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Osiris and the Egyptian Resu... - E. A. Wallis Budge

Osiris and the Egyptian Resu...E. A. Wallis Budge

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Volume 2 of the most comprehensive, scholarly work on Osiris. Includes translations of numerous texts, reproductions of classical Egyptian art—iconography, the Heaven of Osiris, liturgy, shrines and mysteries, funeral and burial practices, … more

Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection, Vol. 2: 002
E. A. Wallis Budge
Dover Publications , English
These Grannies Got Guns - J.G. Vernen

These Grannies Got GunsJ.G. Vernen

Everyone loves their grandma but these three are just a little…different. They have certain skills in war and strategy developed over forty years through military training and discipline. They are the definition of “never judge a book by … more

These Grannies Got Guns
J.G. Vernen
SQUATCH - R.S. Lehner


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In the 10 years since the advent of the 21st. century, what was supposed to go away had remained. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or Yeti sightings had not decreased, but were still being reported at an ever-increasing rate. Today, with everyone havi… more

R.S. Lehner
Amazon , English
Watt's Special Purpose - John Paul Murphy

Watt's Special PurposeJohn Paul Murphy

This book was written to encourage children. So many children today judge themselves according to their peers or what they see on television. They struggle with who they are and often don’t realize how important and special they are. Th… more

Watt’s Special Purpose
John Paul Murphy
AuthorHouse , English
Stay The Course - E.D. Arrington

Stay The CourseE.D. Arrington

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A moving story of a grandmother’s lifelong dream to see one of her own get their freedom — a high school diploma.  In the 1960s a high school diploma was golden.  To Ma, “Education Is Freedom — Real Freedom!”

Stay The Course
E.D. Arrington
E.D. Arrington , English
An Okapi's Ode To Badminton - R.E.  Skibiski

An Okapi's Ode To BadmintonR.E. Skibiski

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In AN OKAPI’S ODE TO BADMINTON, an okapi recites an ode. But it’s not just any old ode. Far from it. It’s an ode that’ll help you make head or tails of a sport that lots of people have come across at some point but don’t know much about. Wh… more

An Okapi’s Ode To Badminton
R.E. Skibiski
Tordwifel Books , English
Little Bad Wolf Part 1 - Peter Reynolds

Little Bad Wolf Part 1Peter Reynolds

Little Bad Wolf’s parents loved nothing more than dancing to the songs of Elvis Presley. They were unusual parents for wolves but had a very happy family until the day when everything went wrong. That day her mother was killed and her fathe… more

Little Bad Wolf Part 1
Peter Reynolds
Peter Reynolds , English


The friends of Doctor Johnson can best judge, from internal evidence, whether the numerous conversations which form the most valuable part of the ensuing pages are correctly related. To them, therefore, I wish to appeal, for the accuracy of… more

BOSWELL’S LIFE OF JOHNSON (non illustrated)
The man behind him. , English
Young Zachary Case of Grandma Jubee - Grandpa Casey

Young Zachary Case of Grandma JubeeGrandpa Casey

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After finding the Confederate coins in, Young Zachary: Casey of the Confederate Gold, Zachary sets out to debunk Larry’s belief that his house is haunted. Larry believes his late Grandmother Jubee is haunting his house. Zachary believes … more

Young Zachary Case of Grandma Jubee
Grandpa Casey
Grandpa Casey , English
First Impressions Don't Count - A. T. Weaver

First Impressions Don't CountA. T. Weaver

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The first time Jesse saw Dave his first impression was ‘not a chance’. However, before the evening was over he discovered the warm, gentle person inside the rough biker exterior. When Jesse is the victim of a gay bashing, Dave’s caring pers… more

First Impressions Don’t Count
A. T. Weaver
Talespinner Publishing , English
The Crown City Redemption - L.A. Evans

The Crown City RedemptionL.A. Evans

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This novel is about a twenty-something young woman (Sam) who goes off tocollege and marries the man of her dreams, only to fi nd out later that he isan internati onal hit man. She is initi ally outraged by his clandesti neprofession, but u… more

