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Bankruptcy for Small Busines... - Attorney Stephen Elias, Beth...

Bankruptcy for Small Busines...Attorney Stephen Elias, Beth...

 Use Chapter 7 bankruptcy to wipe out your debts!     Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners has the strategies and solutions you need to assess the financial condition of your business and determine whether you should declare bankruptcy ... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B004HZZ2C0/#editorial-review">more</a>
Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners: How to File for Chapter 7
Attorney Stephen Elias, Bethany K. Laurence
Nolo , English
TRUE TERROR APOCALYPSE Book 1 Lust - Alice Greylace

TRUE TERROR APOCALYPSE Book 1 LustAlice Greylace

True Terror Apocalypse is an end times story of seduction and the battle between good and evil. In the first installment of this series [Lust ] we follow the early stages of the last great war. The plan to rule the world and overthrow the r… more

Alice Greylace
Tumbling Through Life - Melanie Trevelyan

Tumbling Through LifeMelanie Trevelyan

Average wait: N/A

Tears, triumph and tantrums, and that’s just the clients! This is the story of a lawyer’s rollercoaster year.With clients from the realms of the rich and famous, adept only at getting themselves into awful trouble, Caroline has to sort it a… more

Tumbling Through Life
Melanie Trevelyan
Shark: A Short Story - Ryne Douglas Pearson

Shark: A Short StoryRyne Douglas Pearson

Average wait: N/A

Note: ‘Shark’ is a short story (approximately 2,800 words), and is included in the collection ‘Dark and Darker’. If you own ‘Dark and Darker’, you already have this story.A lawyer learns there are consequences to winning in court when he ac… more

Shark: A Short Story
Ryne Douglas Pearson
Schmuck & Underwood , English
Another Taste of Destiny - Lea Barrymire

Another Taste of DestinyLea Barrymire

Average wait: N/A

Joe’s marriage is on the rocks. His wife has even seen a lawyer. So it’s the worst possible time for a brassy hooker to walk into his life and send him reeling with lust. After a quick-and-dirty encounter in a men’s bathroom, Joe is hard pr… more

Another Taste of Destiny
Lea Barrymire
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English
A Lawyer's Guide to Crisis P... - Roger Lee Gillott, Eden Gill...

A Lawyer's Guide to Crisis P...Roger Lee Gillott, Eden Gill...

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Ever do something you immediately regretted? Wish you could take back those words you just blurted out? Keep on wishing. Odds are against you. Eventually, almost everyone will get their 15 seconds of notoriety. So expect the worst and get p… more

A Lawyer’s Guide to Crisis PR Protecting Your Clients In & From the Media
Roger Lee Gillott, Eden Gillott Bowe
The Discovery of the Future ... - Herbert George Wells

The Discovery of the Future ...Herbert George Wells

IT will lead into my subject most conveniently to contrast and separate two divergent types of mind, types which are to be distinguished chiefly by their attitude toward time, and more particularly by the relative importance they attach and… more

The Discovery of the Future (Illustrated)
Herbert George Wells
Some Hope: Book Three of the... - Edward St. Aubyn

Some Hope: Book Three of the...Edward St. Aubyn

Some Hope, the third installment in Edward St. Aubyn’s wonderful, wry, and profound Patrick Melrose Cycle, is centered on a dinner party, attended by the illustrious and profane elite of British society. Patrick, who is now thirty and tryin… more

Some Hope: Book Three of the Patrick Melrose Novels
Edward St. Aubyn
Picador , English
Cuckolded By My Divorce Lawy... - Yoli Kim

Cuckolded By My Divorce Lawy...Yoli Kim

Average wait: N/A

It’s bad when you find pictures of your wife getting naked with a stranger. It’s worse when you discover she’s banging the lawyer you hired to manage your divorce, and it’s the worst when they violate your vows right in front of you in thei… more

Cuckolded By My Divorce Lawyer! (Cuckold Erotica.)
Yoli Kim
Faery Me [Phanta City 3] (Si... - Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen

Faery Me [Phanta City 3] (Si...Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, fae, HEA] One night of passion led to a life neither of them expected… Cass A. Nova has a way with words. Unfortunately, his pickup lines… more

Faery Me [Phanta City 3] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen
Siren Publishing , English
Bankruptcy for Small Busines... - Stephen, Attorney Elias

Bankruptcy for Small Busines...Stephen, Attorney Elias

Wipe out business debts and get a fresh start!Small businesses are failing at record rates, and business bankruptcies are on the rise; more than 43,000 were filed in 2008-up 53% over the previous year. Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners h… more

Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners: How to File for Chapter 7
Stephen, Attorney Elias
NOLO , English
KingPin Wifeys Part 6: A Sta... - K. Elliott

KingPin Wifeys Part 6: A Sta...K. Elliott

Average wait: 28d, 12h

In Part 6 Starr confronts Trey about the package and all his indiscretions. She is ultimately faced with a choice, whether to stay with the man that keeps breaking her heart, or leave. And if she leaves, where would she go? What would she d… more

KingPin Wifeys Part 6: A Starr Is Born
K. Elliott
1990s TRIVIA (TRIVIA by Todd... - Todd J. Brock

1990s TRIVIA (TRIVIA by Todd...Todd J. Brock

Average wait: N/A

Do you know which lawyer led O.J. Simpson’s defense team during his murder trial? Or what was the highest-grossing film of the decade?

This is a short and sweet trivia book—201 trivia questions about the “me” decade of the 1990s. And I … more

1990s TRIVIA (TRIVIA by Todd Brock Book 4)
Todd J. Brock
Secret Lives: Letters of a M... - Sean Day

Secret Lives: Letters of a M...Sean Day

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A successful lawyer looking for an affair; a frustrated wife trappedin an unfulfilling marriage join the ranks of a new breed of men andtheir mistresses. Meeting on one of the well-known internet marrieddating sites he belongs in the class … more

Secret Lives: Letters of a Married Man to his Lover
Sean Day
Cider Press , English


Average wait: N/A

A teenage son sees red after his lawyer father is verbally and physically abusive. This leads to a showdown in their driveway.

Kirby Wright
Lemon Shark Press , English
A City Schoolgirl - May Baldwin

A City SchoolgirlMay Baldwin

”These are the facts, Miss Wharton; hard facts no doubt, but you wished for the truth, and indeed I could not have hidden it from you even if I had wished to do so.” So said a keen but kindly faced old gentleman, as he sat in an office s… more

A City Schoolgirl
May Baldwin
Lawyer | Legal Help | parale... - Jeffery King

Lawyer | Legal Help | parale...Jeffery King

Average wait: N/A

How To Be Your Own Lawyer!

Lawyer | Legal Help | paralegal | Criminal lawyer | How To Be Your Own Lawyer
Jeffery King
Of One Stem - Carol North

Of One StemCarol North

Average wait: N/A

Short story about a shapeshifter seeking revenge on a lawyer. Word count: 4,400.

Of One Stem
Carol North
Carol North , English
A Cat in Cream - Dextrousleftie

A Cat in CreamDextrousleftie

Average wait: N/A

When a cat burglar out on a job saves a lawyer from being killed by a crazed one-night stand, both of their lives are changed forever. And somewhere along the way, the now former cat burglar realizes that even the not-so-good people of this… more

A Cat in Cream
DLs Yaoi-Polloi , English
Hell's Lawyer - C.G. Itzak

Hell's LawyerC.G. Itzak

Average wait: N/A

A lawyer works for the Devil in this humorous take on the afterlife.About eight pages in length.

Hell’s Lawyer
C.G. Itzak