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Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic ... - Jade K. Scott

Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic ...Jade K. Scott

Lila was heartbroken when her mother died, leaving to be raised by her stepfather, Jack. She seeks solace in his arms, and she ends up finding a lot more than she bargained for! Lila learns that the touch of the man who raised her is the on… more

Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic Story (The Family Way)
Jade K. Scott
Secret Desires - Cara  Bristol

Secret DesiresCara Bristol

Average wait: N/A

Secret Desires” is one of the stories in the anthology “Spanked!”“Secret Desires” Morgan is perpetually late, but when she keeps Jack waiting one time too many he promises to spank her the next time she’s late. When she shows up late to he… more

Secret Desires
Cara Bristol
Black Velvet Seductions Publishing , English
Jane's Dream - Alyssa Kessinger

Jane's DreamAlyssa Kessinger

Average wait: N/A

For months Jane has been seeing a man in her dreams. He’s beautiful, kind, and sweet. Only one thing stands in Jane’s way. Jack, her husband, once the love of her life has morphed into her own living nightmare. Everything is a balance of ti… more

Jane’s Dream
Alyssa Kessinger
All The Right Notes - Bryn Colvin

All The Right NotesBryn Colvin

When the front man leaves Jack’s band, things don’t look good for Snakebite. Then Laurie answers an advert. He can play the guitar far too well to be in a covers band, has a voice to die for, and wants to join. Laurie is the most delectable… more

All The Right Notes
Bryn Colvin
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
Trading Moms (An Erotic Olde... - Written Passion, Jonathan Kollt

Trading Moms (An Erotic Olde...Written Passion, Jonathan Kollt

Average wait: N/A

Two football moms get ready to chaperone their sons to the big city college where they’ll find out whether they made the team. Each mom finds herself escorting the other’s son, and while one mother is bent on giving her young companion the … more

Trading Moms (An Erotic Older Woman-Younger College Boy Adventure)
Written Passion, Jonathan Kollt
Written Passion , English
Lucas Gets Caught (Gay, M/M ... - D.H. Scott

Lucas Gets Caught (Gay, M/M ...D.H. Scott

Average wait: N/A

“Lucas.” The man whispers, slipping into the bathroom, gently closing the door behind him. “I guess we had the same idea.” Lucas gets caught in the shower playing with himself by his boyfriend Jack. Warning this is a short erotic story me… more

Lucas Gets Caught (Gay, M/M Erotica)
D.H. Scott
D.H. Scott , English
Restrained - A Sensual Bonda... - Kathlyn Lammers

Restrained - A Sensual Bonda...Kathlyn Lammers

An erotica short story.Linda has become disenchanted in her marriage. Her husband Jack has had one affair to many. Things were tense and that was just putting it lightly. She had remained quiet but like a dormant mine, she was waiting for J… more

Restrained - A Sensual Bondage and Submission Romance
Kathlyn Lammers
The Ghost - Kieran Yeoman

The GhostKieran Yeoman

An old abandoned house in the middle of the woods. what could possibly go wrong? Sam has made this his secret hiding place but when he invites his best friend Jack to look at the abandoned house things aren’t as expected.

The Ghost
Kieran Yeoman
Michael's War - George Mitchell

Michael's WarGeorge Mitchell

Average wait: N/A

The tides of the Second World War wash away the normal lives of young Michael’s family. Jack, the father, goes to war in the harsh conditions of the North African desert campaign, where things go badly wrong. Back at home, his wife and youn… more

Michael’s War
George Mitchell
MY PINBALL BRAIN! - Carol McKelvey


Average wait: N/A

Remembrances, dreams, and musings in short-shorts and poetry about life, death, love, hate, happiness, sadness, and a bit of humor & mystery in between. Life’s travails are keen. There is inspiration, enlightenment, entertainment, and much… more

Carol McKelvey
Falling Away - Allie Little

Falling AwayAllie Little

Average wait: N/A

Sam has never minded the tranquillity of living in a tiny coastal town, but when school finishes forever, her world begins to change. First she meets Jack, his blasé charm hiding a secret from his past. And dark broody Riley, her almost-bos… more

Falling Away
Allie Little
Molly Perkins, A Witch in ti... - Brian Porter

Molly Perkins, A Witch in ti...Brian Porter

When Molly hears voices from behind her bedroom wall from a boy named Jack. A hole appeared, which takes her into a new dimension.This is the start of Molly’s many adventures.

