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Trick of the Mind - J. S. Chapman

Trick of the MindJ. S. Chapman

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Separating reality from madness can be a tricky proposition … When Kendra hears imaginary rats in the attic and a ghost child crying in the night, she fears that she’s losing her mind the same way her mother did decades ago. Inexplicable b… more

Trick of the Mind
J. S. Chapman
Weatherly Books , English
Undeniable, Book 2 - Ashley Simone, Alicia Roberts

Undeniable, Book 2Ashley Simone, Alicia Roberts

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How Far Would You Go To Save the One You Loved?

Finding out the truth about her brother, Joel, comes as a shock to Allie. When Zac offers her a seemingly perfect solution, she wonders if she should ignore the one flaw and go ahead with his… more

Undeniable, Book 2
Ashley Simone, Alicia Roberts
Burn Bright (The Night Creat... - Marianne de Pierres

Burn Bright (The Night Creat...Marianne de Pierres

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Burn Bright Book One of Night Creatures Retra is a Seal from the city of Grave – sealed minds, sealed community. When her brother Joel runs away to Ixion, the island of ever-night, ever-youth and never-sleep, she is determined to find him…. more

Burn Bright (The Night Creatures Book 1)
Marianne de Pierres
Seized by Truth: Reading the... - Joel B. Green

Seized by Truth: Reading the...Joel B. Green

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We read the Bible and interpret Scripture in order to live in grace-filled relation to God’s divine purpose.When we approach the Bible as Scripture author, Joel Green, takes seriously the faith statement that the Bible is our Book; these sc… more

Seized by Truth: Reading the Bible as Scripture
Joel B. Green
Abingdon Press , English
Time Saving Summaries Presen... - Gene Williams

Time Saving Summaries Presen...Gene Williams

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This book contains thirty-one of God’s most powerful promises to us in Scripture, one for each day of the month. Prepare to be inspired and blessed as Joel Osteen affirms God’s blessings in the areas of health, family, finances, relationshi… more

Time Saving Summaries Presents Joel Osteen’s I Declare
Gene Williams
Tough Puff - Susan  Tan

Tough PuffSusan Tan

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Joel is through being treated like a boy. He wants to be a MAN. When his classmate Bert tells him that smoking can make him a man, Joel starts to smoke. Joe slowly strays away from his family and friends. He spends his pocket money on cigar… more

Tough Puff
Susan Tan
The Mother of my Dreams - L.L. Craft

The Mother of my DreamsL.L. Craft

Joel has a problem. After coming home from college to help his recently divorced, and very attractive Step mother Lynn move and start a new life, he happens upon her masturbating. He knows he shouldn’t watch, but can’t help himself. In fact… more

The Mother of my Dreams
L.L. Craft
Broken Press , English
When I Knew Everything - David Walter Smith

When I Knew EverythingDavid Walter Smith

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The 1970s were coming to an end, tearing me from a time and place I dearly loved: A place full of baseball, bongs and slamming guitars. The Disney years had officially ended in ’76, when my oldest brother Joel, and guitar hero to the neighb… more

When I Knew Everything
David Walter Smith
Alley Bum Press , English
Vivarium (Nebulous chronicle... - Valerie Wilson

Vivarium (Nebulous chronicle...Valerie Wilson

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Vivarium is a fast-paced science fiction novel with satiric hints on topics not usually seen together: space, biology, race, folktales, religion, drugs and forest peoples. The evolution of mankind is under threat on a day when anthropologis… more

Vivarium (Nebulous chronicles Book 1)
Valerie Wilson
Valerie Wilson , English
Phantom Outlaw at Wolf Creek... - Sigmund  Brouwer

Phantom Outlaw at Wolf Creek...Sigmund Brouwer

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A visit to a Montana ranch doesn’t seem threatening…but then Ricky and his friends hear the story of the phantom outlaw. Searching for the mysterious figure gets them into a tight spot — literally — and only Ricky’s little brother, Joel… more

