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The Sinai Experiment: Ten Wo... - Ryan Scott

The Sinai Experiment: Ten Wo...Ryan Scott

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We can recite them. We hang them on our walls and in our courtrooms. We use them as a measurement of our character. It is easy for us to go along “knowing” the Ten Commandments without ever taking the time to realize the great insight they … more

The Sinai Experiment: Ten Words for God’s Chosen People
Ryan Scott
The House Studio , English
Doing Archaeology in the Lan... - John Currid

Doing Archaeology in the Lan...John Currid

A popular introduction to archaeology and the methods archaeologists use to reconstruct the history of ancient Israel.

Doing Archaeology in the Land of the Bible: A Basic Guide
John Currid
Baker Academic , English
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth - C. I. Scofield

Rightly Dividing the Word of TruthC. I. Scofield

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This book is in many ways a Christianity 101 course, detailing with lots of Scripture things that Christians talk about all the time. It covers things like Israel and the Church, Judgment, Salvation, and the dispensations. Written by C. I.more

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
C. I. Scofield
Jawbone Digital , English
The Reader's Companion to th... - Mark Roberts

The Reader's Companion to th...Mark Roberts

It is never enough to simply read the Bible. To live it, one must understand it. The Reader’s Companion for the Five Day Bible Reading Schedule helps you do just that. Following the popular Five Day Bible Reading Schedule the Companion offe… more

The Reader’s Companion to the Five Day Bible Reading Schedule
Mark Roberts
A Modern Holy Land Story: Fo... - William Drennan

A Modern Holy Land Story: Fo...William Drennan

A married American couple—an Arab man and his pregnant Jewish wife—journey to Israel. What happens to them there will change the world. Make this timeless story part of your family’s tradition. Tell your friends. Destined to be a fami… more

A Modern Holy Land Story: For the Holidays and Beyond
William Drennan
Rise of the Vampires. (The V... - Colin Bristow

Rise of the Vampires. (The V...Colin Bristow

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From Israel they came. Today they walk amongst us all. Rise of the Vampires tells the story of their beginning and exploits up to the 19th Century.A prequel to The Vampire Sagas. 1911. The Road and Dreamer.Erotic and violent, this dares to … more

Rise of the Vampires. (The Vampire Sagas Book 3)
Colin Bristow
Colin Bristow , English
The Rapture - Ken Johnson

The RaptureKen Johnson

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This book presents the doctrine of the pretribulational Rapture of the church. Many prophecies are explored with Biblical passages and terms explained from the Scripture itself. Evidence is presented that proves the first century church bel… more

The Rapture
Ken Johnson
Biblefacts.org , English
Hoodwinking American Preside... - Morgan Strong

Hoodwinking American Preside...Morgan Strong

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History of Israeli/American political relationship and how Israel has betrayed American Presidents from Eisenhower to Obama

Hoodwinking American President’s-From Eisenhower to Obama-A short history
Morgan Strong
Ezekiel's War, WWIII - Dr. James P. Dawson

Ezekiel's War, WWIIIDr. James P. Dawson

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One of the prophecies that is fulfilled in the end times is the prophecy in Ezekiel chapters 36 through 42. These chapters describe the conditions and events concerning the State of Israel and the Promised Land at the end times and describe… more

Ezekiel’s War, WWIII
Dr. James P. Dawson
Aaron C Ministries , English
All the Books of the Bible-V... - M. E. Rosson

All the Books of the Bible-V...M. E. Rosson

This book covers the tumultuous period of time when Israel had lost Joshua as their leader and were ruled by Different Judges. From Othniel to Samson, this commentary will make these stories come alive in a way that may never have happened… more

All the Books of the Bible-Volume Seven-Judges
M. E. Rosson
Createspace , English
Samson, the Nazarite: A Brie... - Roderick L. Evans

Samson, the Nazarite: A Brie...Roderick L. Evans

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In this book, we will explore the life of Samson, the Nazarite. Samson was known as God’s strong man. He possessed great physical strength through the Spirit of the Lord. He judged Israel for twenty years. However, his life and ministry end… more