Molly Perkins, A Witch in time saves nine
Brian Porter
Kid in the Box (Let's Build ... - Charles B. French

Kid in the Box (Let's Build ...Charles B. French

Average wait: N/A

It’s time for your church to build. You’re planning a big campaign within the church to get people on board and to raise the money you need for this great venture. It’s going to require faith and commitment from everyone, and sometimes just… more

Kid in the Box (Let’s Build a Church)
Charles B. French
Charles B. French , English
Alfie and the beach (Alfie b... - Bex Archer

Alfie and the beach (Alfie b...Bex Archer

Average wait: N/A

It’s Alfie’s first trip to the beach but there are no trees to climb and there is no grass to roll in so he doesn’t know what to do. With his friend, Jack, he plays hide-and-seek, meets two naughty gulls and finds a huge, stripy beachball. … more

Alfie and the beach (Alfie bear Book 2)
Bex Archer
Bex Archer , English
Male Nurse: episode 3 - Joe Kamm

Male Nurse: episode 3Joe Kamm

Average wait: N/A

In the third episode of Male Nurse, Jack gets unexpectedly invited to attend a party with Zeus, then he is approached by a group of rebels who are planning on destroying New Beginnings.

Male Nurse: episode 3
Joe Kamm
Joe Kamm , English
Now and Forever - Kate Lane

Now and ForeverKate Lane

Average wait: N/A

Nothing could destroy their love, except the truth…

Separated by circumstance and distance, former high school sweethearts Lindy and TJ find their lives and passions once again entwined. For the past twelve years, each lived and worked in … more

Now and Forever
Kate Lane
Prism Book Group , English
Male Nurse: episode 2 - Joe Kamm

Male Nurse: episode 2Joe Kamm

Average wait: N/A

In the second episode of Male Nurse, Jack is introduced to New Beginnings, a rehab clinic with a dark secret, and a terrifying man named Zeus.

Male Nurse: episode 2
Joe Kamm
Joe Kamm , English
Forbidden Mating Dance: Sedu... - Nicole Snow

Forbidden Mating Dance: Sedu...Nicole Snow

Average wait: N/A

ONE FORBIDDEN, IRRESISTIBLE DANCE…Stacy’s hungry eyes have watched her handsome older idol forever. But she wants to do more than roam his body with carnal looks, and the town’s summer dance presents the perfect opportunity for more…Jac… more

Forbidden Mating Dance: Seduced and Submissive
Nicole Snow
Ice Lips Press , English
Dream On (Ellora's Cave) - Jaci Burton

Dream On (Ellora's Cave)Jaci Burton

Average wait: 9d, 17h

Since her husband Jack left her five years ago, Kate has done nothing but dwell on the anger and feelings of betrayal, vowing to forget their twenty-year marriage and move on. But she can’t. She dreams about him every night. Dreams of his s… more

Dream On (Ellora’s Cave)
Jaci Burton
Ellora’s Cave , English
Evolution and Cynicism - Alp Mortal

Evolution and CynicismAlp Mortal

Average wait: N/A

Jack is forty and meets Danny, twenty-four, at the nightclub. Danny is having a rough time and Jack offers him a place to stay whilst he sorts things out. Like a big brother, Jack helps Danny to start to resolve some issues which give him n… more

Evolution and Cynicism
Alp Mortal
Alp Mortal - www.alpmortal.weebly.com , English