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Happy boy - Jayant Shukla

Happy boyJayant Shukla

Jason Is just a teenager trying to fit in, one day he goes to far and his mistakes are too serious to fix. A confused teenager on the run shows you why you cant trust even your closest friends and How thoughtless actions can lead to mortify… more

Happy boy
Jayant Shukla
Jayant shukla , English
Always Our Love - G. Whitman

Always Our LoveG. Whitman

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   He smiled at her when she finally saw him. Her face and eyes lit up when she smiled back at him. He knew he loved this woman and realized how deeply. A huge weight lifted from his shoulders.
While not normally an effusive man ar... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00IZ25ZM8/#editorial-review">more</a>
Always Our Love
G. Whitman
G. Whitman , English
The Tatman - Ray Zacek

The TatmanRay Zacek

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Stephanie is adrift, in a relationship on the rocks, when Jen arrives like a whirlwind with her new boyfriend, Jason, in tow. Mysterious Jason has tattoos, a beautiful and elaborate array of tats from head to toe. But no ordinary artist ins… more

The Tatman
Ray Zacek
Cat and Maxie Part One: A Pa... - Nancy Rivers

Cat and Maxie Part One: A Pa...Nancy Rivers

Average wait: N/A

When Cat Wilke’s learns that the mysterious man who’s been stalking her is really a very gorgeous and compelling woman her interest is piqued. When Cat discovers that her 10 year old son, Jason knows the mysterious woman her senses go to h… more

Cat and Maxie Part One: A Paranormal Lesbian Romantic Suspense
Nancy Rivers
Erotic Stories for Women: Vo... - Angela Gray

Erotic Stories for Women: Vo...Angela Gray

Average wait: N/A

WARNING: 18+ ONLY! Contains erotic situations, graphic descriptions, oral sex, bondage, threesomes, and more!A collection of five short stories full of deliciously hot, intense action! (9,894 words)Excerpt:”I know about Derrick,” he said.Ra… more

Erotic Stories for Women: Volume 1 (Erotica/Threesomes/Bondage/XXX! Hot Hot sex!) (Steamy Bedtime Stories)
Angela Gray
Angela Gray , English
Level II - CB Allen

Level IICB Allen

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Fourteen year old Jason has lost his parents, his home and his friends. Losing everything though, is the least of his worries, as he struggles to find the truth behind who he is and the ones that are hunting him. He has set out alone across… more

Level II
CB Allen
Bagging the Lawn Boy (Gay Erotica) - Lola  Fox

Bagging the Lawn Boy (Gay Erotica)Lola Fox

Brian has just hired himself a lawn boy, but getting his grass mown is pretty much the last thing on his dirty mind. No, doing his neighbor’s kid, Jason, blessed with a body to die for, is what he intends to do, just as soon as he works up … more

Bagging the Lawn Boy (Gay Erotica)
Lola Fox
Summerhouse Publishing , English
Jason's Wonderful Week of Fa... - Grace Chetwin

Jason's Wonderful Week of Fa...Grace Chetwin

Average wait: N/A

Jason, the only child of a single, working mother, is hot, lonely, and bored. He comes upon a mysterious gift card offering a ride on one of various horses or a mystery ride. Jason picks the latter and wins the most exciting - and revealing… more

Jason’s Wonderful Week of Fabulous Night Rides
Grace Chetwin
Feral Press, Inc. , English
Sons of God, Daughters of Men - Kristin Janz

Sons of God, Daughters of MenKristin Janz

Average wait: N/A

Short story.Laurie has always had friends that no one else can see, but Dashiel is different: dangerous, possessive, and often cruel. A wonderful new relationship with fellow student Jason makes Laurie wish Dashiel would disappear, the way … more

Sons of God, Daughters of Men
Kristin Janz
Kristin Janz , English
Seeking Shelter - Morgan K. Wyatt

Seeking ShelterMorgan K. Wyatt

Megan’s goal of being a loving wife ended the same time her husband, Jason, tried to choke the life out of her. She flees the scene with her young children with the help of the police and her neighbor. Heading back to her home state, she re… more

Seeking Shelter
Morgan K. Wyatt
Sweet Cravings Publishing , English
Two Men and a Lady Prequel - Brit M.

