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How to Become a Master of Fe... - ASP

How to Become a Master of Fe...ASP

Here’s your chance to learn what few men know…and take a woman to heights of ecstasy like she’s never experienced before! Not even when she’s pleasing herself privately! Dear friend,At last… in the privacy of your own home… you can no… more

How to Become a Master of Female Orgasms: “Powerful and Shocking Secrets That Can Give YOU The Ability To Make Any Woman Explode With Orgasmic Pleasure…Almost On Command! (Adults Only) AAA+++
Find the Leader in You: A Gu... - Jennifer E. Rhule

Find the Leader in You: A Gu...Jennifer E. Rhule

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Finding happiness, peace and freedom is something that we all aspire to attain. In this fast pace, changing and increasingly demanding world you can find yourself in a place you don’t want to be, having drifted away from the things that rea… more

Find the Leader in You: A Guide to Discovering Your Unlimited Potential
Jennifer E. Rhule
AuthorHouse , English
Predestined (The Preordained... - Kelly Libsack

Predestined (The Preordained...Kelly Libsack

Kort and Seth reappear in Faith’s life bringing news of a new threat against humanity: an ex-archangel hit squad is scrambling to break through to this world. Faith has to put her torn affection for the two angelic brothers aside, and Kort… more

Predestined (The Preordained Series, #2)
Kelly Libsack
After The End - Melissa Gibbo

After The EndMelissa Gibbo

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The story of a woman surviving a zombie outbreak by creating a tense alliance of humans and vampires; it follows their interactions as this community faces a life remade by death. She must battle both her past and her growing feelings for o… more

After The End
Melissa Gibbo
Ashes of the Day (Children o... - P.G. Forte

Ashes of the Day (Children o...P.G. Forte

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Only blood can break your heart. Children of Night, Book 4New Year’s Eve, 1999. The world is braced for Y2K, but that’s not the only ticking time bomb in Conrad’s life. Damian wouldn’t be the first vampire to find a way to die, but Conrad i… more

Ashes of the Day (Children of Night)
P.G. Forte
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English
The Diamond Approach: An Int... - John Davis

The Diamond Approach: An Int...John Davis

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TheDiamond Approach has been developed and taught over the last twenty-five yearsby Hameed Ali (known chiefly by his pen name, A. H. Almaas), who is widelyrecognized as a leader in the integration of spirituality and psychology. Thisis the … more

The Diamond Approach: An Introduction to the Teachings of A. H. Almaas
John Davis
Shambhala Publications , English
Veiled - S.B. Niccum

VeiledS.B. Niccum

“I have always existed, not just me but all of us, the un-embodied spirits who wait to live.” Tess is an unborn spirit, who is about to embark on a much awaited journey into mortality to a brand new planet called Earth. She is chosen by the… more

S.B. Niccum
TreasureLine Publishing , English
Doubleshot - Raymond Benson

DoubleshotRaymond Benson

The criminal conspiracy called the Union has vowed its revenge on the man who thwarted its last coup - James Bond. As the Union’s mysterious leader sets out to destroy Bond’s reputation and sanity, 007 edges closer to the truth about their … more

Raymond Benson
Ian Fleming Publications , English
Rayven's Awakening - Sherri L. King

Rayven's AwakeningSherri L. King

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Nearly thirty years ago, an infant came to Earth, sent from the stars with the hopes of many resting on her shoulders. She was an orphan alone and unaware of her legacy…of her destiny. He was a warrior, a leader of a magical people. He fo… more

Rayven’s Awakening
Sherri L. King
Ellora’s Cave , English
The Enuma Elish: The Seven T... - Leonard William King

The Enuma Elish: The Seven T...Leonard William King

This is L.W. Kings’ authoritative work on the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation myth. This etext includes the complete introduction, and the English text of the Enuma Elish and other related texts, with selected footnotes. The Enuma Elis… more

The Enuma Elish: The Seven Tablets of Creation
Leonard William King
Crate Training Puppies and D... - Jolie Anne  Jameson

