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Karen of Troy - Emily Frankel

Karen of TroyEmily Frankel

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Karen is in the midst of a bitter divorce after 35 years of marriage and four children. Feeling like an utter failure, she goes back to school to become a lawyer. The rueful funny handbook she writes on how to survive growing old, speaks to… more

Karen of Troy
Emily Frankel
A Question of Time - Michael H. Cohen

A Question of TimeMichael H. Cohen

A Question of Time describes the journey through hypnosis into the unconscious mind, where the protagonist, a lawyer, faces the light and shadows of consciousness, and discover his true identity.

A Question of Time
Michael H. Cohen
Trafford Publishing , English
Week Of The Golden Girl (Gir... - S. R. Delaney

Week Of The Golden Girl (Gir...S. R. Delaney

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When a young lawyer starts taking the bus to his new job, he finds his seatmate has more in store for him than he imagined. In the course of a short week, they share a torrid connection — without leaving their seats.”Week Of The Golden G… more

Week Of The Golden Girl (Girls On Top Book 1)
S. R. Delaney
My Backdoor Boy: A First Ana... - Angela Ward

My Backdoor Boy: A First Ana...Angela Ward

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On the day my divorce was final, I went on the prowl. I was excited when I found a much younger man who wanted me. It was wonderful and sexy and sweet, and I couldn’t believe how good it was. And then suddenly, without warning, my young … more

My Backdoor Boy: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story
Angela Ward
Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press , English
College Majors: The Best Col... - Ashley Foley

College Majors: The Best Col...Ashley Foley

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Are you about to enter college and you have NO idea what you want to do?

Are you in college already and you STILL are completely confused on what you want to be?

Choosing a major that suits you is a life changing decision. It is what you … more

College Majors: The Best College Majors and How to Choose your Major
Ashley Foley
Doing Your Own Divorce: 8 St... - Vivian C. Rodriguez

Doing Your Own Divorce: 8 St...Vivian C. Rodriguez

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The state of the economy is not necessarily the only reason people choose to represent themselves in a divorce, without a lawyer; some of us are do-it-yourselfers.Doing Your Own Divorce is intended for situations where the divorce is contes… more

Doing Your Own Divorce: 8 Steps & Tips to Prepare Yourself
Vivian C. Rodriguez
Vivian C Rodriguez , English
Gabriel's Lady - Charlotte Hubbard

Gabriel's LadyCharlotte Hubbard

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The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.Those were the words spoken at his beautiful young bride’s graveside, but Gabriel Getty found they held little comfort for him. At twenty-seven, his life was over: his wife and unborn child gone, hi… more

Gabriel’s Lady
Charlotte Hubbard
Montlake Romance , English
Mineral Hunters (Space Explo... - Matthew Hawking

Mineral Hunters (Space Explo...Matthew Hawking

Earth as you know it, is busy dying.Global warming has evolved. Minerals on earth eroding away.What happens when humanity has to take serious steps for serious results? These serious plans may include you being used as a pawn without your c… more

Mineral Hunters (Space Exploration Part 1)
Matthew Hawking
Justice My Way A New Dawn - Ian Oldfield

Justice My Way A New DawnIan Oldfield

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This is vigilante hero type of book where you can actually imagine yourself doing what our hero does. You will with each page say yes, I would do that. It also shows the erotic side of life as a lawyer!!!

Imagine yourself losing your lov… more

Justice My Way A New Dawn
Ian Oldfield
Let's Kill Hugh (John's Law ... - Peter Cain

Let's Kill Hugh (John's Law ...Peter Cain

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A lawyer who was aced out of his job by a rival is now the main suspect when that rival is found killed. This is the only lawyer book you will ever read that has funny sex scenes and no melodramatic courtroom tedium.

Let’s Kill Hugh (John’s Law Mysteries)
Peter Cain
Swan Duckling Press , English
Divorce (52 Brilliant Ideas) - Infinite Ideas, Victoria Perrett

Divorce (52 Brilliant Ideas)Infinite Ideas, Victoria Perrett

Getting divorced is never easy but you can help to make the process reasonably civilised and reduce the collateral damage. In Divorce there are 52 practical ideas to do just that, with tips on protecting children, picking the right lawyer, … more

Divorce (52 Brilliant Ideas)
Infinite Ideas, Victoria Perrett
Infinite Ideas , English
To Be A Cop (Short Story) - Bill Bernico

To Be A Cop (Short Story)Bill Bernico

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Ross has almost finished college. He had originally intended to become a lawyer, but with his family history it may not be an easy decision. His father and grandfather were both policemen and Ross isn’t sure if he’s making the right choic… more

To Be A Cop (Short Story)
Bill Bernico
Downwind Publications , English
The Blonde - Camera Erotica

The BlondeCamera Erotica

Rachel is a 40-year-old lawyer who has recently discovered the joys of nude modeling. She came straight from the office to our studio to show us what she’s got. And she’s got a lot: a classic 36-24-36 figure, beautiful long blonde hair, and… more

The Blonde
Camera Erotica
Camera Erotica Publications , English
Time Zero - Warren LeRoi Johns

Time ZeroWarren LeRoi Johns

A Big Picture glimpse of the origin of life on Planet Earth with a landmark analysis highlighting the scientific impossibility of the chance hypothesis offering a valid explanation for our beginning.More than exposing the flaws and holes in… more

Time Zero
Warren LeRoi Johns
www.GenesisFile.com , English
How To Divorce Cheaply - Fred Upp

How To Divorce CheaplyFred Upp

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In today’s stagnant economy, more couples planning to divorce are choosing to represent themselves instead of paying thousands of dollars to asset draining attorneys. This chapbook offers practical advice that will save you an enormous amou… more

How To Divorce Cheaply
Fred Upp
Fred Upp , English
Is This It? - Julie Thomlinson

Is This It?Julie Thomlinson

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Abigail is a middle aged, successful lawyer - and single. Suddenly things start changing in her life when she orders a home delivery pizza.

Is This It?
Julie Thomlinson
Interview with Steve Berry -

Interview with Steve Berry

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The master of the page-turning thriller, spoke about the creative process behind his work, research, and his career as a lawyer before writing full time.

Interview with Steve Berry
The Fundamentals of Hedge Fu... - Daniel A. Strachman

The Fundamentals of Hedge Fu...Daniel A. Strachman

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The tools and techniques needed to successfully launch and maintain a hedge fundIn The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management, both budding and established hedge fund managers will learn the fundamentals of building and maintaining a success… more

The Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management: How to Successfully Launch and Operate a Hedge Fund (Wiley Finance)
Daniel A. Strachman
Wiley , English
Sandra Lustful her cousin er... - Angela Minx

Sandra Lustful her cousin er...Angela Minx

er eyes were half closed unable to truly see anything before her, so lost was she in her own pleasure. One hand continued to jerk against Ray’s wrist while the other came up to caress her own sensitive throat.  Ray was aware of the other ma… more

Sandra Lustful her cousin erotic sexual taboo kinky sexual content (Sandra Lustful erotic Taboo, #1)
Angela Minx
Bighousepub,LLC , English
How to Cheat and Not Get Cau... - James Thesiger

How to Cheat and Not Get Cau...James Thesiger

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How to Cheat and Not Get Caught”The Guidebook for Married Dating for Men and WomenThis exclusive and powerful material is packed with well thought out psychology and practical techniques on how to have an affair. In this packge you’ll get:… more

How to Cheat and Not Get Caught - The Guidebook for Married Dating for Men and Women
James Thesiger