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Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic ... - Jade K. Scott

Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic ...Jade K. Scott

Lila was heartbroken when her mother died, leaving to be raised by her stepfather, Jack. She seeks solace in his arms, and she ends up finding a lot more than she bargained for! Lila learns that the touch of the man who raised her is the on… more

Touch Me, Daddy - An Erotic Story (The Family Way)
Jade K. Scott
Threshold of Salvation (An a... - Susan Gratton

Threshold of Salvation (An a...Susan Gratton

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Steven, a christian, is summoned by his friend, Jack, who is a doctor. Jack is worried about one of his patients, and has asked Steven to come and give witness to her, so that she may be saved. “I fear for her soul, for she is slipping fast… more

Threshold of Salvation (An account from the Book of Steven)
Susan Gratton
Createspace , English
Nunca te olvidé (Spanish Edition) - Mar Fernández  Martínez

Nunca te olvidé (Spanish Edition)Mar Fernández Martínez

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El destino ha hecho que los caminos de Jane y el del chico que todos ven con malos ojos, Jack, se cruzaran. Rompiendo las barreras de una ortodoxa educación y a pesar de su mala reputación, Jane le entrega, irremediablemente, su corazón.


Nunca te olvidé (Spanish Edition)
Mar Fernández Martínez
Now and Forever - Kate Lane

Now and ForeverKate Lane

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Nothing could destroy their love, except the truth…

Separated by circumstance and distance, former high school sweethearts Lindy and TJ find their lives and passions once again entwined. For the past twelve years, each lived and worked in … more

Now and Forever
Kate Lane
Prism Book Group , English
Jack Johnson - Sleep Through... - Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through...Jack Johnson

(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook). Jack’s fifth studio CD spent three weeks perched atop the Billboard 200 album chart, and also debuted at #1 worldwide. Our artist-approved piano/vocal/guitar folio features all 14 tunes, plus an intro… more

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through the Static Songbook
Jack Johnson
Cherry Lane Music , English
Michael's War - George Mitchell

Michael's WarGeorge Mitchell

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The tides of the Second World War wash away the normal lives of young Michael’s family. Jack, the father, goes to war in the harsh conditions of the North African desert campaign, where things go badly wrong. Back at home, his wife and youn… more

Michael’s War
George Mitchell
Sleepless Lust: Book Two - Mandy Grace

Sleepless Lust: Book TwoMandy Grace

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SLEEPLESS LUSTSequel to SLEEPLESS DESIRES: Book OnePortia: She is 19. The separation from Jack was painfull and a good learning experience. She now has to get a job and no more rely on Jack to support her. Luckily the restaurant owner was k… more

Sleepless Lust: Book Two
Mandy Grace
How did I become...a Gecko?! - Courtney Volante

How did I become...a Gecko?!Courtney Volante

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Maddie woke to find that she was…a gecko! She was frightened, all alone and she did not know how she became a tiny gecko. All Maddie wanted was for things to return to normal again so that she could be with her Mummy, Daddy and her dog a… more

How did I become…a Gecko?!
Courtney Volante
Published by Nexus-g Pty Ltd of Australia , English
Game of Straws - SB Knight

Game of StrawsSB Knight

1 rating
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Jack and his friends are ready for a weekend of fun and adventure as they explore his grandfather’s plantation home. But this lighthearted journey takes a dark and twisted turn when Melody, Jack’s girlfriend, discovers an old wooden box. On… more

Game of Straws
SB Knight
The One-Eyed Guru - Andrew Biss

The One-Eyed GuruAndrew Biss

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A Mystery Novelette by Award-Winning Author Andrew BissRachel has failed to return home at her usual time. Her husband, Jack, is left to the vagaries of his imagination. When she does finally appear - as much animated as apologetic - Jack’s… more

The One-Eyed Guru
Andrew Biss
Vacancy Books , English
Rich Daddy, Rich Brother, Cu... - Sissy Belle

