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Gash For Cash: The Jan Miller Story - Shooter3704

Gash For Cash: The Jan Miller StoryShooter3704

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Jack Miller was angry - his wife was cheating on him! He’d tracked her to this place where she was getting off with some really big black guys and loving it. However, what happened next was going to change his life as much as hers.Another g… more

Gash For Cash: The Jan Miller Story
Fiction4All , English
The mermaid and the flier - Emma Jean Hoffmann

The mermaid and the flierEmma Jean Hoffmann

Bobby is the eighteen year old son of shipping mogul Jack Miller , taking the first steps towards his dream to find the dividing line of the horizon, the timeless place of magic known as Shangri-La.

Emilee is not from this world.
On expe… more

The mermaid and the flier
Emma Jean Hoffmann
Your Own Devices - Vallen Green

Your Own DevicesVallen Green

Jack Miller never liked attending the parties his boss threw. Not only because he didn’t like how pretentious people could be during those functions but also because he just didn’t like his boss. But if there was one shining light in attend… more

Your Own Devices
Vallen Green
My Big Fat Southern Gay Wedd... - Sara York

My Big Fat Southern Gay Wedd...Sara York

Average wait: 19d, 5h

Book 3 of A Southern Thing series.

When he was a kid, Jack Miller thought life would be a certain way, then he figured out he liked boys and not girls, changing the course of his future. Jack has spent the last few years learning that life… more

My Big Fat Southern Gay Wedding (A Southern Thing Book 3)
Sara York
Saving Grace: Daily Devotion... - C. John Miller

Saving Grace: Daily Devotion...C. John Miller

Begin a Year of Grace-Filled Living Now!

The gospel changes how we live each day. That’s the premise of Saving Grace and the legacy of Jack Miller’s ministry. Founder of Serge and the New Life Presbyterian network of churches, Miller beli… more

Saving Grace: Daily Devotions from Jack Miller
C. John Miller
New Growth Press , English
Jack's Big Secret #1: Marty ... - PJ Ryan

Jack's Big Secret #1: Marty ...PJ Ryan

Note: “Marty” is a short story and a quick read. (estimated 35 pages)

Jack Miller has spent his entire nine years in the same house on the same street in the same town with the same best friend.

One day, while delivering papers on his s… more

Jack’s Big Secret #1: Marty (a fun short story for children ages 8-10)
PJ Ryan
Magic Umbrella Publishing , English
Undercover With the Mob - Elizabeth Bevarly

Undercover With the MobElizabeth Bevarly

It’s true what they say—all the good guys are married……or have Mob connections!And Natalie Dorset should know. The guy who moved in downstairs may be gorgeous, but the things he says—who uses “whacked” anymore?—and the way he dresses… Well,… more

Undercover With the Mob
Elizabeth Bevarly
Harlequin Special Releases , English
Power Negotiations for Real ... - Jack Miller

Power Negotiations for Real ...Jack Miller

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Being able to negotiate is one of the highest paid skills in the world. Power Negotiations shows you successful concepts and techniques used by the pros to reduce costs and increase profits in house-buying transactions.


Power Negotiations for Real Estate Investors (Cash Flow Depot Books)
Jack Miller
CashFlowDepot Books , English
The Alchemy of Grief: The Li... - Deirdre Newman

The Alchemy of Grief: The Li...Deirdre Newman

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This book chronicles the life story and professional trajectory of Dr. Jack Miller, a former Roman Catholic priest, who created The Phoenix Project, an orchestrated rite of passage, which facilitates both emotional and spiritual growth. Dr…. more

The Alchemy of Grief: The Life Story of Dr. Jack Miller and his Creation of The Phoenix Project
Deirdre Newman
Distrito Nueve  (Spanish Edition) - Douglas Dorow

Distrito Nueve (Spanish Edition)Douglas Dorow

Agente especial del FBI Jack Miller, se detuvo en un caso de alto perfil para ser mentor de un nuevo agente, se encuentra en una batalla con el rival más difícil de su carrera. La persecución culmina en las entrañas de la ciudad, en las alc… more

