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An Inquiry into the Existenc... - Pierre Jovanovic

An Inquiry into the Existenc...Pierre Jovanovic

A journalist’s extensive investigation in the areas of near-death experiences, supernatural interventions and guardian angels.

An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels
Pierre Jovanovic
M. Evans & Company , English
Rift - Beverley Birch

RiftBeverley Birch

In a vast African landscape four teenagers and a journalist vanish without a trace. Where have they gone? And has there been foul play?

Beverley Birch
Egmont , English
Twilight of the Fifth Sun - David Sakmyster

Twilight of the Fifth SunDavid Sakmyster

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Amid the ruins of Ancient Mexico, a prophecy predicts the end of the Fifth Sun, the universal destruction of our own time. Ahuitzotl is determined to fulfill the prophecy, to conquer both the living and the dead, while a ghostly pirate, a j… more

Twilight of the Fifth Sun
David Sakmyster
Dragon Moon Press , English
Public Relations for the New Europe - Trevor Morris, Simon Goldsworthy

Public Relations for the New EuropeTrevor Morris, Simon Goldsworthy

This book is essential for anyone interested in Public Relations in New Europe Whether you are working in PR, studying PR, a journalist dealing with PR, or just interested in this fascinating and fast growing market, this book offers reader… more

Public Relations for the New Europe
Trevor Morris, Simon Goldsworthy
Palgrave Macmillan , English
Works of Filson Young - Filson Young

Works of Filson YoungFilson Young

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3 works of Filson YoungIrish journalist (1876-1938)This ebook presents a collection of 3 works of Filson Young. A dynamic table of contents allows you to jump directly to the work selected.Table of Contents:- Christopher Columbus and the Ne… more

Works of Filson Young
Filson Young
The Perfect Library , English
No Smoking? Up Yours -- Take... - Dov Ivry

No Smoking? Up Yours -- Take...Dov Ivry

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Someone once said, and I wish I could remember who it was so I could give credit, that the best satire is if the reader can’t tell if it is a satire or the author is trying to be serious.

There are a lot of books about the near-death exper… more

No Smoking? Up Yours — Take Heaven And Stuff It
Dov Ivry
Pursuing a Career in Journal... - Joseph Treadwell

Pursuing a Career in Journal...Joseph Treadwell

Pursuing a Career in Journalism: Everything You Need To Know About Becoming a Successful Journalist This book covers several topics including:Chapter 1: How To Start A Journalism Career Chapter 2: How To Start A Career In Broadcast Journali… more

Pursuing a Career in Journalism: Everything You Need To Know About Becoming a Successful Journalist
Joseph Treadwell
Beware The Son Of War - Zahid Zaman

Beware The Son Of WarZahid Zaman

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Deep in a war zone, a journalist finds respite in a monastery but what isn’t so clear is why the monks are holding a young boy prisoner and what will happen if he is freed.

Beware The Son Of War
Zahid Zaman
In the Eye of the Sun - Ahdaf Soueif

In the Eye of the SunAhdaf Soueif

Set amidst the turmoil of contemporary Middle Eastern politics, this vivid and highly-acclaimed novel by an Egyptian journalist is an intimate look into the lives of Arab women today. Here, a woman who grows up among the Egyptian elite, mar… more

In the Eye of the Sun
Ahdaf Soueif
Anchor , English
Publicity & Marketing for Me... - Jeannie Ferrara

Publicity & Marketing for Me...Jeannie Ferrara

In the age of “citizen-journalism” Publicity & Marketing for Mere Mortals is one of those rare books that isolate fundamental truths that make a difference, and illuminate the reader (whether that be a citizen journalist or professional) of… more

Publicity & Marketing for Mere Mortals: You Can Do This!
Jeannie Ferrara
PublishAmerica , English
Purgatory - Chris Robertson

PurgatoryChris Robertson

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PURGATORY: A chance encounter, and a sinister diner within a town full of ethnically indistinct people, cause a journalist to experience a living hell. Cannibalism collides with the quest for eternal life in this macabre tale…

Chris Robertson
Excerpts from Through Existences - Oliver Frances

Excerpts from Through ExistencesOliver Frances

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These are some excerpts from Through Exitences, a book that describes the main character’s relationship with his current partner through previous existences. But, the cycle is being closed when he finds out what true love is like with anoth… more

Excerpts from Through Existences
Oliver Frances
The Little French , English
The Ghosts of Allanwater Par... - Brian John Thornton

The Ghosts of Allanwater Par...Brian John Thornton

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The ghosts of Allanwater is the story of six friends and how their lives go in separate paths after they leave school. Parts 1 and 2 features an introduction to the six and Kevin’s story, as he leaves school and becomes a journalist.

The Ghosts of Allanwater Parts 1 and 2
Brian John Thornton
Brian John Thornton , English
Miracles: A Journalist Looks... - Tim Stafford

Miracles: A Journalist Looks...Tim Stafford

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Award-Winning Journalist Takes a Close Lookat Modern-Day MiraclesMiracles give us hope. But while readers are fascinated by stories of miracles, they aren’t always sure which ones to believe. Stafford takes a careful look at miraculous even… more

Miracles: A Journalist Looks at Modern Day Experiences of God’s Power
Tim Stafford
Bethany House Publishers , English
Dance Lessons - TNP

Dance LessonsTNP

Every journalist has fantasized about the subject of an interview at one time or another. But what happens when fantasy meets reality? Is it imagination? A harmless flirtation? Or do they both want the same thing? And what if he’s wrong? Pr… more

Dance Lessons
Math Tools for Journalists: ... - Kathleen Woodruff Wickham

Math Tools for Journalists: ...Kathleen Woodruff Wickham

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Covers common math concepts such as percentages, statistics, business math, property taxes, polls/surveys, probability, and stocks and bonds.

Math Tools for Journalists: Student Version
Kathleen Woodruff Wickham
Marion Street Press, LLC , English
The Court Murder - Stevie Thompson

The Court MurderStevie Thompson

A journalist on his way home from the paper happens to be present at the discovery of a murdered man. He takes the investigation on himself. There is a connection to a huge financial swindle that occurred many years before. The action moves… more

The Court Murder
Stevie Thompson
Steviesha T. Publishing , English
Sole Sisters: The Joys and P... - Deborah Mathis

Sole Sisters: The Joys and P...Deborah Mathis

The news is not good for black women when it comes to finding a partner. Where not long ago there were roughly two married women to every single woman, those numbers have gradually reversed over the past few decades—now, more than 60 percen… more

Sole Sisters: The Joys and Pains of Single Black Women
Deborah Mathis
Agate Bolden , English
Scandal in Fair Haven - Carolyn G. Hart

Scandal in Fair HavenCarolyn G. Hart

When her friend is murdered in her lavish Fair Haven estate, all signs point to the victim’s husband, and ex-journalist Henrie O. tries to learn the truth by questioning suspects from the area’s best families.

Scandal in Fair Haven
Carolyn G. Hart
Bantam , English
Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing - Susan Payton

Do-It-Yourself Email MarketingSusan Payton

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You get dozens of emails every day. Some even compel you to buy things. You’ve often wondered how you can get emails out to your target audience and turn those into sales.After reading this ebook, your future customers will be clamoring to … more

Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing
Susan Payton