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Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic ... - Jade K. Scott

Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic ...Jade K. Scott

Lila was heartbroken when her mother died, leaving to be raised by her stepfather, Jack. She seeks solace in his arms, and she ends up finding a lot more than she bargained for! Lila learns that the touch of the man who raised her is the on… more

Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic Story (The Family Way)
Jade K. Scott
All The Right Notes - Bryn Colvin

All The Right NotesBryn Colvin

When the front man leaves Jack’s band, things don’t look good for Snakebite. Then Laurie answers an advert. He can play the guitar far too well to be in a covers band, has a voice to die for, and wants to join. Laurie is the most delectable… more

All The Right Notes
Bryn Colvin
loveyoudivine Alterotica , English
The Ghost - Kieran Yeoman

The GhostKieran Yeoman

An old abandoned house in the middle of the woods. what could possibly go wrong? Sam has made this his secret hiding place but when he invites his best friend Jack to look at the abandoned house things aren’t as expected.

The Ghost
Kieran Yeoman
Falling Away - Allie Little

Falling AwayAllie Little

Average wait: N/A

Sam has never minded the tranquillity of living in a tiny coastal town, but when school finishes forever, her world begins to change. First she meets Jack, his blasé charm hiding a secret from his past. And dark broody Riley, her almost-bos… more

Falling Away
Allie Little
Male Nurse: episode 3 - Joe Kamm

Male Nurse: episode 3Joe Kamm

Average wait: N/A

In the third episode of Male Nurse, Jack gets unexpectedly invited to attend a party with Zeus, then he is approached by a group of rebels who are planning on destroying New Beginnings.

Male Nurse: episode 3
Joe Kamm
Joe Kamm , English
Male Nurse: episode 2 - Joe Kamm

Male Nurse: episode 2Joe Kamm

Average wait: N/A

In the second episode of Male Nurse, Jack is introduced to New Beginnings, a rehab clinic with a dark secret, and a terrifying man named Zeus.

Male Nurse: episode 2
Joe Kamm
Joe Kamm , English
What Happens At Slumber Parties - Kelsey Charisma

What Happens At Slumber PartiesKelsey Charisma

Sara was dared into starting an orgy with Russ and his friend Jack by her three daring girl friends, Mindy, Tonya, and Connie. Everyone thought she’d chicken out because she was a virgin, but a happy mistake led to something Sara wanted mor… more

What Happens At Slumber Parties
Kelsey Charisma
A Promise Kept - Stormy Glenn

A Promise KeptStormy Glenn

2 ratings
Average wait: 161d, 6h

Mason is in love with his brother’s best friend, Jack. It’s been ten years of secret fantasies, hidden glances, and forbidden yearnings. Just when Mason decides to give up on Jack and move away, his friends step in to get them together. Ev… more

A Promise Kept
Stormy Glenn
Torquere Press , English
Daddy Wants You, Baby (The D... - Christian A. Turner

Daddy Wants You, Baby (The D...Christian A. Turner

DESCRIPTION: Jack and his step-daughter have always given each other a hard time, and teasing is part of their relationship. But when she ups the ante and her teasing crosses a line, he begins to suspect that she wants something more from h… more

Daddy Wants You, Baby (The Dirty Daddy-Daughter Sex) - A Short Erotic Story
Christian A. Turner
Isobel - Adam R Murphy

IsobelAdam R Murphy

Average wait: N/A

A novelette story of a fathers love for his daughter, Jack wakes up one morning to find that everything is upside down. Something in the sky has the world falling into chaos. Jack will do anything to keep Isobel safe.

