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The Only Living Witness - Hugh Aynesworth Stephen G. Michaud

The Only Living WitnessHugh Aynesworth Stephen G. Michaud

The Only Living Witness” towers over the rest of the Ted Bundy bookshelf … (as) a monument to book-length journalism” (Jack Olsen, author of “The Misbegotten Son”). “A shining example of excellent reporting, fine writing, and a story o… more

The Only Living Witness
Hugh Aynesworth Stephen G. Michaud
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The Only Living Witness: The... - Stephen G. Michaud, Hugh Aynesworth

The Only Living Witness: The...Stephen G. Michaud, Hugh Aynesworth

This is the horrific and compelling biography of a psychopathic killer. This book tells of the brutal murderer Ted Bundy, who took the lives of 40 young women during a six-year reign of terror. On Death Row, Bundy reflects on his life, and … more

The Only Living Witness: The True Story of Serial Sex Killer Ted Bundy
Stephen G. Michaud, Hugh Aynesworth
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The Iceman: The True Story o... - Anthony Bruno

The Iceman: The True Story o...Anthony Bruno

2 ratings

THE ICEMAN chilleth! Not for the faint of heart, but a rousing, riveting read. I read it in one (scary) gulp.” —Jack Olsen, author of I:The Creation of a Serial KillerAt home Richard Kuklinski was a dedicated suburban family man. On the s… more

The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer
Anthony Bruno
Head Shot - Burl Barer

Head ShotBurl Barer

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A Storm Of ViolencePaul St. Pierre was an alcoholic driven by an urge to kill all the time. He bullied his younger brother, Chris, into committing unspeakable acts. His childhood friend, Andrew Webb, took drugs, talked to skulls, and dreame… more

Head Shot
Burl Barer
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The Bridge at Chappaquiddick - Jack Olsen

The Bridge at ChappaquiddickJack Olsen

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The classic by master nonfiction author Jack Olsen. First time in ebook.

And on its surface, the Chappaquiddick Incident (as it has infamously become known) was a simple but tragic traffic accident. However, its political fallout caused it… more

The Bridge at Chappaquiddick
Jack Olsen
Crime Rant Classics , English
The Pitcher's Kid - Jack Olsen

The Pitcher's KidJack Olsen

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The Pitcher’s Kid is Jack Olsen’s memoir of the first 18 years of his life, years that formed his voice, his ear, and his passionate concern for the underdog. It is a story of a young boy’s desperate yearning for a father during a time of e… more

The Pitcher’s Kid
Jack Olsen
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Hastened to the Grave: The G... - Jack Olsen

Hastened to the Grave: The G...Jack Olsen

They were a notorious gypsy family that seeped into their victims’ lives like a deadly cancer. And they couldn’t be stopped— until one courageous woman took on the cases no one else would touch…THE VICTIMS:Elderly, well-to-do men and wom… more

Hastened to the Grave: The Gypsy Murder Investigation
Jack Olsen
St. Martin’s Paperbacks , English
The Man with Candy - Jack Olsen

The Man with CandyJack Olsen

The mass murder of almost thirty young boys in Houston may well have been the most heinous crime of the century. How could such a series of murders go undetected for almost three years before being exposed? The Man with the Candy is a brill… more

The Man with Candy
Jack Olsen
Simon & Schuster , English
Letters from an Alien - Mary Carmen

Letters from an AlienMary Carmen

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Jack Olsen is a conscientious worker, a reporter for the New York Times, just after the melting of the polar ice caps. In 2030, Jack answers a message on his computer from Alyadille, who says it is writing from the fifth planet orbiting the… more

Letters from an Alien
Mary Carmen
AuthorHouse , English
I: The Creation of a Serial Killer - Jack Olsen

I: The Creation of a Serial KillerJack Olsen

Prize-winning journalist Jack Olsen, armed with unprecedented access to one of the most infamous serial killers in American history, provides a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a murderer in the killer’s own words … In February 1990… more

I: The Creation of a Serial Killer
Jack Olsen
St. Martin’s Press , English
Salt of the Earth - Jack Olsen

Salt of the EarthJack Olsen

Joe Gere said he died on the afternoon his twelve-year-old daughter Brenda disappeared. It was left to Brenda’s mother Elaine to sustain her stricken family, search for her missing child, and pressure the authorities for justice. From the f… more

Salt of the Earth
Jack Olsen
Crime Rant Classics , English
Legacy of the Lake - Michael A. Smith

Legacy of the LakeMichael A. Smith

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Jack Olsen, a down-on-his luck former cop, seeks inner healing at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Out fishing one day, he witnesses a deliberate collision that leaves one man dead. Hired by the elderly victim’s companion to investigate … more

Legacy of the Lake
Michael A. Smith
Michael A. Smith , English
Once Upon A Time, A True Sto... - Harry N. MacLean

Once Upon A Time, A True Sto...Harry N. MacLean

Once Upon A Time, A True Story of Memory, Murder and the Law.

By Harry N. MacLean

  In 1989, Eileen Franklin, a young California housewife, claimed to recover a repressed memory of her father killing her playmate 20 earlier. In a la... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B005A8WR12/#editorial-review">more</a>
Once Upon A Time, A True Story of Memory, Murder and the Law
Harry N. MacLean
Crime Rant Classics , English
Doc: The Rape of the Town of Lovell - Jack Olsen

Doc: The Rape of the Town of LovellJack Olsen

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Updated ebook file 12/16/2014

Award Winner!

With a new introduction by bestselling true crime author Ron Franscell.

For twenty-five years, the trusted family doctor in a small Wyoming town had been raping and molesting the women and chil… more

Doc: The Rape of the Town of Lovell
Jack Olsen
Crime Rant Classics , English
Man Overboard: The Counterfe... - Burl Barer

Man Overboard: The Counterfe...Burl Barer

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“True crime at its best. … Barer has undeniable talent, pizzaz and imagination!”—Jack Olsen, bestselling author and award-winning journalist.

1982: Oregon businessman Phil Champagne, age 52, dies in a tragic boating accident off Lopez Isla… more

Man Overboard: The Counterfeit Resurrection of Phil Champagne
Burl Barer
WildBlue Press , English