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Mussukunda (Malinding Book 2) - Tom Ireland

Mussukunda (Malinding Book 2)Tom Ireland

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Izzy, longing for romance, finds her life changed when a baked bean lands on a copy of her local newspaper. She paints a staircase, re-homes a dog and drives a Land Rover. West Africa will never be the same again! (Nor will Izzy!)

Mussukunda (Malinding Book 2)
Tom Ireland
G.O.E.S. , English
"You are Mine Always" (Who's... - Vernistene Dulin

"You are Mine Always" (Who's...Vernistene Dulin

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. I need time to think. His grandmother told me not to let him run over me. I know he isn’t intentionally doing anything that would hurt me or us. He’s just being the protective man he is but he has to understand we are partners in this mar… more

You are Mine Always” (Who’s Your Daddy? Book 4)
Vernistene Dulin
Across the Sahara by Land Ro... - Murray Gough, Peter Travers

Across the Sahara by Land Ro...Murray Gough, Peter Travers

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Three New Zealand friends confronting middle-age set out to explore the world and the great sweep of people who inhabit it. A 4WD journey across the Sahara to West and Central Africa - sights & adventures from one of the world’s most colour… more

Across the Sahara by Land Rover to West and Central Africa [What the Hell Are We Doing Here!]
Murray Gough, Peter Travers
Overland Publishing Ltd , English
Land Rover Defender, 90 and ... - James Taylor

Land Rover Defender, 90 and ...James Taylor

Land Rover Defender, 90 and 110 Range - 30 Years of the Coil-Spring 4x4 Models charts the evolution of the coil-sprung Defender vehicles. When Land Rover switched from leaf springs to coil springs for their utility models in 1983, it was a… more

Land Rover Defender, 90 and 110 Range: 30 Years of the Coil-Sprung 4x4 Models (Crowood Autoclassics)
James Taylor
Crowood , English
Home Sweet Land Rover - Bonnie Maxie, Mark Maxie

Home Sweet Land RoverBonnie Maxie, Mark Maxie

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This is our story of a four week camping safari adventure in a roof tent atop a Land Rover in Botswana and Namibia in Southern Africa. We visit the beautiful sand dunes of Sesrium and the Etosha game preserve in Namibia. Our visit to Botswa… more

Home Sweet Land Rover
Bonnie Maxie, Mark Maxie
Land Rover: The Story Behind... - David Phillips

Land Rover: The Story Behind...David Phillips

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From its humble beginnings in 1948 as a basic 4x4 for farmers, Land Rover has come a long way. Renowned Land Rover author and journalist David Phillips documents that journey, with an entertaining and informative story of all the famous veh… more

Land Rover: The Story Behind The Legend
David Phillips
Nene Valley Media , English
Whatever You Do, Don't Run: ... - Peter Allison

Whatever You Do, Don't Run: ...Peter Allison

1 rating

A hilarious, highly original collection of essays based on the Botswana truism: “only food runs!”

Whatever You Do, Don’t Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide
Peter Allison
Lyons Press , English
What the Hell Are We Doing H... - Murray Gough, Peter Travers

What the Hell Are We Doing H...Murray Gough, Peter Travers

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Three New Zealand friends confronting middle-age set out to explore the world and the great sweep of people who inhabit it. A 4WD journey across the Sahara to West and Central Africa - sights & adventures from one of the world’s most colour… more

What the Hell Are We Doing Here! [Sahara/West & Central Africa by Land Rover]
Murray Gough, Peter Travers
Overland Publishing Ltd , English
THE GREAT 1953 TREK - Dulcie Beak, Diane Stuckey

THE GREAT 1953 TREKDulcie Beak, Diane Stuckey

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The story of a family of four who travelled overland from Bath, England in a Land Rover to what was then Salisbury, Rhodesia.

