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One Ticket to Ride - Doni Gleaton

One Ticket to RideDoni Gleaton

Janey was born to a Mother who was one of the biggest dreamers. When she discovered her mother was very ill and would not be with them much longer she decided to help her Mother relive one of her biggest dreams.

One Ticket to Ride
Doni Gleaton
Doni Gleaton , English
Thirty-Three Forever: The Va... - Victoria L. Szulc

Thirty-Three Forever: The Va...Victoria L. Szulc

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Like most doctors, Will, has often held the life of his patients in his hands. What makes Will unique among physicians is that he’s a vampire who can easily extend or end lives by a simple prick of his fangs. But he’s grown compassionate ov… more

Thirty-Three Forever: The Vampire’s Little Black Book, v.6
Victoria L. Szulc
Victoria L. Szulc/Hen Publishing , English
Two Moons (A Short Story) - Anthea Carson

Two Moons (A Short Story)Anthea Carson

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Not too many girls play chess, so when Janey Lou shows up to play at the local coffee shop to play, she’s met with all the men’s stares. It’s nothing she can’t handle, though, at least not until Two Moons shows up…

Two Moons (A Short Story)
Anthea Carson
Silly Sea Sightings (A Janey... - H.K. Hunt

Silly Sea Sightings (A Janey...H.K. Hunt

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Janey Kate loves the ocean. Take a trip into the clear blue SEA with her and SEE what you will find! For ages 2-6.

Silly Sea Sightings (A Janey Kate Counting Book Book 2)
H.K. Hunt
Counting Cupcakes (A Janey K... - H.K. Hunt

Counting Cupcakes (A Janey K...H.K. Hunt

Average wait: N/A

Do you love cupcakes? Janey Kate loves cupcakes! Dive into this delectable treat as you and your child help her learn to count in this sweet series for ages two to six.

Counting Cupcakes (A Janey Kate Counting Book Book 1)
H.K. Hunt
Cheese Doodles - Anthea Carson

Cheese DoodlesAnthea Carson

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It all started over a bag of cheese doodles. Janey Lou couldn’t stop eating them and then one thing led to another and another until—boom! Chaos. If she had only been able to put those cheese doodles down none of this would have happened. … more

Cheese Doodles
Anthea Carson
Janey Webster, E.B.* (Experi... - Kate Collins

Janey Webster, E.B.* (Experi...Kate Collins

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As an experienced babysitter, Janey Webster can handle just about any situation, or so she claims. In this collection of sixteen humorous stories, Janey has to prove she’s up to any challenge, including sitting for a boy known as Timmy the … more

Janey Webster, E.B.* (Experienced Babysitter)
Kate Collins
Amazon.com , English
Sweet Turnaround J - P. V.  Beck

Sweet Turnaround JP. V. Beck

Average wait: N/A

“It was going to be the best year of my life. This year we’d go to State and win it all. That’s all I thought about. In March, I was going to be cutting down the net and holding a trophy in the air.”Sixteen-year-old All-State, Janey Holmes … more

Sweet Turnaround J
P. V. Beck
Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company , English
The Girl with the Alligator Pants - Anthea Carson

The Girl with the Alligator PantsAnthea Carson

Janey couldn’t take her eyes off those magical alligator pants worn by Siggy Sinclaire. She had to resist the impulse to reach out and feel them. That wouldn’t look very cool at a garage band concert now would it?”Compelling and Surreal” -R… more

The Girl with the Alligator Pants
Anthea Carson
The Neighbor 4: Lust in the ... - Abby Weeks

The Neighbor 4: Lust in the ...Abby Weeks

A startling discovery. Ben’s a swinger!

