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James Otis, the pre-revolutionist - Edmunds Charles Keyser, Adam...

James Otis, the pre-revolutionistEdmunds Charles Keyser, Adam...

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James Otis, the pre-revolutionist
Edmunds Charles Keyser, Adam Graeme Mercer, Ridpath John Clark
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James Otis, the pre-revolutionist - G. Mercer Adam, Edmunds, Ridpath

James Otis, the pre-revolutionistG. Mercer Adam, Edmunds, Ridpath

John Clark Ridpath was an educator, historian and editor from Indiana. Although his life began in humble circumstances his thirst for knowledge helped him obtain a college degree from what would become DePauw University. This biography of J… more

James Otis, the pre-revolutionist
G. Mercer Adam, Edmunds, Ridpath
James Otis, the Pre-Revoluti... - Charles K. Edmunds, John Cla...

James Otis, the Pre-Revoluti...Charles K. Edmunds, John Cla...

This digital book includes an annotated bibliography of historic autobiographies and biographies (added 2011).Great Americans of HistoryJAMES OTIS THE PRE-REVOLUTIONISTBY JOHN CLARK RIDPATH, LL.D. AUTHOR OF A “Cyclopaedia ofUniversal Histor… more

James Otis, the Pre-Revolutionist (Annotated)
Charles K. Edmunds, John Clark Ridpath, G. Mercer Adam
James Otis the Pre-Revolutio... - John Clark Ridpath

James Otis the Pre-Revolutio...John Clark Ridpath

John Clark Ridpath (April 26, 1840–July 31, 1900) was an American educator, historian, and editor. His mother was a descendant of Samuel Matthews, a colonial governor of Virginia. In 1869 he was elected professor of English literature in As… more

James Otis the Pre-Revolutionist [Illustrated]
John Clark Ridpath