Distrito Nueve (Spanish Edition)
Douglas Dorow
Douglas Dorow , Spanish
The Conversation: A Christia... - Bruce Borders

The Conversation: A Christia...Bruce Borders

We all experience questions about our beliefs sometimes, and at other times someone else questions us about them, so do you have the answers? If someone asks you why you believe the way you do, can you answer them logically without resting… more

The Conversation: A Christian approach to Origins
Bruce Borders
Bruce Borders , English
The Davina Code - Janet Elizabeth Henderson

The Davina CodeJanet Elizabeth Henderson

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Disgraced cop Jack Miller inherits a house. He also inherits a tenant. She’s sexy, mysterious and obviously up to no good. His cop instincts are in overdrive. He’s trying to get his job back and no police force will employ him if there’s il… more

The Davina Code
Janet Elizabeth Henderson
Unlawful Twist - M Murphy

Unlawful TwistM Murphy

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Sheriff Keely Anderson is a woman who is determined to prove herself as Sheriff and show that not only did she truly earn that position, but that she can protect the whole town of Dorman. But will love have a hand in showing her she is the… more

Unlawful Twist
M Murphy
Cash Flow Concepts Manual - Jack Miller

Cash Flow Concepts ManualJack Miller

Imagine being able to spend 3 days with the most successful real estate entrepreneur! The sole purpose is to learn the secrets to their success and what things they would do differently if they started all over again. That’s exactly what yo… more

Cash Flow Concepts Manual
Jack Miller
Next Century Publishing LLC , English
Sometimes Jennifer - Terry Combs

Sometimes JenniferTerry Combs

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Jennifer casually walks the streets, the alleys, the parks of her hometown. She watches with the curiosity of a child. Not certain how or when the answer will come, she waits with unfailing determination. She lingers for long awaited justic… more

Sometimes Jennifer
Terry Combs
Terry Combs , English
The Revelations of Preston B... - Jason Jack Miller

The Revelations of Preston B...Jason Jack Miller

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The third entry in the Murder Ballads and Whiskey series, REVELATIONS, is a punch to the gut that feels glorious.”-Dale Herring, GEEKDOM OF GORE

Sometimes a battle between good and evil doesn’t look much like the ones they show in movies…. more

The Revelations of Preston Black (Murder Ballads and Whiskey Book 3)
Jason Jack Miller
Raw Dog Screaming Press , English
Catch Me A Catch - Sally Clements

Catch Me A CatchSally Clements

1 rating

She had the perfect life - and all she wanted was to escape it. Artisan chocolatier and reluctant matchmaker Annie Devine wants to survive the annual Durna Matchmaking Festival without messing up. She’s useless at relationships, and the who… more

Catch Me A Catch
Sally Clements
The Wild Rose Press , English
Witch Ridden: A Shot of Murd... - Jason Jack Miller

Witch Ridden: A Shot of Murd...Jason Jack Miller

This download contains the 5000 word short story, WITCH RIDDEN, three essays about Appalachian traditional magic and magical realism, and one-hundred page previews of the first three novels in the MURDER BALLADS AND WHISKEY SERIES: THE DEVImore

Witch Ridden: A Shot of Murder Ballads and Whiskey
Jason Jack Miller
Negotiations for Real Estate... - Jack Miller

Negotiations for Real Estate...Jack Miller

NEGOTIATIONS - The highest paid skill you can learn.

Jack Miller’s NEGOTIATIONS manual, you’ll learn new ways to negotiate so everyone feels like they WON. You’ll get specific things to say, or not say, when talking to sellers, and you’ll … more

Negotiations for Real Estate Investors Manual
Jack Miller
Next Century Publishing LLC , English
Sending Jack Off To Jesus (A... - Sara York

Sending Jack Off To Jesus (A...Sara York

1 rating
Average wait: 81d, 2h

Book 2 of A Southern Thing series, read book 1, Pray The Gay Away first. PTGA is free on all sales channels.

Jack Miller has more than he could ask for with Andrew as his boyfriend, but it’s being taken away from him and there isn’t anythi… more

Sending Jack Off To Jesus (A Southern Thing Book 2)
Sara York