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The Adventures of Jebediah - Chris Almack

The Adventures of JebediahChris Almack

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It is the worst summer a twelve year old could ever have. When his best friend moves away and his father’s unemployment forces the cancellation of their big trip the summer seems ruined. When Jebediah arrives everything changes. He teaches … more

The Adventures of Jebediah
Chris Almack
Chris Almack , English
Inventors Journals - Bobbie Sue, Billy Joe

Inventors JournalsBobbie Sue, Billy Joe

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Two Inventions! Two Adventures! All in one book!Go on an adventure with Tom as he comes face to face with a rattlesnake, wakes up in an indian village and what he invents will surprise you!Join Chip on a wagon train as he heads to Kansas an… more

Inventors Journals
Bobbie Sue, Billy Joe
Leaving Kansas (Abusing the ... - Brett Clay Miller

Leaving Kansas (Abusing the ...Brett Clay Miller

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As long as there is breath in our lungs, we are all in the process of departing, journeying or arriving, a cycle perpetually fraught with high emotion. “Leaving Kansas” is the chronicle of just such an odyssey. This collection of non-tradit… more

Leaving Kansas (Abusing the Transitive Property (A Haiku Project))
Brett Clay Miller
Brett Clay Miller , English
Kansas by the Numbers - Impo... - John Craig, EJ Craig

Kansas by the Numbers - Impo...John Craig, EJ Craig

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Kansas by the Numbers is a look at Kansas’s statistics from a new perspective. From Longitude and Latitude of every city within her borders, we can determine not just distance, but personality, flavor, ambiance. Kansas holds many amazing re… more

Kansas by the Numbers - Important and Curious numbers about Kansas and her cities (States by the Numbers Book 16)
John Craig, EJ Craig
Books to Believe In , English
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Lyman Frank Baum

The Wonderful Wizard of OzLyman Frank Baum

Dorothy is a young girl who lives on a Kansas farm with her Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, and little dog Toto. One day the farmhouse, with Dorothy inside, is caught up in a tornado and deposited in a field in the country of the Munchkins. The falli… more

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum
Big-K , English
Wanna Hear a Good One? (The ... - Jenni Orman

Wanna Hear a Good One? (The ...Jenni Orman

A compilation of jokes and humor about the Sunflower State. Most jokes are family friendly, only a few have slightly adult themes. A great gift for anyone with ties to Kansas.

Wanna Hear a Good One? (The Kansas Edition)
Jenni Orman
Bliss - Tracy Bowen, Jenness Walker

BlissTracy Bowen, Jenness Walker

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When the universe lets you down, it’s time to go over its head. Following the stars, Indie Moore sets off to find ultimate happiness in South Florida. But in her quest for comfort and fortune, she encounters mishap and mayhem… more

Tracy Bowen, Jenness Walker
Written World Communications , English
United States Cities Fact Fi... - Uscensus

United States Cities Fact Fi...Uscensus

United States Cities Fact Files Wichita, Kansas What do you need to know?? # of Kids under 5 years old? Race?? High School Graduates?? How long it takes to get to work?? And so much more…. Great School Report Material for all grades a… more

United States Cities Fact Files Wichita, Kansas
Kansas 2022-2023 - Jacob Flax

Kansas 2022-2023Jacob Flax

In the year 2022 in Kansas, the two major political parties have gone to a full scale war. Can two friends stop the war and save their homestate?

Kansas 2022-2023
Jacob Flax
Kansas! - Sara Gardner Blow

Kansas!Sara Gardner Blow

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This book is a collection of poems written after a move to Kansas in mid-life.Poetry is like painting a picture in words and as you read these poems it will as watching a scene unfold. Written from the heart and based on true events, these … more

Sara Gardner Blow
Sara Gardner Blow , English
Please Take a Seat - Sonny Collins

Please Take a SeatSonny Collins

A 3 act musical play set in an old movie theater in small town Kansas where romance blossoms and then fades over the course of 20 years.

