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Works of Filson Young - Filson Young

Works of Filson YoungFilson Young

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3 works of Filson YoungIrish journalist (1876-1938)This ebook presents a collection of 3 works of Filson Young. A dynamic table of contents allows you to jump directly to the work selected.Table of Contents:- Christopher Columbus and the Ne… more

Works of Filson Young
Filson Young
The Perfect Library , English
Preparing for Primetime: How... - A Ravi Shankar

Preparing for Primetime: How...A Ravi Shankar

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Worldwide Citizen Journalists are capturing news events on video, every minute. Most of them are at the right place at the right moment, but there is more to proper story telling than just being there. Follow along as I teach you how to c… more

Preparing for Primetime: How to craft a news story - Guidance for Beginners and Citizen Journalists
A Ravi Shankar
A Ravi Shankar , English
No Smoking? Up Yours -- Take... - Dov Ivry

No Smoking? Up Yours -- Take...Dov Ivry

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Someone once said, and I wish I could remember who it was so I could give credit, that the best satire is if the reader can’t tell if it is a satire or the author is trying to be serious.

There are a lot of books about the near-death exper… more

No Smoking? Up Yours — Take Heaven And Stuff It
Dov Ivry
The Right Side of Memphis (T... - Jennifer Scott

The Right Side of Memphis (T...Jennifer Scott

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Newly Edited as of March 31st, 2012.A journalist that takes her job personally, gets involved with prominent country music artists through various dilemmas in their lives. This book is a novella that has love, lust, adventure and mystery.Ot… more

The Right Side of Memphis (Tennessee Series #1)
Jennifer Scott
Dreams of a Random Capitalist - Nick Lamanna Jr.

Dreams of a Random CapitalistNick Lamanna Jr.

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A Military Drone accidentally kills a Billionaire Humanitarian: yet an American Journalist investigating the accident discovers it was an assassination. Following the money and interviewing several people, the Journalist uncovers a portrai… more

Dreams of a Random Capitalist
Nick Lamanna Jr.
Nick M. Lamanna Jr. LLC , English
An Inquiry into the Existenc... - Pierre Jovanovic

An Inquiry into the Existenc...Pierre Jovanovic

A journalist’s extensive investigation in the areas of near-death experiences, supernatural interventions and guardian angels.

An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels
Pierre Jovanovic
M. Evans & Company , English
The Darker Side of Pleasure - Eden Bradley

The Darker Side of PleasureEden Bradley

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In this steamy follow-up to her irresistibly erotic debut novel, Eden Bradley returns with a trio of tales that explore the darker side of pleasure.Prepare to enter a provocative, scintillating world where three women are about to take ecst… more

The Darker Side of Pleasure
Eden Bradley
Bantam , English
Susanna Sees Stars - Mary Hogan

Susanna Sees StarsMary Hogan

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SUSANNA BARRINGER’S INTERNSHIP at Scene magazine is a dream come true. She’ll scoop the latest celebrity stories and be the youngest journalist to rub elbows with the stars.But her first real celebrity sighting is a disaster. And her second… more

Susanna Sees Stars
Mary Hogan
Delacorte Books for Young Readers , English
Death's Eyes - Cedrix E. Clarke

Death's EyesCedrix E. Clarke

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Death smokes cigarettes and drinks Maker’s Mark and tells his story to a journalist of how he became the monster he is. All the world has watched him for the last seven years when he began his kills, and the government can’t stop him. There… more

Death’s Eyes
Cedrix E. Clarke
Cressy Publishing , English
The legacy of the cannibal - Steven T Cutcher

The legacy of the cannibalSteven T Cutcher

The legacy of the cannibal is about a killer who feeds off his victims. He wants to show the world his art work and at the same time punish those who sin. He kills in the name of god. This story is told by a journalist who heard the canniba… more

The legacy of the cannibal
Steven T Cutcher
Thereýs Magic All Around Us:... - Michael Larson

Thereýs Magic All Around Us:...Michael Larson

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I have always wanted to be a journalist.Even as a boy, I would get my mother to drive me into town to pick up sheets of newsprint at the local weekly newspaper shop. Back home with these sheets, I would sit at the kitchen table or at the d… more

Thereýs Magic All Around Us: Powerful stories to help you live a fuller life
Michael Larson
iUniverse , English


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IN DENIAL OF MURDER: A journalist suddenly finds his life threatened, when he begins to uncover fresh evidence suggesting that a teenager arrested, convicted and jailed for the cold blooded, and brutal murder of an attractive, well known, l… more

Don Hale
Coast & Country , English
Rift - Beverley Birch

RiftBeverley Birch

In a vast African landscape four teenagers and a journalist vanish without a trace. Where have they gone? And has there been foul play?

Beverley Birch
Egmont , English
A Bloody Good Winner - Dave Nevison

A Bloody Good WinnerDave Nevison

Autobiography of professional gambler and journalist

A Bloody Good Winner
Dave Nevison
Racing Post , English
Man Up!: 367 Classic Skills ... - Paul O'Donnell

Man Up!: 367 Classic Skills ...Paul O'Donnell

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From career to relationships and grooming to gaming and more, the guys’ ultimate man-ual for living. For every guy too intimidated to ask a question for fear of seeming inexperienced and unworldly, here’s a book to answer all (or most!) of … more

Man Up!: 367 Classic Skills for the Modern Guy
Paul O’Donnell
Artisan , English
Prophecies Surrounding The Titanic - John Ronner

Prophecies Surrounding The TitanicJohn Ronner

An incredible “fictional” short story that described The Titanic’s sinking and was published years before the fact…. A journalist who for decades seemed to sense his coming doom….Premonitions, nightmares, bizarre coincidences, much more.

Prophecies Surrounding The Titanic
John Ronner
Mamre Press , English
Excerpts from Through Existences - Oliver Frances

Excerpts from Through ExistencesOliver Frances

These are some excerpts from Through Exitences, a book that describes the main character’s relationship with his current partner through previous existences. But, the cycle is being closed when he finds out what true love is like with anoth… more

Excerpts from Through Existences
Oliver Frances
The Little French , English
All Joy and No Fun: The Para... - Jennifer Senior

All Joy and No Fun: The Para...Jennifer Senior

Thousands of books have examined the effects of parents on their children. In All Joy and No Fun, award-winning journalist Jennifer Senior now asks: what are the effects of children on their parents?In All Joy and No Fun, award-winning jour… more

All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood
Jennifer Senior
Ecco , English
George and the Heiress (The ... - Catherine Baxter

George and the Heiress (The ...Catherine Baxter

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When journalist George starts receiving pink envelopes containing the cries for help from a reader, he is intrigued.But can he escape from the mansion unscathed when he goes to unravel the mystery?Excerpt:”A figure silhouetted by a dim ligh… more

George and the Heiress (The Secret Diaries Of George)
Catherine Baxter
Critical Error (A Gabby de S... - CB Lovejoy

Critical Error (A Gabby de S...CB Lovejoy

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All Gabby de Sales ever wanted was to be a journalist. Her dreams never included carrying a gun or learning to fight. Still, she has learned to accept her new life and is enjoying the day to day of her job when an assignment comes to accomp… more

Critical Error (A Gabby de Sales Novel)
CB Lovejoy
Laughing Fish Publishing , English