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Breeding My Daughter - Morgan Taylor

Breeding My DaughterMorgan Taylor

Breeding My Daughter-It was almost time for Tim to teach his step daughter Kylee what it was really like… to have a real man take her. He has been her dad since she was 13 and she had a habit of sassing him back on numerous occasions and … more

Breeding My Daughter
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor , English
Caring For Animals In Captivity - Anne Thomas

Caring For Animals In CaptivityAnne Thomas

Average wait: N/A

Caring for animals in captivity is not a scientific journal; it simply shares my experiences of working in a zoo and other animal establishments. This information has been brought together from my personal recollections and working notes to… more

Caring For Animals In Captivity
Anne Thomas
Hundred-Dollar Baby (Spenser) - Robert B. Parker

Hundred-Dollar Baby (Spenser)Robert B. Parker

April Kyle, a prostitute from Spenser’s past, comes back into his life-with deadly complications.

Hundred-Dollar Baby (Spenser)
Robert B. Parker
Berkley , English
Leigh, Drama Queen in Traini... - Sandy Lynn

Leigh, Drama Queen in Traini...Sandy Lynn

Average wait: N/A

With thoughts of the incredible sex she had with Kyle on her mind, Leigh allows herself to be convinced to take him up on his offer for help. But when she tries to find him, she’s in for a surprise.

Leigh, Drama Queen in Training - Moving On
Sandy Lynn
Mojocastle Press , English
WATCH MY WIFE ON CAMERA: A W... - Nancy Brockton


Average wait: N/A

He’d always wanted to record his wife having sex on camera. For Mike, that was the best possible fantasy he could imagine short of shouting to the world, “Watch My Wife Having Sex!” Chelsea is about to be introduced to Mike’s secret desir… more

WATCH MY WIFE ON CAMERA: A Wife Share Exhibition Tale
Nancy Brockton
Naughty Daydreams Press , English
Chelle Hunting - Jordyn Tracey

Chelle HuntingJordyn Tracey

Average wait: 3d, 1h

Just when Chelle thought she was finding a happy balance in her life—or as happy as a new werewolf’s life could be—her sexy lover disappears. Right before the night she needs to get away for the hunt. The moon is rising, a customer in her… more

Chelle Hunting
Jordyn Tracey
Sugar and Spice Press , English
Second Chances (sequel to Over You) - Christine Kersey

Second Chances (sequel to Over You)Christine Kersey

Average wait: N/A
              Second Chances is the sequel to Over You, which is FREE. This book descriptions contains spoilers for Over You. Readers should begin with Over You.After surviving an attack by a madman, Jessica's terror turns to joy when K... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00IU1YG6A/#editorial-review">more</a>
Second Chances (sequel to Over You)
Christine Kersey
Wind Chimes Publishing , English
The Depraved Tales: The Boy ... -

The Depraved Tales: The Boy ...

Average wait: N/A

Kyle is a friendly young man that gets good grades, has a knack for video games as well as disappearing in a crowd. He’s got his eye on Rosy but its hard to express your feelings when you’ve never been intimate with a woman. However all tha… more

The Depraved Tales: The Boy who Lusted: part 1
Under the Radar (Gender Tran... - Victoria Yorx

Under the Radar (Gender Tran...Victoria Yorx

Average wait: N/A

Adult content - 18 years or olderShort Story - Approx 2,700 wordsJill has no idea who Kyle really is. But he is about to teach her a few things.Excerpt:It was almost midnight and Jill was getting ready to leave the bar when she saw Kyle… more

Under the Radar (Gender Transformation Erotica)
Victoria Yorx
Victoria Yorx , English
Fever - Raminar Dixon

FeverRaminar Dixon

Average wait: N/A

Kyle and Lizzy are two of the last remaining survivors of a global pandemic which has destroyed most of mankind.