When Ben lands the biggest client of the year, Janey joins the firm for a celebration. Little does she know she is like a lamb walking into a wolf’s lair. Not only is Suzy going to be at the party, b… more

The Neighbor 4: Lust in the Suburbs (The Neighbor, Book 4)
Abby Weeks
Abby Weeks , English
Podwitch - Nick Poulton

PodwitchNick Poulton

You will soon learn that many things exist in this life to which you have so far remained completely oblivious. You must embrace them, for it is a journey of wonder upon which you are embarking.”Cal’s dad says he is the Aldhelm, protector … more

Nick Poulton
Harrow & Greys , English
Mystery in Venice - Janey Randall

Mystery in VeniceJaney Randall

Average wait: N/A

Get Mystery in Venice for 43% off when you buy it in the collection titled 7 Bi Women, here on Amazon.Chrissy traveled to Venice, Italy, for a break from life. Her bi friend Janey had a hotel room in the most elegant in Venice. Travel worn,… more

Mystery in Venice
Janey Randall
Malled: A Tale of Revenge - Lee Tidball

Malled: A Tale of RevengeLee Tidball

Average wait: N/A

An Amazon Kindle Store Bestseller - Teen/YA Literature and FictionHall of Fame selection 2013 -  ”Best Horror” - Orangeberry Book Tours/Quality Reads UK Book Club”I couldn’t stop reading once I started!”“Constantly surprising, often chillin… more

Malled: A Tale of Revenge
Lee Tidball
Short on Time Books , English
A Shard of Broken Pottery ('... - Lorna A Fraser

A Shard of Broken Pottery ('...Lorna A Fraser

“This was stuck to the back of her hand when she was brought into the hospital” said the doctor, showing them a shard of pottery. I think this bit of broken pottery may have saved your daughter’s life,” he said quietly, as he handed it to M… more

A Shard of Broken Pottery (‘The Broken Yabba’ Chronicles)
Lorna A Fraser
DEADLY, Part 2 (The Deadly Series) - Hailey Matthews

DEADLY, Part 2 (The Deadly Series)Hailey Matthews

After framing the only man she has ever truly loved for a crime he didn’t commit, forever destroying any chance of a future together, Lila Wilkins is determined to right the wrong by finding the real killer responsible for the death of her … more

DEADLY, Part 2 (The Deadly Series)
Hailey Matthews
DEADLY, Part 3 (The Deadly Series) - Hailey Matthews

DEADLY, Part 3 (The Deadly Series)Hailey Matthews

Average wait: N/A

Lila and Adam are on the brink of discovering what really happened the night Janey died and who she was with but on her relentless hunt to find her sister’s killer Lila herself is dangerously close to losing her own life as the killer targe… more

DEADLY, Part 3 (The Deadly Series)
Hailey Matthews
The Assassin, the Djinn and ... - Audra Price, Stella Price

The Assassin, the Djinn and ...Audra Price, Stella Price

As a Djinn, the most powerful race of genies, Nicodemus Marsh is sent in to deal with a fiery Janey Duvall after she refuses to help the exiled demon prince get rid of the problems in a business endeavor in the east. Oozing with sex appeal,… more

The Assassin, the Djinn and the Hundred Year Wish (Duvall Inc Series, Book One)
Audra Price, Stella Price
Resplendence Publishing, LLC , English
Sex, Lies and Surveillance - Stephanie Julian

Sex, Lies and SurveillanceStephanie Julian

DeMarco Investigations Book 1Janey DeMarco would love to have a sex life—and she has a serious crush on the new guy in her office. As manager for her family’s P.I. firm, she knows an office romance would end in disaster. Not only are her p… more

Sex, Lies and Surveillance
Stephanie Julian
Carina Press , English
Jane Blonde Spies Trouble - Jill Marshall

Jane Blonde Spies TroubleJill Marshall

Janey Brown just completed her first mission as Jane Blonde, Sensational Spylet. Now the kitty-knapping of her spy-cat, Trouble, launches her into another incredible investigation! A group of crazed scientists believe they have discovered t… more

Jane Blonde Spies Trouble
Jill Marshall
Macmillan Children’s Books , English
The Secret Wedding Wish (The... - Cathy Gillen Thacker

The Secret Wedding Wish (The...Cathy Gillen Thacker

Once upon a time, Janey Hart eloped…with the wrong man. Twelve years later the proud and feisty Janey is widowed, running a bakery, raising her son—and fighting her reckless streak. Until she runs smack-dab into drop-dead gorgerous Thad Lan… more

The Secret Wedding Wish (The Brides of Holly Springs)
Cathy Gillen Thacker
Harlequin American Romance , English