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The Curse of the Chocolate Phoenix - Kate Saunders

The Curse of the Chocolate PhoenixKate Saunders

The exciting companion to THE WHIZZ POP CHOCOLATE SHOP. A secret government department, once again, needs the magical help of Oz and Lily in a desperate mission. The children must travel back in time to the height of the Blitz. Can they def… more

The Curse of the Chocolate Phoenix
Kate Saunders
Marion Lloyd Books , English
Repression - Rob Lowe

RepressionRob Lowe

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London 1898.

A woman walks the streets of Shoreditch carrying a secret that could get her killed. But how can she protect herself when she cannot remember what it is?

Rob Lowe
Atlantic Bay Press , English
By Means of Clockwork Select... - Polenth Blake

By Means of Clockwork Select...Polenth Blake

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Connie survived the plague that devastated plants, animals and clockwork alike. Her life has settled into the relative peace of farming clockwork ponies and marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Bess. But the threat of plague is never far a… more

By Means of Clockwork Selection (Clockwork Plague Book 1)
Polenth Blake
Salmonia - Days of fly fishing - Sir Humphry Davy

Salmonia - Days of fly fishingSir Humphry Davy

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(…)” OR, DAYS OF FLY FISHING. FIRST DAY. HALIEUSPOIETESPH YSICUSORNITHER. INTRODUCTORY CONVERSATIONSYMPOSIAC. Scene, London. PHYS. — HALIEUS, I dare say you know where this excellent trout was caught: I never ate a better fis… more

Salmonia - Days of fly fishing
Sir Humphry Davy
Duchess in Love (Duchess Qua... - Eloisa James

Duchess in Love (Duchess Qua...Eloisa James

A Duke in RetreatGina was forced into marriage with the Duke of Girton at an age when she’d have been better off in a schoolroom than a ballroom. Directly after the ceremony her handsome spouse promptly fled to the continent, leaving the ma… more

Duchess in Love (Duchess Quartet Book 1)
Eloisa James
HarperCollins e-books , English
Lost and Found in London - Kathleen O'Hara

Lost and Found in LondonKathleen O'Hara

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Kathleen was lost in London; now she’s aboutto be found”

Lost and Found in London
Kathleen O’Hara
Xlibris , English
London Stories: Searching fo... - Gareth Johnson

London Stories: Searching fo...Gareth Johnson

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Short stories about a group of friends finding love and adventure in London.

London Stories: Searching for love and adventure in London.
Gareth Johnson
In the Family Way - James Commins

In the Family WayJames Commins

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In London, a terrible cost must be repaid. A post-modern gothic short story, where not everything is as it seems, no matter how it is being seen, or by whom.

In the Family Way
James Commins
The Art treasures of London ... - Hugh Stokes

The Art treasures of London ...Hugh Stokes

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The Art treasures of London : painting. 220 Pages.

The Art treasures of London : painting
Hugh Stokes
Rise and Fall of Mary Jackson Peale - M. G. Crisci

Rise and Fall of Mary Jackson PealeM. G. Crisci

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THE RISE AND FALL OF MARY JACKSON PEALE is the engaging, complex character study of a British theatrical agent who was born with an insatiable appetite to consume all that life had to offer. For Mary, life knew no boundaries, as she became … more

Rise and Fall of Mary Jackson Peale
M. G. Crisci
Orca Publishing Company , English
The Road - Jack London

The RoadJack London

What Mr. London did so graphically for the poorest quarters of London a few years ago, he now does for the American underworld of the tramp and hobo, a territory in which his young Wanderlust led him far afield.

The Road
Jack London
Start Classics , English
Compendium of Zeolite Framew... - Henk van Koningsveld

Compendium of Zeolite Framew...Henk van Koningsveld

This compendium describes all known zeolite framework types. The first part gives a pictorial description of how the framework can be built using periodic building units (PerBUs). The PerBUs are built from smaller units composed of a limite… more

Compendium of Zeolite Framework Types: Building Schemes and Type Characteristics
Henk van Koningsveld
Elsevier Science , English
The adventures of Paolo: Whe... - Gareth Johnson

The adventures of Paolo: Whe...Gareth Johnson

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An art history student from Italy, Paolo is wanting to experience all that London has to offer - the galleries, the culture, and inevitably the men.

The adventures of Paolo: When you are a young Italian guy in London, everything is an adventure!
Gareth Johnson
The Brotherhood (Blood Moon Book 2) - Dawn Thompson

The Brotherhood (Blood Moon Book 2)Dawn Thompson

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Joss Hyde-White left London for answers about who and what he was. What he found, with night falling, Cornwall consumed by a snowstorm quickly obscuring the road, was a carriage—a brougham by the look of it—its snow-covered horses standing … more

The Brotherhood (Blood Moon Book 2)
Dawn Thompson
Montlake Romance , English
The Classic Works of Sir Max... - Sir Max Pemberton

The Classic Works of Sir Max...Sir Max Pemberton

Average wait: N/A

The House Under the Sea - A RomanceAladdin of London - Lodestar The Iron Pirate - A Plain Tale of Strange Happenings on the SeaThe Man Who Drove the Car

The Classic Works of Sir Max Pemberton
Sir Max Pemberton
Knots and No Crosses - Hitesha Deshpande

Knots and No CrossesHitesha Deshpande

The woman he had no intentions of loving, but who he did love, hopelessly. The woman he had no intentions of dating, but had ended up committing himself to. The woman who had always been four years elder to him, but realised it only when sh… more

Knots and No Crosses
Hitesha Deshpande
Fever Crumb (Mortal Engines ... - Philip Reeve

Fever Crumb (Mortal Engines ...Philip Reeve

1 rating

Long before the days of Mortal Engines, London is poised on the brink of apocalypse. Huge armoured fortresses are advancing across the wastelands - a new and terrifying kind of enemy. The city is days away from ruin. Buried in London’s past… more

Fever Crumb (Mortal Engines Quartet)
Philip Reeve
Marion Lloyd Books , English
A London Holiday: Short story - Stefano Costantini

A London Holiday: Short storyStefano Costantini

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Thuy has just arrived in London, ready to start a new chapter of her life. But, on the very first day, she loses all her money to a scam. Will she make it in the Big Smoke?

A London Holiday: Short story
Stefano Costantini
You Crossed The Line: A tale... - Tommy Taylor

You Crossed The Line: A tale...Tommy Taylor

Two girls growing up with different family backgrounds in the East end of London. They become very good friends but as time goes by their togetherness takes a back seat when separated by education. One of the girls falls in love with the ot… more

You Crossed The Line: A tale of love over personal friendship
Tommy Taylor
Tommy Taylor , English