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Must Be Love - Dallas Coleman

Must Be LoveDallas Coleman

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Nick figures his thing with doctor Lee can’t be love. A break-up and booty calls sure don’t add up to something permanent. Still, even agreeing to his best friend’s plan to set Nick up on a date can’t keep him apart from Lee when a family e… more

Must Be Love
Dallas Coleman
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Anguish: The Story of Lee and Me - Mark W. Littman

Anguish: The Story of Lee and MeMark W. Littman

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Lee’s death left Mark wrestling with a profound grief compounded by deep shock and nagging guilt. He was in no shape to resist when a friend pressed him to see a woman who allegedly talked with the deceased. Open to metaphysical phenomena b… more

Anguish: The Story of Lee and Me
Mark W. Littman
Mark Littman, MA , English
Mrs Lee's Toilet (My Mature ... - Alex Jones

Mrs Lee's Toilet (My Mature ...Alex Jones

Collage student Brian rents a room from Mrs Lee, an attractive and lively lady in her 50s. But Mrs Lee is no ordinary landlady. As Brian discovers, she likes to sexually dominate younger men through watersports. Graphically written for love… more

Mrs Lee’s Toilet (My Mature Mistress Humiliates Me)
Alex Jones
Bridge of Dreams (Ephemera) - Anne Bishop

Bridge of Dreams (Ephemera)Anne Bishop

Return to New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop’s Ephemera, a world of strange and magical landscapes connected only by bridges—bridges that may transport you where you truly belong, rather than where you wish to go.When wizards thr… more

Bridge of Dreams (Ephemera)
Anne Bishop
Roc , English
Rachel's Milk: An Erotic Sto... - Clara Bell

Rachel's Milk: An Erotic Sto...Clara Bell

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She Travels with Rachel into New Erotic Territory… ABOUT THIS STORY: When lesbian Lee, who has always secretly hungered for heterosexual Rachel, sees for the first time Rachel breastfeeding her new baby, Lee discards her hands-off rule ab… more

Rachel’s Milk: An Erotic Story of Lesbian Love
Clara Bell
Spectrum Diva , English
The Gift - B T Palmer

The GiftB T Palmer

(The Gift by B T Palmer)Lee’s father is a horrible man, he is a bully. He makes Lee’s and his mothers life hell. They need help. They need to escape; but they never imagined what kind of help was coming to the rescue.

The Gift
B T Palmer


Here the staunch Julia lies at anchor waiting for a change in the wind and a break in the fog. To-day will be memorable in the annals of the “Micmac” Indians, for Prof. Lee has spent his enforced leisure in putting in anthropometric work am… more

BOWDOIN BOYS IN LABRADOR An Account of the Bowdoin College Scientific Expedition to Labrador Led by Prof. Leslie A. Lee of the Biological Department
Interracial Sex Stories BWAM... - Naomi Love

Interracial Sex Stories BWAM...Naomi Love

SinfulBooks.com Presents..My Secret Asian Affair (Interracial Sex Stories BWAM)Warning: This book contains Erotic sex scenes involving a black woman and an Asian man. This is for mature audiences only. (c 5000 words)Candice is not enjoying … more

Interracial Sex Stories BWAM: My Secret Asian Affair
Naomi Love
SinfulBooks.com , English
Can This Marriage Stuff Work? - Ronnie L. Lee

Can This Marriage Stuff Work?Ronnie L. Lee

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Can This Marriage Stuff Work? is designed to help couples who are involved in a committed relationship by offering them the necessary tools to build a strong and lasting relationship. It helps enable them to weather the storms that committe… more

Can This Marriage Stuff Work?
Ronnie L. Lee
WestBowPress , English
Blockage Come Early - Jamie Wright

Blockage Come EarlyJamie Wright

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Two gay themed stories which are in turn dark, comedic and sexy. Take a look at the life of camp little Lee Lee as he visits anger management. And drop in on a young therapy client struggling with ‘mastabatory blockage’.