Phantom Outlaw at Wolf Creek (accidental Detectives)
Sigmund Brouwer
Triple Mocha Twist (31 Days ... - Shara Azod, Marteeka Karland

Triple Mocha Twist (31 Days ...Shara Azod, Marteeka Karland

Joel and Darren have watched and lusted after Kiana for months. They know they want her — need her — to complete their relationship, but the aloof vixen will barely give them the time of day. Fortunately, neither man is easily discouraged… more

Triple Mocha Twist (31 Days of Steamy Mocha Book 20)
Shara Azod, Marteeka Karland
Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC , English
Church Giving Matters: More ... - Ben Stroup, Joel Mikell

Church Giving Matters: More ...Ben Stroup, Joel Mikell

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There is a wide gap between how pastors are trained and what churches expect of them. Pastors are trained to preach, while congregations expect them to manage a complex, nonprofit organization, measuring their success by the people in the p… more

Church Giving Matters: More Money Really Does Mean More Ministry (2nd Ed.)
Ben Stroup, Joel Mikell
BenStroup.com , English
Broken - Raine Norman

BrokenRaine Norman

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More than Oliver’s leg is broken after a skiing accident. The months spent in the hospital and enduring physical therapy leaves him bitter and insecure. His lover of four years, Joel, represents all he fears his weak and disfigured leg has … more

Raine Norman
Dreamspinner Press , English
Milagros en Navidad (Spanish... - Mary Heathcliff

Milagros en Navidad (Spanish...Mary Heathcliff

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Un milagro navideño trajo a la vida de Laura su tesoro más preciado. El tiempo ha pasado y de repente las circunstancias ponen en peligro su felicidad: quieren arrebatarle su milagro. Joel se entera de que su milagro está en poder de Laura… more

Milagros en Navidad (Spanish Edition)
Mary Heathcliff
Becoming a Man of Unwavering Faith - John Osteen

Becoming a Man of Unwavering FaithJohn Osteen

During the course of his 60-year ministry, John Osteen combined an extraordinary love for people with a vision for ministry best described in his own words: “No limits.” In this hardcover volume not only includes content from John’s sermon … more

Becoming a Man of Unwavering Faith
John Osteen
FaithWords , English
The Flame of Olympus (Pegasu... - Kate O'Hearn

The Flame of Olympus (Pegasu...Kate O'Hearn

A young girl, a winged horse, and an Olympian war make for an adventurous start to an exciting trilogy.When Pegasus crashes onto a Manhattan roof during a terrible storm, thirteen-year-old Emily’s life changes forever. Suddenly allied with … more

The Flame of Olympus (Pegasus Book 1)
Kate O’Hearn
Aladdin , English
Double Play - David Sullivan

Double PlayDavid Sullivan

A road trip has unexpected consequences for old college teammates Joel & Brice. Will exploring their sexuality make or break the bond of friendship?Joel and Brice were a hot double play combination on the baseball diamond in college. Off th… more

Double Play
David Sullivan
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
First Time Gay While She Wat... - Natasha Wallace

First Time Gay While She Wat...Natasha Wallace

She wants me to pound my best friend because it turns her on… So this sexy new bombshell secretary shows up in the office and me and my buddy Joel are each putting the moves on her and trying to sleep with her as usual. Turns out her dirt… more

First Time Gay While She Watches: MFM Cuckold Bisexual Romance
Natasha Wallace
Bedtime Tales of Horror: The... - Bradley Poage

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The...Bradley Poage

Six weeks have gone by since Lindsey and Joel began the Just Right program. And now they have been invited to the annual cookout where they will meet fellow members and the agency that funds the program. But they will soon realize that an… more

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Invitation
Bradley Poage
Children's Books: Scruff the Dog - Laura Banks

Children's Books: Scruff the DogLaura Banks

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Joel and Isaac are two brothers who are constantly arguing and fighting with each other. This continues until they find an abandoned dog and start taking care of him.

Children’s Books: Scruff the Dog
Laura Banks