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Cuckolded By My Divorce Lawy... - Yoli Kim

Cuckolded By My Divorce Lawy...Yoli Kim

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It’s bad when you find pictures of your wife getting naked with a stranger. It’s worse when you discover she’s banging the lawyer you hired to manage your divorce, and it’s the worst when they violate your vows right in front of you in thei… more

Cuckolded By My Divorce Lawyer! (Cuckold Erotica.)
Yoli Kim
Secret Lives: Letters of a M... - Sean Day

Secret Lives: Letters of a M...Sean Day

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A successful lawyer looking for an affair; a frustrated wife trappedin an unfulfilling marriage join the ranks of a new breed of men andtheir mistresses. Meeting on one of the well-known internet marrieddating sites he belongs in the class … more

Secret Lives: Letters of a Married Man to his Lover
Sean Day
Cider Press , English
Grand Central Question: Answ... - Abdu H. Murray

Grand Central Question: Answ...Abdu H. Murray

All religions and worldviews seek to answer the fundamental questions of human existence: Why am I here? What does it mean to be human? Why is there evil in the world and how do we deal with it? But not every worldview places equal emphasis… more

Grand Central Question: Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews
Abdu H. Murray
IVP Books , English
How Can You Represent Those People? -

How Can You Represent Those People?

How Can You Represent Those People? is the first-ever collection of essays offering a response to the ‘Cocktail Party Question’ asked of every criminal lawyer. Contributors include prominent lawyers and rising stars, each offering a differe… more

How Can You Represent Those People?
Palgrave Macmillan , English
The Path Through Divorce: Th... - Leigh Daniel

The Path Through Divorce: Th...Leigh Daniel

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This guidebook will take you from the beginning to end in your Divorce process. With the information contained within you can prepare yourself and help your lawyer prepare the best possible case. This information will lead you to the opti… more

The Path Through Divorce: The Ultimate Guide for Attaining Your Divorce Goals
Leigh Daniel
Infinite Joy , English
Life after divorce (Brillian... - Infinite Ideas

Life after divorce (Brillian...Infinite Ideas

Getting divorced is never easy but you can help to make the process reasonably civilised and reduce the collateral damage. In Life after divorce there are many practical ideas for putting your life back together and keeping it that way. The… more

Life after divorce (Brilliant Little Ideas)
Infinite Ideas
Infinite Ideas , English
It's Gonna Hurt (Sin City Ga... - Evan J. Xavier

It's Gonna Hurt (Sin City Ga...Evan J. Xavier

When Ian decides to hire a lawyer to handle his assets, he thinks his dreams have cum true. Not only is Jason smart, successful, and sexy, he knows how to handle Ian, perhaps a little too well. Ian’s controlling attempts to seduce his lawye… more

It’s Gonna Hurt (Sin City Gay Erotic Tales #2)
Evan J. Xavier
Purple Fig Press , English
That Night with the Billiona... - Viola Linde

That Night with the Billiona...Viola Linde

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As the doors opened and she stepped out into the hustle and bustle of lab coats her phone vibrated in her bra. With a slight blush she pulled it out, embarrassed. Thankfully no one noticed her as she reached down her shirt. She brought the … more

That Night with the Billionaire (The Billionaire’s Secretary Book 2)
Viola Linde
Sandra Lustful her cousin er... - Angela Minx

Sandra Lustful her cousin er...Angela Minx

er eyes were half closed unable to truly see anything before her, so lost was she in her own pleasure. One hand continued to jerk against Ray’s wrist while the other came up to caress her own sensitive throat.  Ray was aware of the other ma… more

Sandra Lustful her cousin erotic sexual taboo kinky sexual content (Sandra Lustful erotic Taboo, #1)
Angela Minx
Bighousepub,LLC , English
Kingpin Wifeys Box Set, Seri... - K. Elliott

Kingpin Wifeys Box Set, Seri...K. Elliott

This box set combines the drama of Kingpin Wifeys Part 5 & 6.

