the world’s first space academy that orbits the Moon. The excitement soon turns to terror his team’s spacecraft is advised to… more

Sonny Starr Versus The Spacetime Conspiracy (The Starr Chronicles Book 1)
Jeffrey Day
Changeling: Zombie Dawn - Steve Feasey

Changeling: Zombie DawnSteve Feasey

The last instalment in the chilling CHANGELING series – in which Trey must face down the evil vampire Caliban in their most fearsome encounter yet. There will be evil spirits, zombies and complete and utter devastation in London! Will werew… more

Changeling: Zombie Dawn
Steve Feasey
Macmillan Children’s Books , English
The Three Impostors - Arthur Machen

The Three ImpostorsArthur Machen

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On the surface, everything appears normal and cheerful in this bustling suburb of neatly laid out homes and well-trimmed hedges. But nothing is really as it seems. For in this world of impostors, conspiracies combine with dark forces to vei… more

The Three Impostors
Arthur Machen
Dover Publications , English
Drama at the 1910 Daily Mail... - Don Hale

Drama at the 1910 Daily Mail...Don Hale

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Those magnificent men in their flying machines: This is a unique first hand account of the dramatic first ever 1910 London to Manchester Daily Mail Air Race that offered a magnificent first prize of £10,000 to the winner. The event attracte… more

Drama at the 1910 Daily Mail Air Race - first hand account of one of the world’s most prestigious events (Don Hale sports stories)
Don Hale
Don Hale , English
NO REMORSE - Martin Pepler

NO REMORSEMartin Pepler

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An unbelievable yet true story of a young mans life in a world of crime, prostitution and drugs. From his early days in the ruins of war torn London, Danny was pulled into crime to survive. With his unusual good looks and his ability to m… more

Martin Pepler
Sexty Something - Kevin O'Donnell, Basia Fuller

Sexty SomethingKevin O'Donnell, Basia Fuller

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This is the story of Basia Fuller, living proof that it is never too late to live your life to the utmost. She’s defied tradition and broken through glass ceilings in business and outdated taboos in her personal life.Her parents were spies…. more

Sexty Something
Kevin O’Donnell, Basia Fuller
Create Space , English
Post Obsession - Julia Talbot

Post ObsessionJulia Talbot

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Markus is a man of sophisticated tastes. His pleasures are considered scandalous in fact. So when the mysterious letters begin to arrive, telling him how the unknown E. has been following him about the streets of Georgian London, he is conc… more

Post Obsession
Julia Talbot
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
THE SPIRIT GUIDE - 1988 - NUMBER 3 - Penny Hemans

THE SPIRIT GUIDE - 1988 - NUMBER 3Penny Hemans

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THIS IS MY TRUE STORY NUMBER 3:-)) I accept an invitation from an elderly Uncle (Dick), who drives us through the snowy Pennines, to the Scottish Borders, where we eventually stop for the night! And what a night! One of the most bizarre ni… more

Penny Hemans
Penny Hemans , English
Shakespeare For Aliens - J L Wright

Shakespeare For AliensJ L Wright

In Shakespeare’s country, well into the future, rustic bumpkins do battle. Their opponents? Extraterrestrial plunderers. Their allies? Extraterrestrial bumblers. Their story? Kaleidoscopic. Hilarity, satire, intrigue and good old-fashioned… more

Shakespeare For Aliens
J L Wright
Benito And Sarah and other songs - Hugh Miles

Benito And Sarah and other songsHugh Miles

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Taking the last Tube home from North London, Benito meets the mysterious Sarah and follows her into a eerie, hidden city. Can Benito rescue Sarah and avenge twenty years of oppression?

Benito And Sarah and other songs
Hugh Miles
The Call of the Wild (Dover ... - Jack London

The Call of the Wild (Dover ...Jack London

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A classic novel of adventure, drawn from London’s own experiences as a Klondike adventurer, relating the story of a heroic dog, who, caught in the brutal life of the Alaska Gold Rush, ultimately faces a choice between living in man’s world … more

The Call of the Wild (Dover Thrift Editions)
Jack London
Dover Publications , English
The rulers above: Volume 1 T... - Del Winterbottom

The rulers above: Volume 1 T...Del Winterbottom

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Marriet Sworn’s life is about to be changed forever, when the soul of one of the most powerful angels merges with her and she gains the unique, lone ability of instantaineous wing charm which enables her to interact with the phenominal brid… more

The rulers above: Volume 1 The Traitors Fool
Del Winterbottom
Del winterbottom , English
The Last Cigarette - Alexander G. Johnson

The Last CigaretteAlexander G. Johnson

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The Last Cigarette is a short story that takes it’s readers to the future:”The year 2052, the world is ruled by one central government seated in Hong Kong; the produce of beef has been limited, and the official languages are Mandarin and En… more

The Last Cigarette
Alexander G. Johnson
Seven Beland Publishing , English
Sentimental Tommy - J. M. Barrie

Sentimental TommyJ. M. Barrie

The celebrated Tommy first comes into view on a dirty London stair, and he was in sexless garments, which were all he had, and he was five, and so though we are looking at him, we must do it sideways, lest he sit down hurriedly to hide the… more

Sentimental Tommy
J. M. Barrie