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Play Time (Baby Time Book 3) - Lauren Kay

Play Time (Baby Time Book 3)Lauren Kay

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After losing a bet to her boyfriend, Kelly had to put on a little girl dress. But that wasn’t enough. Her boyfriend tricked her into actually wetting. Now he’s convinced she doesn’t deserve to be an adult. No, she’d be much happier as a bab… more

Play Time (Baby Time Book 3)
Lauren Kay
Pink Leash Publishing , English
Betty's Best Friend - Jill Gates

Betty's Best FriendJill Gates

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Betty is having a really hard time getting over her recent breakup with her boyfriend. After a nap where she dreams he is there with her, she can’t stand it anymore, and starts to explore herself for the first time. Her roommate, Kelly, arr… more

Betty’s Best Friend
Jill Gates
Almost Chance - Noé Bodé

Almost ChanceNoé Bodé

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Almost Chance is a tale of erotic exploration and submission. Jen is off to spend the weekend with her friend Kelly, but then meets a seductive stranger on a train. Finding herself compelled to follow the intoxicating Mistress, Jen discover… more

Almost Chance
Noé Bodé
The Billionaire's Curvy Mist... - Haley Nix

The Billionaire's Curvy Mist...Haley Nix

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(Mature Audiences Only 18+) After beginning an affair with her boss, voluptuous Kellie joins him the following night at a charity gala.

But while Mr. Perkins is interested in giving lots of money to save endangered animals, he’s more inter… more

The Billionaire’s Curvy Mistress 2 (A BBW Erotic Short Story + Bonus Story)
Haley Nix
Taken Alive (Escape from the... - Aster Zhen

Taken Alive (Escape from the...Aster Zhen

Average wait: N/A

Scared and violated, Kelly has only one goal in mind: escape from the village filled with tentacle demons. But how will she escape when danger is everywhere? Can she trust Brenda, who already betrayed her? A 3600 word (14 page) story of rev… more

Taken Alive (Escape from the Tentacle Demons Book 2)
Aster Zhen
Becoming Kelly (Gender Swap ... - D.L. Savage

Becoming Kelly (Gender Swap ...D.L. Savage

What would you do if you woke up in the body of your smoking-hot female friend?

Tony has had a secret crush on his best female friend Kelly for years. She’s hot, sexy, and always dresses in tight little outfits.

One drunken night Kelly g… more

Becoming Kelly (Gender Swap Erotica)
D.L. Savage
Black Key Press , English
The Adventures of Baby Jaimi... - Jaimie Hope

The Adventures of Baby Jaimi...Jaimie Hope

It’s Baby Jaimie’s last day of school and she is planning a fun summer with her friends. Her sister, Kelly also has big plans for her. How can Baby Jaimie be in two places at once? Not wanting to disappoint anyone Baby Jaimie tries to figur… more

The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Goes to the Hospital
Jaimie Hope
Buried Biker (A Jesse Damon ... - KM Rockwood

Buried Biker (A Jesse Damon ...KM Rockwood

Average wait: N/A

The cops have decided Jesse wasn’t the one who raped sometimes-girlfriend Kelly. But can he convince Kelly and her father’s biker buddies that he had nothing to do with it? And since he’s already on parole on a murder conviction, he’s the f… more

Buried Biker (A Jesse Damon Crime Novel Book 3)
KM Rockwood
Musa Publishing , English
Brogan - Kev Richardson

BroganKev Richardson

Average wait: N/A

A true tale of life in Australia’s Far Outback. Born in the drifting sands on desert-edge, of drifting parents, his values founded on the rationale of drifting drovers, Brogan’s education is perforce a series of hard-knock experiences, luck… more

Kev Richardson
Wings ePress , English
Seduced in the Alley - Angelina Blake

Seduced in the AlleyAngelina Blake

As a flirtatious young woman, Kelly doesn’t mind too much that Cameron watches her all the time at the movie theater where they both work. But there’s something a little creepy about the way Cameron shows up wherever she is. Kelly doesn’t t… more

Seduced in the Alley
Angelina Blake
Spanking Time (Baby Time Book 4) - Lauren Kay

Spanking Time (Baby Time Book 4)Lauren Kay

Average wait: N/A

Kelly lost a bet to her boyfriend. He got to control how he behaved and what she wore. The terms of their agreement were simple: whoever lost the bet had to obey completely. Now he’s taken advantage and turned Kelly into his adorable baby g… more

Spanking Time (Baby Time Book 4)
Lauren Kay
Pink Leash Publishing , English
Time For A Second Chance (Bo... - Ginny Dye

Time For A Second Chance (Bo...Ginny Dye

Average wait: N/A

Dive into the Pepper Crest High teen fiction series with the first book - Time For A Second Chance.

