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In The Arms of Baby Hop - Kenny Attaway

In The Arms of Baby HopKenny Attaway

In The Arms of Baby Hop is a direct-no nonsense, but powerful expressive autobiographic collection of how hip hop music has shaped, inspired, redirected, and given strength to Mr. Kenny Attaway’s life as he writes “I fell in love with hip-h… more

In The Arms of Baby Hop
Kenny Attaway
AuthorHouse , English
Slum Beautiful - Kenny Attaway

Slum BeautifulKenny Attaway

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Slum beautiful is a remarkable, straight forward, poetic and eye stretching memoir of KyDeja Morgan’s (Slum Beautiful) struggling life. In her first 28 years of life she was molested, practiced blasphemous acts, robbed, sold drugs, used dr… more

Slum Beautiful
Kenny Attaway
AuthorHouse , English
Nuthouse Love - Kenny Attaway

Nuthouse LoveKenny Attaway

Nuthouse Love, the one and only spin off of Kenny Attaway’s novel Slum Beautiful, is a critical, up front; passionate oozing documented real life experiences of Rasheeda “Sade” Griffin and her three best friends Mesh, Bay and Nika plight to… more

Nuthouse Love
Kenny Attaway
AuthorHouse , English