Previously thought to be immune, Lizzy soon finds herself exhibiting symptoms of the same sickness after she’s nearly killed b… more

Raminar Dixon
Raminar Dixon , English
The Horsemaster - Kara Larson

The HorsemasterKara Larson

Bryn leaves his small town Orkney home behind to go to college, enjoying spending time with his new best friend Kyle and his studies in Oceanography. Things start to go wrong when he gets some bad family news, and when he starts getting the… more

The Horsemaster
Kara Larson
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Kyle's Bargain - Katherine Kingston

Kyle's BargainKatherine Kingston

Average wait: N/A

In a desperate attempt to save the small shopping center that houses her bookstore, Meg tries to force developer Kyle into talking to the people his project will displace. She even offers to sleep with him to get his time. He counters with … more

Kyle’s Bargain
Katherine Kingston
Ellora’s Cave , English
What the Cat Dragged In - Kate Steele

What the Cat Dragged InKate Steele

Average wait: < 1h

What could possibly bring an owl shifter and a cat shifter together?Sweet, pure lust.For Kyle and Bryan, it’s the catalyst that gets them off to a hot but rocky start. What comes as a surprise to both of them is that lust can so quickly bec… more

What the Cat Dragged In
Kate Steele
Ellora’s Cave , English
The Holy Road (The Rifter) - Ginn Hale

The Holy Road (The Rifter)Ginn Hale

Average wait: N/A

Book Five.When John uses a key that belongs to his mysterious, scarred roommate, Kyle, to unlock a door in a crumbling ruin, he and two friends are transported to the world of Basawar.

The Holy Road (The Rifter)
Ginn Hale
Blind Eye Books , English
Sitting for the Super Kids - Justin McLachlan

Sitting for the Super KidsJustin McLachlan

Kyle is a long-time sitter for a group of four very special kids. Ethan is the oldest, a reader, very smart—smarter than Kyle. At six, Josh in the next oldest. He’s a good-natured, fun-loving brute of a kid. He’s also small, but Kyle knows… more

Sitting for the Super Kids
Justin McLachlan
Boxfire Press , English
Loria (Tower) - Jesse McMinn

Loria (Tower)Jesse McMinn

Average wait: N/A

Kyle’s life had reached a standstill. He had no job, no friends and no interest in acquiring either. All he wanted was an escape from his problems… to be alone. So it was on a whim that he bought his ticket aboard the SS Caribia, a small, c… more

Loria (Tower)
Jesse McMinn
IFWG Publishing , English


Average wait: < 1h

Marnie’s got a problem. She got too aggressive in a meeting with a potential new client, and her sexy boss Kyle is angry as hell. She has two choices, say goodbye to her job or say goodbye to her dignity. It’s a wild and rough encounter … more

YOURE DOING ME RIGHT NOW: A Rough and Reluctant First Anal Sex With Boss Short (You’re Doing It!)
Julie Bosso
Naughty Daydreams Press , English
"Booking" and Writing Wrestling - Kyle Bowman

"Booking" and Writing WrestlingKyle Bowman

A guideline about the proper formulas, and how-to’s regarding booking and writing wrestling. Kyle explains the differences between booking and writing; and also how they work together to make a successful show. Kyle also writes his analytic… more

Booking” and Writing Wrestling
Kyle Bowman
Lulu.com , English
A Not So Hollow Heart - Sharon Maria Bidwell

A Not So Hollow HeartSharon Maria Bidwell

Average wait: N/A

Genre: LGBT, Fantasy & Paranormal

Mason’s facing more than one apocalypse. The darkest hours are those spent alone when memories surface and the touch of his lost love can make the most erotic of dreams horrifying. He’d rather face danger … more

A Not So Hollow Heart
Sharon Maria Bidwell
Loose Id LLC , English
Rules of Engagement; Cyberev... - Kaitlyn O'Connor

Rules of Engagement; Cyberev...Kaitlyn O'Connor

War is all that any of them have ever known, but the strategies the cyborgs, Kameron, Damien, Gavin, and Kyle, are familiar with don’t seem to work nearly as well in their campaign to win Zoe. She’s human, after all and completely unpredict… more

Rules of Engagement; Cyberevolution VII
Kaitlyn O’Connor
New Concepts Publishing , English