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Kevins Dream - M. F. Rice

Kevins DreamM. F. Rice

Kevin has the hots for his boss, but did not think was not in the men like him. But when one night when everyone has left the office. Kevin will find the true meaning of his boss’s desires and how he will use Kevin’s little, tight body to s… more

Kevins Dream
M. F. Rice
I.C.C.U. - Michael Shipley

I.C.C.U.Michael Shipley

Average wait: N/A

Love can happen anywhere, even in unexpected places. Love can happen anytime, even at the wrong time.

Kevin’s father had a heart attack and had to be treated in the ICCU The incident took Kevin to meet with Michael. Love grew up in the he… more

Michael Shipley
@AryoAjji , English
The Monster in Kevin's Closet - Laura Souther

The Monster in Kevin's ClosetLaura Souther

Average wait: N/A

Five-year-old Kevin knows a secret—there’s a monster in his closet! But instead of being afraid of the fabled bedroom “bogeyman” like most kids his age, Kevin and his friendly monster are great friends—and they go on all sort of wonderful … more

The Monster in Kevin’s Closet
Laura Souther
Safeword Expired The Time I ... - Feather Feet

Safeword Expired The Time I ...Feather Feet

Average wait: N/A

When my childhood friend Kevin comes back for a vacation, I knew there would be a tickle plot against me. Little did I know that him and the 3 other ticklers invovled were going to take it farther than I was used to. I normally had a safewo… more

Safeword Expired The Time I Was Tricked
Feather Feet
FeatherFeetPublishing , English
Panties In The Park - Joy Cox

Panties In The ParkJoy Cox

Jackie’s always been a good girl, but there’s something about brand new lingerie that make her feel extra sexy! When her date with new guy Kevin turns into a sizzling make-out session in a public park, will she be able to keep her panties o… more

Panties In The Park
Joy Cox
Jimmie the Adonis - F. Gorden Scott

Jimmie the AdonisF. Gorden Scott

Jimmy keeps coming into Thomas Sebastian’s magic store. Eventually he plucks up the courage to ask for something to help him win a dance audition at Manny Malone’s gay bar, the Golden Slipper. Jimmy explains he’s desperate for the job to he… more

Jimmie the Adonis
F. Gorden Scott
JMS Books LLC , English
Managing The GiftTM of Your ... - Dr. Kevin Ross  Emery

Managing The GiftTM of Your ...Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

Average wait: N/A

THIS BOOK WILL CHALLENGE THE MAINSTREAM THINKING OF ADD/HD:• Dr. Kevin sees this as an evolutionary process and as such we need to allow it to adjust the environment and work with it, not medicate it.• The goal of that process is to broaden… more

Managing The GiftTM of Your ADD/HD Child
Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
Kidnapped By His Daddies - G... - Francis Ashe

Kidnapped By His Daddies - G...Francis Ashe

PART FOUR AVAILABLE NOW! Erik, gangbang enthusiast, has a problem. He just cannot seem to manage waking up in time for class, or anything else for that matter. When his current step-dad Kevin gets word of his chronic absence from college, h… more

Kidnapped By His Daddies - Gay Daddy Forced Gangbang (reluctant gay daddy son gangbang erotica) (His Four Daddies)
Francis Ashe
Francis Ashe , English
George Goes On Holiday (Geor... - Claire Dunn

George Goes On Holiday (Geor...Claire Dunn

Average wait: N/A

George is a very curious and confident cat. He loves to run around having adventures and then enjoy a tasty meal and comforting nap with his best friend and owner Kevin. In this adventure George goes on his first holiday to a big city and… more

George Goes On Holiday (George the adventuring cat Book 1)
Claire Dunn
Claire Dunn , English
What I Learned at Church Camp - Tiffany Madison

What I Learned at Church CampTiffany Madison

Average wait: N/A

Do you promise not to tell my parents?” It was my first time ever going to church camp. I was nervous, but I knew that it was going to be a good opportunity to meet some new friends. Plus, Pastor Kevin had asked specifically for me to come… more

