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A Rest by Any Other Name (A ... - Chelsea Baker

A Rest by Any Other Name (A ...Chelsea Baker

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Warren is a man willing to do anything to protect his prosperous company from ruin, so when his lawyer brings him complaints of sexual harassment he soon finds himself in a position to investigate the problem personally.

A Rest by Any Other Name (A Little Bit of Girl Time: Volume I)
Chelsea Baker
Haven Bookworks , English
Another Taste of Destiny - Lea Barrymire

Another Taste of DestinyLea Barrymire

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Joe’s marriage is on the rocks. His wife has even seen a lawyer. So it’s the worst possible time for a brassy hooker to walk into his life and send him reeling with lust. After a quick-and-dirty encounter in a men’s bathroom, Joe is hard pr… more

Another Taste of Destiny
Lea Barrymire
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
A City Schoolgirl - May Baldwin

A City SchoolgirlMay Baldwin

”These are the facts, Miss Wharton; hard facts no doubt, but you wished for the truth, and indeed I could not have hidden it from you even if I had wished to do so.” So said a keen but kindly faced old gentleman, as he sat in an office s… more

A City Schoolgirl
May Baldwin
Arrested: What to Do When Yo... - Wes Denham

Arrested: What to Do When Yo...Wes Denham

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Whether a defendant is charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct or first-degree murder, this is an indispensable guide for those who want to support family members, partners, or friends facing criminal charges. Draining away the confusio… more

Arrested: What to Do When Your Loved One’s in Jail
Wes Denham
Chicago Review Press , English
How Can You Represent Those People? -

How Can You Represent Those People?

How Can You Represent Those People? is the first-ever collection of essays offering a response to the ‘Cocktail Party Question’ asked of every criminal lawyer. Contributors include prominent lawyers and rising stars, each offering a differe… more

How Can You Represent Those People?
Palgrave Macmillan , English
How to Cheat and Not Get Cau... - James Thesiger

How to Cheat and Not Get Cau...James Thesiger

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How to Cheat and Not Get Caught”The Guidebook for Married Dating for Men and WomenThis exclusive and powerful material is packed with well thought out psychology and practical techniques on how to have an affair. In this packge you’ll get:… more

How to Cheat and Not Get Caught - The Guidebook for Married Dating for Men and Women
James Thesiger
My Backdoor Boy: A First Ana... - Angela Ward

My Backdoor Boy: A First Ana...Angela Ward

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On the day my divorce was final, I went on the prowl. I was excited when I found a much younger man who wanted me. It was wonderful and sexy and sweet, and I couldn’t believe how good it was. And then suddenly, without warning, my young … more

My Backdoor Boy: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story
Angela Ward
Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press , English
King Pin Wifeys Part 6: A St... - K. Elliott

King Pin Wifeys Part 6: A St...K. Elliott

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In Part 6 Starr confronts Trey about the package and all his indiscretions. She is ultimately faced with a choice, whether to stay with the man that keeps breaking her heart, or leave. And if she leaves, where would she go? What would she d… more

King Pin Wifeys Part 6: A Starr Is Born
K. Elliott
Dark Covenant - Peter Luther

Dark CovenantPeter Luther

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A vivid novel full of suspense, magic and mystery. In the nineteenth century a sinister publication transformed a disfigured prostitute into a beautiful and wealthy socialite. Her estate and her legacy continued long after her death. Now i… more

Dark Covenant
Peter Luther
Y Lolfa , English
Bioethics and the Christian ... - David VanDrunen

Bioethics and the Christian ...David VanDrunen

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Just about everyone will face a difficult bioethics decision at some point. In this book a theologian, ethicist, and lawyer equips Christians to make such decisions based on biblical truth, wisdom, and virtue. Though a relatively new discip… more

Bioethics and the Christian Life: A Guide to Making Difficult Decisions
David VanDrunen
Crossway Books , English
Cuckolded By My Divorce Lawy... - Yoli Kim

Cuckolded By My Divorce Lawy...Yoli Kim

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It’s bad when you find pictures of your wife getting naked with a stranger. It’s worse when you discover she’s banging the lawyer you hired to manage your divorce, and it’s the worst when they violate your vows right in front of you in thei… more

Cuckolded By My Divorce Lawyer! (Cuckold Erotica.)
Yoli Kim
Life after divorce (Brillian... - Infinite Ideas

Life after divorce (Brillian...Infinite Ideas

Getting divorced is never easy but you can help to make the process reasonably civilised and reduce the collateral damage. In Life after divorce there are many practical ideas for putting your life back together and keeping it that way. The… more

Life after divorce (Brilliant Little Ideas)
Infinite Ideas
Infinite Ideas , English
Poems: Patriotic, Religious,... - Abram J. Ryan

Poems: Patriotic, Religious,...Abram J. Ryan

These verses (which some friends call by the higher title of Poems, to which appellation the author objects) were written at random — off and on, here, there, anywhere — just when the mood came, with little of study and less of art, and a… more

Poems: Patriotic, Religious, Miscellaneous
Abram J. Ryan
Bankruptcy for Small Busines... - Stephen, Attorney Elias

Bankruptcy for Small Busines...Stephen, Attorney Elias

Wipe out business debts and get a fresh start!Small businesses are failing at record rates, and business bankruptcies are on the rise; more than 43,000 were filed in 2008-up 53% over the previous year. Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners h… more

Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners: How to File for Chapter 7
Stephen, Attorney Elias
NOLO , English


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A teenage son sees red after his lawyer father is verbally and physically abusive. This leads to a showdown in their driveway.

Kirby Wright
Lemon Shark Press , English
Bankruptcy for Small Busines... - Attorney Stephen Elias, Beth...

Bankruptcy for Small Busines...Attorney Stephen Elias, Beth...

 Use Chapter 7 bankruptcy to wipe out your debts!     Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners has the strategies and solutions you need to assess the financial condition of your business and determine whether you should declare bankruptcy ... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B004HZZ2C0/#editorial-review">more</a>
Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners: How to File for Chapter 7
Attorney Stephen Elias, Bethany K. Laurence
Nolo , English
Of One Stem - Carol North

Of One StemCarol North

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Short story about a shapeshifter seeking revenge on a lawyer. Word count: 4,400.

Of One Stem
Carol North
Carol North , English
INNOCENT VICTIM - Matthew L. Martin


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A lawyer cross-examines the defendant in a murder case. She’s accused of killing her husband, and the lawyer is pretty sure he’s got it in the bag. But his surprise bombshell, designed to swing the jury in his favor, might actually reveal t… more

Matthew L. Martin
Let's Kill Hugh (John's Law ... - Peter Cain

Let's Kill Hugh (John's Law ...Peter Cain

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A lawyer who was aced out of his job by a rival is now the main suspect when that rival is found killed. This is the only lawyer book you will ever read that has funny sex scenes and no melodramatic courtroom tedium.

Let’s Kill Hugh (John’s Law Mysteries)
Peter Cain
Swan Duckling Press , English
Understanding Family Law - John De Witt Gregory, Peter ...

Understanding Family LawJohn De Witt Gregory, Peter ...

This clearly-written Understanding treatise includes coverage of both traditional and nontraditional families, nonmarital and postmarital contracts, annulment, paternity and legitimacy, procreation rights, contraception, abortion, steriliza… more

Understanding Family Law
John De Witt Gregory, Peter N. Swisher, Sheryl L. Wolf
LexisNexis , English