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Dogging In the Park - Katie K

Dogging In the ParkKatie K

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This book tells the story of a young woman’s first experience of dogging, this is the act of having sex in public with strangers. Katie is enjoying a hot summers day when she is approached by a man with a camera, before long he has convince… more

Dogging In the Park
Katie K
My Glass is Half Full - Kristin Garemani

My Glass is Half FullKristin Garemani

My Glass is Half Full” is a children’s story that plants seeds of optomism in the minds and hearts of young readers. A young girl named Katie finds that sometimes situations that are negative unfold to show greater opportunities on the hor… more

My Glass is Half Full
Kristin Garemani
BookBaby , English
While She Sleeps (Taboo Dadd... - Anni Ray

While She Sleeps (Taboo Dadd...Anni Ray

While Katie sleeps, daddy will play! Katie has just turned 18 and she wants to prove to her step-father that she is ready for his love. But after being caught in the act, Katie’s jealous mother slips her a poison that sends her to sleep. C… more

While She Sleeps (Taboo Daddy Daughter Virgin Sleeping Erotica)
Anni Ray
Unwanted Advice - Jean-Luc Cheri

Unwanted AdviceJean-Luc Cheri

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An erotic short story. Married Brett has been sent to give beautiful eighteen-year-old Katie a lecture about the dangers of casual sex. But he’s been harboring a secret desire for the young woman, and when the two get together, they find … more

Unwanted Advice
Jean-Luc Cheri
Eradygm Publishing , English
Katie's Age Play Escort Service - Jennie May

Katie's Age Play Escort ServiceJennie May

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Katie runs a very special escort service dedicated to very special clients. Katie’s clients are interested in age play, and Katie provides them with escorts perfect to their tastes. Meet several of Katie’s clients and employees in this book… more

Katie’s Age Play Escort Service
Jennie May
Cruel Men 4: One Will - Shani Finn

Cruel Men 4: One WillShani Finn

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Cruelty….submission…death…has a new nameHot! Violent! Cruel… - Please read the description and look inside before purchasing. - Adults onlyHeather is about to go to college, when her mother Brings home Tom. Immediately she is drawn… more

Cruel Men 4: One Will
Shani Finn
Enthralled (Enslaved Book 2) - Gwendoline Townsend

Enthralled (Enslaved Book 2)Gwendoline Townsend

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In this 4000 word story, Andrea goes to confront Dr. Matthews after she notices her friend Katie behaving strangely. Dr. Matthews is prepared for her, however, and he’s prepared an induction for her that’s going to make her forget all about… more

Enthralled (Enslaved Book 2)
Gwendoline Townsend
Rick's Rescue (Adventures in... - Rachel Hope

Rick's Rescue (Adventures in...Rachel Hope

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While out for an early morning stroll with his wife Katie, Rick gets taken away. It is up to Charlie and his friends to launch a rescue before Rick comes to an untimely end.

Rick’s Rescue (Adventures in Clearview Cove Book 4)
Rachel Hope
Rachel Hope , English
Katy The One-Eyed Cat (A Bea... - Tony Dunne

Katy The One-Eyed Cat (A Bea...Tony Dunne

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Katy The One-Eyed Cat is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book. It tells the heartwarming tale of an injured, disabled cat and how she finds a new home after being left to fend for herself.It is based loosely on a true story. Ev… more

Katy The One-Eyed Cat (A Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Picture Book for 4 to 8 Year Olds)
Tony Dunne
I Was A Submissive Bisexual ... - A. Cuckold

I Was A Submissive Bisexual ...A. Cuckold

When wife Katie brings home a pair of muscular bikers, Ryan is put off at first…but not for long. This explicit, erotic short story contains graphic scenes of cuckoldry, bisexuality, and golden showers. Mature adults only!

I Was A Submissive Bisexual Husband: A Cuckold’s Tale
A. Cuckold
This is a Love Story - Jessica Miller

This is a Love StoryJessica Miller

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This is a short story that moves through time. It is about a girl (Katie), her first love, and also her relationship with her father. It is a kind of tragicomedy. All the characters in the story are connected, although they are geographical… more

This is a Love Story
Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller , English
The Accidental Stripper (Ero... - Helen Cooper

The Accidental Stripper (Ero...Helen Cooper

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Jenny is a college girl who decides to help out her best friend Katie by subbing for her one night at a strip club. While Jenny had no clue what she was in for at the club, she did have the time of her life.This a short sexy romance/erotica… more

The Accidental Stripper (Erotic Romance)
Helen Cooper
The End - Kristen June

The EndKristen June

Epic book The end is about a girl named Katy who is chosen to stay behind to battle the demonic forces on earth so people can live on earth again.

The End
Kristen June
Craving Chocolate (Dominated... - Desiree Dyers

Craving Chocolate (Dominated...Desiree Dyers

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Katie is a young woman who loves sex. She especially loves to attend Ms. Jones sex parties where she can let loose and be herself. Invited to another swinging party, Katie finds herself in the arms of Sean, a hot, dominating black man. But … more

Craving Chocolate (Dominated by a Black Man) Part 1
Desiree Dyers
My Sister's Departure - KJ Dawn

My Sister's DepartureKJ Dawn

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One day KJ Dawn’s life was at its normal best and while not everything was going her way, the ones she loved were within reach to hug, send messages to, or talk with by phone. But a change was coming, and it was charging toward KJ like a ru… more

My Sister’s Departure
KJ Dawn
In the Woods (Orca Soundings) - Robin Stevenson

In the Woods (Orca Soundings)Robin Stevenson

1 rating
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When Cameron rescues a baby abandoned in the woods, everyone says it is a miracle. A stroke of luck that he just happened to be there, riding his bike along that trail, and heard the baby’s cry. But Cameron has a secret: It wasn’t just luck… more

In the Woods (Orca Soundings)
Robin Stevenson
Orca Book Publishers , English
Naughty Katie (Spanking, Old... - Becca Little

Naughty Katie (Spanking, Old...Becca Little

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He’s only the man of the house for one day when this naughty brat gets out of line and he has to punish her… Katie thinks Bear’s threats are a game until she pushes him one time too many and ends up over his knee for a bare bottom spankin… more

Naughty Katie (Spanking, Older Man, Taboo, Romance)
Becca Little
Domestic Discipline Publishing , English
Craving Chocolate (Dominated... - Desiree Dyers

Craving Chocolate (Dominated...Desiree Dyers

Katie is a young woman who loves sex. She especially loves to attend Ms. Jones sex parties where she can let loose and be herself. Invited to another swinging party, Katie finds herself in the arms of Sean, a hot, dominating black man. But … more

Craving Chocolate (Dominated By A Black Man)
Desiree Dyers
Shadowy Truth - Deanna James

Shadowy TruthDeanna James

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Katie felt like she was nothing. Worthless. Her life was falling apart. She had college to worry about, but then she also had to deal with loosing her boyfriend and feeling completely out of place in the world. But when a stray dog shows up… more

Shadowy Truth
Deanna James
D. James , English
The Hectic Life Of Katie - Betty Muirhead

The Hectic Life Of KatieBetty Muirhead

Average wait: N/A

The is the story of a young girl named Katie. She has been bullied until she cant take it any longer. So she does somethings that she should have never done. I hope that you enjoy this short story.

The Hectic Life Of Katie
Betty Muirhead
Betty Muirhead , English