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It's Not About the Money - Bob Proctor

It's Not About the MoneyBob Proctor

The valuable-and simple-lesson contained in this ebook is that the best way to attract prosperity is to abandon the pursuit of wealth and allow it to flow toward oneself. The ancient laws of attraction are explained in plain language and ap… more

It’s Not About the Money
Bob Proctor
Your Coach Digital , English
How to Start Your Own ... Co... - Lee Randall

How to Start Your Own ... Co...Lee Randall

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A guide to starting your own consulting business. The Person …Can you see yourself in this role? Do you dream of consulting as a career? The Business …What happens in a typical day? What are the benefits of being a consultant? What are … more

How to Start Your Own … Consulting Business (Starting Your Own … Series)
Lee Randall
Daylite Publishing , English
Changing With Lean Six Sigma - A Aruleswaran

Changing With Lean Six SigmaA Aruleswaran

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Changing with Lean Six Sigma is different from the rest of the milieu in that it focuses more on how to change for the better using Lean Six Sigma as a tool rather than doing Lean Six Sigma for a change. It presents a unique and user-friend… more

Changing With Lean Six Sigma
A Aruleswaran
LSS Academy Sdn Bhd , English
Declutter Your Life: Quick a... - Jenny Davis

Declutter Your Life: Quick a...Jenny Davis

Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter?

Join thousands who have followed my step-by-step proven system and FINALLY banished clutter for good!

It changed my life.”

Makes getting organized very do able.”

You’d probably pay a consultant tho… more

Declutter Your Life: Quick and Easy Tips for Busy People
Jenny Davis
Sex with Sarah - Brian O'Sullivan

Sex with SarahBrian O'Sullivan

A management consultant’s uncomplicated affair with a public service colleague proves anything but.
An intense and compelling short story on the costs and benefits of a sexual relation in the corporate office. Not for the faint-hearted or… more

Sex with Sarah
Brian O’Sullivan
Irish Imbas Books , English
Sacred Knights (The Rostical... - Michael Rogers

Sacred Knights (The Rostical...Michael Rogers

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In the fourth amazing installment, you wouldn’t expect much to happen after the closure of Madora’s Prophecy, right?

Our heroes return to a place they never thought to see again and endure tasks much worse than fighting Scoldrants!

The Co… more

Sacred Knights (The Rostical Users Book 4)
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers , English
105 Tips For Creating An Emo... -

105 Tips For Creating An Emo...

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An emotionally intelligent organization is a workplace where people’s emotions are taken into account. Where there is empathy in the sense that people understand what is important to others, and know how their colleagues are motivated, lik… more

105 Tips For Creating An Emotionally Intelligent Organization: More Success By Focusing On Work Attitude And Motivation
Ecobehavioral Consultation i... - Steven W. Lee, Christopher R...

Ecobehavioral Consultation i...Steven W. Lee, Christopher R...

Ecobehavioral Consultation in Schools is a practical, theory-based text that advances the practice of ecobehavioral consultation (EBC) and teaches consultants how to develop their own successful practice. It includes examples of what the co… more

Ecobehavioral Consultation in Schools: Theory and Practice for School Psychologists, Special Educators, and School Counselors (School-Based Practice in Action)
Steven W. Lee, Christopher R. Niileksela
Routledge , English
What You Don't Know You Know - Ken Eisold

What You Don't Know You KnowKen Eisold

The unconscious sprang to the attention of the West a hundred years ago, and we are still struggling to absorb its full impact. It was one thing to understand the concept, to see it and believe it, but another to live with it, to take in … more

What You Don’t Know You Know
Ken Eisold
Other Press , English
A People Lens (Vantage Point... - Andrea Coutu, Sandra  McKenz...

A People Lens (Vantage Point...Andrea Coutu, Sandra McKenz...

