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We and the World, Part IIJuliana Horatia Gatty Ewing

A friend in need is a friend indeed.”—Old Proverb. I have often thought that the biggest bit of good luck (and I was lucky), which befell me on my outset into the world, was that the man I sat next to in the railway carriage was not a r… more

We and the World, Part II
Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing

El médico moreno (con Biogra...Arthur Conan Doyle

En “El Médico Moreno”, Aloysius Lana, de cuya vida pasada poco o nada se sabe, ejerce su profesión de médico en Bishop’s Crossin, una pequeña aldea cercana a Liverpool. Se suscita en este relato un asunto de chantaje y, al parecer, un bruta… more

El médico moreno (con Biografía) (Spanish Edition)
Arthur Conan Doyle

Bayard Taylor - Views a-footBayard Taylor

An excerpt from the book - An enthusiastic desire of visiting the Old World haunted me from earlychildhood. I cherished a presentiment, amounting almost to belief, thatI should one day behold the scenes, among which my fancy had so longwand… more

Bayard Taylor - Views a-foot
Bayard Taylor

Read the Beatles: Classic an...

A must-have volume for all Beatles fans-a career-spanning selection of writings about the Fab Four There are, of course, many books on the Beatles, but this is the only one available that is a comprehensive, career-spanning collection of j… more

Read the Beatles: Classic and New Writings on the Beatles, Their Legacy, and Why They Still Matter
Penguin Books , English

Walking on WaterDavid Green

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First published in 2006 this collection of poems brought together some of the author’s best work, including the prize-winning ‘The Cathedrals of Liverpool’.

Walking on Water
David Green
David Green (Books) , English

Liverpool 1907Dixon Scott

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This is a reproduction of a book first published in 1907. If you have some connection with Liverpool then you will enjoy this gem.The original book had imperfections and I think it’s a fascinating insight to Liverpool at the turn of the las… more

Liverpool 1907
Dixon Scott
Paul Button , English

The Beatles IQ: The Ultimate...C. Dismas Burgess

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The Beatles! The Fab Four! The Mop-tops! The Lads from Liverpool! The Men from Merseyside! No matter what you call them the fact is they were the pinnacle of music & entertainment acts in the twentieth century.Even today their brand is beyo… more

The Beatles IQ: The Ultimate Test of Fab Four Fandom (THE ULTIMATE TEST OF TRUE FANDOM)
C. Dismas Burgess
Black Mesa Publishing , English

The Virginia Housewife : Cla...Mary Randolph

The Virginia Housewife : Classic Cook Book, -This ebook included TOC for Reader. -Included About the Biography’s Author.-New Illustrations Added!!This sample in ebook “BEEF. DIRECTIONS FOR CURING BEEF.Prepare your brine in the middle of Oct… more

The Virginia Housewife : Classic Cook Book (Annotated & Illustrated)
Mary Randolph

We and the World, Part IIJuliana Horatia Gatty Ewing

A friend in need is a friend indeed.”—Old Proverb. I have often thought that the biggest bit of good luck (and I was lucky), which befell me on my outset into the world, was that the man I sat next to in the railway carriage was not a r… more

We and the World, Part II
Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing

Mad Half HoursRachel Arvanitis

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A short bittersweet collection of poetic memories of a childhood lost in working class Liverpool. This short anthology of twelve poems takes an empathetic and cold light of day look at divorce and absent fathers, death, relationships, toil… more

Mad Half Hours
Rachel Arvanitis

The Art of Public Speaking (...Dale Carnegie

Training in public speaking is not a matter of externals—primarily; it is not a matter of imitation—fundamentally; it is not a matter of conformity to standards—at all. Public speaking is public utterance, public issuance, of the man him… more

The Art of Public Speaking (Annotated)
Dale Carnegie

Playing with the DevilDr Raymond Haller

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Kenedy ask if i would like to hear a story, i said what about, he said about the devil, i laughed, he said no don’t laugh, this is a true story, yer right, said i, ok shoot i replied, he said this happened when the war was going on, down a … more

Playing with the Devil
Dr Raymond Haller
Dr Raymond Haller , English

Me an our Kid Part DeuxMichael Yarwood

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The true story continues about two brothers growing up in postwar Liverpool.Being from a broken home and stigmatised for most of their childhood as no hopers and vagabonds. Life in the early 1950s was hard enough without this added pressure… more

Me an our Kid Part Deux
Michael Yarwood
Michael Yarwood , English

Mid-Life CrisisVictoria Hughes

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Mid-Life Crisis is the story of Dionne, a Liverpool-lass who feels like she is the only “normal” person in her household, from her “mad dad” to her “meditating mother” she has never received the support she needed. The story is her journey … more

Mid-Life Crisis
Victoria Hughes

Penny Lane : A True StoryPeter Walsh

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A true story about a Liverpool builder who comes across a life changing oportunity which takes him on a hilarious journey to the oposite side of the world.

Penny Lane : A True Story
Peter Walsh

The Lion KillerJames McDonald

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LIVERPOOL 1923 A series of murders took place that rocked the nation.Someone was killing the remaining members of the Liverpool Pals Battalion who had survived the carnage of the Great War.Who was committing these crimes and why?…..”

The Lion Killer
James McDonald
AuthorHouse , English

Fun Quizzes for the Kop: 101...Fatima Books

If you are Liverpool fan, if you are the Kop, what do you know about Liverpool football club? Everything about Liverpool FC is here. It included the club history, the past managers, the past players, the club records, etc.

Fun Quizzes for the Kop: 101 Unofficial Interactive Quizzes about Liverpool FC
Fatima Books
Fatima Books , English

Oh Joey Joey. A Dog in the LaneJan Sear

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A novella, aimed at both adults and older children (10+) relating to the life story of a German Shepherd residing in an antique shop in Lark Lane,Liverpool 17. The novella is based loosely on the biography of an actual dog, Mojo, a local c… more

Oh Joey Joey. A Dog in the Lane
Jan Sear
Amorous Cat Press , English

SamanthaK. Morris

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Samantha tells a story of a young girl forced into prostitution in the city of Liverpool. Can Sam’s love for Peter, a man she meets in a nightclub, save her? Or will Sam end her life in the murky waters of Liverpool’s Albert Dock?

K. Morris

Strands: A Year of Discoveri...Jean Sprackland

Strands describes a year’s worth of walking on the ultimate beach: inter-tidal and constantly turning up revelations: mermaid’s purses, lugworms, sea potatoes, messages in bottles, buried cars, beached whales and a perfect cup from a Cunard… more

Strands: A Year of Discoveries on the Beach
Jean Sprackland
Vintage Digital , English