Dulcie Beak, Diane Stuckey
Diane Stuckey and Dulcie Beak , English
Those People - Russell C.  Arslan

Those PeopleRussell C. Arslan

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David Russell arrived in Africa with his two grown, adopted sons, Ashley and Hunter. They were there to share experiences. His earlier life while growing up in Africa was completely different from what the boys knew of their dad. The boys w… more

Those People
Russell C. Arslan
Russell C. Arslan , English
Delta Scout: Ground Coverage... - Anthony Trethowan

Delta Scout: Ground Coverage...Anthony Trethowan

As a young Patrol Officer, Tony Tretowan was to experience rural life in remote stations in the bush of Matabeleland. He embraced the experience and learned Sindebele within a few months. The book is richly interspersed with anecdotes of wi… more

Delta Scout: Ground Coverage Operator
Anthony Trethowan
Helion , English
Show of Hands: A Novel - Anthony McCarten

Show of Hands: A NovelAnthony McCarten

When a desperate car dealer advertises a competition with a simple premise — that each contestant must keep one hand on a car at all times, and the last one standing will drive away the owner of a new Land Rover — he sets in motion a chai… more

Show of Hands: A Novel
Anthony McCarten
Atria Books , English
Whispers in the Soul - Tanya Allan

Whispers in the SoulTanya Allan

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It is the dawn of a whole new era, and Michelle starts by giving birth to a daughter, whom she appropriately names Dawn.For Scottish telecom engineer Sam McLure, based in the North West of Scotland, being called out in the depths of winter,… more

Whispers in the Soul
Tanya Allan
Land Rover Adventures in Africa - David Phillips

Land Rover Adventures in AfricaDavid Phillips

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Africa and Land Rovers were made for each other, as renowned Land Rover author David Phillips explains in his follow-up to the best-selling Land Rovers Uncovered.Join his adventures by Land Rover in some of the most remote parts of Africa, … more

Land Rover Adventures in Africa
David Phillips
Death of a Perfect Wife - M. C. Beaton

Death of a Perfect WifeM. C. Beaton

Hamish Macbeth, the laid-back constable of Lochdubh, Scotland, has a new Land Rover to drive and a Highland summer to savor, but as fast as rain rolls in from the loch, his happy life goes to hell in a handbasket. The trouble begins when hi… more

Death of a Perfect Wife
M. C. Beaton
Grand Central Publishing , English
Special Forces Vehicles (Ima... - Pat Ware

Special Forces Vehicles (Ima...Pat Ware

What is the ideal vehicle for special forces operations, for dangerous missions performed by small units of highly trained troops often working in enemy territory, behind enemy lines? And which vehicles have the world’s armies selected, ad… more

Special Forces Vehicles (Images of War)
Pat Ware
Pen and Sword , English
Russian Documents Mongolian Dust - Rensina van den Heuvel

Russian Documents Mongolian DustRensina van den Heuvel

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This is a tale of an Overland Travel Adventure spanning from Australia to Switzerland.With just a cardboard box of cooking gear, a couple of minus 10C sleeping bags and a very new relationship we shipped a 1984 Land Rover to Korea and began… more

Russian Documents Mongolian Dust
Rensina van den Heuvel
self , English
Moby Clique (The Bard Academy) - Cara Lockwood

Moby Clique (The Bard Academy)Cara Lockwood

1 rating

Some literary classics have been around for centuries. Miranda Tate’s just hoping to survive junior year…. Her summer reading assignment is Moby-Dick, but Miranda’s vacation hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. Between working at her st… more

Moby Clique (The Bard Academy)
Cara Lockwood
MTV Books , English
Army of Me & You (Hero's Cro... - Billy London

Army of Me & You (Hero's Cro...Billy London

2 ratings
Average wait: 1h

The irony of Madeline Mpoyi’s choice in a career was never lost on her. Being that her days as a girl in a war torn village, suffering the horrors of an innocent Rwandan child started off as anything but sweet most would find it incredibly … more

Army of Me & You (Hero’s Crossing Book 2)
Billy London
Shara Azod, LLC , English
Men of Avalon (Badbury Tales... - Philip Elston

Men of Avalon (Badbury Tales...Philip Elston

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The Badbury Tales Trilogy

“Yet some men say in many parts of England that King Arthur is not dead, but has by the will of our Lord Jesu into another place.” Sir Thomas Malory Le Mo… more

Men of Avalon (Badbury Tales Book 3)
Philip Elston
MPress Books Limited , English