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My life at Oxmoor; life on a... - Thomas Walker Bullitt

My life at Oxmoor; life on a...Thomas Walker Bullitt

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My life at Oxmoor; life on a farm in Kentucky before the War. 208 Pages.

My life at Oxmoor; life on a farm in Kentucky before the War (1911)
Thomas Walker Bullitt
Reap (Walking Among Them, book 1) - Misty Watts

Reap (Walking Among Them, book 1)Misty Watts

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Reap is the first book in the series Walking Among Them, a paranormal/supernatural series for young adults. A quaint little river town in Kentucky seemed a little boring to Sophie. When her father got transferred, she was less than excited… more

Reap (Walking Among Them, book 1)
Misty Watts
The Cornbread Mafia: A Homeg... - James Higdon

The Cornbread Mafia: A Homeg...James Higdon

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The true story of the largest homegrown marijuana syndicate in American history, a band of Kentucky farmers descended from Prohibition-era moonshiners versus the War on Drugs.

The Cornbread Mafia: A Homegrown Syndicate’s Code of Silence and the Biggest Marijuana Bust in American History
James Higdon
Lyons Press , English
There are no Lighthouses in ... - Sandra Krajewski

There are no Lighthouses in ...Sandra Krajewski

Dee loved lighthouses. A lighthouse is supposed to be a beacon; A safe house. A location that is clearly visible when you are in danger that will harbor you in times of trouble. Dee thought she had found the perfect man First love, marriage… more

There are no Lighthouses in Kentucky
Sandra Krajewski
One Karna Publishing , English
Kentucky Shoes (Poetry by Ri... - Richard Maxwell Albright

Kentucky Shoes (Poetry by Ri...Richard Maxwell Albright

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Hey, maybe you are not — or were not — young and foolish. I was both.However, I did invest a lot of time observing and also using my brain power to write poetry about the new world around me. I honed my skills.I had left the state of Kent… more

Kentucky Shoes (Poetry by Richard Maxwell Albright)
Richard Maxwell Albright
Amazon.com , English
Traditional Country Furnitur... -

Traditional Country Furnitur...

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Country Furniture That Says Quality! Country furniture styles convey a sense of simple comfort and the warmth of hearth and home. While some country furniture can be rustic, the pieces included in Traditional Country Furniture are of qualit… more

Traditional Country Furniture: 21 Projects in the Shaker, Appalachian and Farmhouse Styles
Popular Woodworking Books , English


A true life story of a slave from Kentucky. J. D. Green’s narrative on his life as a slave and his attempts at escape and the results thereof.

J. D. Green
A Male Fantasy - Roie Philom

A Male FantasyRoie Philom

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A story of a man and two women in the forests and farmlands of Kentucky. A male fantasy of the way the world should be.

A Male Fantasy
Roie Philom
Kentucky by the Numbers - Im... - John Craig, EJ Craig

Kentucky by the Numbers - Im...John Craig, EJ Craig

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Kentucky by the Numbers is a look at Kentucky’s statistics from a new perspective. From Longitude and Latitude of every city within her borders, we can determine not just distance, but personality, flavor, ambiance. Kentucky holds many amaz… more

Kentucky by the Numbers - Important and Curious numbers about Kentucky and her cities (States by the Numbers)
John Craig, EJ Craig
Books to Believe In , English
Bluegrass Dreams - Cathy Keeton

Bluegrass DreamsCathy Keeton

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Bluegrass Dreams is a novella. Callie Cantrell is miserable. She’s stuck in a dead-end job with the worst boss in the world, and barely makes a living for herself and her son. That is, until she inherits a horse farm in the bluegrass area o… more

Bluegrass Dreams
Cathy Keeton
Cathy Keeton , English
Grace: A Christmas Sisters o... - Shelley Shepard Gray

Grace: A Christmas Sisters o...Shelley Shepard Gray

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A Christmas Sisters of the Heart novel, Grace by Shelly Shepard Gray brings back the beloved characters from her popular series of inspirational novels set in a tightly knit Amish community. A touching, provocative, and uplifting tale in th… more

Grace: A Christmas Sisters of the Heart Novel
Shelley Shepard Gray
HarperCollins e-books , English
History's Traveling Sideshow... - Kip Davis

History's Traveling Sideshow...Kip Davis

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You are a brave soul to have made it through the first two volumes of HTS. I welcome you now into the third and wish you a safe journey through the strange and unusual. Here you will travel to an island that is made up completely of dolls, … more

History’s Traveling Sideshow (Vol. III)
Kip Davis
How to File Divorce in Kentu... - Nick Thompson

How to File Divorce in Kentu...Nick Thompson

How to file for divorce in Kentucky may be used with Divorce forms available on How-to-file-for Divorce.com. Explains Divorce Child Custody Visitation and Support for the state in 50 pages and 1-2 hours.

How to File Divorce in Kentucky Manual (How to file Lawsuits)
Nick Thompson
Nick C Thompson , English
Adventures of Col. Daniel Boone - John Filson

Adventures of Col. Daniel BooneJohn Filson

Curiosity is natural to the soul of man, and interesting objects have a powerful influence on our affections. Let these influencing powers actuate, by the permission or disposal of Providence, from selfish or social views, yet in time the m… more

Adventures of Col. Daniel Boone
John Filson
Kentucky's Best: Fifty Years... - Linda Allison-Lewis

Kentucky's Best: Fifty Years...Linda Allison-Lewis

” To many, Kentucky means the greatest thoroughbreds in the world. To others, it is the home of the finest bourbon. But the obvious success of burgoo, Owensboro barbeque, and Harlan Sanders’s Kentucky Fried Chicken carries the state’s reput… more

Kentucky’s Best: Fifty Years of Great Recipes
Linda Allison-Lewis
The University Press of Kentucky , English
Lavender Lace - Ellen Anthony

Lavender LaceEllen Anthony

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What if you found out your husband was a murderer? For a Kentucky housewife, the horror is real and an innocent man is on trial for what her husband did. This haunting short story is by the author of the Jasper Stone novels.

Lavender Lace
Ellen Anthony
LN Books Limited , English
Kentucky (StateBasics) - Amy Van Zee

Kentucky (StateBasics)Amy Van Zee

Explore the colorful customs, people, and places of Kentucky. With straightforward text and captivating photos, this book is a great introduction to the state. Maps and symbols are included to enrich the student’s understanding of geography… more

Kentucky (StateBasics)
Amy Van Zee
The Child’s World, Inc. , English
Reap (Walking Among Them) - M. Watts

Reap (Walking Among Them)M. Watts

A quaint little river town in Kentucky seemed a little boring to Sophie. When her father got transferred, she was less than excited to be pulled from a school and home she loved, to start all over … again. It turns out, however, that this… more

Reap (Walking Among Them)
M. Watts
Deep Blue Daisy , English
Family Field Days - Jarrod E. Stephens

Family Field DaysJarrod E. Stephens

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Step into the good ol’ days, where you might not have two nickles to rub together, but family, faith, and hard work mean everything.

It isn’t easy to make ends meet on a farm, and even more so when your family boasts eight members. When O… more

Family Field Days
Jarrod E. Stephens
OakTara , English
American Recovery (Living Wi... - Joshua Guess

American Recovery (Living Wi...Joshua Guess

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Two and a half years have passed since The Fall. The survivors in Kentucky have faced death and war, famine and disease. Threats both obvious and subtle. In this, the sixth volume of Living With the Dead, new alliances are born between comm… more

American Recovery (Living With the Dead)
Joshua Guess