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Crime Team: City of Terror: ... - Steve Barlow, Steve Skidmore

Crime Team: City of Terror: ...Steve Barlow, Steve Skidmore

In City of Terror you must solve the clues to stop a terrorist attack in London. But who is planning the attack, and when will it take place? It’s a race against time!

Crime Team: City of Terror: EDGE (EDGE: Crime Team)
Steve Barlow, Steve Skidmore
Franklin Watts , English
Flash Flood: Code Red - Chris Ryan

Flash Flood: Code RedChris Ryan

Ben’s on a trip to London to meet his mum. But an accident at the Thames Barrier, combined with a tidal surge and a dramatic thunderstorm - and suddenly his trip turns into something totally different as the Barrier is breached and London i… more

Flash Flood: Code Red
Chris Ryan
RHCP Digital , English
Smuggler's Moon (a novella) - Frances Burke

Smuggler's Moon (a novella)Frances Burke

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What can a spirited heiress do when forcibly affianced to a libertine except seek refuge with an eccentric relative on a mysterious island off the wild Cornish coast? And when her plans go awry, how can she help but fall in love with the c… more

Smuggler’s Moon (a novella)
Frances Burke
Frances Burke , English
A Change of Heart - A. F.  McKeating

A Change of HeartA. F. McKeating

A short story about time travelling.Lou signs up for a no-frills trip two hundred years back to late 21st century London, just a short time before the war. Despite PastCam’s warnings against travellers tampering with the timeline, he feels … more

A Change of Heart
A. F. McKeating
A. F. McKeating , English
George Frideric Handel (Dove... - Paul Henry Lang

George Frideric Handel (Dove...Paul Henry Lang

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Noted musicologist’s exceptionally full and detailed study of the man, his music and his times — widely considered the standard biography. Childhood, early music training, years in London; composition of Messiah, other oratorios and operas;… more

George Frideric Handel (Dover Books on Music)
Paul Henry Lang
Dover Publications , English
Magic, White and Black, or t... - Franz Hartmann

Magic, White and Black, or t...Franz Hartmann

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Elibron Classics Series. This is a digitized replica of 1886 edition by G. Redway, London. This edition contains illustrations. This inspiring book has been recommended to others for decades and has become a classic in the field of magic, m… more

Magic, White and Black, or the Science of Finite and Infinite Life, Containing Practical Hints for Students in Occultism.
Franz Hartmann
Adegi Graphics LLC , English
Still the One - Bella Passion

Still the OneBella Passion

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Romance Novels BestsellersStella went back to London to try and win back Simon, the boyfriend she left without a word, because of a grave reason. As expected, this guy was still mad at her. But she was decided. She won’t let his anger get i… more

Still the One
Bella Passion
SANCTUARY - Mike Carter


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Midnight will greet you with whispersThat invade your memoryAnd haunt your dreamsFor soon the time draws near when the world will know the truthAnd then the dark lords will once again walk the landWhat went before was merely a beginning~~~D… more

Mike Carter
AuthorHouse , English
Living the Dream - A Novelet... - Amanda Green

Living the Dream - A Novelet...Amanda Green

Essentially a psychologically twisted style story, this book contains some offensive language and is suitable for adults only. It touches on sexual and domestic abuse of women, mental health and features three women, in East London, linked … more

Living the Dream - A Novelette (An Amanda Green Novelette Book 1)
Amanda Green
Amanda Green , English
The Mutiny of the Elsinore - Jack London

The Mutiny of the ElsinoreJack London

The officers of THE ELSINORE who are faced with mutiny by their crew. It’s inspiring to read a book that’s this well written. London was a great man of action and intellect.

The Mutiny of the Elsinore
Jack London
LeClue 22 , English
THE VAMPIRE - A Tale By John... - John William Polidori

THE VAMPIRE - A Tale By John...John William Polidori

The universal belief is, that a person sucked by a vampyre becomes a vampyre himself, and sucks in his turn. IT happened that in the midst of the dissipations attendant upon a London winter, there appeared at the various parties of the lead… more

THE VAMPIRE - A Tale By John William Polidori
John William Polidori
Who Was William Shakespeare:... - Dympna Callaghan

Who Was William Shakespeare:...Dympna Callaghan

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A new study of Shakespeare’s life and times, which illuminates our understanding and appreciation of his works.Combines an accessible fully historicised treatment of both the life and the plays, suited to both undergraduate and popular audi… more

Who Was William Shakespeare: An Introduction to the Life and Works
Dympna Callaghan
Wiley-Blackwell , English
Last Men in London - Olaf Stapledon

Last Men in LondonOlaf Stapledon

The narrator is the same member of the eighteenth and final human species who purportedly induced Stapledon to write Last and First Men. Last Men in London is the story of this being’s exploration of the consciousness of a present-day Engli… more

Last Men in London
Olaf Stapledon
Dizzy Dilemmas - Mary Beeken

Dizzy DilemmasMary Beeken

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The Duke of Glenmore had not been in London many days before he became the target of every determined matchmaker and their tenacious daughters. His first encounter with the youngest child of the Earl of Elveston leads him to believe she is … more

Dizzy Dilemmas
Mary Beeken
Driven (Broken Blue 1.7) - Amy Cross

Driven (Broken Blue 1.7)Amy Cross

Shocked by Mark’s betrayal, Elly is determined to get as far away from him as possible. However, she soon finds herself drawn to learn more about the mysterious game, leading to an encounter she will never forget in the heart of London.Mean… more

Driven (Broken Blue 1.7)
Amy Cross
Dark Season Books , English
The Bridesmaid - Ruth Rendell

The BridesmaidRuth Rendell

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A man falls under the spell of a mysterious woman, a marble statue, and a lover’s promise—and must confront his role in the violence and death that follow Meeting Senta, a woman who looks like a certain marble statue of the goddess Flora, i… more

The Bridesmaid
Ruth Rendell
Open Road Media , English
Gigolo Volume 2 A Pleasant Surprise - Christina Williams

Gigolo Volume 2 A Pleasant SurpriseChristina Williams

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Introduction “My job involves a lot of travelling and I sometimes take advantage of the fact that I am abroad and away from my husband to indulge myself. I usually have lesbian flings whenever I can. I met this very pretty woman in London a… more

Gigolo Volume 2 A Pleasant Surprise
Christina Williams
Trijjonue Books , English
Christ Of History: An Argume... - John Young

Christ Of History: An Argume...John Young

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THIS book appeals to those who are prepared to treat, if with severe, yet also with dispassionate criticism, one of the gravest subjects of human inquiry. It is not formally controversial, but it is virtually so, and is offered as a humble … more

Christ Of History: An Argument Grounded In The Facts Of His Life On Earth
John Young
A Vampire's Dominion (Stone ... - Vanessa Fewings

A Vampire's Dominion (Stone ...Vanessa Fewings

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Vampires Jadeon and Orpheus have a few things in common. They both hate each other. They’ve both killed each other. And they both just woke up in the same body. When a vampiric reincarnation goes tragically wrong, two immortals find themsel… more

A Vampire’s Dominion (Stone Masters Vampire series Book 3)
Vanessa Fewings
VMK , English