15 year old Kelly has no control over the changes turning her world upside down when her widowed father remarries. Eager to escape she ta… more

Time For A Second Chance (Book # 1 in the Pepper Crest High Series)
Ginny Dye
A Voice In The World Publishing, Inc. , English
Punished with Double Penetra... - Jael Long

Punished with Double Penetra...Jael Long

Average wait: N/A

Amber just got screwed by her roommate, Kelly, she left her high and dry with all the bills in the middle of the month with no notice. Kelly was determined to get even, so one evening she sneaks over to Kelly’s new address and loots the pl… more

Punished with Double Penetration: A Rough Stranger Sex Erotica Story (Double Trouble Book 2)
Jael Long
BJ Hardcore Erotica Press , English
The Adventures of Baby Jaimi... - Jaimie Hope

The Adventures of Baby Jaimi...Jaimie Hope

It’s Baby Jaimie’s last day of school and she is planning a fun summer with her friends. Her sister, Kelly also has big plans for her. How can Baby Jaimie be in two places at once?Not wanting to disappoint anyone Baby Jaimie tries to figure… more

The Adventures of Baby Jaimie; Baby Jaimie Goes to the Hospital
Jaimie Hope
Anchor Group Publishing , English
Birthday Tag Team (MFMM Group) - Jade K. Scott

Birthday Tag Team (MFMM Group)Jade K. Scott

It’s Kelly’s birthday, and she’s excited to find out she’s getting the car of her dreams! When she’s taken out to the garage for her birthday spanking, she gets the surprise of her life with the most taboo tag team you’ve EVER imagined!

K… more

Birthday Tag Team (MFMM Group)
Jade K. Scott
Blissfully in Love (Blissful, #2) - Red Phoenix

Blissfully in Love (Blissful, #2)Red Phoenix

3 ratings
  • The popular Blissful eBook serial is now available as a full-length novel. Get all 4 sexynovelettes in one convenient eBook. Blissfully Undone by Red Phoenix - only 2.99!This steamy novelette explores how a couple moves from two lovers to… more
Blissfully in Love (Blissful, #2)
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix , English
A Stranger Brought - Emily Moreton

A Stranger BroughtEmily Moreton

When Tia paints a pretty girl, Kelly, she’s not expecting to get an awesome first date out of it. And when Kelly promises a second date, Tia’s not expecting her to go completely silent for weeks. By the time Kelly calls, Tia’s learned to ex… more

A Stranger Brought
Emily Moreton
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Group Therapy (Naughty Neigh... - Lynda Bailey

Group Therapy (Naughty Neigh...Lynda Bailey

Average wait: N/A

With her marriage crumbling and counseling not helping, Brooke seeks the advice of her best friend, Kelly. Kelly has advice all right—in the form of a spousal “swap.” Brooke recoils at the suggestion. No way is she that desperate.Or is she… more

Group Therapy (Naughty Neighborhood Book 1)
Lynda Bailey
My Barely Legal Neighbor - JT Holland

My Barely Legal NeighborJT Holland

Average wait: N/A

I was out for a jog when I ran past Kelly, the 19-year old hottie that lives a few houses down from me. After a brief conversation, she revealed that she’d had her eye on me for a couple years. Needless to say, this came as a bit of a surpr… more

My Barely Legal Neighbor
JT Holland
Forever Smut Publications , English
Granddad's Dirty Little Thie... - N.L. Allen

Granddad's Dirty Little Thie...N.L. Allen

Average wait: N/A

Tammy’s friend Kelly convinces her to rob an old man’s house,. But she finds more than she bargained for in his drawers – a dirty magazine featuring Kelly! With the secret eating away at her, she’s forced into an encounter where her and Kel… more

Granddad’s Dirty Little Thief (Geriatric Jollies Book 3)
N.L. Allen
N.L. Allen , English