Blockage Come Early
Jamie Wright
Can This Marriage Stuff Work? - Ronnie Lee

Can This Marriage Stuff Work?Ronnie Lee

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Can This Marriage Stuff Work? is designed to help couples who are involved in a committed relationship by offering them the necessary tools to build a strong and lasting relationship. It helps enable them to weather the storms that committe… more

Can This Marriage Stuff Work?
Ronnie Lee
WestBowPress , English
The Birthday Party [Illustra... - Oliver Optic

The Birthday Party [Illustra...Oliver Optic

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I.Flora Lee’s birthday came in July. Her mother wished very much to celebrate the occasion in a proper manner. Flora was a good girl, and her parents were always glad to do any thing they could to please her, and to increase her[Pg 8] happi… more

The Birthday Party [Illustrated] A Story for Little Folks
Oliver Optic
Running the World's Markets:... - Ruben Lee

Running the World's Markets:...Ruben Lee

The efficiency, safety, and soundness of financial markets depend on the operation of core infrastructure—exchanges, central counter-parties, and central securities depositories. How these institutions are governed critically affects their… more

Running the World’s Markets: The Governance of Financial Infrastructure
Ruben Lee
Princeton University Press , English
Cookies - Sarah Black

CookiesSarah Black

Kenny Lee had avoided the cutthroat competition between cooks until his old friend Julio lures him into a friendly little cookie booth at the farmer’s market. Then the competition heats up, the cookies heat up, and Julio and Kenny Lee find … more

Sarah Black
Changeling Press, LLC , English
Walking the Labyrinth - Lois Cloarec Hart

Walking the LabyrinthLois Cloarec Hart

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Is there life after loss? Lee Glenn, co-owner of a private security company, didn’t think so. Crushed by grief after the death of her wife, she uncharacteristically retreats from life. But love doesn’t give up easily. After her friends and… more

Walking the Labyrinth
Lois Cloarec Hart
Ylva Publishing , English
Arms of Deliverance: A Story... - Tricia N Goyer

Arms of Deliverance: A Story...Tricia N Goyer

Average wait: 579d, 14h

Arms of Deliverance is the fourth and final chapter in the thrilling World War II series. Mary and Lee have gone from best friends to competing WWII journalists, but a bombing raid gone wrong puts Mary’s life at risk and sends Lee on a hero… more

Arms of Deliverance: A Story of Promise
Tricia N Goyer
Moody Publishers , English
Mud On The Tires - B.A. Tortuga

Mud On The TiresB.A. Tortuga

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Lee is having a pretty bad day. It’s hot, the cows are getting stuck in the mud and he’s just gotten grit in places a man should never have grit in. So what’s a cowboy to do?

Meet the man of his dreams, of course. Collin comes along just i… more

Mud On The Tires
B.A. Tortuga
Torquere Press , English
Faith and Love: Moving Along... - Virginia Lee Edge

Faith and Love: Moving Along...Virginia Lee Edge

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Faith and Love: Moving Along Through Biblical Truth by: Virginia Lee Edge

Faith and Love: Moving Along Through Biblical Truth
Virginia Lee Edge
Xlibris , English
Knights of Bonalla, Volume One - Paul England

Knights of Bonalla, Volume OnePaul England

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Knights of Bonalla SeriesVolume OneBy Paul EnglandContains the first two books in the series; Zoom One & Commando.Brad and Lee are good friends. They do everything together and are seldom seen apart. They are totally different in character … more

Knights of Bonalla, Volume One
Paul England
Afire: Shimmer - Sarah Masters

Afire: ShimmerSarah Masters

Lee and Ryan, away for a long weekend to try and accept the terrible events that have plagued their lives, both learn that despite the horrors they have endured, they still have the most important thing—each other. Acceptance is sometimes h… more

Afire: Shimmer
Sarah Masters