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Time and time again, we hear not-for-profit leaders say, “we simply can’t do that because we can’t afford a consultant.” So they go without. Without revised human resources processes. Without marketing plans for their important initiatives…. more

A People Lens (Vantage Point Guides Book 1)
Andrea Coutu, Sandra McKenzie, Stacey Canuel, Suzanne Westover, Vantage Point, Lynda Gerty, Colleen Kelly, Shirley Weir, Aaron Sanderson
Vantage Point , English
How to Become a Successful I... - Dan Remenyi

How to Become a Successful I...Dan Remenyi

How to Become a Successful IT Consultant’ is a practical book for anyone considering setting themselves up as an IT consultant. It is essential reading for those contemplating such a career change. Today IT consulting has become a major op… more

How to Become a Successful IT Consultant (Computer Weekly Professional)
Dan Remenyi
Routledge , English
The Temp (short story #4 fro... - Lisa Scott

The Temp (short story #4 fro...Lisa Scott

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This is short story #4 from Office Flirts! This collection features five funny, romantic short stories set in the zany workplace of Dunner Advertising where pranks rule, secrets abound, and nothing’s off-limits for the office pool. Follow t… more

The Temp (short story #4 from Office Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories)
Lisa Scott
Good Time: Everything You Wa... - O. T. Seville

Good Time: Everything You Wa...O. T. Seville

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Savvy and succinct, GOOD TIME: Everything You Wanted to Know About Going to a Federal Prison Camp but Had No One to Ask by O. T. Seville is the most up-to-date guide for anyone facing time in a federal prison camp or who loves or advises so… more

Good Time: Everything You Wanted to Know About Going to a Federal Prison Camp but Had No One to Ask
O. T. Seville
GoodTimePrisonBook.com , English
Create Your Own Conspiracy Theory - Charles Senescall

Create Your Own Conspiracy TheoryCharles Senescall

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Still looking for that exiting new career? Looking to become a highly-paid author and/or talk-show guest? Think you might enjoy becoming a six-figure “Consultant” to the film/book industry? Or maybe even to the “Government?” If so, then try… more

Create Your Own Conspiracy Theory
Charles Senescall
Swinger Anthology Vol I - Jamie Vickers

Swinger Anthology Vol IJamie Vickers

Erotica Explicit Sex **

Come in, sit back, and enjoy some naughty tales about couples that share! Is there anything more erotic then having a new lover? What about sharing and being shared? Explore your fantasies as we all have them!… more

Swinger Anthology Vol I
Jamie Vickers
The Consultant: A Vigilante ... - Claude Bouchard

The Consultant: A Vigilante ...Claude Bouchard

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Doesn’t everyone fantasize a bit about vigilante justice? Haven’t you ever read or heard of some despicable act of violence and secretly wished you could have the opportunity to make the predator pay? Welcome to the VIGILANTE Series, a grow… more

The Consultant: A Vigilante Series crime thriller
Claude Bouchard
Claude Bouchard , English
Streamlined Office Otolaryngology - Norman Harris

Streamlined Office OtolaryngologyNorman Harris

Advanced specialty care in Otolaryngology, filtered through long experience as a consultant to in-the-trenches Primary care practices. Accessable information, focused on simplicity and effectiveness…

Streamlined Office Otolaryngology
Norman Harris
Norman J. Harris MDFACS , English
Wedding Dress Shopping: A Qu... - Aaron Michael

Wedding Dress Shopping: A Qu...Aaron Michael

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This book will give a bit of insight when starting to shop for the “Perfect Dress” for that “Perfect Day”. You will find information on fabrics, silhouettes, necklines, and more. You will get a glimpse into the back story of your consultant… more

Wedding Dress Shopping: A Quick Resource for that Special Day
Aaron Michael
Aaron Michael, LLC. , English
Holidaymaker - Paulo Jenkins

HolidaymakerPaulo Jenkins

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When a jaded and overworked IT consultant is sent ona holiday he doesnt want to take by his sister, little does he know that he is about to be introduced to sex like he has never experienced before with two beautiful women who seem to appe… more

Paulo Jenkins
Valerian , English
Hosting Your First Sex Toy Party - L Neal

Hosting Your First Sex Toy PartyL Neal

Planning your first party can be nerve-wracking. I shadowed my fellow sister consultants to get an idea of what to do but in reality, most seasoned consultants do not want you to be better than them because they’d lose money. Coming up with… more

Hosting Your First Sex Toy Party
L Neal
L. Neal , English