Crate Training Puppies and D...Jolie Anne Jameson

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Create The Right Environment For Your Puppy Or Dog To Thrive In Your Home!Are you a new puppy owner, dog owner-to-be or the owner of a doggy terror?Are you having trouble with house training your puppy, over-excitability, destruction, or tr… more

Crate Training Puppies and Dogs at Home: Puppy and Dog Care Training at Home Volume 1
Jolie Anne Jameson
Understanding You - Stacy-Lynn

Understanding YouStacy-Lynn

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Throughout our lives we all go through many challenging situations that have dictated our reality. We allow ourselves to be the victim of our past which in turn creates our present and our future. I am able to help you uncover why. This sev… more

Understanding You
Authorhouse , English
The Quest For Gillian's Heart - Catherine Snodgrass

The Quest For Gillian's HeartCatherine Snodgrass

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Andor never believes any woman could grab his heart much less enflame it, until an Irish lass named Gillian comes into his life. Gillian will do all she can to save the child she carries from harm even if that means marrying the leader of t… more

The Quest For Gillian’s Heart
Catherine Snodgrass
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English
Winning Grants Step by Step ... - Mim Carlson, Tori O'Neal-McElrath

Winning Grants Step by Step ...Mim Carlson, Tori O'Neal-McElrath

In the highly competitive arena of grantseeking, fundraisers need resources in order to win grants and fulfill their organization’s mission. This new, thoroughly updated edition of the bestseller offers a guide that any organization can use… more

Winning Grants Step by Step (The Jossey-Bass Nonprofit Guidebook Series)
Mim Carlson, Tori O’Neal-McElrath
Jossey-Bass , English
Bad Juju - Naomi Kramer

Bad JujuNaomi Kramer

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A collection of short-short stories with paranormal and supernatural themes.A vampire seduces a lonely man.Zombie teenagers with attitude!A carpet python has an odd story to tell about Eden.The leader of a werewolf pack goes missing.Death f… more

Bad Juju
Naomi Kramer
Wolves of the Beyond #5: Spi... - Kathryn Lasky

Wolves of the Beyond #5: Spi...Kathryn Lasky

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Faolan, a wolf once doomed to die, struggles to fufill his destiny as the leader of the wolves of Beyond.No one ever saw Faolan as a leader. Banished as a pup, he survived and returned as a gnaw wolf-the lowest member of the wolf pack. But … more

Wolves of the Beyond #5: Spirit Wolf
Kathryn Lasky
Scholastic Inc. , English
Kings of Morning (The Macht Book 3) - Paul Kearney

Kings of Morning (The Macht Book 3)Paul Kearney

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For the first time in recorded history, the ferocious city-states of the Macht now acknowledge a single man as their overlord. Corvus, the strange, brilliant boy-general, is now High King, having united his people in a fearsome, bloody camp… more

Kings of Morning (The Macht Book 3)
Paul Kearney
Solaris , English
Fire Proof Heart (The Wolf H... - Mary Borsellino

Fire Proof Heart (The Wolf H...Mary Borsellino

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The Wolf House: Fire Proof Heart is the story of two vampires, very different from one another: Blake, the capricious, charming leader of the most powerful vampire pack in the city, and Ash, the broken debutante gripped by a bloodlust she c… more

Fire Proof Heart (The Wolf House Book 4)
Mary Borsellino
Omnium Gatherum , English
Light of the Sun (Book Three... - Karah Quinney

Light of the Sun (Book Three...Karah Quinney

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Karah Quinney has captured the imagination of readers everywhere with her superbly written tales of prehistoric fiction. Now she continues the exquisite saga of The Seeking… more

Light of the Sun (Book Three - The Great Land )
Karah Quinney
Kennedy Publishing , English
DANGEROUS SECRETS - Brittany Nicole Allen

DANGEROUS SECRETSBrittany Nicole Allen

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Augusta is an assassin who was in witness protection who first goes by her new name Katrina. She stopped killing after awhile after her last assignment but soon goes back in to business. The next people she is hired to kill have a very secr… more

Brittany Nicole Allen
Brittany Nicole Allen , English