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Happy boy - Jayant Shukla

Happy boyJayant Shukla

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Jason Is just a teenager trying to fit in, one day he goes to far and his mistakes are too serious to fix. A confused teenager on the run shows you why you cant trust even your closest friends and How thoughtless actions can lead to mortify… more

Happy boy
Jayant Shukla
Jayant shukla , English
Jason's Pet (Pet play erotic... - Megan West

Jason's Pet (Pet play erotic...Megan West

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At work Beth is in control. At home she is Jason’s Pet Beth, a young confident business professional, happily comes home to a bottle of wine after a long stressful day at work. After her boyfriend Jason comes to visit, her night quickly get… more

Jason’s Pet (Pet play erotica, slave)
Megan West
Two Men and a Lady Prequel - Brit M.

Two Men and a Lady PrequelBrit M.

Average wait: N/A

Eve and her partner, Jason, have an unconventional love life: they enjoy bringing home one-night lovers to share. Eve is especially fond of watching Jason with other men. At a party, they meet Luke, a handsome blonde with tattoos that are t… more

Two Men and a Lady Prequel
Brit M.
Ravenous Romance , English
The Pizza Dare 1 "Sex for Pi... - Wicked Pleasure

The Pizza Dare 1 "Sex for Pi...Wicked Pleasure

Average wait: N/A

The Pizza Dare 1 (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series) - The first installment While out on his pizza delivery rounds Jason gets a little surprise at a college house party. A simple dare leads to a chain of events which involving not just Jason… more

The Pizza Dare 1 “Sex for Pizza” (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series)
Wicked Pleasure
WickedPleasure.net , English
Daddy's Big Black Belt - D Raine

Daddy's Big Black BeltD Raine

Another steamy tale from D. Raine__Carlie can’t sleep. Wild fantasies keep running through her mind, and they all include her super sexy stepfather, Jason. She can’t thinking about him, wanting him, lusting for him.As she sneaks out of be… more

Daddy’s Big Black Belt
D Raine
Destination: Domination, Part Two - Emma Valentine

Destination: Domination, Part TwoEmma Valentine

Average wait: N/A

Desperate for a ride across country, Krista agrees to do whatever her ex-boyfriend, Jason, wants. On the second leg of her journey, he collars her, he spanks her, and he teaches her what it means to be a pet. Before the night is done, she w… more

Destination: Domination, Part Two
Emma Valentine
Pink Leash Publishing , English
The Pizza Dare - Sampler "Se... - Wicked Pleasure

The Pizza Dare - Sampler "Se...Wicked Pleasure

Average wait: < 1h

The Pizza Dare - Sampler (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series) - The first chapter sampler of this series While out on his pizza delivery rounds Jason gets a little surprise at a college house party. A simple dare leads to a chain of events whi… more

The Pizza Dare - Sampler “Sex for Pizza” (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series)
Wicked Pleasure
WickedPleasure.net , English
Actuality: A Teenage Vampire... - Melissa T. Liban

Actuality: A Teenage Vampire...Melissa T. Liban

Average wait: N/A

Heather’s mother sets her up on a date with Wade, a kid from school everybody calls Creepazoid. She soon finds out that Wade is a vampire, but he’s not your stereotypical teenage vampire. He gets bullied at school, mainly by her brother Jas… more

Actuality: A Teenage Vampire Novella
Melissa T. Liban
Melissa T. Liban , English
Jason and the Argonauts - Dan Whitehead

Jason and the ArgonautsDan Whitehead

Jason and the Argonauts is a visually appealing graphic novel that depicts the adventures that the famous Greek mythical hero Jason on his voyage to acquire the Golden Fleece. Jason, along with his team of valiant Argonauts, set sail on the… more

Jason and the Argonauts
Dan Whitehead
Campfire Graphic Novels , English
The Pizza Dare - Complete Co... - Wicked Pleasure

The Pizza Dare - Complete Co...Wicked Pleasure

Average wait: N/A

The Pizza Dare - Complete Collection (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series) - The complete bundled, includes all 5 parts of this story.While out on his pizza delivery rounds Jason gets a little surprise at a college house party. A simple dare le… more