Please Take a Seat
Sonny Collins
Prairie Moon Publications , English
United States Cities Fact Fi... - Uscensus

United States Cities Fact Fi...Uscensus

United States Cities Fact Files Lawrence, KansasWhat do you need to know??# of Kids under 5 years old?Race??High School Graduates??How long it takes to get to work??And so much more….Great School Report Material for all grades and great fac… more

United States Cities Fact Files Lawrence, Kansas
United States Cities Fact Fi... - Uscensus

United States Cities Fact Fi...Uscensus

United States Cities Fact Files Leawood, KansasWhat do you need to know??# of Kids under 5 years old?Race??High School Graduates??How long it takes to get to work??And so much more….Great School Report Material for all grades and great fact… more

United States Cities Fact Files Leawood, Kansas
It Happened in Kansas: Remar... - Sarah Smarsh

It Happened in Kansas: Remar...Sarah Smarsh

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It Happened in Kansas features over 25 chapters in Kansas history.  Lively and entertaining, this book brings the varied and fascinating history of the Sunflower State to life.

It Happened in Kansas: Remarkable Events that Shaped History (It Happened In Series)
Sarah Smarsh
Globe Pequot Press , English
Straws, Book 1: Complicity (... - James Muri

Straws, Book 1: Complicity (...James Muri

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In 1939 farm country in Kansas, A brother and sister are confronted with another family’s shocking secret. They attempt to deal with it, hoping that their good intentions and cautious oversight will be enough.

They aren’t.

This rich Amer… more

Straws, Book 1: Complicity (The Straws Trilogy)
James Muri
Self , English
Arizona Heat (Silhouette Desire) - Jennifer Greene

Arizona Heat (Silhouette Desire)Jennifer Greene

She Wasn’t Looking For a HusbandKansas McClellan was looking for her brother, and Paxton Moore was the only man who could help her. She’d heard he knew the tough, Western landscape like the back of his callused hand, so it didn’t matter tha… more

Arizona Heat (Silhouette Desire)
Jennifer Greene
Harlequin Treasury-Silhouette Desire 90s , English
Harvesting Faith (Planting D... - Linda Hubalek

Harvesting Faith (Planting D...Linda Hubalek

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Harvesting Faith: Life on the Changing Prairie, 1886-1919 Planting Dreams Series, Book 3

Imagine surveying your farmstead on the last day of your life, reviewing the decades of joys, hardships, and changes that have taken place on the eig… more

Harvesting Faith (Planting Dreams Series Book 3)
Linda Hubalek
Butterfield Books Inc. , English
Jekyll, an Urban Fantasy (Hy... - Lauren Stewart

Jekyll, an Urban Fantasy (Hy...Lauren Stewart

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“When the devil tells you to stop struggling, do you?”

From the moment Eden wakes up, she knows she’s not in Kansas anymore. She isn’t even on Mitch’s doorstep, Chastity’s favorite place to dump her off. No, she’s somewhere far worse. And … more

Jekyll, an Urban Fantasy (Hyde Book 2)
Lauren Stewart
Off the Hook Publishing , English
Orphan Train Bride Healing Scars - Linda Baten Johnson

Orphan Train Bride Healing ScarsLinda Baten Johnson

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She lies and steals to get on the Orphan Train going to Kansas where Violet hopes to make a new start and find a husband. She wants to forget about the fire in the sewing factory that has left her body and mind scarred. However, once she re… more

Orphan Train Bride Healing Scars
Linda Baten Johnson
www.lovelyromancepress.com, Lovely Romance Press , English
Kansas Bloody Kansas (Sawbones) - Marvin W. Bronson

Kansas Bloody Kansas (Sawbones)Marvin W. Bronson

Blood money spills across the Kansas prairie as Judas Coin attempts to rescue a young girl being held by bandits.

The meeting place is a cemetery, and the deadly doctor plans to fill some unmarked graves before the gun smoke clears…

Kansas Bloody Kansas (Sawbones)
Marvin W. Bronson