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Cruelty (Episode Three)Edward Lorn

CRUELTY is a serial novel in ten parts.

Episode Three.

The corpse in the cooler of Bob’s Bait and Fuel might not be the innocent victim everyone first assumed.

William Longmire is released from police custody only to find out his buddy … more

Cruelty (Episode Three)
Edward Lorn
Edward Lorn , English

Only In The 305 ( La Femme F...Minx Minx

Kirk and Dwayne reinvent the word vicious; after everything there chicks do for them, they repay them with abuse, prostitution, and disrespect in the most profound ways. They show Eileen and Chayil the only thing a thug can truly love is hi… more

Only In The 305 ( La Femme Fatale Publishing )
Minx Minx
LFF Publishing , English

Star Trek: The Blood-Dimmed ...Howard Weinstein

MERE ANARCHY A new six-part epic covering thirty years of Star Trek™ history, continuing with an adventure that takes between The Final Frontier and The Undiscovered Country! Book 5: THE BLOOD-DIMMED TIDE Twenty-five years after the d… more

Star Trek: The Blood-Dimmed Tide (Star Trek: Mere Anarchy)
Howard Weinstein
Pocket Books/Star Trek , English

Chain of Attack (Star Trek: ...Gene DeWeese

While mapping a series of gravitational anomalies, the U.S.S. Enterprise™ is suddenly hurled millions of light-years through space, into a distant galxy of scorched and lifeless worlds…into the middle of an endless interstellar war. With… more

Chain of Attack (Star Trek: The Original Series)
Gene DeWeese
Pocket Books/Star Trek , English

The Starship Trap (Star Trek...Mel Gilden

The Starship Trap En route to an important diplomatic reception the U.S.S. Enterprise™suddenly is set upon by a Klingon warship. The unprovoked assault, Kirk discovers, is in response to what the Klingon ship’s captain claims are recent F… more

The Starship Trap (Star Trek: The Original Series)
Mel Gilden
Pocket Books/Star Trek , English

The Star Trek: The Original ...Dean Wesley Smith

An entire solar system begins to disintegrate into cosmic rubble, and Captain Kirk suspects that rumors of a new Klingon superweapon are all too true. The Tautee system houses a flourishing pre-Warp civilization not quite ready to join the … more

The Star Trek: The Original Series: The Rings of Taute: 078
Dean Wesley Smith
Pocket Books/Star Trek , English

Dwellers in the Crucible (St...Margaret Wander Bonanno

DWELLERS IN THE CRUCIBLE Warrantors of Peace: the Federation’s daring experiment to prevent war among its members. each Warrantor, man or woman is hostage for the government of his native world — and is instantly killed if that world brea… more

Dwellers in the Crucible (Star Trek: The Original Series)
Margaret Wander Bonanno
Pocket Books/Star Trek , English

Secret Commonwealth Of Elves...Robert Kirk

This is one of the most sought after and enigmatic texts about Celtic fairies. Written by a Scottish clergyman, Robert Kirk, in 1691, and not committed to print until the early 19th century, The Secret Commonwealth is an unusually sympathet… more

Secret Commonwealth Of Elves, Fauns And Fairies
Robert Kirk
Global Grey , English

The Lost CollectionKirk McCall

Average wait: N/A

Kirk McCall’s first collection of short stories. Get lost in stories about fast cars (“Super Sport”), vanity (“Doll Face”), the sixth sense (“A Certain Smell”), shared consciousness (“God Speed”), and six other tales sure to leave you wishi… more

The Lost Collection
Kirk McCall
Noometry Books LLC , English

The Easy Burden of Pleasing GodPatty Kirk

The trait that best typifies the students who break down in my office is their great unhappiness. They are believers. Of this I am sure. Certainly they are more diligent believers than I am, to judge from all the good things they are const… more

The Easy Burden of Pleasing God
Patty Kirk
IVP Books , English

Russell Kirk: A Critical Bio...James E. Person

This first full-length treatment of Russell Kirk’s life and accomplishments blends new biographical insights and critical perspectives about the author of the ground-breakingThe Conservative Mind.

Russell Kirk: A Critical Biography of a Conservative Mind
James E. Person
Madison Books , English

Behavioural Environment

Placing human action and perception at the centre of the subject, this book considers the effects of mankind on the environment, drawing particularly from William Kirk’s work on the behavioural environment model. Reviewing Kirk’s original m… more

Behavioural Environment
Routledge , English

How to market eBooksRoyce Kirk

Average wait: N/A

Many authors are taking advantage of the eBook revolution to get their books in front of the public. The problem is that lots of the public can’t see your book. In his book, “How to market eBooks” Royce Kirk covers the basics that all autho… more

How to market eBooks
Royce Kirk
North Highland Publishing , English

The Trouble with Tribbles: T...David Gerrold

The complete story of one of Star Trek’s most popular episodes:From first draft to final shooting scriptThe how and why of TV writingThree previously unpublished episodesWorking on the Star Trek lotPersonal stories of the stars32 pages of p… more

The Trouble with Tribbles: The Story Behind Star Trek’s Most Popular Episode
David Gerrold
BenBella Books , English

Star Trek: The Original Seri...David R. George III

IN A SINGLE MOMENT …the lives of three men will be forever changed. In that split second, defined paradoxically by both salvation and loss, they will destroy the world and then restore it. Much had come before, and much would come after… more

Star Trek: The Original Series: Crucible: Spock: The Fire and the Rose: Spock - The Fire and the Rose
David R. George III
Pocket Books/Star Trek , English

More Star TricksDavid A Shaffer

Average wait: N/A

Kirk James just wants to go home and relax. But no matter what he does, everyone follows him around and calls him a hero, hanging awards and medals on him at every opportunity. He’s father to the heir-apparent to the throne on two planets … more

More Star Tricks
David A Shaffer
CreateSpace , English

Relativism and Reality: A Co...Robert Kirk

Our thoughts about the world are clearly influenced by such things as point of view, temperament, past experience and culture. However, some thinkers go much further and argue that everything that exists depends on us, arguing that ‘even re… more

Relativism and Reality: A Contemporary Introduction
Robert Kirk
Routledge , English

Zombies vs BikersPaul Ballinger

Average wait: N/A

Zombies; those flesh-eating, not-dead, yet not-alive beings that are almost indestructible.You might not want your daughter or sister to marry one of them, but they’d make good weapons to have on your side in a fight. You can shoot them, an… more

Zombies vs Bikers
Paul Ballinger

Batman: The Dark Knight (201...Gregg Hurwitz

Average wait: N/A

Detailing the complex history of Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a.k.a. Man-Bat. How does Man-Bat’s past connect to Batman’s future?

Batman: The Dark Knight (2011- ) #28
Gregg Hurwitz
DC , English

The Easy Burden of Pleasing GodPatty Kirk

The trait that best typifies the students who break down in my office is their great unhappiness. They are believers. Of this I am sure. Certainly they are more diligent believers than I am, to judge from all the good things they are const… more

The Easy Burden of Pleasing God
Patty Kirk
IVP Books , English