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Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic ... - Jade K. Scott

Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic ...Jade K. Scott

Lila was heartbroken when her mother died, leaving to be raised by her stepfather, Jack. She seeks solace in his arms, and she ends up finding a lot more than she bargained for! Lila learns that the touch of the man who raised her is the on… more

Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic Story (The Family Way)
Jade K. Scott
Daddy Wants You, Baby (The D... - Christian A. Turner

Daddy Wants You, Baby (The D...Christian A. Turner

DESCRIPTION: Jack and his step-daughter have always given each other a hard time, and teasing is part of their relationship. But when she ups the ante and her teasing crosses a line, he begins to suspect that she wants something more from h… more

Daddy Wants You, Baby (The Dirty Daddy-Daughter Sex) - A Short Erotic Story
Christian A. Turner
Isobel - Adam R Murphy

IsobelAdam R Murphy

Average wait: N/A

A novelette story of a fathers love for his daughter, Jack wakes up one morning to find that everything is upside down. Something in the sky has the world falling into chaos. Jack will do anything to keep Isobel safe.

Adam R Murphy
Threshold of Salvation (An a... - Susan Gratton

Threshold of Salvation (An a...Susan Gratton

Average wait: N/A

Steven, a christian, is summoned by his friend, Jack, who is a doctor. Jack is worried about one of his patients, and has asked Steven to come and give witness to her, so that she may be saved. “I fear for her soul, for she is slipping fast… more

Threshold of Salvation (An account from the Book of Steven)
Susan Gratton
Createspace , English
Birthday: An Erotic Short Story - Amy leBlanc

Birthday: An Erotic Short StoryAmy leBlanc

Ava has had enough boring birthday’s to last a life time, so when her husband asks her what she wants on her special day she give him a very special answer. Inspired by a piece of erotic photography that get her blood racing Ava sets out to… more

Birthday: An Erotic Short Story
Amy leBlanc
Hard Candy Press , English
Nunca te olvidé (Spanish Edition) - Mar Fernández  Martínez

Nunca te olvidé (Spanish Edition)Mar Fernández Martínez

Average wait: N/A

El destino ha hecho que los caminos de Jane y el del chico que todos ven con malos ojos, Jack, se cruzaran. Rompiendo las barreras de una ortodoxa educación y a pesar de su mala reputación, Jane le entrega, irremediablemente, su corazón.


Nunca te olvidé (Spanish Edition)
Mar Fernández Martínez
In Deepest Sympathy (Sympath... - Lady Jezebel

In Deepest Sympathy (Sympath...Lady Jezebel

When Cougar-Milf Cuckoldrix Georgia finds herself widowed and alone, she begins having erotic dreams involving all the fantasies she used to share with her randy dead husband, Jack. As these dreams invade her mind and body she begins to fee… more

In Deepest Sympathy (Sympathy Sex Series)
Lady Jezebel
Forbidden Mating Dance: Sedu... - Nicole Snow

Forbidden Mating Dance: Sedu...Nicole Snow

Average wait: N/A

ONE FORBIDDEN, IRRESISTIBLE DANCE…Stacy’s hungry eyes have watched her handsome older idol forever. But she wants to do more than roam his body with carnal looks, and the town’s summer dance presents the perfect opportunity for more…Jac… more

Forbidden Mating Dance: Seduced and Submissive
Nicole Snow
Ice Lips Press , English
Now and Forever - Kate Lane

Now and ForeverKate Lane

Average wait: N/A

Nothing could destroy their love, except the truth…

Separated by circumstance and distance, former high school sweethearts Lindy and TJ find their lives and passions once again entwined. For the past twelve years, each lived and worked in … more

Now and Forever
Kate Lane
Prism Book Group , English
Doghead Bites Back - Jill Marshall

Doghead Bites BackJill Marshall

Now that schoolboy Jack has embraced his doggy alter ego - Anubis, jackal-headed god of the dead - he must travel to the Afterlife and join his dead grandparents in a fight against evil that could affect the whole of history. No pressure th… more

Doghead Bites Back
Jill Marshall
Macmillan Children’s Books , English
Jack Johnson - Sleep Through... - Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through...Jack Johnson

(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook). Jack’s fifth studio CD spent three weeks perched atop the Billboard 200 album chart, and also debuted at #1 worldwide. Our artist-approved piano/vocal/guitar folio features all 14 tunes, plus an intro… more

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through the Static Songbook
Jack Johnson
Cherry Lane Music , English
Molly Perkins, A Witch in ti... - Brian Porter

Molly Perkins, A Witch in ti...Brian Porter

When Molly hears voices from behind her bedroom wall from a boy named Jack. A hole appeared, which takes her into a new dimension.This is the start of Molly’s many adventures.