The Crown City Redemption
L.A. Evans
Xlibris , English
Le Pen's short story antholo... - Le Penn

Le Pen's short story antholo...Le Penn

A collection of plays and stories that I’ve written. There are seven in total.Meta-fictional- In order to understand this story, you must understand what this story is about- me. That’s right, this story is a stroke of genius; a gift from t… more

Le Pen’s short story anthology 2 (Le Pen’s short stort anthology)
Le Penn
Judge Dredd #7: Swine Fever - Andrew Cartmel

Judge Dredd #7: Swine FeverAndrew Cartmel

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THE SWINE ARE REVOLTING! Judge Dredd prepares for his weirdest case yet! In the mad futuristic Mega-City One, pork has been banned in the face of super-intelligent pigs demanding equal rights. Yet someone is still making bacon and it’s up t… more

Judge Dredd #7: Swine Fever
Andrew Cartmel
Rebellion Publishing Limited , English
Who is Harry? (Tenan and Colleen) - Elzater Moffett

Who is Harry? (Tenan and Colleen)Elzater Moffett

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This book is about a boy who has an imaginary friend, named Harry. He is always in trouble and is constantly blaming, Harry. This story is entertaining and hopefully influential in helping children tell the truth and truly care for one anot… more

Who is Harry? (Tenan and Colleen)
Elzater Moffett
Author House , English
Ascended Masters Newsletters... - Linda Stein-Luthke

Ascended Masters Newsletters...Linda Stein-Luthke

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This compilation of newsletters is a treasure trove of profound information and wisdom, channeled from the Beings of Light. The information and guidance offered is uplifting, valuable, and useful, especially at this time of accelerated and … more

Ascended Masters Newsletters, Vol. III
Linda Stein-Luthke
eBookIt.com , English
Biscuit Wins a Prize: My Fir... - Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Biscuit Wins a Prize: My Fir...Alyssa Satin Capucilli

It’s the day of the pet show, and Biscuit has to look his best. All his old friends are at the show, and Biscuit sees so many new friends that he can’t sit still–even for the judge! The lovable yellow puppy’s friendliness helps him win a … more

Biscuit Wins a Prize: My First I Can Read
Alyssa Satin Capucilli
HarperCollins , English
You Be The Judge: Evil?  Ins... - Pam J.  Flanagan

You Be The Judge: Evil? Ins...Pam J. Flanagan

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YOU BE THE JUDGE is not well-written, but hopefully it makes you reflect on your own life experiences. It is not written in boring, chronological order, and it is fraught with interesting characters. I have yanked every bone of all the sk… more

You Be The Judge: Evil? Insane? Mildly Masochistic? Or, just plain *itch?
Pam J. Flanagan
Xlibris , English
The Loner Rose - Stephanie Louise Smith

The Loner RoseStephanie Louise Smith

Damon is the new boy in school. Teased for his accent and his unwillingness to fit in with the crowd, he spends his days dealing with school yard bullying and all alone. That is until he starts high school.The Loner Rose is a short personal… more

The Loner Rose
Stephanie Louise Smith
Judge Dredd #3: Black Atlantic - Peter J Evans

Judge Dredd #3: Black AtlanticPeter J Evans

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PREPARE FOR JUDGEMENT!Hot on the trail of a cargo of illegal bio-weapons, Judge Dredd boards the Cityship Sargasso, a vast agglomeration of ancient toxic waste tankers loaded with refugees from warzones around the world. It is also home to … more

Judge Dredd #3: Black Atlantic
Peter J Evans
Rebellion Publishing Limited , English
Halloween Murder Mysteries - C Dail  Pugh

Halloween Murder MysteriesC Dail Pugh

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Let me tell you a story. A few stories if I might add that will surely get your blood boiling. Be warned I’m not going to hold back, so be prepared to be terrified out of your corpse. Oh I mean body. A word of caution, I warn you that some … more

Halloween Murder Mysteries
C Dail Pugh
Read More Publishing Inc. , English