Rich Daddy, Rich Brother, Cu...Sissy Belle

In this final installment of Alice’s fun with her step brother, Jack, and her step father, she’s punished harshly for sleeping with Jack without her step father’s permission. Will she take her punishment and learn to love it, or will she fi… more

Rich Daddy, Rich Brother, Curvy Alice (BBW, BDSM, Pseudo Incest, Spanking, and Double Penetration Erotica)
Sissy Belle
Midnight Climax , English
Trading Moms (An Erotic Olde... - Written Passion, Jonathan Kollt

Trading Moms (An Erotic Olde...Written Passion, Jonathan Kollt

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Two football moms get ready to chaperone their sons to the big city college where they’ll find out whether they made the team. Each mom finds herself escorting the other’s son, and while one mother is bent on giving her young companion the … more

Trading Moms (An Erotic Older Woman-Younger College Boy Adventure)
Written Passion, Jonathan Kollt
Written Passion , English
His Bratty Helper: (Medical,... - Mona Max

His Bratty Helper: (Medical,...Mona Max

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Anna is home from college for the summer and all she wants to do is help her favorite doctor, Jack, at his practice. Even though they’ve known one another for years he resists having her in his office. Until one day when he’s desperate for … more

His Bratty Helper: (Medical, Taboo Erotica)
Mona Max
Daddy Don't Get Me Pregnant - Morgan Taylor

Daddy Don't Get Me PregnantMorgan Taylor

Jack had to stare… his little girl had grown up and was such a knockout. Even though Mandi was his step daughter Jack had to restrain himself on more then one occasion when Mandi gave him a rise.Of course Mandi had no idea what she was do… more

Daddy Don’t Get Me Pregnant
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor , English
Tempted by Lucifer - Franklin Eddy

Tempted by LuciferFranklin Eddy

1 rating
Average wait: < 1h

It was late at night and Jack was looking at some naked women on the Internet. Suddenly there was a shimmering, and a very beautiful angel stood there. She had blond hair and blue eyes and was wearing golden wings. Jack felt an instant se… more

Tempted by Lucifer
Franklin Eddy
Lilly - Steven Cassady

LillySteven Cassady

Average wait: N/A

Cass is writing a book about a boy from his childhood that was possessed by a demon. He goes back to the town and the church where it all started to find out what happened to the boy, Jack, and finish the book. The church is somehow diffe… more

Steven Cassady
Feliz Navidad (Relatos Anna ... - Anna Casanovas

Feliz Navidad (Relatos Anna ...Anna Casanovas

Feliz Navidad trata de segundas oportunidades, de un amor que vuelve a resurgir en la mejor época del año para ello. Es la historia de Jack, el jefe inmediato de Ágata en “Nadie como tú” -mi primera novela romántica-, y Kat la única mujer q… more

Feliz Navidad (Relatos Anna Casanovas nº 2) (Spanish Edition)
Anna Casanovas
Anna Casanovas , Spanish
Flavor of the Night - Emma Sydney

Flavor of the NightEmma Sydney

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Abby’s sexual response all but disappears after going through menopause. Can her husband Jack help her to rediscover the passion they once shared? Intended for readers 18 and over.

Flavor of the Night
Emma Sydney
Apocalypse Now (How Will You... - The Zombie Slayer

Apocalypse Now (How Will You...The Zombie Slayer

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How would you react if you woke up one day,and while going through your daily tasks you found a zombie on your doorstep? One morning while making her coffee, Nikki hears a knock at the door. Knowing it was too early for the mail delivery,… more

Apocalypse Now (How Will You Survive Book 1)
The Zombie Slayer
The Ghost - Kieran Yeoman

The GhostKieran Yeoman

An old abandoned house in the middle of the woods. what could possibly go wrong? Sam has made this his secret hiding place but when he invites his best friend Jack to look at the abandoned house things aren’t as expected.

The Ghost
Kieran Yeoman