Molly Perkins, A Witch in time saves nine
Brian Porter
Training Hubby - A Cuckold Tale - Taryn Brooks

Training Hubby - A Cuckold TaleTaryn Brooks

Average wait: N/A

Kelly is happily married but hates when her husband Jack flaunts her in front of her colleagues. She hates it even more when he gets turned on by it and blatantly refuses to consent to a night of MMF sex.So Kelly turns the tables and takes … more

Training Hubby - A Cuckold Tale
Taryn Brooks
Michael's War - George Mitchell

Michael's WarGeorge Mitchell

Average wait: N/A

The tides of the Second World War wash away the normal lives of young Michael’s family. Jack, the father, goes to war in the harsh conditions of the North African desert campaign, where things go badly wrong. Back at home, his wife and youn… more

Michael’s War
George Mitchell
Jane's Dream - Alyssa Kessinger

Jane's DreamAlyssa Kessinger

For months Jane has been seeing a man in her dreams. He’s beautiful, kind, and sweet. Only one thing stands in Jane’s way. Jack, her husband, once the love of her life has morphed into her own living nightmare. Everything is a balance of ti… more

Jane’s Dream
Alyssa Kessinger
Kid in the Box (Let's Build ... - Charles B. French

Kid in the Box (Let's Build ...Charles B. French

Average wait: N/A

It’s time for your church to build. You’re planning a big campaign within the church to get people on board and to raise the money you need for this great venture. It’s going to require faith and commitment from everyone, and sometimes just… more

Kid in the Box (Let’s Build a Church)
Charles B. French
Charles B. French , English
GPSH el simbolo del más allá... - Daniel Porcel de Peralta

GPSH el simbolo del más allá...Daniel Porcel de Peralta

Average wait: N/A

Jack y Tom son dos prominentes científicos que descubren una fórmula inyectable que permite acceder al posicionamiento de una persona similar a un GPS. Todo cambiará cuando uno de los inyectados fallece. La señal que debería haber desaparec… more

GPSH el simbolo del más allá (Spanish Edition)
Daniel Porcel de Peralta
Daniel Porcel de Peralta , Spanish
Sleepless Lust: Book Two - Mandy Grace

Sleepless Lust: Book TwoMandy Grace

Average wait: N/A

SLEEPLESS LUSTSequel to SLEEPLESS DESIRES: Book OnePortia: She is 19. The separation from Jack was painfull and a good learning experience. She now has to get a job and no more rely on Jack to support her. Luckily the restaurant owner was k… more

Sleepless Lust: Book Two
Mandy Grace
How did I become...a Gecko?! - Courtney Volante

How did I become...a Gecko?!Courtney Volante

Average wait: N/A

Maddie woke to find that she was…a gecko! She was frightened, all alone and she did not know how she became a tiny gecko. All Maddie wanted was for things to return to normal again so that she could be with her Mummy, Daddy and her dog a… more

How did I become…a Gecko?!
Courtney Volante
Published by Nexus-g Pty Ltd of Australia , English
Mi error fue tu promesa, tom... - Moruena Estríngana

Mi error fue tu promesa, tom...Moruena Estríngana

¿Puede una promesa ser más fuerte que el amor?

A Aiden le ha costado mucho realzar la economía del ‘Abuelo’, el hombre que los ha criado a él y a su hermano Jack, tras el robo que al que le sometió su propia hija, quien no tuvo escrúpulos … more

Mi error fue tu promesa, tomo 8 ( versión extendida) (Spanish Edition)
Moruena Estríngana