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Hood Rats - E. R. McNair

Hood RatsE. R. McNair

Experience life in the hood through the eyes of four friends, known around the way as The Hood Rats. As the girls go through the ups and downs of friendship and life on the streets, you ll be taken on a roller coaster ride of love, heartach… more

Hood Rats
E. R. McNair
Triple Crown Publications , English
The 5-Minute Marketer: 395 w... - Stefan Ekberg

The 5-Minute Marketer: 395 w...Stefan Ekberg

Quick marketing ideas with fast results! You run a small business and you want to get ahead of the competition, but how can you give resources to marketing when you’re short on time and the budget is tight?The solution is here!The 5-Minute … more

The 5-Minute Marketer: 395 ways to market your business in just five minutes
Stefan Ekberg
Harriman House , English
The Price Index and its Exte... - Sydney N. Afriat

The Price Index and its Exte...Sydney N. Afriat

The unique and ingenious S.N. Afriat is back and writing on the subject of the Price Index. This book is totally unique and shall be of great interest to economists and statisticians everywhere.

The Price Index and its Extension: A Chapter in Economic Measurement (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy)
Sydney N. Afriat
Routledge , English
Even Now A Sermon (2249) - R... - Rev C H Spurgeon

Even Now A Sermon (2249) - R...Rev C H Spurgeon

I hope that there are a great many persons here who are interested in the souls of those around them. We shall certainly never exercise faith concerning those for whose salvation we have no care. I trust, also, that we are diligent in looki… more

Even Now A Sermon (2249) - Rev C H Spurgeon
Rev C H Spurgeon
The Third Judge - Elchonon Lesches

The Third JudgeElchonon Lesches

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The Third Judge, & Other stories of the Tzemach TzedekThe third Rebbe of Lubavitch, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, known as the “Tzemach Tzedek,” served as a guiding light for the broad spectrum of Russian Jewry during the years 1828-18… more

The Third Judge
Elchonon Lesches
Kehot Publication Society , English
Criteria of Truth and Error -  Henry Sidgwick

Criteria of Truth and Error Henry Sidgwick

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(…)”notion of the fixity of organic species, and accepted a revolution in morphological method. Now the student of science is ordinarily not much disturbed by this evidence that his class forms no exception to Pope’s oft quoted character… more

Criteria of Truth and Error
Henry Sidgwick
My Book Of PEMS - Anthony David

My Book Of PEMSAnthony David

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My Book of P.E.M.S. is a combination of things. What they represent most are a reflection of my relationships in the past. They are a pure emotion and they come from within my mind and soul. I feel I have reach a point in my life where the … more

My Book Of PEMS
Anthony David
Little Bad Wolf Part 2 - Peter Reynolds

Little Bad Wolf Part 2Peter Reynolds

Little Bad Wolf is a wolf with a mission. Her mother had been killed and her father is in prison.Her mission is to get him released. To do this she must convince the Judge he is not dangerous. That should be easy. The hard part is that she … more

Little Bad Wolf Part 2
Peter Reynolds
Osiris and the Egyptian Resu... - E. A. Wallis Budge

Osiris and the Egyptian Resu...E. A. Wallis Budge

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Volume 2 of the most comprehensive, scholarly work on Osiris. Includes translations of numerous texts, reproductions of classical Egyptian art—iconography, the Heaven of Osiris, liturgy, shrines and mysteries, funeral and burial practices, … more

Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection, Vol. 2: 002
E. A. Wallis Budge
Dover Publications , English
Iboga's Child - Pam Bainbridge-Cowan

Iboga's ChildPam Bainbridge-Cowan

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Addiction comes in many forms and for many reasons. Good? Bad? You be the judge.

