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The Thief Taker (The Thief T... - C.S. Quinn

The Thief Taker (The Thief T...C.S. Quinn

The year is 1665. Black Death ravages London. A killer stalks the streets in a plague doctor’s hood and mask…When a girl is gruesomely murdered, thief taker Charlie Tuesday reluctantly agrees to take on the case. But the horrific remains … more

The Thief Taker (The Thief Taker Series Book 1)
C.S. Quinn
Thomas & Mercer , English
Sentimental Tommy - J. M. Barrie

Sentimental TommyJ. M. Barrie

The celebrated Tommy first comes into view on a dirty London stair, and he was in sexless garments, which were all he had, and he was five, and so though we are looking at him, we must do it sideways, lest he sit down hurriedly to hide the… more

Sentimental Tommy
J. M. Barrie
rhonda valley boy - john evans

rhonda valley boyjohn evans

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The life of a welsh man working in london due to the lack of work at home.

rhonda valley boy
john evans
gm publications , English
Oliver Twist (Enriched Classics) - Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist (Enriched Classics)Charles Dickens

This darkly satiric indictment of the social ills of Victorian London tells the story of a young orphan who becomes involved with a gang of criminals. THIS ENRICHED CLASSIC EDITION INCLUDES: • A concise introduction that gives the reader… more

Oliver Twist (Enriched Classics)
Charles Dickens
Simon & Schuster , English
The Master of Misrule - Laura Powell

The Master of MisruleLaura Powell

Thriller, magic, mystery, love and betrayal: in the cards and in these pages.” —KirkusWhen Cat and her friends put an end to the sinister Game of Triumphs, they thought they could simply collect their prizes and walk away. But they unwitti… more

The Master of Misrule
Laura Powell
Knopf Books for Young Readers , English
Old-Fashioned Children's Sto... - J R Stone

Old-Fashioned Children's Sto...J R Stone

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Old-Fashioned Children’s Stories is a collection of old-fashioned and long-forgotten children’s stories. It provides odds and ends as well—amusing characteristics of times when our mothers’ and fathers’ great great grandparents wore short f… more

Old-Fashioned Children’s Stories Volume III
J R Stone
Rod Stone Group , English


When Chas Barker and his friend Gray Foster are entrusted with overseeing the car lot belonging to Chas’ elder brother Tel, they are not keen because it’s one of many gangland businesses belonging to Tel Barker; who is a face in Southeast … more

Louise Maria
Dark Games: A Short Story - JK Ensley, Jennifer Ensley

Dark Games: A Short StoryJK Ensley, Jennifer Ensley

An innocent birthday game turns into a terrifying ordeal as London tries to fight her way out of the darkness while avoiding the unknown beasts stalking her.

When London returns home after a twelve year sabbatical, her old friends go above… more

Dark Games: A Short Story
JK Ensley, Jennifer Ensley
See You In The Morning - John L Eddy

See You In The MorningJohn L Eddy

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This historic novel is about the Blitz on London during the Second World War. The story is told from the perspective of what the experience was like for those who lived, loved, and died there. History and fiction are intertwined to tell the… more

See You In The Morning
John L Eddy
THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTES (Volume 1) - Richard Watson


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Originally published in 1855The object of this work is to exhibit the Evidences; Doctrines, Morals, and Institutions of Christianity, in a form adapted to the use of young Ministers, and Students in Divinity, It is hoped also that it may su… more

Richard Watson
The Lamp: A Short Story - Agatha Christie

The Lamp: A Short StoryAgatha Christie

Previously published in the print anthology The Golden Ball and Other Stories.Thirty years ago, a house was inhabited by a man and his young son. One day the man traveled to London, was recognized as a criminal, and shot himself. What ever … more

The Lamp: A Short Story
Agatha Christie
Witness Impulse , English
The Doggies of Buckingham Pa... - JK Ireland

The Doggies of Buckingham Pa...JK Ireland

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The third book in the Floppy and Bertie series aimed at children aged 6-8

The story follows two teddies called Floppy and Bertie who go to London and visit Buckingham Palace. Trouble is in store as they get lost in the Palace! However, … more

The Doggies of Buckingham Palace (The Adventures Of Floppy And Bertie Book 3)
JK Ireland
JK Ireland Publishing , English
A Cautionary Tale: The New Bosworth - Joanie Swift

A Cautionary Tale: The New BosworthJoanie Swift

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If only the Battle of Bosworth had not ended in a Tudor victory … Ah, but it did, unfortunately. So now, nearly five hundred years later, in the London of 1952, on the anniversary of Richard’s birth, events take place to right the terri… more

A Cautionary Tale: The New Bosworth
Joanie Swift
Joanie Swift , English
Katie's Hero (Crimson Romance) - Cody Young

Katie's Hero (Crimson Romance)Cody Young

1 rating

London, 1940Katie’s got a guilty secret and she’s hiding out in London. Bombs are falling all around her, but she doesn’t care if she lives or dies.Michael is a handsome young pilot who likes to play the hero, especially when there’s a pret… more

Katie’s Hero (Crimson Romance)
Cody Young
Crimson Romance , English
The Retirement Plan - Richard L Wiseman

The Retirement PlanRichard L Wiseman

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A screenplay about five unknown criminals known as the Shadow Gang who commit the first computer crime in 1986 at the London stock market. They wait 20 years to get their money, but it doesn’t go according to plan. A humorous and poignant l… more

The Retirement Plan
Richard L Wiseman


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“Good girls don’t mix with bad boys,” that’s what they told young, conservative Tobi, when she’s smitten by alluring, playboy Richard. Ignoring his background and an uncertain future, she plunges into his exciting world of romance. But Rich… more

Of the Blood - Tessa Lane

Of the BloodTessa Lane

A beautiful prostitute walks the dark city streets of Old London, looking for trade. Little does she know that a vampire lies in wait, hungering for her fair, young flesh, and thirsting for her fragrant blood. They come together in a night … more

Of the Blood
Tessa Lane
Amira Press , English
The Rise of the English Regi... -

The Rise of the English Regi...

This book analyzes devolution as it affects the English Regions, working from the perspective of uneven development, and drawing on the rich tradition of regional geography. Currently, London is the power centre ruling over the other Englis… more

The Rise of the English Regions? (Regions and Cities)
Routledge , English
Changes - Will Tate

ChangesWill Tate

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Wrapped in the cocoon of her father’s wealth, Rose enjoys her life. Today she stalks the perfect pair of shoes through downtown London, her two best friends close on her heels. But not all her father’s money can save her when a truck barrel… more

Will Tate
Gelastic Press , English