Samson, the Nazarite: A Brief Expository of God’s Strong Man
Roderick L. Evans
Abundant Truth Publishing , English
Remember Never To Forget: Th... - Lauren  Lior-Liechtenstein

Remember Never To Forget: Th...Lauren Lior-Liechtenstein

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When Israel arrived inAuschwitz he hadthe number 87584tattooed on his arm like animal. Thosedays in the camp seemed like the end ofthe world, with the madness of death andhatred everywhere. It was easy to crossthe line between good and bad,… more

Remember Never To Forget: The Life Story of Israel Lior: The Story of Israel Lior
Lauren Lior-Liechtenstein
Xlibris , English
Maps of Israel: Geographic C... - Ilan Reiner

Maps of Israel: Geographic C...Ilan Reiner

Unique set of over 50 maps arranged in chronological order, clearly illustrating various points in the geographic history of the land of Israel. The emphasis is on periods of complete or partial Jewish rule of Israel. This set is unique sin… more

Maps of Israel: Geographic Chronology of Jewish Rule in Israel
Ilan Reiner
Amir Reiner & Ilan Reiner , English
Abrahamic-Faith Netzarim Heb... - YHWH El Elyon

Abrahamic-Faith Netzarim Heb...YHWH El Elyon

There are many Bibles out there that you can read. Some you can get for free while others you pay for to read commentary laced with error. There are even Hebrews roots bibles being sold but why should you spend any of your hard earned money… more

Abrahamic-Faith Netzarim Hebraic Study Bible (Complete with Commentary)
YHWH El Elyon
Abrahamic-Faith Publishers , English
Interpretations of the Name ... - C. T. R. Hayward

Interpretations of the Name ...C. T. R. Hayward

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Ancient peoples regarded names as indicative of character and destiny. The Jews were no exception. All Jews descended from Jacob, who was given the name Israel. The Bible seemed to explain this name as having to do with struggle. But genera… more

Interpretations of the Name Israel in Ancient Judaism and Some Early Christian Writings: From Victorious Athlete to Heavenly Champion
C. T. R. Hayward
Oxford University Press , English
The Israeli Third Sector: Be... - Benjamin Gidron, Michal Bar,...

The Israeli Third Sector: Be...Benjamin Gidron, Michal Bar,...

This book presents the economic, historical, legal and policy dimensions of the Nonprofit Sector in Israel with a focus on its contribution to the Welfare State and civil society. It then analyzes those findings in the context of major theo… more

The Israeli Third Sector: Between Welfare State and Civil Society (Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies)
Benjamin Gidron, Michal Bar, Hagai Katz
Springer , English
The Bible and Future Events:... - Leon J. Wood

The Bible and Future Events:...Leon J. Wood

This complete and compact reference volume to the future events of the world is an excellent introductory text for school, church, or personal use. The first two chapters of the book are given to introduction — presenting the key concepts … more

The Bible and Future Events: An Introductory Survey of Last-Day Events
Leon J. Wood
Zondervan , English
The Timeless Age of God - Russell Redden

The Timeless Age of GodRussell Redden

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A doctrine once common in Apostolic times “unlocks” the meaning of many Bible passages. Ancient Jews, Christians, Gnostics, and Greek philosophers, believed that “heaven” is an unchanging place of timelessness―the “first dimension” where cr… more

The Timeless Age of God
Russell Redden
Lulu.com , English
Eyes Upon The Land - Rabbi Eliyahu Touger

Eyes Upon The LandRabbi Eliyahu Touger

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The Territorial Integrity of Israel: A Life-Threatening ConcernBased on the public statements and writings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

Eyes Upon The Land
Rabbi Eliyahu Touger
Sichos In English , English
Between Two Fires - Ron Brackin, Jack Kincaid

Between Two FiresRon Brackin, Jack Kincaid

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Palestinian Christians … rejected by Palestinians because they won’t take up arms against Israel. Rejected by Israelis because they’re Palestinian. Rejected by the historical church because they’re evangelical. Rejected by the West beca… more

Between Two Fires
Ron Brackin, Jack Kincaid
Weller & Bunsby, ePublishers , English