In the long awaited Part 5, Lani mourns the loss of Chris. Questions arise about Black’s involvement. Was he or wasn’t he involved in Chris’ death? And if he was, what is Lani … more

Kingpin Wifeys Box Set, Series 5 & 6
K. Elliott
The Blonde - Camera Erotica

The BlondeCamera Erotica

Rachel is a 40-year-old lawyer who has recently discovered the joys of nude modeling. She came straight from the office to our studio to show us what she’s got. And she’s got a lot: a classic 36-24-36 figure, beautiful long blonde hair, and… more

The Blonde
Camera Erotica
Camera Erotica Publications , English
Is This It? - Julie Thomlinson

Is This It?Julie Thomlinson

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Abigail is a middle aged, successful lawyer - and single. Suddenly things start changing in her life when she orders a home delivery pizza.

Is This It?
Julie Thomlinson
Gabriel's Lady - Charlotte Hubbard

Gabriel's LadyCharlotte Hubbard

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.Those were the words spoken at his beautiful young bride’s graveside, but Gabriel Getty found they held little comfort for him. At twenty-seven, his life was over: his wife and unborn child gone, hi… more

Gabriel’s Lady
Charlotte Hubbard
Montlake Romance , English
How To Divorce Cheaply - Fred Upp

How To Divorce CheaplyFred Upp

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In today’s stagnant economy, more couples planning to divorce are choosing to represent themselves instead of paying thousands of dollars to asset draining attorneys. This chapbook offers practical advice that will save you an enormous amo… more

How To Divorce Cheaply
Fred Upp
Fred Upp , English
Arrested: What to Do When Yo... - Wes Denham

Arrested: What to Do When Yo...Wes Denham

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Whether a defendant is charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct or first-degree murder, this is an indispensable guide for those who want to support family members, partners, or friends facing criminal charges. Draining away the confusio… more

Arrested: What to Do When Your Loved One’s in Jail
Wes Denham
Chicago Review Press , English
How to Reduce Fear of a Depo... - Voyle Glover

How to Reduce Fear of a Depo...Voyle Glover

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Reduce Your Fear Of A Deposition Using This Handbook. Know your rights!

Anyone who has ever gotten a Notice of Deposition knows the fear that came with the notice. Most people have never been deposed and the thought of sitting as a witnes… more

How to Reduce Fear of a Deposition: Handbook for the Layperson (A Deposition Handbook With Preparation Advice For The Layperson)
Voyle Glover
Brevia Books , English
Perfect Murder - Shakuntala Devi

Perfect MurderShakuntala Devi

Shakuntala Devi the mathematical genius often called the ‘Human Computer’ turns her attention to study the highly complex mental equations of a human mind gripped by greed, lust and selfishness.A tense drama of the gradual transformation of… more

Perfect Murder
Shakuntala Devi
Orient Publishing , English
2010 Consumer Action Handbook -

2010 Consumer Action Handbook

This everyday guide to being a smart shopper is hot off the press and chock-full of helpful tips about preventing identity theft, understanding credit, filing a consumer complaint, and much more. In the 2010 edition, you’ll find updated inf… more

2010 Consumer Action Handbook
LittleWhiteEbook.com , English
A Rest by Any Other Name (A ... - Chelsea Baker

A Rest by Any Other Name (A ...Chelsea Baker

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Warren is a man willing to do anything to protect his prosperous company from ruin, so when his lawyer brings him complaints of sexual harassment he soon finds himself in a position to investigate the problem personally.

A Rest by Any Other Name (A Little Bit of Girl Time: Volume I Book 8)
Chelsea Baker
Haven Bookworks , English
Some Hope: Book Three of the... - Edward St. Aubyn

Some Hope: Book Three of the...Edward St. Aubyn

Some Hope, the third installment in Edward St. Aubyn’s wonderful, wry, and profound Patrick Melrose Cycle, is centered on a dinner party, attended by the illustrious and profane elite of British society. Patrick, who is now thirty and tryin… more

Some Hope: Book Three of the Patrick Melrose Novels
Edward St. Aubyn
Picador , English