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Seduced By Force (Bound And ...Bree Bellucci

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Mandy has been caught red-handed by Justin. There’s no way out now, he knows that she’s been fooling around with Brad behind his back. He’s given her everything and she disobeyed his trust, and challenged his authority. Justin has been know… more

Seduced By Force (Bound And Bred For The Billionaire Part 4)
Bree Bellucci

My Brother's KeeperDianna Bell

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Jaime was never happier than he was now with this being his final year of high school. He already had his top three Colleges of his choice already in line, all three had accepted him and it was just the matter of picking one of them. They w… more

My Brother’s Keeper
Dianna Bell
Dianna Bell , English

Art of DesireHelena Harker

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When Jenna runs into a former student she used to have a crush on, she decides to make her lusty fantasies a reality. Justin is studying Fine Arts in university, and when he asks Jenna to pose nude for a sculpture, her inner cougar tells he… more

Art of Desire
Helena Harker
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. , English

El libro de la película (Jus...Autores Varios

Mientras en el reino de Gabilonia gobiernan las prohibiciones impuestas por los abogados, Justin pretende volver a los tiempos de honor y justicia, persiguiendo su sueño: convertirse en caballero. Pero, para ella, necesitará recuperar la es… more

El libro de la película (Justin y la espada del valor) (KF8) (Spanish Edition)
Autores Varios
BEASCOA , Spanish

Consensual Infidelity: The T...Kaysee Smart

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In the suburbs, swinging isn’t just for the playground. Kaysee Smart thinks she is content with her life of driving the carpool, enjoying play dates and trying that exciting new recipe for the next potluck. But when her conservative husband… more

Consensual Infidelity: The True Story of One Ordinary Couple’s Experiment with Swinging
Kaysee Smart
WorldMaker Media , English

Screwing his Roommate (Dirty...Brian West

Average wait: N/A

A Dirtyhunk Gay Sex StoryEver since straight and narrow, thirty year old Justin rented out his spare bedroom to sexy college jock Carlos, he has not been able to get the guy out of his mind. Carlos is the sort of guy who can leave a man wea… more

Screwing his Roommate (Dirtyhunk Gay Sex Stories)
Brian West
dirtyhunkbooks.com , English

Illicit RelationsLucy Felthouse

Average wait: N/A

Part of the Boys Will Do Boys series.Terry’s had a crush on his second cousin Justin for what seems like forever. He’s hidden it as well as possible, knowing that the other man is out of bounds, forbidden fruit. Second cousins getting toget… more

Illicit Relations
Lucy Felthouse
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English

Taylor's Compromising Positi...J.C. Wilde

Though my TABOO stories are about pushing the limits and breaking all the rules, it seems there are just some guidelines that we all have to follow. Of course, when Amazon banned my original titles for being too hot and controversial, I won… more

Taylor’s Compromising Position: Taboo Erotica
J.C. Wilde
Hot Pink Press , English

Taboo Erotica #4 (3 Story Co...J.C. Wilde

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Taboo Erotica #4 – 3 Story Collection features three previously published forbidden sex stories under new titles! They’re so hot and controversial I can’t even call them by their original names!

RACHEL’S SOAKING WET TEASE - Not-so-innocent… more

Taboo Erotica #4 (3 Story Collection - Forbidden Sex Stories)
J.C. Wilde
Hot Pink Press , English

A Matter Of FaithRaven McAllan

Average wait: N/A

Leonora knew she’d wait for Justin to come home. She hadn’t expected it to be so long or so fraught. When Justin joined his regiment, and was sent to the continent, Leonora promised to wait for him to return. She didn’t think it would take … more

A Matter Of Faith
Raven McAllan
Breathless Press , English

Aftermath (Chasing Destiny)Abigail Denver

Average wait: N/A

After waking from her coma, Hannah must deal with the absence of all the adults she had come to love. She and her new husband, Justin, must work together to rebuild their community and fight to keep everyone together as they struggle to fi… more

Aftermath (Chasing Destiny)
Abigail Denver

Fog in WarwickPhoebe Willows

A love letter lady takes PHoebeTrenton to investigate the truth about the death of his brother Justin. But an unfortunate accident in the forests of the lead souls to the dark castle of the counts Warwick. No past, no family and Phoebe … more

Fog in Warwick
Phoebe Willows

Face To Face (Heaven in my H...Melanie Wilber

Average wait: N/A

Brianne and her friends are off to camp, and Brianne couldn’t be more excited.  She’s been waiting all summer for this, and she’s happy so many are going along, including her cousin Justine who she doesn’t get to see too often.But she begin… more

Face To Face (Heaven in my Heart 5 (for pre and early teens)
Melanie Wilber

Breeding the Pool Boy (Couga...Victoria Scarlett

Average wait: N/A

Janice finds herself becoming a bored housewife with a husband too busy to fulfill her deepest wish to become a mother. When handsome college student Justin comes to clean the pool at the beginning of summer, she resolves to finally become… more

Breeding the Pool Boy (Cougar MILF Breeding Impregnation Erotica)
Victoria Scarlett

Daddy's Cock Tease (Storm In...Alix Storm

Nineteen-year-old Justine gets turned on when she reads erotic stories. Her sex-starved stepdaddy can’t help but notice her need, and act on it!This book was released under the title Cock Tease. That version is a milder Storm Intensity. Sto… more

Daddy’s Cock Tease (Storm Intensity: Category 3 - Family Tease)
Alix Storm

Meant for Me - Now, Meant fo...Ladd M. Kline

Average wait: N/A

Sometimes it isn’t easy sharing a life’s story in a simple conversation, especially when you’re sharing it with your child. The length of the story, not to mention the complexity of the issues and emotions involved, can be overwhelming. And… more

Meant for Me - Now, Meant for You: Proper Care and Feeding for the Caregiver
Ladd M. Kline
Booktango , English

What Hurts The MostJ. Lee Gonzales

Average wait: N/A

Finn Bradley moves to Nassah to get a fresh start. The last thing he wants to do is get serious with anyone. That is until he meets Jordyn Daniel. That girl makes him feel things he’s never felt before. He loves everything about her excep… more

What Hurts The Most
J. Lee Gonzales

Tanya Is Taken: A Rough Stra...Sandy Charles

Tonya doesn’t exactly like being an intern at a photography studio, but it pays the bills and it isn’t all bad. She’s learning a great deal, after all. She especially likes location shoots when she gets to go to fancy hotels. On this par… more

Tanya Is Taken: A Rough Stranger Sex in Public Erotica Story (Sandy’s Rough Sex Encounters)
Sandy Charles
Give It To Me Hard Erotica Press , English

Tormented DiscoveryJayson James

Average wait: 61d, 19h

Justin and Derrick have a secret that they revealed only to their closest friends. They are gay and are now a couple. The story of Justin and Derrick continues as they learn more about being a gay couple in their senior year of high scho… more

Tormented Discovery
Jayson James

Using Her Body While She SleepsC.J. Whitlock

After a night on the town with his friend Justin, Chase returns to Justin’s flat alone when his friend scores and spends the night elsewhere.Trying to not wake Justin’s 20 year old sister Cindy, Chase stumbles into her bedroom by mistake. W… more

Using Her Body While She Sleeps
C.J. Whitlock