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The Town - Leigh  Hunt

The TownLeigh Hunt

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Excerpt:In this volume entitled “The Town,” the reader will find an account of London, partly topographical and historical, but chiefly recalling the memories of remarkable characters and events associated with its streets between St. Paul’… more

The Town
Leigh Hunt
The Love of Her Life - Harriet Evans

The Love of Her LifeHarriet Evans

From the author of A Hopeless Romantic and Going Home comes an engaging new novel about a young woman who suffers loss and heartbreak—only to regain a chance at happiness when she least expects it. Thirty-year-old Kate Miller fled London … more

The Love of Her Life
Harriet Evans
Pocket Books , English
The Calla Lilies - David Earle

The Calla LiliesDavid Earle

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The Calla Lilies is a narrative account of the first London bombings at the onset of the Blitz as seen through the eyes of a young child and the unusual symbolic circumstances by which she is able to find hope and optimism amid fear, confus… more

The Calla Lilies
David Earle
David Earle , English
Grave Expectations - Charles Dickens, Sherri Brow...

Grave ExpectationsCharles Dickens, Sherri Brow...

Heaven knows, we need never be ashamed of our wolfish cravings… . Bristly, sensitive, and meat-hungry Pip is a robust young whelp, an orphan born under a full moon. Between hunting escaped convicts alongside zombified soldiers, trying … more

Grave Expectations
Charles Dickens, Sherri Browning Erwin
Gallery Books , English
A Necessary Bride - Debra Mullins

A Necessary BrideDebra Mullins

When a self–made American man and a most proper English lady meet in Regency London, it’s a total clash – and attraction – of opposites.

A Necessary Bride
Debra Mullins
HarperCollins e-books , English
The history and antiquities ... - Thomas Allen

The history and antiquities ...Thomas Allen

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The history and antiquities of London - Westminster - Southwark and parts adjacent

The history and antiquities of London - Westminster - Southwark and parts adjacent
Thomas Allen
Whistler - T. Martin  Wood

WhistlerT. Martin Wood

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Excerpt:At the time when Rossetti and his circle were foregathering chiefly at Rossetti’s house, quiet Chelsea scarcely knew how daily were associations added which will always cluster round her name. Whistler’s share in those associations … more

T. Martin Wood
Sheikh's Woman - Alexandra Sellers

Sheikh's WomanAlexandra Sellers

She’ d awakened in a hospital, confused, to discover she was mother to a newborn…and wife to a steely- eyed stranger. Mere hours after gazing on Ishaq Ahmadi in London, Anna found herself at their desert home, which seemed both hauntingly… more

Sheikh’s Woman
Alexandra Sellers
Silhouette Desire , English
Jack the Ripper: The Hand of... - John Morris

Jack the Ripper: The Hand of...John Morris

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The Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 continue to exert a macabre hold on the collective imagination of the masses more than a century later, and this book, the result of extensive research, sheds some light on them. Among the first serial mu… more

Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman
John Morris
Seren , English
The Case That Time Forgot (T... - Tracy Barrett

The Case That Time Forgot (T...Tracy Barrett

Xander’s classmate Karim tells him about a famous amulet carved in the shape of Thoth, the Egyptian god of time. It was thought to be so powerful that it could turn back time one day every hundred years. And that day is in a week! The amule… more

The Case That Time Forgot (The Sherlock Files)
Tracy Barrett
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) , English
Forbidden Lust - Illustrated - Eric Buchman

Forbidden Lust - IllustratedEric Buchman

Paul is out for the season and has wonderful prospects. He is handsome, accomplished and waywared. He does not know what to do with his life so he spends a season visiting houses with imaginative maids. He soon becomes their favorites and i… more

Forbidden Lust - Illustrated
Eric Buchman
309 East 83rd Publishing , English
The War of the Worlds, Plus ... - H.G. Wells, Eric Brown

The War of the Worlds, Plus ...H.G. Wells, Eric Brown

THE CLASSIC SCIENCE FICTION TALE THAT WILL EAT YOUR BRAINS! Never before in the history of warfare had destruction been so indiscriminate and so universal. Panic descends upon planet Earth once more as H. G. Wells’s terrify- ing cosmic inva… more

The War of the Worlds, Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies
H.G. Wells, Eric Brown
Gallery Books , English
English National Education - Henry Holman

English National EducationHenry Holman

This Elibron Classics book is a reprint of a 1898 edition by Blackie & Son, London.

English National Education
Henry Holman
Adamant Media Corporation , English
The Marriage Mart - Elizabeth Chater

The Marriage MartElizabeth Chater

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Athena always has her nose in a book, despite her grandmother’s insistence she find herself a husband. Her grandmother has a plan, take her to London, transform her from an ugly duckling into a swan, and marry her off to the first bachelor … more

The Marriage Mart
Elizabeth Chater
Chater Publishing , English
Trust - David Gersch

TrustDavid Gersch

Set in contemporary London, David, the narrator, is married, has a solid career in the City and his dream house. Self-made, from humble roots in the East End of London, he has worked hard to get where he is. But all of this comes crashing d… more

David Gersch
The HUNTED MAN Series Book 1... - PJ SHANN

The HUNTED MAN Series Book 1...PJ SHANN

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Please note this story is a rewritten version of the original OLD DOG NEW TRICK, expanded from 7,200 to 13,000 words to become Book 1 of the new HUNTED MAN Series.

This is a dark crime story about Kavanagh, a small-time North London crimin… more

PJ SHANN , English
Wrath: The Niteclif Evolutions - Denise Tompkins

Wrath: The Niteclif EvolutionsDenise Tompkins

Average wait: 206d, 21h

Haunted by personal betrayal, stalked by a murderer and taunted by destiny. Finding justice—not to mention a little faith—has never been so hard. The Niteclif Evolutions, Book 2A murderer is terrorizing the streets of London, targeting wome… more

Wrath: The Niteclif Evolutions
Denise Tompkins
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
Half Alive - John Dempsey

Half AliveJohn Dempsey

You Got To Be A Crazy Speed Freak To Survive Down HereDanny the Demon races into the underground. Beat up old guitar strung across his back, he takes four lightning strides past the ancient wrinkled newspaper seller with the bulbous purple … more

Half Alive
John Dempsey
The Bar-and-Frame-Hive (illu... - W. Augustus Munn

The Bar-and-Frame-Hive (illu...W. Augustus Munn

PREFACE Having been frequently requested to explain the use of the bar-and-frame-hive, in the management of bees, I have been induced to print the following pamphlet, to point out the advantages this new hive possesses over the common ones…. more

The Bar-and-Frame-Hive (illustrated with diagrams)
W. Augustus Munn
LittleWhiteEbook.com , English
Dark Tales - Chester Lee

Dark TalesChester Lee

Amy moved to London to forget her past and to start a new life. Little did she know that the city of dreams would become that of nightmares. A world of abuse and torture that would take every ounce of strength for her to escape.

Dark Tales
Chester Lee