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A chilling tale about Jack Walker, a security consultant with a hidden past. When his wife and daughter take a wrong turn on their way home from a concert they drive straight into a drugs supplier with a penchant for young girls. The resul… more

David Jay Ramsden
A New World: Return - John O'Brien

A New World: ReturnJohn O'Brien

3 ratings
Average wait: 32d, 16h

Safety is the dream.

Nightmare is the reality. A nightmare where danger lurks around every corner.

Jack Walker, journeyed half way around the world and completed his daring rescue. He must now return home, traversing a world filled with… more

A New World: Return
John O’Brien
SEAL Team 666: A Novel - Weston Ochse

SEAL Team 666: A NovelWeston Ochse

WINNER OF THE ”FICTION - ADVENTURE OR DRAMAAWARD FROM THE NEW MEXICO-ARIZONA BOOK AWARDS Weston Ochse’s SEAL Team 666 follows Cadet Jack Walker. Halfway through SEAL training, he’s still green but showing incredible promise when he’s whis… more

SEAL Team 666: A Novel
Weston Ochse
Thomas Dunne Books , English
An Irresistible Bachelor - J.R. Ward

An Irresistible BachelorJ.R. Ward

Art conservator Callie Burke’s new assignment is restoring a masterpiece owned by ruthless, wealthy, and sexy politico Jack Walker. When she’s persuaded to move into Jack’s sprawling estate to finish the job, a mere business proposition tur… more

An Irresistible Bachelor
J.R. Ward
Signet , English
A New World: Dissension - John O'Brien

A New World: DissensionJohn O'Brien

Average wait: 6h

Fire Rains From Above…                 A Fracture Forms…Jack Walker and the other survivors continue their search for others.  Unbeknownst to them, the night runners have initiated their own gathering and, with Michael’s leadership, the… more

A New World: Dissension
John O’Brien
A New World: Taken - John O'Brien

A New World: TakenJohn O'Brien

2 ratings
Average wait: 1h

Dark clouds gather A storm is breaking…

With the sanctuary built, there is a respite from the nightly night runner assaults. Jack Walker and the group of survivors have bought themselves a little breathing room. Or have they? A peacef… more

A New World: Taken
John O’Brien
A New World: Sanctuary - John O'Brien

A New World: SanctuaryJohn O'Brien

3 ratings
Average wait: 3d, 4h

Danger lurks in the shadows

A place where the brave tread warily

Jack Walker has returned from the rescue of his girlfriend with a small band of survivors. Their harrowing journey from the Middle East included a stop at the CDC where the… more

A New World: Sanctuary
John O’Brien
A New World: Awakening - John O'Brien

A New World: AwakeningJohn O'Brien

1 rating
Average wait: 18h

Awareness grows… The gathering commences….

The world has changed. Jack Walker and the other survivors must adjust with it if they are to have a chance. They’ve managed to stay one step ahead so far but the gap is narrowing. … more

A New World: Awakening
John O’Brien
The Officer and the Southern... - Rose Gordon

The Officer and the Southern...Rose Gordon

Average wait: 5d, 3h

Fort Gibson, Indian Territory 1846…

Second Lt. Jack Walker doesn’t always think ahead and when he decides to defy logic and send off for a mail order bride, he might have left out only a few details about his life at the all-but-forgotte… more

The Officer and the Southerner (Historical Western Romance) (Fort Gibson Officers Series)
Rose Gordon
Parchment & Plume, LLC , English
The Signs of the Times - David Pearson

The Signs of the TimesDavid Pearson

Average wait: N/A

First book in the Great Tribulation series!The signs of the times.Signs that speak of a great new leader arising!Signs that warn the church to prepare and build another ark!Signs that stun the world!Signs that unite the world to believe a l… more

The Signs of the Times
David Pearson
AuthorHouse , English
Gordy - Shooter3704


Average wait: N/A

Jack Walker was an attorney and Gordon Denver was a client. Right from the first meeting Jack knew Gordon was trouble. He just didn’t have any idea how much trouble it would be for him and for his wife, Liz.Gordy, as he preferred, was a ri… more

4Play Press , English
The Cactus Garden - Robert Ward

The Cactus GardenRobert Ward

Average wait: N/A

Daredevil DEA agent Jack Walker cruised down Hollywood Boulevard into the best unscheduled party of his career: a car-jacking featuring a .38 semiautomatic and his own movieland heroics. In any other city, the pretty woman he saved would be… more

The Cactus Garden
Robert Ward
Tyrus Books , English
Christmas Mine - Becca Lethbridge

Christmas MineBecca Lethbridge

When a city girl’s running from a crime lord at Christmas-time, where does she go? The Arctic, of course! Geneva Pierson didn’t expect to spend her holiday cooking meals for the crew at the Elandell Diamond Mine, but then she never pictured… more

Christmas Mine
Becca Lethbridge
One Acre Publishing , English
Family Affair + The Bet (eBo... - Debbie Macomber

Family Affair + The Bet (eBo...Debbie Macomber

Lacey Lancaster always longed to be a wife and mother. However, after a painful divorce, she just wants to lay low in her charming San Francisco apartment with her beautiful Abyssinian cat, Cleo.Everything would be wonderful if it wasn’t fo… more

Family Affair + The Bet (eBook Original)
Debbie Macomber
Avon , English
SUNNY - Judy J.  Allen

SUNNYJudy J. Allen

Average wait: N/A

Jack Walker, famous Country-Western entertainer, for once pleases his dad by marrying a young woman to save her from disappearing or being killed by organized thugs. It’s a secret marriage of convenience. Jack flies her away from Washingt… more

Judy J. Allen
Family Affair (Avon Romance) - Debbie Macomber

Family Affair (Avon Romance)Debbie Macomber

“Debbie Macomber writes characters that are as warm and funny as your best friends.”—Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author#1 New York Times bestseller Debbie Macomber invites readers to an unforgettable Family Affair—a glorious cel… more

Family Affair (Avon Romance)
Debbie Macomber
HarperCollins e-books , English
Deep Water - Paul Bishop

Deep WaterPaul Bishop

Calico Jack Walker and Tina Tamiko are back. 1978. Now retired from the L.A.P.D. and captain of his own fishing charter business, Calico Jack Walker pays for ignoring his instincts when he hires out to two shady characters who try to hijack… more

Deep Water
Paul Bishop
A New World: Chaos - John O'Brien

A New World: ChaosJohn O'Brien

3 ratings
Average wait: 64d, 18h

There is no sanctuary.

That was taken away in the blink of an eye. Humanity went out not with a whimper, but a bang.

Jack, a sometimes humorous, sometimes philosophical ex-special operations pilot and soldier is one of the few left to st… more

A New World: Chaos
John O’Brien
Hot Pursuit - Paul Bishop

Hot PursuitPaul Bishop

1 rating
Average wait: N/A

A Calico Jack Walker / Tina Tamiko L.A.P.D. novel . . .

It’s 1977 and veteran L.A.P.D. cop Calico Jack Walker and his rookie partner, Tina Tamiko, are planning to make Calico’s last shift on the job something special – but plans, as they … more

Hot Pursuit
Paul Bishop