The Pizza Dare - Complete Collection “Sex for Pizza” (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series)
Wicked Pleasure
WickedPleasure.net , English
Seeking Shelter - Morgan K. Wyatt

Seeking ShelterMorgan K. Wyatt

Average wait: N/A

Megan’s goal of being a loving wife ended the same time her husband, Jason, tried to choke the life out of her. She flees the scene with her young children with the help of the police and her neighbor. Heading back to her home state, she re… more

Seeking Shelter
Morgan K. Wyatt
Sweet Cravings Publishing , English
Dripping Wet (A Gay Erotic Story) - Chance Harper

Dripping Wet (A Gay Erotic Story)Chance Harper

Average wait: N/A

When college freshman Jason divulges he doesn’t know how to swim to his roommate on the university swim team, it’s not long before the pair are at the pool in revealing Speedos—and not long after that until they are wearing even less.

Leng… more

Dripping Wet (A Gay Erotic Story)
Chance Harper
More Than Friends 3 - L. Marie

More Than Friends 3L. Marie

Average wait: N/A

The story continues next day. A night and a day realizing her hot fantasy with her best friend Jason, this magical weekend is ending, but what is in store for Alyssa & Jason?

Thank you for reading! The popularity of this quick series of sh… more

More Than Friends 3
L. Marie
Always Our Love - G. Whitman

Always Our LoveG. Whitman

Average wait: N/A
   He smiled at her when she finally saw him. Her face and eyes lit up when she smiled back at him. He knew he loved this woman and realized how deeply. A huge weight lifted from his shoulders.
While not normally an effusive man ar... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00IZ25ZM8/#editorial-review">more</a>
Always Our Love
G. Whitman
G. Whitman , English
Doctor Feel Me Good - Laya Lu, Maire Shore

Doctor Feel Me GoodLaya Lu, Maire Shore

Average wait: N/A

The content of this book is known to cause pleasurable reaction including but not limited to spontaneous wetness in women and hardness in men.This story contains shockingly hot explicit and sexually charged scenes.It just isn’t your mother’… more

Doctor Feel Me Good
Laya Lu, Maire Shore
The One Love - Leah Preston

The One LoveLeah Preston

Average wait: N/A

Kristin had the good fortune of growing up on a large ranch. Although the work was sometimes really difficult, she loved being out in nature. At least she did until strange things started happening around the ranch. She could hear odd sound… more

The One Love
Leah Preston
The Rag and Bone Shop - Robert Cormier

The Rag and Bone ShopRobert Cormier

Twelve-year old Jason is accused of the brutal murder of a young girl. Is he innocent or guilty? The shocked town calls on an interrogator with a stellar reputation: he always gets a confession. The confrontation between Jason and his inter… more

The Rag and Bone Shop
Robert Cormier
Delacorte Books for Young Readers , English
Into The Fire: The Replaceme... - Lori Toland

Into The Fire: The Replaceme...Lori Toland

Average wait: N/A

When Blaze got his dream job, he never imagined within a year he would be fired. After a botched performance with Cassie, he’s kicked off the tour — and so is his boyfriend Jason — but Blaze is determined to live his dream again and he may … more

Into The Fire: The Replacement Guitarist 3
Lori Toland
Lori Toland Books , English
OMG! My Uncle's A Fairy! - Barry Lowe

OMG! My Uncle's A Fairy!Barry Lowe

If he’s a fairy, where are his wings? When 10-year-old Jason hears his dad call his Uncle Jeb a fairy, he can hardly believe his luck. He loves his uncle who treats him as an adult, never speaking down to him, always encouraging his every e… more

OMG! My Uncle’s A Fairy!
Barry Lowe
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English


This 5000 word book is part of “SEX IN THE FAMILY - 4 BOOKS (VOLUME 3)” including the following best sellers MOMMY LOVES TO BE DOMINATED, SPANK ME UNCLE SAM, DOMINATING MY LITTLE STEPSISTER and of course DOMINATED BY MY BIG BROTHER!Story De… more

DOMINATED BY MY BIG BROTHER (Stepbrother teaches little sister a lesson in domination, submission, bdsm and a little humiliation!)
Brandy Silver