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Kentucky Shoes (Poetry by Ri...Richard Maxwell Albright

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Hey, maybe you are not — or were not — young and foolish. I was both.However, I did invest a lot of time observing and also using my brain power to write poetry about the new world around me. I honed my skills.I had left the state of Kent… more

Kentucky Shoes (Poetry by Richard Maxwell Albright)
Richard Maxwell Albright
Amazon.com , English

Vampire Slut - She Will Suck...A.C. Blanch

How many vampires do you know that rape their victims before killing them? Vampire Slut has begun stalking her latest victim, Human 42. He’s a famous public figure, and appears on television and various other forms of media. He’s sexy as he… more

Vampire Slut - She Will Suck You Twice
A.C. Blanch

My Shotgun WeddingPaul David Robinson

This story is set in the hills of Kentucky in 1952, where Jimmy and Curly are trapped by history and poverty. There are no roads. You walk everywhere or ride a mule or a horse. What happens one summer, when the best friend and buddy you … more

My Shotgun Wedding
Paul David Robinson
Paul David Robinson , English

Grace: A Christmas Sisters o...Shelley Shepard Gray

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A Christmas Sisters of the Heart novel, Grace by Shelly Shepard Gray brings back the beloved characters from her popular series of inspirational novels set in a tightly knit Amish community. A touching, provocative, and uplifting tale in th… more

Grace: A Christmas Sisters of the Heart Novel
Shelley Shepard Gray
HarperCollins e-books , English

Uncle Cooter's Backwoods Ken...Uncle Cooter

Are you too lazy or cheap to drive to Walmart and buy your beer like the rest of us?Well, if you’re not afraid of gettin’ on the wrong side of the revenuers, Uncle Cooter has just the solution! Homemade Kentucky Beer.This tasty beer recipe … more

Uncle Cooter’s Backwoods Kentucky Beer (Beer Recipes)
Uncle Cooter
Backwoods Enterprises , English

Kentucky's Best: Fifty Years...Linda Allison-Lewis

” To many, Kentucky means the greatest thoroughbreds in the world. To others, it is the home of the finest bourbon. But the obvious success of burgoo, Owensboro barbeque, and Harlan Sanders’s Kentucky Fried Chicken carries the state’s reput… more

Kentucky’s Best: Fifty Years of Great Recipes
Linda Allison-Lewis
The University Press of Kentucky , English


A true life story of a slave from Kentucky. J. D. Green’s narrative on his life as a slave and his attempts at escape and the results thereof.

J. D. Green

My life at Oxmoor; life on a...Thomas Walker Bullitt

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My life at Oxmoor; life on a farm in Kentucky before the War. 208 Pages.

My life at Oxmoor; life on a farm in Kentucky before the War (1911)
Thomas Walker Bullitt

WORMS (Schlock Zone Drive-In...J.E. Mooney, Evili

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In the backwoods of Kentucky, danger crawls up from the earth, twisting its way through the saw grass and around the spreading roots of the coffee trees, hiding in the mist that clings to the lakeshore … waiting. WORMS … they’re fis… more

WORMS (Schlock Zone Drive-In Theater)
J.E. Mooney, Evili
Schlock Zone Drive-In Theater , English

Reap (Walking Among Them, book 1)Misty Watts

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Reap is the first book in the series Walking Among Them, a paranormal/supernatural series for young adults. A quaint little river town in Kentucky seemed a little boring to Sophie. When her father got transferred, she was less than excited… more

Reap (Walking Among Them, book 1)
Misty Watts

Wanna Hear a Good One? (The ...Jenni Orman

A collection of jokes and humor about the Bluegrass State. Most of the jokes are family friendly, but a few are slightly adult in nature. The perfect gift for a Kentucky native or transplant!

Wanna Hear a Good One? (The Kentucky Edition)
Jenni Orman

A Cumberland VendettaJr. John Fox

ReadHowYouWant publishes a wide variety of best selling books in Large and Super Large fonts in partnership with leading publishers. EasyRead books are available in 11pt and 13pt. type. EasyRead Large books are available in 16pt, 16pt Bold,… more

A Cumberland Vendetta
Jr. John Fox

A Male FantasyRoie Philom

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A story of a man and two women in the forests and farmlands of Kentucky. A male fantasy of the way the world should be.

A Male Fantasy
Roie Philom

The Devil Does Most of the T...Victoria White Berger

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The Devil Does Most of the Talking is a novel which focuses on the phenomenon of the blended family, through the eyes of Fortuna-a Christian, once-single-parent. Mired in the difficulty in dealing with a husband who is essentially uncommitt… more

The Devil Does Most of the Talking: A Novel
Victoria White Berger
iUniverse , English

Kentucky's famous feuds and ...Charles Gustavus Mutzenberg

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Kentucky’s famous feuds and tragedies : authemtic history of the world renowned Vendettas of the dark and bloody ground (c1917)

Kentucky’s famous feuds and tragedies : authemtic history of the world renowned Vendettas of the dark and bloody ground
Charles Gustavus Mutzenberg

Living With the Dead: April ...Joshua Guess, Courtney Hahn,...

Living With the Dead is a monthly title whose original format was and is a serialized daily blog. This is the Second month.This work is also available as part of Living With the Dead: With Spring Comes The Fall, the collected first six mont… more

Living With the Dead: April 2010 (#2)
Joshua Guess, Courtney Hahn, Treesong

Perceived Effects of the Ken...D Koretz

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As part of a larger study of education reform in Kentucky, RAND staff surveyed teachers and principals across Kentucky to see how KIRIS is affecting their work, student performance, instruction, assessment, and school management.

Perceived Effects of the Kentucky Instructional Results Information System (KIRIS)
D Koretz
Rand Publishing , English

History's Traveling Sideshow...Kip Davis

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You are a brave soul to have made it through the first two volumes of HTS. I welcome you now into the third and wish you a safe journey through the strange and unusual. Here you will travel to an island that is made up completely of dolls, … more

History’s Traveling Sideshow (Vol. III)
Kip Davis

A Kentucky Cardinal (Annotat...James Lane Allen

A Kentucky Cardinal (Annotated)Large Type EditionEditted by Small Leaf

A Kentucky Cardinal (Annotated) (Large Type Print)
James Lane Allen

Kentucky ProbateWilliam Allen Schmitt, Glen ...

This compact, easy-to-use manual will help you gather and organize the information you need to process and document your most common probate actions. It includes an overview of Kentucky probate basics, fact-gathering data sheets for recordi… more

Kentucky Probate
William Allen Schmitt, Glen S. Bagby, Jr. J. Robert Lyons
LexisNexis , English