Iboga’s Child
Pam Bainbridge-Cowan


The friends of Doctor Johnson can best judge, from internal evidence, whether the numerous conversations which form the most valuable part of the ensuing pages are correctly related. To them, therefore, I wish to appeal, for the accuracy of… more

BOSWELL’S LIFE OF JOHNSON (non illustrated)
The man behind him. , English
Ascended Masters Newsletters... - Linda Stein-Luthke

Ascended Masters Newsletters...Linda Stein-Luthke

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This compilation of newsletters is a treasure trove of profound information and wisdom, channeled from the Beings of Light. The information and guidance offered is uplifting, valuable, and useful, especially at this time of accelerated and … more

Ascended Masters Newsletters, Vol. III
Linda Stein-Luthke
eBookIt.com , English
You Be The Judge: Evil?  Ins... - Pam J.  Flanagan

You Be The Judge: Evil? Ins...Pam J. Flanagan

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YOU BE THE JUDGE is not well-written, but hopefully it makes you reflect on your own life experiences. It is not written in boring, chronological order, and it is fraught with interesting characters. I have yanked every bone of all the sk… more

You Be The Judge: Evil? Insane? Mildly Masochistic? Or, just plain *itch?
Pam J. Flanagan
Xlibris , English
Pre-Trial Motions: An Erotic... - Cassandra Whett

Pre-Trial Motions: An Erotic...Cassandra Whett

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Haylee Craven gets her big chance to impress her mentor, the irresistible Juliana, by arguing a motion in court. She finds herself back in chambers with the judge and her former lover, and uses the experience to triumph in court. Juliana re… more

Pre-Trial Motions: An Erotic Legal Thriller (The Sensual Journey of Haylee Craven #4)
Cassandra Whett
Go, Train, Go! (Thomas & Fri... - W. Rev Awdry

Go, Train, Go! (Thomas & Fri...W. Rev Awdry

Thomas is taking the judge to the train show! He speeds up a hill, across a ridge, through a tunnel, and over a bridge. But as soon as Thomas starts to go fast—screech!—he has to slow down. A goat is in the way, the wind is pushing him back… more

Go, Train, Go! (Thomas & Friends) (Beginner Books(R))
W. Rev Awdry
Random House Books for Young Readers , English
You Deserve To Die (Three St... - Theo Hart

You Deserve To Die (Three St...Theo Hart

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You Deserve To Die’ is an action packed thriller. New! Updated and extended second edition. The story unfolds around a distant, moralistic father figure turned vigilante, who ultimately gets a taste of his own medicine. Consequently a youn… more

You Deserve To Die (Three Steps Down Book 2)
Theo Hart
Theo Hart , English
God's a Liar - Op Akho

God's a LiarOp Akho

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You can only judge this book after reading the content. Considering the title, a lot of folks say the author is anti-Christ.I am not, and I belong to God.Strike the Shepherd, Dismiss the Sheep: The MysteriesEnjoy

God’s a Liar
Op Akho
The Judge - Jamie Sedgwick

The JudgeJamie Sedgwick

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Originally published in the anthology “Justice & Revenge”In the future, mankind has traveled to the distant reaches of the universe, extended life-spans, and encountered creatures and civilizations beyond imagining. Through it all, one thin… more

The Judge
Jamie Sedgwick
Timber Hill Press , English
The Loner Rose - Stephanie Louise Smith

The Loner RoseStephanie Louise Smith

Damon is the new boy in school. Teased for his accent and his unwillingness to fit in with the crowd, he spends his days dealing with school yard bullying and all alone. That is until he starts high school.The Loner Rose is a short personal… more

The Loner Rose
Stephanie Louise Smith
History of the Girondists: P... - Alphonse de Lamartine

History of the Girondists: P...Alphonse de Lamartine

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I now undertake to write the history of a small party of men who, cast by Providence into the very centre of the greatest drama of modern times, comprise in themselves the ideas, the passions, the faults, the virtues of their epoch, and who… more

History of the Girondists: Personal Memoirs of the Patriots of the French Revolution
Alphonse de Lamartine
Library of Alexandria , English