What I Learned at Church Camp
Tiffany Madison
Watching The Neighbors - Clara Cummings

Watching The NeighborsClara Cummings

A young teenage boy gets a thrill as his new neighbors turn out to be exhibitionists. He watches them and then gets the opportunity to do more.ExcerptOh f**k, she really is a dirty slut thought Kevin. Sandra reached for a couple of pillows…. more

Watching The Neighbors
Clara Cummings
Grace and Blood: Her lust fo... - Eric Keys

Grace and Blood: Her lust fo...Eric Keys

Average wait: N/A

All Gracie wanted was to fulfill her passionate desire for her boss, Kevin. But when she finally makes her move she finds herself drawn into a story beyond her understanding. It’s a story of fear, blood and lust that might set fire to the w… more

Grace and Blood: Her lust for blood and sex could be the end of you
Eric Keys
Dirty Boy's 2 Dirty Men (Gay... - Sarah Sethline

Dirty Boy's 2 Dirty Men (Gay...Sarah Sethline

Average wait: N/A

I moaned loudly as he shoved it in deep, taking the blanket and biting on it to contain my wails of ecstasy.”

They say that those who are adopted sometimes come with certain “issues”. This couldn’t be more true for 18-year-old Kevin, who’… more

Dirty Boy’s 2 Dirty Men (Gay Taboo MM Romance)
Sarah Sethline
Banging Kevin's Mom - Saffron Sands

Banging Kevin's MomSaffron Sands

Rebecca needs some attention and her latest husband always seems to be out of town. When she overhears step-son Kevin and his pals watching a porno, she allows herself to become part of the fun. All characters are 18 years or older (Appro… more

Banging Kevin’s Mom
Saffron Sands
Forbidden Fruit , English
The Sportin' Life - Nancy Frederick

The Sportin' LifeNancy Frederick

Average wait: N/A

After Liana’s marriage imploded, her only desire was to reconnect with happiness.  She didn’t expect to fall desperately in love with the man of her dreams—or what happened next.  Kevin was enamored with Liana and she remained on his mind … more

The Sportin’ Life
Nancy Frederick
Heart and Soul Press , English
The Fight for Identity (The ... - Andrew Grey

The Fight for Identity (The ...Andrew Grey

2 ratings
Average wait: 245d, 10h

A Book in the Good Fight Series

Will Martin’s racist father, Kevin, hates Native Americans and wants to keep them off his property, never mind that part of the ranch land is sacred ground for the Sioux. When they request access for prayer,… more

The Fight for Identity (The Good Fight Book 3)
Andrew Grey
Dreamspinner Press , English
Perfect Woman - Talya Bosco

Perfect WomanTalya Bosco

Perfect WomanTalya BoscoWhat’s better than one gorgeous, sexy man? Two gorgeous, sexy men!Tricia is in heaven when Donovan, her lover of four years, invites his best friend Kevin to join them for a weekend of carnal delights straight out of… more

Perfect Woman
Talya Bosco
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Run For Sun - Patrick Johns

Run For SunPatrick Johns

Average wait: N/A

A young boy named Kevin discovers the wonderful world of running, which leads to an even bigger discovery.

Run For Sun
Patrick Johns
Informer 2: The Treachery of... - Rhoan Flowers

Informer 2: The Treachery of...Rhoan Flowers

Average wait: N/A

Informer 2: The Treachery of Friends is the second novel in Rhoan’s gangster series. After Kevin and company killed Martain and his gang of rough riders, a retired member of the coveted secret society summoned the help of Western bikers to … more

Informer 2: The Treachery of Friends
Rhoan Flowers
AuthorHouse , English
NEED 2: Trust Me - P. S. Love

NEED 2: Trust MeP. S. Love

Average wait: N/A

Kevin brings Lisa’s and Chris’ fantasies to life, and holy cow, does he blow their socks off! While they sleep off their exhaustion and the sex drug Kevin had slipped into their drinks, Kevin reminisces about Kira, the one girl he had falle… more

NEED 2: Trust Me
P. S. Love
P. S. Love , English