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The Sylph (Girlebooks Classics) - Duchess of Devonshire Georgiana

The Sylph (Girlebooks Classics)Duchess of Devonshire Georgiana

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The Duchess of Devonshire’s second book, first published in 1778, chronicles the life of a young, newly married lady of high society not unlike its author. Written in epistolary format, the story follows Julia from her idyllic country life … more

The Sylph (Girlebooks Classics)
Duchess of Devonshire Georgiana
Girlebooks.com , English
Joy Comes in the Morning - Sherri Baldwin

Joy Comes in the MorningSherri Baldwin

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“In my darkest hour, I (Julia) had open chest surgery. The surgery wasn’t successful. Unfortunately, I was still bleeding internally and in my darkest hour I could barely gasp for a breath and felt like I was drowning. I was slipping away a… more

Joy Comes in the Morning
Sherri Baldwin
Createspace , English
Violent Delights (The Others... - Lauren  David

Violent Delights (The Others...Lauren David

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This is the way the world ends.Fire falling from the sky. Deaths running in to the millions. The unimaginable horrors of a new world. And the survivors, separated in to distant factions, have been forced to start anew, scraping out a des… more

Violent Delights (The Others, Book 1)
Lauren David
Blackhouse Publishing , English
God Must Love Us - Kimberly Carson

God Must Love UsKimberly Carson

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Julia, a devout Southern Baptist, relies on religion to survive childhood with a schizophrenic father. As a teenager she forms a friendship with John, an awkward but wealthy young man she meets at church. Despite the disapproval of John’s f… more

God Must Love Us
Kimberly Carson
Silence of Souls (The Zombie... - S. M. Oberhansley

Silence of Souls (The Zombie...S. M. Oberhansley

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Lies. Manipulation. Deceit.At the inception of the zombie apocalypse, a mother will do whatever it takes to find her family, even if it means leading the people who saved her life to their death. They have no military training, no powerful… more

Silence of Souls (The Zombie Apocalypse Saga)
S. M. Oberhansley
El cambiazo (Spanish Edition) - Mario Benedetti

El cambiazo (Spanish Edition)Mario Benedetti

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El Cambiazo es una canción que canta el ídolo juvenil Lito Suárez, y que va cambiando una estrofa semanalmente de acuerdo a las sugerencias enviadas por sus fanáticos. A su vez, el coronel Corrales, padre de Julia, está encargado de mantene… more

El cambiazo (Spanish Edition)
Mario Benedetti
ebooks Patagonia , Spanish
Stormy Knight (White Knight ... - Alexis Shore

Stormy Knight (White Knight ...Alexis Shore

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Part 2 of the White Knight Trilogy

After her experiences of being kidnapped by a dashing multi-billionaire, Julia is surprised to find herself working for him.

And she’s even more surprised by the turn of events one stormy night in a secl… more

Stormy Knight (White Knight Trilogy Book 2)
Alexis Shore
Breaking Julia - A. J.  Madison

Breaking JuliaA. J. Madison

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Julia, a spoiled brat of a nineteen year old working in Madame Bootheel’s sex dungeon, is having trouble in her role as a submissive. She’s used to getting her way, and that doesn’t gel with her chosen occupation as professional submissive… more

Breaking Julia
A. J. Madison
The Maker of Man - Brian McDermott

The Maker of ManBrian McDermott

In the future, everything is completely controlled and made by Man. Genetically engineered citizens are terminated on their 50th birthdays and the “Ministry of Time” designates how people are best suited to use their time since “time is a f… more

The Maker of Man
Brian McDermott
Julia's Violinist - Anneli Purchase

Julia's ViolinistAnneli Purchase

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The lovely Julia has it all—a seemingly perfect life. The aftermath of war in Europe changes all that. Widowed and homeless, Julia and her two small children become refugees in Germany. As she tries to rebuild her life, Julia becomes an imm… more

Julia’s Violinist
Anneli Purchase
Discipline for the Naughty G... - Vivian Vixen

Discipline for the Naughty G...Vivian Vixen

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Julia’s a hard-drinking wreck whose daily pleasure is sneaking behind the bleachers to watch the painfully sexy acrobat, Dmitri, perform his act every night.