Adam R Murphy
Tempted by Lucifer - Franklin Eddy

Tempted by LuciferFranklin Eddy

1 rating
Average wait: < 1h

It was late at night and Jack was looking at some naked women on the Internet. Suddenly there was a shimmering, and a very beautiful angel stood there. She had blond hair and blue eyes and was wearing golden wings. Jack felt an instant se… more

Tempted by Lucifer
Franklin Eddy
Dead - Wendell Sweet

DeadWendell Sweet

Average wait: N/A

Paul thought he had the perfect solution to all of his problems. Death. He decided that what he really needed was his problems to become dead. Then he could go on living without them. He sat down at the bar to work it out with his friend Ja… more

Wendell Sweet
independAntwriters Publishing , English
Dark Demons - Jessica Miles

Dark DemonsJessica Miles

Dark DemonsWhen Fiona’s troubled marriage is ended by the sudden death of her husband Jack, she is thrown into a deep depression and inner turmoil that she can see no end of.It is a simple, everyday event that finally brings her out of the … more

Dark Demons
Jessica Miles
Threshold of Salvation (An a... - Susan Gratton

Threshold of Salvation (An a...Susan Gratton

Average wait: N/A

Steven, a christian, is summoned by his friend, Jack, who is a doctor. Jack is worried about one of his patients, and has asked Steven to come and give witness to her, so that she may be saved. “I fear for her soul, for she is slipping fast… more

Threshold of Salvation (An account from the Book of Steven)
Susan Gratton
Createspace , English
Birthday: An Erotic Short Story - Amy leBlanc

Birthday: An Erotic Short StoryAmy leBlanc

Ava has had enough boring birthday’s to last a life time, so when her husband asks her what she wants on her special day she give him a very special answer. Inspired by a piece of erotic photography that get her blood racing Ava sets out to… more

Birthday: An Erotic Short Story
Amy leBlanc
Hard Candy Press , English
Nunca te olvidé (Spanish Edition) - Mar Fernández  Martínez

Nunca te olvidé (Spanish Edition)Mar Fernández Martínez

Average wait: N/A

El destino ha hecho que los caminos de Jane y el del chico que todos ven con malos ojos, Jack, se cruzaran. Rompiendo las barreras de una ortodoxa educación y a pesar de su mala reputación, Jane le entrega, irremediablemente, su corazón.


Nunca te olvidé (Spanish Edition)
Mar Fernández Martínez
In Deepest Sympathy (Sympath... - Lady Jezebel

In Deepest Sympathy (Sympath...Lady Jezebel

When Cougar-Milf Cuckoldrix Georgia finds herself widowed and alone, she begins having erotic dreams involving all the fantasies she used to share with her randy dead husband, Jack. As these dreams invade her mind and body she begins to fee… more

In Deepest Sympathy (Sympathy Sex Series)
Lady Jezebel
Rich Daddy, Rich Brother, Cu... - Sissy Belle

Rich Daddy, Rich Brother, Cu...Sissy Belle

In this final installment of Alice’s fun with her step brother, Jack, and her step father, she’s punished harshly for sleeping with Jack without her step father’s permission. Will she take her punishment and learn to love it, or will she fi… more

Rich Daddy, Rich Brother, Curvy Alice (BBW, BDSM, Pseudo Incest, Spanking, and Double Penetration Erotica)
Sissy Belle
Midnight Climax , English
Alfie and the beach (Alfie b... - Bex Archer

Alfie and the beach (Alfie b...Bex Archer

Average wait: N/A

It’s Alfie’s first trip to the beach but there are no trees to climb and there is no grass to roll in so he doesn’t know what to do. With his friend, Jack, he plays hide-and-seek, meets two naughty gulls and finds a huge, stripy beachball. … more

Alfie and the beach (Alfie bear Book 2)
Bex Archer
Bex Archer , English
A Christian Cougar - Vanessa Gray Bartal

A Christian CougarVanessa Gray Bartal

Average wait: N/A

On the same day Mare Welsh receives the happiest news of her life, she also receives the worst. Her husband, Jack, was killed on his way home from work, leaving Mare alone to raise their one year old daughter. Now, a year later and deep in … more

A Christian Cougar
Vanessa Gray Bartal
Vanessa Gray Bartal , English