Two Men and a Lady PrequelBrit M.

Eve and her partner, Jason, have an unconventional love life: they enjoy bringing home one-night lovers to share. Eve is especially fond of watching Jason with other men. At a party, they meet Luke, a handsome blonde with tattoos that are t… more

Two Men and a Lady Prequel
Brit M.
Ravenous Romance , English
Jason's Pet (Pet play erotic... - Megan West

Jason's Pet (Pet play erotic...Megan West

At work Beth is in control. At home she is Jason’s Pet Beth, a young confident business professional, happily comes home to a bottle of wine after a long stressful day at work. After her boyfriend Jason comes to visit, her night quickly get… more

Jason’s Pet (Pet play erotica, slave)
Megan West
Actuality: A Teenage Vampire... - Melissa T. Liban

Actuality: A Teenage Vampire...Melissa T. Liban

Heather’s mother sets her up on a date with Wade, a kid from school everybody calls Creepazoid. She soon finds out that Wade is a vampire, but he’s not your stereotypical teenage vampire. He gets bullied at school, mainly by her brother Jas… more

Actuality: A Teenage Vampire Novella
Melissa T. Liban
Melissa T. Liban , English
A Very Special Truck - L. C. Blackwell

A Very Special TruckL. C. Blackwell

It’s a ‘birthday’ day at the Martin house. And 5 year old Jason is anxiously waiting for a present from his Grandfather. While waiting, he meets a brand new friend. Together, they watch for a very special truck that will bring his present. … more

A Very Special Truck
L. C. Blackwell
Front Door Productions, LLC , English
Jason and the Argonauts - Dan Whitehead

Jason and the ArgonautsDan Whitehead

Jason and the Argonauts is a visually appealing graphic novel that depicts the adventures that the famous Greek mythical hero Jason on his voyage to acquire the Golden Fleece. Jason, along with his team of valiant Argonauts, set sail on the… more

Jason and the Argonauts
Dan Whitehead
Campfire Graphic Novels , English
More Than Friends 3 - L. Marie

More Than Friends 3L. Marie

Average wait: N/A

The story continues next day. A night and a day realizing her hot fantasy with her best friend Jason, this magical weekend is ending, but what is in store for Alyssa & Jason?

Thank you for reading! The popularity of this quick series of sh… more

More Than Friends 3
L. Marie
The Pizza Dare 1 "Sex for Pi... - Wicked Pleasure

The Pizza Dare 1 "Sex for Pi...Wicked Pleasure

Average wait: N/A

The Pizza Dare 1 (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series) - The first installment While out on his pizza delivery rounds Jason gets a little surprise at a college house party. A simple dare leads to a chain of events which involving not just Jason… more

The Pizza Dare 1 “Sex for Pizza” (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series)
Wicked Pleasure
WickedPleasure.net , English
The One Love - Leah Preston

The One LoveLeah Preston

Kristin had the good fortune of growing up on a large ranch. Although the work was sometimes really difficult, she loved being out in nature. At least she did until strange things started happening around the ranch. She could hear odd sound… more

The One Love
Leah Preston
Deep Into Twilight - Valentina  Rozzi

Deep Into TwilightValentina Rozzi

Average wait: N/A

Mandy drags her boyfriend to a small tourist town where everyone is obsessed with a popular vampire series. Her boyfriend, Jason, isn’t thrilled until Mandy suggests some role-playing.

Deep Into Twilight
Valentina Rozzi
Fainting Goat Press , English
The Pizza Dare - Sampler "Se... - Wicked Pleasure

The Pizza Dare - Sampler "Se...Wicked Pleasure

Average wait: < 1h

The Pizza Dare - Sampler (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series) - The first chapter sampler of this series While out on his pizza delivery rounds Jason gets a little surprise at a college house party. A simple dare leads to a chain of events whi… more

The Pizza Dare - Sampler “Sex for Pizza” (Voyeurs & Exhibitionists Series)
Wicked Pleasure
WickedPleasure.net , English