Dmitri’s no idiot—he knows exactly what Julia’s up to and he’s tired of watching … more

Discipline for the Naughty Girl: Bondage, Domination, and Submission
Vivian Vixen


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I wrote this book with the help of my wife Julia without whose help I might have died with it being only half-done. For this I shall be beyond grateful.

Bill Coles
Trafford Publishing , English
A Tangled Web of Deception - Susan Vance

A Tangled Web of DeceptionSusan Vance

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Olivia is a young widow. After 17 years of marriage she is dating again. She wondered how she would meet anyone, but now there are three men in her life, all diversely different and she likes them all. Her best friend, Julia is married, but… more

A Tangled Web of Deception
Susan Vance
Susan R Vance , English
Hungarian-English, Simple Hu... - Alexander Pavlenko

Hungarian-English, Simple Hu...Alexander Pavlenko

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Based on the Speech Plasma Method, the book is designed to teach pre-intermediate students to speak Hungarian. The volume contains pre-intermediate level grammar, special fluency practice training and fifty conversational topics. All the te… more

Hungarian-English, Simple Hungarian, Conversational Topics, Pre-Intermediate Level (Hungarian-English, Simple Hungarian, Fluency Practice Book 3)
Alexander Pavlenko
Sapcrystals plc , English
Taken By The Men Who Raised ... - Amber Paige

Taken By The Men Who Raised ...Amber Paige

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Few things are more taboo than lustful feelings for the men who raised you, especially when there are more than one of them. These three forbidden tales show what happens when a woman grows up and returns to that familiar place where the me… more

Taken By The Men Who Raised Me: Volume 4
Amber Paige
Hidden Chances: New Changes ... - Sofia Paz

Hidden Chances: New Changes ...Sofia Paz

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Volume 4 of the Hidden Chances series

Julia has found the perfect boyfriend. Well, perfect except for the tiny fact that their sex life is absolutely dismal. She finds herself fantasizing constantly about an imaginary lover that satisfies … more

Hidden Chances: New Changes - Volume Four (Hidden Chances series Book 4)
Sofia Paz
Roja Publishing , English
At Fault (Southern Fraud Thr... - J. W. Becton, Jennifer Becton

At Fault (Southern Fraud Thr...J. W. Becton, Jennifer Becton

3 ratings
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Operating on an insider’s tip, Julia and Vincent must go undercover to infiltrate an organized fraud ring led by a cruel, manipulative boss. But the closer they come to identifying the size and scope of the organization, the more they reali… more

At Fault (Southern Fraud Thriller Book 3)
J. W. Becton, Jennifer Becton
Whiteley Press, LLC , English
Descent - Sandy Deluca

DescentSandy Deluca

In the ’70s Julia accompanied a mad man on an unforgettable road trip from Providence to Miami. She encountered demons, decadence and death. She was helpless and subservient as pain and blood became a fact of her life. She finally escaped f… more

Sandy Deluca
HM Press , English
The Secret Year - Jennifer Hubbard

The Secret YearJennifer Hubbard

Colt and Julia were secretly together for a year, and no one ever knew, not even Julia’s boyfriend. Why would they-they were from two different crowds. Julia lived in her country club world and Colt … didn’t. Then Julia dies in a car ac… more

The Secret Year
Jennifer Hubbard
Speak , English
The Sapphire Prism Cave (A J... - Peter M. Leschner

The Sapphire Prism Cave (A J...Peter M. Leschner

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The Sapphire Prism Cave takes you on a soaring journey of the heart and imagination. James and Julia, spirited, fun loving 11-year-old twins, stumble upon an incredible cave filled with multi-colored, magic crystals which endow them with sp… more

The Sapphire Prism Cave (A Journey Through the Space Vortex Book 1)
Peter M. Leschner
Peter M. Leschner , English